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You made my day! While listening to your background, I felt, as if you were narrating my story and believe me, I have actually gone through this whole process in my career and I am already following many of the steps as described by you. By attending your seminar I now truly feel that I am on a right track and will now be focused on more of the sharing part.
- Lalit Manocha
Thanks for teaching me "AASAAN HAI". I am a 2nd year student and this "aasaan hai" is really helping me as my exams are approaching!! :) It was a great experience sitting there and listening to what you had to say and share. And as it is said 'the sooner the better'... so I say I am fortunate that I got to attend your seminar at this stage of my life when I have to make a career... It is helping me control my land from becoming completely 'INFERTILE'. And being a student, I could very well relate to the "beliefs" that you broke!! I have started enjoying my work.. i.e. my studies:) Thank you so much!! You are doing a great job of spreading awareness that too free of cost.... Keep counting the blessings!! :):)
- Ishita Aggarwal
The best thing about your seminar was that you started the session as an ordinary presentation in simple hinglish style but gradually the combination of the desire to succeed and positive emotions/intentions added a spell of magic, and by the end of the session the audience were all ears and all hearts to the speech. The unique thing about this seminar is that it's far away from the worldly marketing gimmicks and profit motive and is serving humanity/mankind at large. Sandeep, you seem to be uniting the positive forces within us and building a pool of positive feelings that have the power to ward off all evil and help us attain our worldly success too. I am sure someday you will be instrumental in building up a pool of motivated, successful and noble men & women!
- Isar Ahmed
Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari is a genius person. He knows well about the human psychology and understands the need of the students. He is doing a great work for the society. He is a visionary and a superman. If I were the President, I would have given him a Bharat Ratna in social service.
- Nitin Kumar
20th October 2012 was the most memorable day of my life. It was a feeling like Sandeep Sir was giving the precious gems to me. I just grasped his words, sense of humor and life changing tips. My good wishes for his future. I will always remember the last emotional moments of the seminar. Love you Sir!
- Sartaj Ahmad
When I came to know about Mr. Sandeep through newspaper, I thought him to be an ordinary person but later after watching his seminar videos on YouTube, I realized that he has a gift of gab and then I could not wait to attend his live seminar. I really liked his speech and the way he delivered it was simply superb. He is doing a great job. I am so inspired to serve people selflessly. My sincere thanks to you and your wonderful team.
- Shakeel Saifi
It is my dream to help people to rise to their true potential. I am also sharing this message of success and happiness with the people around me. I am looking forward to work as a volunteer in the upcoming seminar of 20th October 2012.
- Himani Rawal
Your words are really tremendous value addition for this nation's youths, old and all. I genuinely want this video should be reverberated throughout every corner of this nation and this country will change. Thanks a lot for this great selfless service. You are a genuine patriot.
- R Sarangi
Sir till the time I didn't listen you, I was thinking that getting success is very difficult but now after watching your all videos, my life is changed. Hats off to you Sir. You are doing brilliant and wonderful thing. God bless you and sab kuch aasaan hai.
- Abhinav Singh
This is one experience that I will cherish for a long long time. Your seminar has inspired me to stay motivated and remain positive to attain my goals. Lastly, I strongly recommend attending your seminars to everyone who really want to achieve greater heights in their respective careers. A big thank you again for the great seminar!
- Manish Singh
You have a Great Heart. You inspire and truly make one believe in the goodness we all possess, that keep lying under the dust of day to day struggles, self-doubt and short term results. Self Belief will make it all. I shared it with my wife and daughters, and all of them appreciated and learnt from it. "Everything in life teaches us a new lesson. Everyone we meet and everything we encounter in some or the other ways teaches us something. They all are a part of the learning experience we call 'Life'. Never forget to acknowledge the lesson, especially when things don't go your way. If you don't get a job that you wanted or a relationship doesn't work, it only means something better is out there waiting. And the lesson you just learned is the first step towards it." Author Unknown
- Arvind Pandey
I watched the video initially on YouTube and was really inspired a lot. Same time I booked one DVD for my younger brother at my home town address. Thanks for that service. I always discuss about Sandeep Sir and his seminars with my colleagues and friends.
- Nitin Jain
The turning into lively leaves just came up with the motivator Sandeep Sir. Though unfortunately I was not able to attend his seminar but the good thing is that I watched this in DVD. Superb! That's what I can say. I have no words to explain. He has boosted my confidence up to such a level that now I can say "Aasaan Hai".
- Rahul Joshi
Hey Sandeep, I really salute you. It was an awesome day for me when I watched your seminar. This is the best inspirational video I have ever watched. The openness with which you speak makes one feel that you really want people to change from inside. The things, which I believed to be difficult, were actually so “Aasaan”. Many thanks to you.
- Sourabh Khanna
Hi, I don't know how to start with. The seminar I attended on 20th October was my very first seminar. It was truly amazing. Mr. Sandeep is a real hero. He alone changed the mind set of so many people.
- Swati Sharma
In my journey of becoming a CA, two persons inspired me the most and they are Sachin Tendulkar and Sandeep Maheshwari. I heartily thank you for helping me stand up after I failed. Your seminars also helped me a lot in my career building process. I again thank you for such a noble task of enlightening the youth in the way of success and happiness. Salute to your thoughts, skills and your concern for the society. And yes, thanks for holding session in western India and a gentle request for holding more and more. See you at Ahmadabad. Aasaan Hai!
- CA Jitesh A Shah
Sir I am very inspired by watching your seminars. I have linked myself to many of your messages which are given by you through your seminars. Thank you Sir!
- Gaurav Singh
I have gone through some of your videos and whenever I get confused or do not get the way to come out of any problem I watch your videos and somehow I get the solution to my problems. Although I don't get convinced very easily but messages conveyed by you really touches my heart and gives a new and better direction to my believe, vision and meaning of life and I am totally convinced. Surprisingly I have seen your videos many times even more than any of my favorite movies. Thank you!
- Akhilesh Upadhyay
You are doing a fabulous job in today's life. I watch all your YouTube videos regularly. I am working on one of the project of my own and your videos have increased my patience level and it motivate me to carry on with that. Sincere thanks for the initiative taken by you. I promise you that once I will achieve my dreams I will also help others as your Sharing Principle says. India is Changing! All the best for your life and mission.
- Animesh Kumar
I like the new face of Delhi. To me you represent the youthful, dependable, trustworthy, suave, intelligent, unselfish and motivated Delhite, who is so different from the image, people normally have of us. Thank you for doing this amazing work for the benefit of all. After quitting my job and planning to do something creative, I have been doing a lot of training, studying, reading and travelling, etc for quite some time, but somehow never really got started to actually doing it. Your simple yet solid words-'aasaan hai' has somehow given the required push to kick-start my venture(s). I know I can do it. A Big thanks for being there ...
- Sutapa Chowdhury
Sandeep Sir, when I see your motivation videos, I feel a great positive energy spreading all over from your voice and that strikes directly in my heart. Thank you for motivating all the world and for thinking for others. Thank you for showing me the right direction.
- Ramesh Chandra Fulara
Dear Sandeep, with your beautiful and life changing words, I have learned so many things through your seminars 'The Ultimate Purpose of Life' and 'Most Motivational Success Story' sessions are great concepts that help me to focus on my work and always make me happy. Thanks Sandeep for this motivating effort.
- Abdullah Mithani
Dear Sandeep, I respect your great selfless efforts to motivate the common people, who are, in reality, scared of living their lives. I felt lot of positive changes in my life after your 20th October life-changing seminar. Please keep it up. Thanks a lot!
- Manash Pratim Sarmah
Extraordinary, I have learnt so much that I don't have any words to explain about the changes that took place in me. Thank you very much.
- Jagadeswar Reddy C
Your seminar was really mind blowing. I have never seen such a thing in my whole life. I am feeling so much lucky that I got to know about you. It is literally Life-Changing. God bless you Sir. I got your DVDs. 'Aasaan Hai, Aasaan Hai, Aasaan Hai'
- Shiva Panchal
When I started watching this video I thought it is about some ordinary person's talk. But he showed his greatness at the last. Really inspiring video. I distributed it to many of my friends. Good going Sandeep!
- Vinay
The seminar was marvelous, informative, mind blowing and motivating for a positive change. The sharing concept really thrilled me. I have passed on your video to many of my friends and relatives. And they also appreciated and learned a lot from it. Many thanks for your invaluable efforts in making and distributing it free of cost.
- Vinod Kumar Saxena
This video is just amazing. It has changed my life. It was outstanding and brilliant. We find very few people like you.
- Dhruv Malik
Thanks Sir I received your DVD. Is Abhiyan Me Mai Aapke Kisi Kaam Aa Saku To Mujhe Zaroor Aadesh Kijiyega. Regard's Sandeep Talwar, Mira Road, Mumbai
- Sandeep Talwar
I have just received your inspirational DVD. It's superb and it really motivates all the people to whom I show the video. I also take steps with great attitude to grasp more success. Thanking you a lot. Pleased to be a part of your Life-Changing seminar.
- Sachin Datey
It was simply the best experience of my life. I am feeling much more focused and energized. Sir, you are an inspiration for millions of youth. You are a mentor who is guiding us in every aspect of our life. Thank you sir for everything you have shared with us. You have shown us the way to success and made this world a better place to live in. Wish you loads and loads of success, happiness and a great life ahead.
- Alok Kumar
Dear Sandeep, I felt so nice after meeting you. I was just thinking if I could have met you before. Hats off to your thought of “sharing”, which I never did in my life and that is why I am stuck up at the same position for last fifteen years. The principle of focusing at a particular task is also so fruitful. I have read many motivational books and watched many motivational videos on YouTube but did not find anyone like you. It is really a life-changing seminar and it is totally free!
- Mahesh M C
After attending the seminar, I realized that success is not only about getting money in life, but it is about getting inner satisfaction. It can only be achieved by helping people without having any expectation from them.
- Sandeep Singh
Hi Sir, people like you are the backbone of the society, country and the world too. You are blessed by Lord to move ahead in life. You are doing great work. I salute to you sir for what you are doing selflessly for the benefit of everyone. I am sure, in coming months, I will be in position to say that I am successful, and that is just because of attending your seminar. After the seminar, my confidence will never die anymore to do what I believe in and achieve what I dream for because now for me, it is really “Aasaan hai”
- Nisha Kumari
I got the privilege to attend Mr.Maheshwari's seminar on 15th September 2012 in Delhi. I was amazed to see such a young person revealing the bare facts of life and solving them like a "child's play". He was lecturing as if he has all the control over my mind and literally every word of him was related either to my problems or to their solutions. Hats off to this wonderful man, I am coming for 29th September’s session as well.
- Karunanidhi Bhargav
I am a doctor working in a government hospital in Delhi. I love my job of saving lives. This was the first seminar I ever attended in my life. I think I became an enlightened person after attending your session. I was facing lot of problems in my work and in my life but now; everything has become so easy “Aasaan Hai”. These two words have changed my perspective of dealing with difficulties. Thank you, Sandeep for changing my life.
- Dr.Debashish Mukherjee
Sir your sessions are very simple but extra ordinarily motivational. Thank you Sir!
- Pradeep Kumar Garg
Hi Sandeep, It was really a very good, enjoyable and inspirational seminar...seriously life-changing. Thank you so much....Ab To Bas Ek Hi Baat Yaad Hai.....” AASAAN HAI”.......
- Manisha Rajput
A big thank you for sharing your journey and helping so many like us to carry ours. More than the seminar, I applaud you for your inspiration behind such seminars. To share what we have with those who are seeking... Great speaker, motivator and above all, a fantastic human being with a mission to change people's lives. I specially admired your down to earth approach and simplicity which actually makes a connection with your audience. Would love to apply what I gathered today and looking forward to future interactions.
- Shruti Gupta
Hi Sandeep, When I was on the way to attend your seminar, I was thinking that you must be a businessman who is foreseeing future and there must be something hidden which will reveal later. But, after attending the seminar, I realized that you are a messenger of God who has a very broad vision. I appreciate your efforts from the core of my heart; will always remember two words “aasaan hai”. I have discussed your mission/vision with many of my friends and they were so excited that they immediately reserved their seats for your forthcoming seminars.
- Pradeep Singh Panwar
Dear Sandeepji, I happened to see your last Life-Changing seminar and I wept inconsolably. What a touching story and what a mission for better human beings! It has inspired me to that extent that no delay was there to decide to give Rs. 25000/- to a fellow associate of mine who was in dire need of money. Thank you so much. Unforgettable day.
- Rajendran Narikkot
I have learned that if you want to achieve your goal than see your goal and put all your efforts and celebrate your every small or big achievement. Love the way you are and your 32 times chewing principle was just awesome. I loved the energy that was present there. Thank you Sir.
- Amandeep Singh
Sandeep Sir, I am one of them who have learnt a lot from you. You inspire me a lot. Whenever I feel low, I watch your videos and regain all my strength. I love you Sandeep Sir.
- Jitendra Sahu
Hi Sandeep ji, I cant stop myself to write my feelings after watching your session on 'Law of Attraction v/s Law of Love'. Just want to say about your last line, the one word is 'Oneness'. Oneness with God or Guru or our higher soul. If there is oneness, there will be bliss and our mind will be free from different forms of thoughts because now God will be the one who will work through us. Thank you once again for this lovely session.
- Pusparag Jauhari
I have watched your video of 'Basic Meditation'. It's a fantastic and scientific way to learn Meditation. I think you are the first modern saint (with Jeans and T-shirt) in India like Ashthavakra. Your goal is clear for life. I have never seen a young spiritual man like you. Hats off to you!
- Harish L Tandel
After watching your videos I have realized that nothing is impossible in life. Everything is easy. You are a true genius. I am very thankful to you Sir. God bless you.
- Ganesh Shelar
I am a patient of obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety disorder and I was on medication for the same. All this happened due to declination in my studies. You made me understand complicated things and how to simplify them. I have now become fearless and even without medicines I now live happily and confidently. A big thanks to you Sir.
- Nikhil Tanvar
I am a teacher in a computer center. Before watching your videos, I was very depressed. Your videos have helped me a lot in improving my life. The aim of my life is to be happy and I know that it is easy to be happy. Aasaan Hai!
- Shubham Raghav
Hello Sandeep. Thank you for helping me look into the mirror. I wish some day I am able to take your message to the children worldwide, to open our mind, ask questions, experiment with our life, and keep learning because that's what life is meant for. Looking forward for more learning.
- Mamata Iyer
It was a very inspiring seminar. What you spoke about was not something out of this world or new... we all know those facts and have lived that life... especially the way you spoke of middle class was so so true... I enjoyed that bit the maximum because I too come loaded with that middle class upbringing... and understand every bit of what you said. I can close with just one little thing... when I was on my way to your seminar this morning, I got a call that almost made me decide on giving up a long standing dream.... however... post the seminar... I have decided to find a way out and give my dream... another chance... thanks much.
- Mohini Jaisinghani
Sandeep's seminar was Fantastic. He channelizes his positive energy in a way that everyone listening to him feels motivated and energetic. He is unleashing the tremendous power which every individual possess. His positive vibes were strong that negative thoughts in my mind were overpowered and filled with all positive thoughts. The seminar gave me self realisation that nothing is Difficult, its just a state of mind. The most captivating point was to take action to realise your desires and NEVER stop taking steps to reach your goal. Thanks once again for a life changing experience!!!
- Amit Golani
The seminar was awesome and really a Life-Changing moment. Really, you changed my views about success. Getting Success is not only for showing it to others but rather it is for self. We ourselves become the obstacle and barrier towards our success. Thanks a lot Mr.Sandeep for sharing your views and life changing experience. I assure you that I will try my best to help the needy. Please accept my hug. It goes like put your left hand on right shoulder and right hand on left shoulder.
- Ankush Agarwal
Hats off to you Sir Jee, you have really changed my concept. You have defined that everything is "Aasaan Hai". This tag line is very much helpful to me and I now realise that it is true. You rock Sir Jee. I am distributing the DVDs to my friends to spread your message.
- Sarfaraz Ahmad
Such a great Life-Changing Seminar it was. I received your DVD this week and really amazed to see the way you presented the concept. It really touched my heart and yes indeed I agree with you. I will share on and above what is enough for me. Hats off to you Sir.
- Surendra Vyas
I attended this mind blowing seminar. I would like to say that Sandeep Sir is my best teacher. After watching his seminar my life is totally changed. God bless you Sir.
- Amit Kumar
Wonderful seminar. I came to know about these seminars from one of my colleagues. I must say that I got much more than my expectations. The main thing that I learned is "To do the work for which you have passion. To find out what your passion is, listen to your heart. In case you still don't get an answer then find out the work that you can do continuously for twelve hours in a day without getting tired and without worrying about money, is your true passion". Thanks Sandeep, for opening many mysteries like above. Looking forward to more such opportunities to learn in future.
- Sandeep Kohli
It was my first seminar that I watched continuously for two hours without any break. Thanks for this Life-Changing seminar. I am sure that by following your principle, I too would be able to become successful in my life. It is really a Life-Changing seminar but I could not understand of making it your last seminar. Anyway, you are really a great person. Now everything has become 'Aasaan'. I am making my land fertile. Hal Bhi Chalaunga, Beej Bhi Bounga Aur Acchhi Fasal Aane Ke Baad Share Bhi Karunga. Outstanding, Acchha Dekhunga, Acchha Bolunga, Acchha Sununga.
- Gajanan Rajurkar
Sandeep Sir, I am highly inspired by you especially from the session 'Power of Desire for Students'. Thank you so much Sir.
- Lavish Bhanpurkar
Hi, at one time I got stucked in my life journey. Your words motivated me and changed my life. I will remember this and would keep going well in my life journey. Now I am sharing your words among all who actually need it. Thanks Sandeep
- Swati Gupta
Sir, I am so much inspired by your Last Life-Changing seminar. I like your genuine thoughts. You say that we all are successful in some or the other field and success is everywhere. You also changed the three monkeys concepts of M.G. Now it is Speak Good, Hear Good and See Good.
- Sourabh Jindal
You are doing a great job. Your seminars are like positive capsules that remove all negativity from us. Whenever I feel depressed or lack of self-confidence I just watch your seminars or remember your words and the next moment I get boost up and get filled with lots of confidence. So thank you for spreading the positivism among us.
- Akshesh Patel
Dear Sandeep, thanks for your great contribution to this society of all ages, thus inspiring and awakening the people to know their self. I have just seen your DVD, introduced by my father, and I immediately circulated among my circle on Facebook, because I am also a person like you, and have worked, and struggled hard. I have lost everything even my own family and child as well. I am living with positive thought and I motivate and inspire every human beings who comes in my contact. A big salute to you for your big contribution.
- Ashutosh Kukreti
Thanks for arranging such nice seminars and for inspiring people to achieve their higher level through your simple and magical word 'aasaan hai'!
- Chandan Kumar
Dear brother, it's really powerful. It seems every one of us has the same story, we just need to get our inner voice stronger and then everything is Aasaan Hai.
- Tapan Dangua
Hi Sir, I just watched your last Life-Changing seminar. The entire session was awesome and the idea you gave given about money was really great.
- Vivek Bajpai
I was so impressed by the seminar that I told all my staff and friends to see it immediately and inform others. It was good to see Sandeep sharing his knowledge free of charge to help others. Aasaan hai!
- Pankaj
Hi Sir, mai kisi be failure ke liye pahle apni kismat ka rona roti thi lekin jab se maine Life-Changing seminar video dekha tab se mai sochne lagi ki jo hota hai acchhe ke liye hota hai aur sab kuch aasaan hai. Mai har waqt ye seminar sunti hu aur khud ko motivate karti hu ki mai ye kar sakti hu, I can do it. Maine aapke sare videos dekhe hain and its so good to listen to. I have found many of my answers in your videos. Ab raat ko sone se pahle mai ye kehti hoon ki subah uthana aasaan hai. Thank you so much Sir.
- Pooja
I watched your seminar at IIT Kanpur, hila ke rakh diya Sir aapne. The simplicity with which you shared your experiences and the message of 'sharing' which you gave us just blew me away. Hats off to you Sir.
- Vikas Tripathi
Sir, I have absolutely no words for your seminar. I requested for DVD, received it and then watched it completely. I also feel the same way as you do. I am speechless Sir, your words gave me a push in life. Thanks and I feel I can do anything in my life because it's "Aasaan Hai".
- Umang Sharma
I attended the Last Life-Changing seminar and I have to say that it was mind blowing. Every word and every belief was just a thrust to both mind and heart. It was an awesome experience of my life. He separated success and failure so easily and gave us a clear image of the reasons of our failures. The seminar gave me the power to believe in my potential. Now I really feel that everything is "Aasaan Hai".
- Sahil Tanda
I am so lucky that I could attend the last seminar of Sandeep Maheshwari. I have started applying the principle of "Aasaan hai" in my life. It is so true that nothing is difficult in our life but it is we who make it difficult or easy. "Aasaan hai"
- Saurabh Rathi
Thank you so much for the DVD of the Last Life-Changing Seminar. I enjoyed both your seminars and it has been a Life-Changing experience as I have got back to my routine of exercise. To spread the message to more people I have suggested uploading on where people can download and watch on bigger screens. Thank you once again for the wonderful seminars, God bless you a lot!
- Naresh Chandra
It was a wonderful experience, very motivational and heart touching. I learned many things. It was a life turning experience and thanks for the magical words "Aasaan Hai ". It really makes a difference. It was my first seminar in which nothing was asked from the audience. We were just asked to help the needy and feed the hungry. Most of the seminars are organized with some interest and benefit of the organizers. I never knew that there was so much depth inside a young guy like you. Believe me I myself was going through a tough phase in life, I lost my job. However, after attending your seminar, I have started thinking positive towards life. Big thanks to you!
- Sachin Sharma
I want to thank Sandeep Maheshwari for this wonderful seminar. I will definitely start helping those people who need it most. I can at-least start sharing and spreading his message of success, and innovative thought. I just started crying at the end of the seminar, when he made a request to all of us for helping all those who are in need. Sir, I am so inspired that I watched this video while preparing for my interview at 03:57 AM on 18th September 2012. I am so inspired that I will definitely clear my interview.
- Sujith Kumar
I came to attend your seminar in a state of mind lacking enthusiasm. Your positivity is so contagious that every doubt that arose in my mind was swept away by it. There were a lot of questions I wanted to ask but by the end of the seminar I found I had all the answers! Because suddenly everything now seemed AASAAN!!! I was (I say 'was' because I no longer am) in a very negative phase of my life, almost about to quit. I realized I was thinking only negative thoughts. This was the first motivational seminar that I attended. And I left it feeling completely - absolutely POSITIVE and full of hope! I thank you with all my heart for putting me into this fantastic belief of possibility! I had an amazing day!!
- Jaspreet Kaur Sanga
The very act of philanthropy itself motivates me to an extent that aspire to become like u, SANDEEP. Thanks for showing a path. Thumbs up to one of the nicest soul whom I have ever met. God bless!!!
- Abhishek Gupta
Thanks Sandeep for sharing those wonderful experiences today...everything from your pitfalls to success stories. I am so much pleased with this seminar and got more charged and focused towards life and career as well. Your positivity shows that people can achieve whatever they want. Now I have more clear and focused goals without so much analysis dats exactly what you told us which is the key to success. Thanks again...!!!
- Gurpreet Singh
It was really the best day of my life. Your seminar was truly wonderful and inspirational. My earlier life experience about modelling agencies is same as yours. After listening you I become more confident and full of positivity and I have taken 21 days challenge and looking forward to see you soon.
- Auradha Patrick
I am speechless about your brilliant speech. The word 'Aasaan hai' has lots of energy and I really feel the power of it while applying this word in my life. You simply explained Law of Attraction which was otherwise hard to understand for all. Thank you so much Sir.
- Ashish Ambaliya
Hello Sandeep sir, your 'Illusion to Reality' seminar video have helped me a lot in my studies as I have achieved much better result after changing my way of studying on getting inspired by you. Thank you so much and Aasaan hai.
- Faaiz Alam
It is being said that we waste time on Facebook but I would say that 'jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai'. I came to know about you through FB only. I watched all of your videos. Hats off to you Sir.
- Jatin Ravaria
Thanks a lot sir for sharing such experiences of your life with us. After watching the videos of your seminar I have started looking at my life in a very different manner. At the same time I have been showing the videos to my younger generations, friends and family. Now its my dream to attend your live seminar.
- Saloni Agarwal
Your last Life-Changing seminar is awesome. It is really a very good job done by you. Hats off to you for doing these seminars. Now I know that I will also achieve success. Thank you for the guidance. Always be happy.
- Rajshree S Miniyar
Dear Sir, I have never seen such a person like you. After watching your seminar, my work-pressure has gone down and the productivity has gone up. Right now I am a business development manager and after watching you it has become easy for me to start my own business. And I have taken the first step also. Hats off to you Sir, you are really a life-changer. May God bless you.
- Mukul Tripathi
Hello Sir, I can't express my feelings in these few words. You are really great. Now I have started sharing the idea of doing something good for our society. I love my country and I must do something for the country. I have learnt many things from your speech but the most important is that the word 'Bad' is not in God's dictionary, jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai, and nothing is impossible in the world. I want to write more and more but this space in not sufficient. If you give me the space of complete world then also the space will be less to write about you. I would still need some extra paper. Our country really needs people like you. God bless you. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.
- Alok Mohanty
Hello Sir, I watched your inspiring videos on YouTube and liked it much. I feel everything is easy and I can do anything in the world. I like the words 'Aasaan Hai' and thank you for sharing your ideas.
- Swati Dwivedi
Bhaiya aap Bhagwan ho. Mai Bhagwan usko kahta hoon jo apne ek ishare pe dushro ki life ko badal de, uski galti ka ehsas kara de. Ye mere dil ki aawaj hai.
- Chandan Kumar
I really love your thoughts and appreciate your inspiring act of helping others without any further expectations.
- Rahul Mundra
I have not seen any one like you in the whole universe. Your life is an awesome example to live without fear. Just be happy and help others. We should learn to live in present.
- Prashesh Parmar
Sandeep Sir, I watched your Life-changing seminar videos and I am making my desire and wish bigger and bigger. I don't know how to thank you for changing our believes, thinking, skill and life as well. And I will always remember the words 'Aasaan hai'. I am sharing my experience after watching your seminar videos. Aasaan hai!
- Prateek Singh
Dear Sandeep, the seminar was just mind boggling. It was hard to believe that how can one promise for changing the life in just two hours. You expressed everything in such a simple language that your each word pierced our ears and touched our hearts. I was so excited that I couldn't stop my family to be part of the same. This was really a thought changing moment of my life. Now I am looking on how can I give something to others and be available for them. Now onwards I am committed to prosper society on each and every step of my life.
- Kalpesh Patel
Sir, I may be the youngest of all but you are the spirit of youth. You have kicked off all my fears from life. I am feeling like Rebirth. Waiting for 10th September to watch "Illusion to Reality".
- Nirbed Sharma
Accidentally I saw the video of Sandeep and found it very interesting. His way of explaining is very simple and highly inspiring. I am realising my life as more enjoyable in any situation.
- Mahesh Jethwa
After watching your seminar video now everything looks so easy and I have tried to adopt many things from your speech.
- Rohit Goyal
Sandeep, it was great listening to you. Please let me know if you are in Mumbai. We will love to talk to you.
- Mahendra Jain
I was working with Rivoli group in Dubai. One day I just found Sandeep's video while going through YouTube videos. His thought ignited my desire of doing something of my own which I was planning since the start of my job. I got confidence and resigned from my job. I started my own company with my online site known as Sandeep Sir's one video changed my life. Tussi great ho Sirjee.
- Nimesh A Chitalia
I watched your all videos. I am a big fan of yours. My dream is to become the best motivator in the world and I believe that yes I can do it from my heart. I am thankful to you for giving inspirational speeches all over the world. Its a great work and I appreciate it a lot. My blessings are with you.
- Sourav Jhunjhunwala
Thank you for boosting our moral up and making it Aasaan hai. I simply love it.
- Sandeep Wadhwan
Hello Sir, thanks for your kind support in my critical condition, when I literally needed someone to suggest 'what to do now'? And the answer to all my questions comes from only one phrase "Aasaan Hai". Your every video has lots to learn. Definitely one day no one will sleep hungry in our India. Hope one day I will meet you & share my experiences. Thanks a ton Sir.
- Ankur Saxena
Sandeep Ji, first of all I can't stop myself to say that you are an incredible person. Any other word will not do any justice to you. Honestly speaking, when first time someone told me about your DVD, I didn't know about you. But when I saw the video myself, I got completely flattered by you. I kept wondering one thing that how come anyone explain such deep things in such a simple way? Although I didn't see your video completely, for which I regret. When I got to know that 'The Unstoppable" session is about to happen in Delhi, without wasting time I registered and came for the session. Oh My God! Once the seminar started, it was amazing. You won't believe that after few moments I was filled with tears. And as the session moved ahead, all my doubts regarding my life problems started dissolving. And the negative thoughts which used to stop me started dissolving too.
- Rohit Grover
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