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The Person
Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.
And once discovered, he consistently kept resigning from his comfort zone and to share the secret of his success with the entire world. It is this very urge of helping people and doing something good for the society that inspired him to take the initiative of changing people’s lives in the form of ‘Free Life-Changing Seminars and Sessions’." Know more

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Sir, really your seminars are good inspiration to people of all generation, specially new generation. I never attended your seminar, but I saw your seminar through YouTube. But I want to attend your seminar live. When I wanted to register for 'The Unstoppable' session all seats were already full. Looking forward to attend your next seminar.
- Mitakshara
I watched your video and Mujhe video dekh kar dil se khushi hui hai aaj because aaj tak kitne movies dekhi aur kuchh hasil nahi hua hai bus money hi waste kiye aur aaj aapke 2 hour ka video dekh kar pata chala life kya hai aur life kya honi chahiye aur life me hum kya sochte hai and hame life me kya Nahi sochna chahiye. Aapke video me mere har ek question ka jawab tha aur wo aaj mujhe mil gaya hai. Is se bada koi din nahi ho sakta life me, mere liye, apne life ko change karne ka. Hats off to you. Thank you once again, love you Sir.
- Deepak Sethi
Thank you Sir, I got your DVD and its really awesome, energetic and inspirational. I am trying to share it with as many people as possible. Hats off to you. Thank you once again.
- Jayraj Chopda
I have not attended any of your live sessions but I want to say that I have become 'The Unstoppable'. I am committing to you, to myself, and to God that no one is going to stop me. I will become what I wanted to be. And a very very thanks to you for inspiring us and for giving us the best direction that we lacked. Love you Sir. One day I will surely meet you.
- Vinit Barnwal
I have learned many concepts from the video of Sandeep Sir, and I found it a simple and live communication done by him which touches the heart of the people. A person speaks continuously and still you do not get bored and enjoy the situation with your own experiences, that is the best part of his speech. I wish I will meet him soon.
- Dipesh Shah
I watched your video yesterday and what all I can say that yesterday was the greatest day of my life. I am very much impressed with your views. It was amazing and rocking. I really liked it. Aasaan Hai!
- Rohit Bhardwaj
Kamaal karti Sirji. Your videos made me cry like a child. Best of luck for your future endeavors. Its been eight years living in Melbourne but not a singe day has passed without giving a thought what I am doing, this is not me. No doubt I am earning 3500 dollars a month. I want to come back and live in India, which is also 'Aasaan hai' now.
- Kanwal Preet Singh
Sir, I am thirteen year old boy. You won't believe that how much your seminars have helped me. I gave that DVD to my friends and teachers and everyone said 'awesome, mind-blowing, very very good'. My teachers liked it so much that they showed the whole seminar to the school. Total 1900 children are studying in my school, and no one was feeling asleep during the seminar. And also because of that, I became famous in the whole school, all thanks to you. Every family member of mine has watched it twice. It was really great, thank you.
- Harsh Khurana
Hi Sandeep Sir, I watched your "Last Life-Changing seminar video" as well as "From Illusion to Reality". Somehow I came across your video by chance. I felt like 'Jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai' and frankly I got a new vigor and energy to live life after watching them. Before your videos I watched 'The Secret'(forcefully told to watch by a friend) as well and found both on similar lines. Both changed my life totally. In-spite of being one of toppers during schools days I failed in my college and career. I cursed myself, became frustrated, made mistakes. But now I realized that all happened for good and sab kuchh "Aasaan hai". I found a way to achieve my dreams and I want to donate most of my earnings for the unprivileged after a certain stage. This way I can show gratitude and share back to world. Thanks for inspiring me.
- Rahul Jain
I am really sorry for not attending "The Unstoppable" session even after registering for it. I just missed it. I really got very upset. I was waiting eagerly for it. I thought it's on Sunday. I am really sorry for that. I have seen all your sessions and waiting to watch unstoppable as soon as it is uploaded on YouTube. I attended the 'Colorful Interaction' at Delhi. Your thoughts gives me a potential to work on things even in the worst conditions. I have downloaded the mobile ringtone, your anthem as well. You are doing a commendable work for the humanity.
- Cheena Julka
I am Assistant professor in a management college. I am very much impressed by your lectures. I have shown the same to my students every fortnight.
- Sunil Bhardwaj
Dear Sir, first of all thanks for your great seminar. It is amazing, awesome, excellent, incredible and outstanding. Honestly after seeing your seminars, I started listening to my inner voice. I stopped believing on show offs, fake persona. You have done your energetic seminars persistently from last many years. All your words are very simple and your way of expression is really heart touching. So I am really excited and fired up. Thanking you so much.
- Sangram Keshari Mishra
I watched your last Life-Changing seminar. It was awesome. Hats off to you for doing these seminars. Now I know that I will also achieve success. Thank you for the guidance. Always be happy. I copied Your DVD and gifted to many friends. I received wonderful response from them. Now we are planing to show your video in movie halls.
- Lion Kamal Mansingka
Hello Sir, I liked your video uploaded on YouTube. No complex words, I didn't move my video pointer 'back' to understand anything again. Everything was so simple and so easy that your thoughts will definitely reach to the mass.
- Jay Sreenivas
Sir you are awesome. No show offs, no fake persona. You are just what you are. I am not a fan of anybody but have become your fan now. It was a pleasure being a viewer of your videos. I wish to meet you once.
- Smriti Rani
I came to know about you through my coaching teacher. He often shows us your motivational videos. I became your fan from the very day when he showed me your last Life-Changing seminar. Your all seminars are very inspiring and motivating. I am just a student of class 12th but your inspiring words have taken me to the top and now I feel that I can do anything in the world. Today, I feel that nothing is impossible in the world because the word impossible itself says I am possible. Aasaan Hai!
- Nishant Jain
Hi Sir, seriously speaking, now after watching your videos whenever I start doing any work automatically these two words,'Aasaan Hai' and 'I can easily do it' starts humming in my heart. Thank you so much Sir. Now I can see the image of my dreams. Thanks a lot for giving everything in such a simple word. You are a genius Sir.
- Suchitra Sharma
Dear Sandeep Sir, I have seen many failures in my life and also have been hurt many a times. I just lost hope in my life and even stopped laughing but your seminar video helped me a lot to regain my confidence. I feel so happy and energetic to watch your videos again and again. I will definitely pursue my desires and dreams. I like you so much and will definitely meet you one day. Thanks
- Tanushree Bhattacharjee
Dude, you are amazing! Your imagination and words are really centered and motivated. Thanks for sharing your ideas and experience.
- Madhusudan Dadhich
I will share what I learnt practically, and that is, "you may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be affected by them."
- Sonal
I can simply say that I am so lucky that I attended your seminar. You are changing the life of countless people. Truly speaking I had a very nervous kind of personality but after attending your seminar I have started changing my life. Earlier I was thinking that life is tough but now I think that every thing is "Aasaan hai". Hats off to you Sandeep.
- Dr. Aanchal
The Seminar was unique in more than one way. First it was not meant to seek any financial hidden/apparent financial gains for the organizers. Secondly it was in the spirit of an initiative to give back something positive and gainful to the society. R K Bhasin, Joint Director, ASSOCHAM
- R K Bhasin
I had a wonderful experience in the seminar. I believe that if we all implement the thoughts expressed by Sandeep, everything would be so easy to achieve in life. It is so simple. Just change your attitude towards doing and seeing things, everything will change for you.
- Manoj Jain
This is one of the best speech I have ever heard. This is so simple and motivating that I cannot describe in words. The best parts of speech are "Say truth honestly, if you have more than your needs then help others and try to become successful so that your country will automatically be developed." "Mushkile to dil ke irade azmati hain, Swapan ke parde nigaho se hatati hain, Hausla mat haar gir ke bhi aye musafir, Thokre insaan ko chalna sikhati hain."
- Upinder Singh Dhami
Hello Sir, I watched your inspiring videos on YouTube and liked it much. I would request you to come to Punjab. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Kamal Gill
Sir, you are marvelous. I watched your 'Last Life-Changing seminar' on YouTube and I was overwhelmed by it. I always had the feeling to do something for the needy people of this country. You gave me the motivation to achieve my dream. you are a gem, changing lives of so many people and that too, free of cost. I would like to meet you.
- Akansha Bajpai
I watched this seminar on YouTube. It is mind blowing. It is a message of all religious books complied in short and explained in simple layman's language with day to day examples of life. Just we have to decide "I can" and “Aasaan Hai”. Thanks a lot Sandeep ji for doing these seminars for free for the welfare of society.
- Vikas Jaiswal
Your work is quite appreciable. You are doing a great job. I wish that your dream towards the humanity should be completed. I believe in one thing that India is a great Country with immense potential, but due to some mismanagement its not growing. I wish all the best for each and every Indian for their grand success. We should help the helpless, and should keep our country neat and clean. So, please help others. "You can't help everyone but everyone can help someone."
- Rehan Khan
When I first hear the name I was sure that it would be the same boring seminar. But the name "Life-Changing seminar" truly complies with it. Sandeep Sir, the emotions with which you expressed truly depicts the "Internal Success" you have achieved in your life. A person is happy not because of money he earns, but the good deeds he does by helping the one in need. The word "Aasaan Hai" truly changed me. I am not exaggerating it too much here, but in life every person needs a small pinch to wake from his depressed thoughts. Thanks for the inspiration better to say the life changing experience that I had last night. Hope to achieve heights in life and say one day, bahut zyadaa Aasaan tha yaar. God bless you!
- Puneet Puri
I watched this precious seminar by Sandeep Maheshwari. I really liked all the words which comes out from Sandeep Sir's heart. From last Sunday my life has changed. Love you Sir Ji. And great salute from all the Indians.
- Srikant Nayak
I watched Last Life-Changing seminar on YouTube. It's really good. All your messages change our thinking and decision making power. I respect your last sentence and I will do this. Really thanks to your thoughts. God Bless you.
- Hanmant Jalindar Gaikwad
It was a good and motivational experience to watch this DVD. It starts with the introduction of a middle-class family and goes towards the way to achieve goals. I liked his request to help the needy people on getting success in life. Every one struggles to be successful and in this throat-cutting competition they forget that some one helped them in their successful journey and they should also help others in their success. I recommend every person to at least watch it once!
- Kirtikumar Mohite
HI Sir, frankly speaking, "I love you". Loved your honesty, simplicity and dedication. Your true words are enough to boost a needy person. Yesterday midnight was so important for me as coincidentally I watched your video. It inspired me internally to take a oath kyunki ye bhi Aasaan hai.
- Chittaranjan Swain
Hi Sandeep Ji, only and the only thing I want to say is 'Thank You'. May you live till eternity and keep on spreading God's divine message as simply as you do. I salute you boss.
- Mohit Kala
I have attended many motivational seminars, but this one is unique in its own way. Sandeep has created a different league, of himself by motivating persons with selfless desires. He is a gem of a person; so down to earth, simple and honest. A great experience, I must say. The way Sandeep instills the desire to make your dream and all desires come true is awesome. Hoping to meet you soon. God bless you!
- Varun Sareen
To be very honest I was re-inspired after watching the video of your seminar. But more importantly, you really helped me identify 'my real problems'. You are a genius. I was trying to overcome my failures but was not able to come out of it. After watching your seminar I am charged up and am feeling a spark to move ahead towards my success. Hope one day I could also share my experiences and nurture more seeds.
- Archit Kapoor
I received the autographed last Life-Changing experience DVD from Sandeep Maheshwari (New Vivekanand). I loved it. Thank you for the phenomenal experience which is out of the World. Aasaan hai!
- Pooja Gupta
Never seen anything like this before. It seems every one of us has the same story, we just need to get our inner voice stronger and then everything is Aasaan Hai.
- Kushal Sachdeva
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. These are priceless for me and really teaches me a lot. I knew some of things earlier also but this seminar definitely made my vision more clear. Keep doing the great work.
- Saket Bansal
I watched your video just to know that what is the reason behind this big crowd. I watched a guy with a humble tone and such a simple accent making people believe that every thing they think is not just a thought but can be accomplished. And with such real life examples he is giving solutions to all our confusions in Life. Thanks to you because it changed my schedule too. And after watching it I also studied till late night until I finished my target.
- Shweta Gangle
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