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I had a lovely time at the seminar. Sandeep, you deserve a big one, not only for what all you have achieved but because of your noble gesture of being true, pure and simply sharing your wealth with others without expecting any monetary returns. It feels good to know that still there are such generous people around us.
- Mohan Siddharth
The entire session was so simple and full of fun and energy. I understood the true meaning of success. I also liked the story of Akbar and Birbal and have started following the principle of "Jo Hota Hai Woh Achhe Ke Liye Hota Hai". The teaching of taking baby steps and the concept of sharing really touched my heart. My best wishes to Sandeep for changing my life.
- Rakesh Jain
Hi Sandeep, it was really a life-changing seminar. The theory I have read in books, you implemented them in your life. You have really defined the word Success, with your honesty and transparency. Thanks a lot!
- Dr. HHD Bhardwaj
I like the way Sandeep has enlightened people and reminded each one of us that true light lies within us. His message of Aasaan hai, listening to one's inner voice, never give up attitude and sharing our riches with poor shows a proper path of loving and living. If we follow such good principles I am sure our planet will become a heaven very soon.
- Mini
Hi Sandeep Sir, I came to know about you through my school. I like your life history. I want to be a person like you. My parents want me to become an engineer but I want to be a singer and I promise I will become a singer. My aim is to meet you once and I also want to work with you once, before I die.
- Saket Jalan
It was not only the great seminar but also the best seminar I have ever seen in my lifetime. Power of sharing, is the biggest power Sandeep has. People always hide the reason of their success, but Sandeep shares. I have also started sharing, which I never did earlier. Sandeep sir, thanks for changing my life and my perception towards everything.
- Vinod Rohit
U truly said in the seminar that this day will be a life-changing day & really it was the greatest day of my life........ It was so superb and mind-blowing experience. It just transformed my way of thinking. NOW.....SAB AASAAN HAI...........JUST DO IT...
- Kapil Sharma
“My Perception - Vision - Focus and most importantly BELIEFS are now changed, and so would be yours”......... Sandeep's words have changed my way of thinking....I am changed, I am determined and I strongly believe that I would truly find a way to success today or tomorrow....Thanks, Sandeep, thank you so much...
- Sahil Chopra
Nothing seems difficult now. I have seen your life-changing seminar video six times, shown the same in my office, and attended the seminar on 8th Sept 2012. You have made me realize that I can learn thousands of things from my two-year-old daughter, to achieve success in life. Thank you so much and all the very best!
- Reena Chugh
I am really very much happy and confident after watching your seminar on YouTube.. It was awesome! My old beliefs got shattered one by one. I just can’t wait to attend your Live seminar, it really helped me a lot. Whatever I was thinking impossible has now started becoming possible and seems to be so simple and Aasaan. I am overflowing with the positive vibes and feel to share it with lot more people. I believe the positive thinking is the key to success. My confidence has grown up much and just one video has changed me totally. My all the problems are diminished and the concept of middle class thinking has changed. Now I do not care for others that, what they will think but I focus on my desire and action. All the problems are getting sorted out itself..... “Aasaan hai”
- Kirti Singh
I must thank you for this as your words provided me strength and helped me to change my life. You will be glad to know that I have started my own set up on 3rd December 2012. "Aaasan Hai" God bless You.
- Sanjay Kumar Akela
The seminar of 15th September was truly interactive and inspiring for my five friends and me, who came together for this seminar. The style of his speech was 10/10. Now we really believe that life mein sab kuch "Aasaan Hai”.
- Shilpi Tiwari
This is Manoj Acharya from Jaipur. I have never seen this type of super motivational video ever before. It just changed me and my perception. I am now having a broad vision and feeling more powerful. Thanks a lot.
- Manoj Acharya
A remarkable motivational seminar by Sandeep. I saw the video and it was really so interesting and motivational. It was the first session in which I did not sleep and kept watching it continuously without moving from my seat. Your golden words "Aaasan Hai" gave me a courage to fight with all the challenges. The words "Jo Hota Hai Aache Ke Liye Hota Hai" made me to accept my failures in a positive way (Akbar-Birbal Story). At last I would like to give a grand salute to you.
- Sumit Gupta
Sir, I am Asutosh Mishra from Odisha. I saw your last Life-Changing seminar and I got lots of confidence and its really helpful for me to do many things in my life.
- Asutosh Mishra
Hello Mr. Sandeep, I haven't seen any of your videos yet. Eventually I had finished my dinner and was wrapping up the newspaper which we use and luckily I just saw your advertisement and the offer of free DVD. Without wasting a single moment of my life I rushed and requested for the free DVD and I am sure and confident that I will be a changed person after seven days, that's how long it will take to be delivered. The idea of providing free DVD is enough to make anyone believe in your positive contribution without any self profiting nature. I will write more very soon. Can't wait for the DVD. Thanks again and all the very best.
- Asif Iqbal
I have seen your last Life-Changing seminar and I got highly impressed. I have become huge fan of yours and I would like to adopt your way of thinking and attitude in my life. Its really heartening to see your selfless desire of helping people. Hats off to you.
- Sumit Malik
Shree Sandeepji, namate. Aaj mere pass koi alfaaz nahi hai, aapki video ne mere dil ko jhanzhod dia hai. Aap ki DVD ko agar koi naam dena ho to bus JEEVAN (Not, Zindagi) KO GOLD ME MOULD KARO. Thanks. Devendra B Paleja Rajkot, Gujarat
- Devendra Paleja
The best part of the seminar is definitely it's practicality. The examples given by Sandeep Sir actually takes us to the situation where we feel attached and hence relate ourselves. The more we relate, the better we understand where we stand wrong in our lives and this is the time when we could take a step further to change our attitude. The seminar is worth watching and everybody will surely say in the end that, "Yes, Aasaan Hai"
- Er. Vatsal Patel
This is one of the most inspiring and motivating video I have ever watched. It keeps the person stick to his seat and makes him to absorb each and every word delivered by the orator. I watched it and passed it to my near and dear ones to have the motivation I got viral. The effort was really fruitful. Kudos and hats off for the ever inspiring and vital piece of message from a well experienced youth icon. I will share his thinking and philosophy. It would be liked by all either young, old or of any age group. Everybody will find it useful in every walk of life. More such efforts will find place on your website and other media to give motivation to all generation. I am looking forward to attend one of your life changing sessions in very near future. Lets spread good thoughts throughout and rejoice.
- Prajoth
Dear Dost, first of all I thank you so much for sending the DVD. It's amazing and so motivational. I have learnt so much and came to know about many new point of views. I distributed the DVDs to many of my friends. They too got inspired and impressed by your personality. They got positive effects and encouragement. I listen to your Aasaan Hai song daily. It constantly encourages me and makes my life Aasaan. The request which you made at the end of the seminar touched my heart and I salute you for that. I would also try to help needy people. These type of thoughts are really needed to be spread in our country. I request you to continue your service for the society in your ways. Thank you very much my friend Sandeep.
- Solanki Gautam G
What an inspiring man you are! Gosh! I see you in myself. You know, even I am 14 and have great passion for photography. At present, I have done only one photo shoot and earned my first income of Rs. five hundred. Your story has inspired me and has increased my confidence to do something great. You are now one of my role model. I hope to be with you someday. Cheers!
- Varun Surana
Hi Sandeep ji, your speech is really very nice and inspiring. It is applicable to all age group people. And I liked the points like, never think negatively and do not take anything as tough because when we think negative or take any thing as tough then we become tired and hopeless to face and overcome it. So always think positively and take everything very easy. So I have decided to show your videos to all of my students and I advice them to visit your website.
- Manoj Keshari
I watched your video last Sunday in my institute and every student including me said that this Sunday was the greatest day of their lives. I am very much impressed with your line "Aasaan Hai". You are the greatest man I ever listened to. I salute you. I saw all your videos and each one is amazing and rocking. I really liked it. Aasaan Hai!
- Krishna Gautam
Hi Sir, I saw your seminar on You Tube. It was awesome. I have been a failure in my career and after watching your seminar I realized that it was the initial step of my success. So think big, do whatever you want and share the maximum as you could do.
- Aditya Katiyar
Sir, I and my family is very much inspired by your seminar held on 20th October, 2012. You are living your life for a noble cause. May God bless you and your family. We should adopt such honesty, transparency, truth, courage, courtsey and kindness in life. Thanks with warm regards, Harman...
- Harman Preet Singh
I totally agree with your concept of applying "Aasaan Hai" at every step of our life. It has changed my life. Difficulty is nothing but just a myth. I am fortunate to watch your seminar on you tube. Mujhe Naya Jeevan Dene Ke Liye, Thanks a lot Sir.
- Mrigendra Pratap Singh
I really enjoyed the last Life-Changing seminar by Sandeep Maheshwari.
- Nitika Sonkhiya
Good Job
- Sobhana Sampriti Raj Purohit
Sandeep's Last Life-Changing seminar deliberation is a revelation of truth direct from his psychic being. It is a rare speech delivered by a human being. When I saw it I reflected every thing in my life. Everything Sandeep spoke were known to me but he entered into my heart. It is too inspirational and awesome. I pray the Supreme that this piece of talk must be shared by all college school and university students of India and the world as well. Congratulation Sandeep. I support your idea. I feel to interact with you at least once in my life.
- Khitish Chandra Udgata
Dear Sandeep jee, I was going through a bad phase and was calling it a bad patch of my life. But after attending your Q&A session at Aurangabad, Maharashtra I got inspired and started a new life from that day. Thanks to God for providing me an opportunity to meet you. Thank you Sandeep.
- Rajendra Deokishanji Chandak
I really salute you Mr. Maheswari. I always tried to listen to my inner voice but I was unable to do so. But after watching this video on 15 March 2013 I got the answers which I was looking for throughout the past. I promise to myself and you that one day you will listen my name and in the coming future the world will see many Maheswaris and Ayushs in the different faces.
- Ayush Kumar Rai
I must begin by what I truly felt during the seminar & that is “Sandeep is Godsend, an angel”. Thanks to Sandeep for taking this initiative to organize such an awesome seminar. It was truly inspiring. I was greatly motivated to keep moving in my life without fearing what future might bring. What I liked most was the fact he highlighted to follow our own dreams irrespective and that nothing is impossible on planet earth if we believe in ourselves. I am glad I attended & hope Sandeep continues to effortlessly bring people together from all walks of life and be our lifelong mentor.
- Pinkish Dutta
Initially I was thinking that I have attended so many seminars, cleared many competitive exams and so I am a successful man. But after watching this seminar I came to know that I was a success in my past but not in the present. I was just carrying my past and was in a total relaxed state. Thank you so much for letting me realize about my faults. Now from today itself, I will again pave my way out to become a successful man in my present. Now I have got these two magical words "Aasaan Hai". This helps me to get motivated and to do things in easy manner without any tension.
- Anoop Kumar Asthana
Sir, you are simply superb. What a spectacular seminar it was! It opened my eyes and changed my perception towards life. It was truly a Life-Changing seminar and I can say that it has totally changed my life. I am repenting for not attending it live. You have become a role model for me. I am spreading your message by distributing your DVDs. I watched your seminar video twenty times and every time it brought a positive energy into me. I know that the world will change. God bless you and thanks a ton for creating such a wonderful movie.
- Ravi Bhushan Gupta
What to say and how to express! I can just say thanks, thanks, thanks and 1000000 times thanks. God bless you Sir.
- Manoj Saraswat
Although it was Sandeep's last seminar but it is the start of a new chapter of my life. This was really a life-changing seminar. The only thing I can say is "Aasaan hai, Aasaan hai, Aasaan hai"
- Santosh Soni
I received Sandeep Sir's last Life-Changing seminar DVD and I found it so simple, effective and very easy to understand. I like the way he looks at life. His experience and guidance will definitely help us to make our life more meaningful. I am grateful to almighty that I came across his seminar videos. I will definitely like to meet him in person. All the best for your future assignments which I am sure will help us to move ahead in our life in the right direction.
- Sadanand Sapkal
It was actually a life-changing seminar. You were bang on target. What you said at the start of the seminar and I am more than 200% sure that nobody will ever forget the day they spent in your company that day. Keep up the good work of inspiring and motivating so many people for their better future. Lots of best wishes. Thanks a lot!
- Vasudha Gupta
The experience was amazing. Thinking of changing oneself seemed difficult but everything is "Aasaan" now. Sandeep sir has given a deep insight into the mind and feelings that hold us from achieving success. I am so enlightened and happy to have attended the seminar.
- Lochan Priya
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