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Sir, recently watched your 'Last Life-Changing seminar' and 'A Colorful Interaction' video. The motto of both the seminar as per my perception is "To develop our self which leads towards the development of our country" and "to follow our passion" wherever it may lead us at least it will initiate to keep ourselves happy. I respect you and whatever steps you have been taking. Hats off for motivating every citizen of India. From my behalf I request you to continue giving seminars in almost every parts of India so that, one day every citizen can understand their responsibilities and duty towards their nation.
- Avinash Yadav
During one of my official tour, while searching for an inspirational video for program participants, I luckily found Sandeep Maheshwari and then clicked on "Last Life-Changing seminar". Believe me everyone was busy in party and I was there in my hotel room for next 2 hours with Sandeep Maheshwari. It was surprisingly great and amazingly simple. I am lucky to have Sandeep Maheshwari for remaining half of my life. May God bless others with Sandeep Maheshwari. Now I understand why "Impossible" is actually "I am Possible". Thanks a ton Sandeep Maheshwari.
- Neeraj Sharma
As per my understanding I received the following message from 'The Unstoppable' session. 1. Listen to your heart and focus on the work which you like to do without getting affected by the outside comments. 2. Don't totally rely upon "Law of attraction". You have to do your karma/work. 3. There is no tomorrow, think-decide-act today, with full efforts and belief in yourself.
- Shashi Dubey
Sandeep bhai, your way of explaining things is great, man ki awaaz suno, aur bas kuchh achha karo, 'pure' bano yahi toh 'main' baat hai. Sab ke andar kuchh achha hai, jo har koi bahar nahi la pata. Lekin aap sab ki madad karte ho unke ander ki achhai bahar laane me. Once again thanks for waking us up. You explained me how to live life and how to enjoy every moment of it.
- Devendra
Hi Sir, I am from Bangladesh. I saw your 'Life-Changing experience' and 'From Illusion to Rality' video on YouTube. I loved it. It was too good. I solved all my problems saying 'Aasaan Hai'. Thank you.
- Fahim Hossain Tushar
Hi Sandeep Sir, I watched your 'Last Life-Changing seminar video' as well as "From Illusion to Reality". Somehow I came across your video while surfing on internet. I felt like 'Jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai' and frankly I got a new vigor and energy to live life after watching your videos. Before watching your videos I watched 'The Secret'(forcefully told to watch by a friend) as well and found both on similar lines. Both changed my life totally. In-spite of being one of the toppers during my schools days I failed in my college and career. I cursed myself, became frustrated, made mistakes. But now I realized that all happened for good and sab kuchh 'Aasaan hai'. I found a way to achieve my dreams and I want to donate most of my earnings to the underprivileged after a certain stage. This way I can show gratitude and share back to world. Thanks for inspiring me.
- Md. Shafin
Going through your seminar I felt a lush of 'Aasaan hai' things going on in my mind. I don't know what made me see this but somewhere you gave me a reason to prove myself. This might not stay for a longer time but when ever I would be demotivated by any of the surrounding things, the very first thing which would strike me must be you poking me and saying 'long way to go baby come on, Aasaan hai' and for that I want to thank you deeply.
- Dhwani Dixit
Sandeep, you are doing a great job. You have opened many doors for my life now. I understood that how we can enjoy our life and we can do any work in life. Sir I promise you that one day I will also do a great work in my life. The day is not far away when people will not have any problems. Because now everything is very simple. Thank you once again.
- Hukam Singh Rajpurohit
I was very much excited after booking my seat for 'The Unstoppable' session. Waiting to attend it for one month was like waiting for a year. But now feeling honor to say that I am Unstoppable.
- Ashutosh Mishra
In one word, you are God!
- Shirsha Ghosh
Sandeep Ji, you are doing a great work. I have watched all your videos and Inspired a lot. I like to share your videos with my friends and colleagues. Whatever you have given, it has come from your heart and is priceless for me. Thanks a lot for waking us up.
- Manish Bhatt
I truly don't have words to express my gratitude for what you are doing. Shall I thank you for inspiring me and make me understand the true meaning of life? Shall I thank you for trying to uplift the nation and thought process of the people? There are plenty of good things that you are doing. But I don't know why the only word that comes to my mind whenever I see you is 'Guru Ji'.I have not attended even a single seminar yet, but amazed by watching it on YouTube. I admire, respect and follow you. Aasaan Hai!
- Jannyu Bhatt
It's really a Life-Changing experience. We are really thankful to you for your precious words and wisdom. It helps a lot in sorting various problems in personal and professional life. Thank you very much.
- Dr. Prasanna Subhash Joshi
Dear Sandeep, I have attended many lectures elsewhere but your last 'Life-Changing seminar' and 'The Unstoppable' session were unique. I liked your term Aasaan Hai. Keep doing this great Job and never retire. Vedhasi Nafde, Age-10 years.
- Vedhasi Nafde
Sir, I really want to thank you from the deep level of my heart. I learned a lot from the latest Mumbai Q&A session. Thank you so much Sir.
- Rahul Kumar Das
Hi Sandeep, thanks for such nice and wonderful seminars you have done. It really worked for me. I was very much negative in my life but now a days I can correlate the situation with your thoughts which you shared in your 'Life-Changing' and 'The Unstoppable' sessions. We are also on the path of leading such life where we too can say, 'Wow! Kya Zindagi Thi'.
- Himani Bhatnagar
Dear Sandeep Sir, you are doing outstanding job. I have seen your all seminars on YouTube. Your words and way of delivering your thoughts is just awesome and inspired me to achieve something in my life. You taught me to be happy in life. Thank you Sir from depth of my heart.
- Mohit Jain
Hi Sandeep Sir, it was indeed the greatest of my experiences to listen to you through YouTube. To be honest, you have changed the concepts of living life. I must say that before listening to your 'last Life-Changing seminar' video I was more of a pessimist kind of person but your thoughts have charged me so immensely that I have started finding things very easy (Aasaan) in my life and the fear within me is gone. The greatest achievement for me is that I got full control over my anger. I do not blame my luck anymore for any of the mishaps in my life. You are truly inspiration for people of all age groups. God bless you! Please keep enlightening us with more of your thoughts and experiences.
- Vikas Kumar
Thanks Sandeep for all your motivational speeches. I listen to your lectures every morning religiously and have started noticing changes in me. I have started understanding that the joy is in the journey not in achieving the goal. I am from Pakistan and I wish if we could have a Sandeep here in Pakistan too.
- Abid Khan
Dear Sandeep, I had a major loss in stock market and due to which me and my family had suffered great from financial crisis and mental depression. I had lost the hope of recovering but in such a bad time your videos helped me a lot to come out of my grief and help my family also. Your videos gave me immense positive energy and attitude to come out of my situation. Thank you for providing your CD of 'The Last life-changing' seminar, it was great. I have realized the reason of my life and now I try to make others also happy. God bless you!
- Dinesh Patel
Dear Sandeep Sir, just want to thank God for making you, just want to wish God that you always get what you want and may your all pain be mine and you always keep smiling and spread that smile. Aasaan Hai, you have changed my entire views towards life. Thank you so much.
- Hardika Vikas Chonkar
Sandeep Sir, I attended your session in Mumbai. It was a great session. I realized that everything is "Aasaan Hai". I am proud of you Sir and also waiting for your next session. Thank you so much.
- Poonam Ganesh
Sir, the way you explain different aspects of life is amazing. Other people also have motivational speeches but, they speak what we like to hear and you speak the truth. I coined this word "Fantapreneur" inspired by you. It means becoming such an entrepreneur who can turn Illusion to Reality. I always take myself as a part of you and you will be happy to know that I have started inspirational lectures in my school. Thank you Sandeep Sir.
- Yogesh Agarwal
My whole life I have been a failure. I was asked that I would not be able to do something big in my life. My confidence was shattered into pieces from the very childhood. I had never thought that my life was going to get any better. Then one day a friend gave me Sandeep Sir's "Last Life-Changing Seminar" video and I was like "I can do anything". A spark ignited in me that I cannot express in words. Self-confidence was born and a "New Me" was born that day. Now I consider my life to be purposeful and much more happier than I could ever imagine.
- Param Mehta
Your seminars are amazing. You say simple things in simple way. I love your enthusiasm. The way you connect with the audience is commendable. Sandeep, you are an "Urban Guru". If people follow your sayings, there will many more happy people in this world. “Aasaan Hai”
- Afzal Noori
Thank you for inspiring me with your amazing videos. I wanted to become an actor. Months before I was thinking only about name, fame and money. But after watching your video of 'The Unbelievable Power Of Belief', I changed my thinking and started working on myself. And see, today I am a model. I have done many ramp shows and I am also shortlisted as Mr. Rajasthan. I love you Sandeep.
- Arpit Bhatnagar
After watching your videos I realized that I am only the barrier of my success. And now I am going to achieve lots of success as my mind has been ignited. Thanks a lot.
- Mubeen Ibn Aleem
I myself is a capacity building trainer and have got 8 years of industry experience. To somebody like me whose quest has been to acquire new skills and knowledge, your session has been quite insightful and thought provoking, every line you said hit me deep down inside. I feel myself lucky having been able to be a part of your seminar. It was crisp and powerful, there are very few people in this world who could even think what have you taken up selflessly, hats off to you. Please continue doing what you are doing because somebody somewhere is hungry. I would always be excited to be a part of your future seminars.
- Devesh Dewangan
Sandeep is a truly an inspiring personality to whom the God sent on earth. In the business of life, I was slowly giving up the child in me but just by attending his one session I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated and the child in me seems so alive. Sandeep, please keep the good work going and let us all be a part of your success and happiness. God Bless!
- Pallavi Sharma Purohit
Sandeep Sir, you are great. In today's seminar the number of times I clapped was more than the entire clapping of my life. My clapping was straight from my heart. I am speechless here to say something about your greatness. I would request everyone to watch the video of today's seminar. I have started giving your seminar video to all my friends. I humbly request you to continue your seminars as it would be guiding lots of people of our society. Thank you very much for this great experience of my life. I am so proud that I could also shake hand with you in that crowd which encircled you after the seminar. Thanks a lot sir, God bless you.
- Mohanish Pratap Jaiswal
It was indeed a fantabulous seminar on 20th October 2012. It unfolded many vistas and domains of mind. It was inspirational and motivational. Sandeep has really hit on those planes where the mind plays in subtle manner. The entire presentation was in a very comprehensible form with suitable examples. Above all the intention of conducting seminar was very fair that is based on the concept of sharing. If every one does his bit, I am sure we shall be big hit. Cheers Sandeep, carry on good work to enlighten others. Heartiest congrats.
- Dr. Sudhakar Manav
Being part of his last seminar was great and it was simply awesome. There were many questions bouncing in my mind but Sandeep Sir answered every question during his speech. No matter it was his last seminar, as we all would be sharing his message of success and will be following his footsteps. Thanking you from bottom of my heart!
- Rahul Tripathi
Once again attended the seminar on 20th october, just to know the surprise Sandeep wanted to give us. But it was really shocking to know that it was the last seminar. It was not only the great seminar but also the best seminar I have ever seen in my lifetime. Power of sharing, is the biggest power Sandeep has. People always hide the reason of their success, but Sandeep shares. I have also started sharing, which I never did earlier. Sandeep, you changed me yaar.
- Gaurav Gogia
Dear Sandeep, what a sensational session it was, I am sure every individual felt mesmerized, because you didn’t say anything very new but making us realize the importance of those simple factors with complete command is something unseen before. Fortunately, I was the second person who could hug you on the stage and felt the energy and confidence that you carry all the time. I express my deepest respect to your parents for your superb upbringing and making you such a great person. God Bless you, I am always there with you for such noble causes.
- Biswajit Ganguly
Sir, loads of thanks for sharing everything. I am an engineering student at IIT Roorkee. I am always worried about success, studies, career, and girlfriend (none yet). My friends find me boring, some even say so! Whenever I want to do something for the society, or for myself, it comes to mind, 'If I do this, what will others think about me?' After this amazing seminar, I am hopeful for a 'life-change' and waiting for an inner voice to resonate with my words. 'Aasaan Hai'.
- Piyush Agrawal
A big thanks to God, who let me attend your seminar when I needed it the most. Thank you Sir, for filling us with positive vibes and making us feel "Sab Aasaan Hai". You directed us towards the right path and as you said, we will try to become kids and do what we like. we would follow what our heart says and thus will turn all our dreams into reality by believing in self. I was so excited during and after the seminar. A big thank to you.
- Priyanka Arora
Dear Sir, you have done a great job. You have made a profound difference. I did not attend your live seminar till now, I just watched it on on YouTube. I see your inner energy coming alive. I salute you. God Bless You.
- Viresh Rajput
I am a student of IIT Kharagpur and currently I am in Germany through exchange program, I have seen your videos on You tube, I really appreciate your efforts which inspires spirit of leadership in every one. I turn to your videos whenever I am nervous about any thing and smile rises on my face. Inspiration can come from anything but surely you are one of the solid source of inspiration to me. I believe that I will turn more successful man some day and even at that time I won't forget to share fruits of my success with underprivileged people. You have given me more than enough through your videos which are priceless. Thank you for every thing and I wish you achieve unlimited milestones in your life.
- Hariom Maheshwari
I have received your DVD. It is awesome. You are such an inspirational man. My whole family liked your seminar. The best thing I liked about your seminar is the sharing part. Now I will be sharing the DVDs with everyone in my city. Thank You so much.
- Shubham Gupta
I received your DVD. It is awesome. You are such an inspirational man. My whole family liked your seminar. The best thing I liked about your seminar is the sharing part. Now I will be sharing the DVDs with everyone in my city. It was an amazing experience attending this grand seminar. It has already started changing my life in small proportions. Nowadays everything seems to be so 'Aasaan' and there is no space for fear. A big thanks to you from the bottom of my heart!
- Devendra Goswami
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