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You are a genius. You are different from others, you start gradually and finish with a big bang. You give a full proof mantra for success to your audience. Kudos! It is one of the rare feature of yours. You are not running behind money. You are doing a great deal for the people. Jindabad! I salute you and your parents. I salute your personality.
- Dr. Amit Gangwal
After watching your videos, I felt that I have received everything. Then why should I cry for anything. Now I enjoy my life. I also want to do what you are doing. I want to share my experience and wish this chain becomes unbreakable. Please make me a part of your team.
- Shobhit Jain
I was amazed to see the way you explained Law of Attraction Vs Law of Love session. By giving simple examples you have explained your views and points. Many persons do not believe in themselves and in eternal power of God. Your sessions are giving clear thought on being remaining in blissful state.
- Shruti
Dear Sir, you are my life now. You have become my Ideal person. I was going through some difficult phase of my life but aasaan hai is working very fine. I am a hardcore photography lover and I do it at a very small level. My dream is to meet you over coffee and to show my shots. I get up and sleep with your philosophy. I hope that you will be guiding me. A die hard fan from Guwahati, Assam. Aasaan Hai!
- Samar Jyoti Deka
Dear Sandeep, You are a man of your word. I do not know how I stumbled upon your first seminar video. I clearly remember, that time when I was totally depressed with life, with no hope. I saw your video, noted down the points you made, and believe me, now my days start with your teachings and ends too. You make life simple because it is meant to be simple. You are doing an amazing thing and I would definitely take a leaf out of your book and do something needful for the society. Unfortunately I stay in Mumbai and most of your seminars are in Delhi, but I feel it is worth traveling the distance to meet you. You inspire us. Lots of gratitude. May God always bless you and your family as well!
- Ninad Bhat
Hi Sandeep Sir, I saw your seminar on YouTube while I was searching for an inspirational video to motivate my office team members. And you really explained the life in a very simple way. One thing I would definitely want to tell you that I will make a new world record on 1st Aug 2015. Please keep this date in your diary. On that day I will declare your name that I am inspired just because of you. Hats off to you Sir.
- Nilesh Jadhav
Hi Sandeep, I am really feeling very happy to watch the video of your last Life-Changing seminar. My eyes are opened because of you. Thank you so much and all the best for your future.
- Rashmi Dalmia
Sandeep, I love your seminars. I just want to say thank you for sharing your experiences with us. One day I will attend your live session when I come to India. Thank you so much. Love from UK.
- Prianka Joshi
I watched your video and I liked it very much. You explained it in very simple language. This seminar is very inspiring and really Sab Kuch Aasaan Hai.
- Ayush Giri
Hi Sandeep, somebody gave me your seminar video in pen drive, I copied it in my laptop and left it thinking that I will see it on some other day and I forgot thereafter. Yesterday when I was searching for some movie I got your seminar. I watched it and realized what a precious thing I had been carrying for last six months. It was really an inspirational speech. I have been struggling for my dreams since 18 years of my age. Now I am 33 years old and I have made many attempts but did not get much success what I wanted. Now I realized where I was wrong. I am going to start again. Thanks for inspiring me.
- Vikas Dhawan
After seeing your video seminar at one of the programs arranged by marketing manager, I got the DVD at my home as promised by you. The kind of commitment I saw towards helping mass to improvise their attitude for looking at life, experiences and failures are amazing. Keep helping others without any expectations as it gives plenty of happiness, peace and satisfaction.
- Naishadh K Bhatt
Dear Sir, I watched your seminar video and I got to know about the ways to handle problems. I will try to follow the same as directed by you not because you said it but because I feel it is right. Thank you so much Sir.
- Gaurav Panwar
Dear Sir, you have changed my life. Thank you very much.
- Aditya Rajpurohit
What a great job you have done. Its really amazing. I have seen your seminar and your every word is meaningful for me. I have followed the steps recommended by you and I felt tremendous changes. Your upcoming seminars will be highly appreciated by youth of India.
- T S Birsanta
Sir, I can't explain in words. Thank you so much Sir. I got the meaning of sharing. I am sure that my success story is not so far as I am not going to stop by any obstacles. Just as the star shines in the darkness I will also get success in the midst of failures. Whatever I will become it would be just because of your Life-Changing seminar.
- Ankur Dewada
Dude you are just awesome. I salute you. I swear you actually changed the way of my attitude towards life through your last Life-Changing seminar.
- Devyani
I have brought a lot of changes in me after watching your seminar. I understood that it is we who carve our future. I always wished to become a writer but was having some fear. And now I can happily move on that unknown way as it is Aasaan hai for me.
- Sreyasi Sharma
Sandeep Sir, thank you for your inspiring seminar. After listening this seminar my perception about life is changed completely. I was a failure at school level which resulted in big success today. Sir, everyone of us has an infinite power which is called 'Aatmgyan' and it motivates us to move towards the right path. Sir, there are very few people who can see the light of heart and you are the one amongst a few.
- Anuj Kumar Pandey
Sir, this is the first unforgettable seminar in my life and really my life is totally changed by it. Everyone must watch it.
- Amit Srivastava
Sandeep ji, Your all videos are very inspiring. Your last Life-Changing seminar has really changed my life. I was under debt of Rs. 11 Lac and I was planning to suicide. Because my mind was not working, I was hopeless. But when I saw your video of this seminar I woke up, a new energy entered in my body and mind. I decided to quit suicide programme and decided to fight against problems. Because Everything is easy. Now I am very happy and now I am distributing your DVDs to other people who are really depressed. Thank you very much Sir. God Bless You!
- Deepk Baduwal
Way to go Sandeep Sir! Came to know that you lifted another entrepreneur award for yourself and for your complete team. I congratulate you on this beautiful leap of your life and I am sure you will be getting many more awards as you are a honest human being. Wish you more mountains to climb.
- Kailash Bhandari
Sir, you are great. I think you have realized the true meaning of life. Ehtisham Hussain from Pakistan.
- Ehtisham Hussain
Doing great job Sandeep, you are the pioneer in motivational speech. I have learned that "I can do it". Thanks.
- Bharat Bisht
Amazing, amazing and amazing...once again its amazing. Really your last Life-Changing seminar is awesome. It has brought a big change in my life. All the problems are getting solved in just two words, Aasaan Hai. Thank you so much Sir.
- Mohit Vaghela
Thank you for this wonderful seminar. It's very inspirational and motivational and it really changed my attitude towards everything in my life. Thank you Sandeep.
- Renuka Dahale
Sir, I have watched all of your videos on YouTube many times. Thanks a lot for helping me to know my basic nature.
- Siddharth Vashishtha
I came from Kashmir to attend your seminar on 21 July 2012 and now consider myself fortunate to be a participant. Your down to earth approach coupled with honest and transparent delivery made the session lovely, enjoyable, empowering and emancipative. You are doing a great service to the nation by organising such free of cost seminars but I request you to extend the outreach to other areas like Kashmir, where the youth really need your inspiration and guidance. You are really a wonderful human being ever ready to share and not to amass. Bravo, keep it up. "Aasaan hai! Aasaan hai! Aasaan Hai!"
- Khurshaid Reshi
Sandeep, from the time I have started watching your videos, I have been experiencing a new kind of ambitiousness in life. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
- Akshay Devatraj
Bravo! What a seminar it was. It was a remarkable experience. Sir, you are a man of your words. The way you connected us with you and shared your experiences so energetically was just superb. Big thanks for changing our lives. The sharing part was so special; I would definitely try to follow it.
- Richa Wadhwa
Dear Sandeep, your life-changing experience was really good. The live examples chosen were so appealing and meaningful that it hit at the right target. I liked the following concepts: 1) Making our lives easy by actually believing and taking actions by overcoming fear. 2) Share our success, love, money and any other things which is worth sharing. 3) Failure makes the way to better success. 4) Happiness is in our hands and we can be happy always. 5) Take care of health and be regular in taking efforts. I salute you for your strong basics and unconditional service to many. You will continue getting it back in expanded ratio. My all good wishes to you.
- Rajesh Pandey
20th October 2012 will always be one of the greatest days in my life. It was more than a motivational seminar. You just rocked that day. Please just continue it. It was a great experience. I never attended any such seminar before. I got beyond my expectation. You are a great and wonderful human being. I am so fortunate to be a part of the seminar.
- Mohd. Zaheen
It was really a wonderful experience. There was no complexity but only simplicity. It was so touching. Whatever you want really from your heart, you will definitely get it. Just keep on trying. You will achieve your goal. Sandeep you are doing a wonderful job. Whatever is spoken from heart touches other's heart. Your mission is not to help temporarily but to give a permanent solution, by changing their lives. Keep it up sir.
- Arun Mahendru
Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea with all of us. This seminar actually teaches you the proper way to live your life. All the false beliefs that somewhere used to make the base of our life are actually the greatest hindrance in our path. Success is actually not just leading your life but it is all about leaving your life with utmost happiness and pleasure. Desire big and do things to give them the shape of reality, because everything is “Aasaan hai”.
- Dipanwita
Dear Sandeep Maheshwari Sir, I watched your video on You Tube. I am your great fan and follower. I am honestly changed and got a new life. I must say thanks to you for spreading the positive energy. I would be so happy to meet you personally and looking forward to attend your session in future.
- Sanjay Maheshwari
Really it was a wonderful experience. Sandeep Sir delivers every thought very clearly. Everybody can understand very easily and it is his real life experience. Definitely it was life changing and those who have attended the seminar or watched the video can change their life by his inspiring thoughts. Thank you Sir.
- Hemanth Katiyar
Sir, you are the best example of next door. I am speechless. You are a mind blowing speaker like Lord Krishna.
- Sunil Kumar Singha
Dear Sandeep Sir, hats off to you. You are so great and you also made my life great and wonderful. After watching your last Life-Changing seminar I am feeling so lively and living my life like a king because Mere Liye Sab Kuch Aasaan Hai. Thanks for doing such a good work and that too totally free of cost. I wish you get all the things you want in your life. Once again thank you very much and God bless you.
- Sanjay Sureka
Thanks Sandeep Sir, we are watching your seminar in our MBA class (SKPIMCS). Thanks you for inspiring and successful stories of your life. 'Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experience.' All things in life are Aasaan. Sab Kuch Aasaan Hai.
- Ajay Limbasiya
Sir I am very much impressed by you. Your last Life-Changing seminar video is excellent. I would follow your sayings and would help the poor and needy people.
- Amit Kumar
Hello Sir, I want to meet you, actually I wish to see you, I am very impressed by you. Can we meet Sir? I am waiting for your response please reply me.
- Shamim Akhtar
Hi Sandeep, I have seen the Last Life-Changing experience video. You are really doing good job. I shared that DVD with my friends they also got inspired by your speech. Hope everyone do what they want to in their lives. Now I stared saying "Aaasan Hai" for the things that I want to do in my life. I will surely contact you when I achieve my dreams.
- Parag Telgaonkar
Hi Sandeep, your and my life story is little bit same. I faced failure in partnership business which I started three years ago with just rupees four hundred, one laptop and my CT hundred bike. I stuck up in that and left it. After watching your seminar I got my answer what wrong I was doing. Thanks a lot Sandeep, my age is twenty six years but I promise you I will spread this video to all my relatives, friends and all people to whom I know. I am also planning to meet you so be prepared and very soon I will get success in my business. I will also do seminar of my life and will tell your and mine story to motivate people. I also help people when I find them craving for success. Yeh Bhi Hona Aasaan Hai.
- Hakimuddin
I am so thankful to you for giving me the great opportunity to attend your last life-changing seminar. I initially watched your seminar on YouTube and then decided to attend the seminar live. It was really the best day of my life. It gave me happiness, contentment and encouragement to face challenges of life. You are a great human being. I am feeling a spark from inside which is awakening my soul. I made fifty copies of your seminar DVD and distributed it among many of my friends.
- Vivek Vashisath
Sandeep Maheshwari is truly commendable. I am too small in front of him to say anything about him but definitely I will say that he is an angel who is here on earth to guide us at any point of life. May God bless him with all happiness and success he wants in life. I would also like to say that one day I too will achieve my success.
- Hemant Kumar
I have recently attended Sandeep Maheshwari's seminar. He is a majestic and total magical man. I learnt how to handle my difficulties. Impossible does not exist in real sense. Impossibility and difficulties are nothing but just our own creation, which keep us away from our goals. Live like a free guff. The word Impossible itself says I am possible. Thanks to Sandeep sir for providing such valuable positive thinking towards life. You are incredible!
- Raman Malla
My life would have been poorer had I not known Hindi. Fabulous speech! Lots of people believe in sharing, but nobody could have done justice to the word "Sharing" than you Sandeep. It is indeed a Life-Changing seminar. Zindagi mein successful hona to ab 'aasaan hai'!
- Guru Prasad
Hello Sir, I am an engineering student. Initially my confidence was low and I was thinking that I can't pass technical exam but after seeing your seminar my confidence increased and I cleared all subjects in first attempt. You are great. Aasaan Hai!
- Sanjog Shah
Hi Sandeep Maheshwari! Few days ago I saw your few sessions and I believe that you are a great speaker who can change anybody's life.
- Md. Asadul Islam
Thank you so much sir... I don't have have words to express my view regarding today's seminar... I am speechless.... Things which I find very difficult to do seems to be very easy and that's all because of sandeep sir... hatsoff to you sir... life seems to be so easy for me after this seminar!
- Saket Vatsa
I watched the video of your Last Life-Changing Seminar. I have nothing to say any more. My eyes are full of tears and I got a power that everything can happen in the world. Sir, your last words "Wah Kya Zindegi Hai" was so touchy and amazing. I am really proud of you.
- Atul Kumar Patel
I just saw a glance of the seminar on my friend's laptop; he recommended me to to watch it but I showed my reluctance of watching such seminars. He insisted me to take a copy of the video and asked me to just keep it in my system so that I can watch it as per my convenience. I followed his words and copied the video but after reaching home, an urge came to watch it and I watched the complete seminar and I really appreciated him for guiding me in the right way. Now I can say that I am a successful person. I will recommend this seminar video to all my friends. They too would learn and share the purpose of their life.
- Waqar Ahmada Abbasi
I have attended the 20th October seminar of yours and I am very much inspired by you. I really feel that there is nothing impossible in our life. "Kuch Karne Ka Zazba Hona Chaaiye, Dil Se" then every thing is possible. I am very thankful to you Sir. I respect you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.
- Jitendra Singh Rawat
I am a handicapped person. My thought was very negative for my handicappedness. When I heard the Last Life Changing seminar on I was so surprised and excited for my life. I have a hope in my feelings. Now I am a successful person instead of my handicappedness. Thanks Sandeep Ji to come in my life from Youtube. God bless you.
- Gopal Gayari
Respected Sir, I do not have any words to express. But after watching your Seminar video I am in the right direction. My thinking and your thinking is totally same as we need to share everything what we have.
- Parag Patel
It was a super session! I attended the seminar with an open mind and an open heart too. I have also been on a soul-searching mission over the past year. We know whatever you spoke or we have heard it before but your style of delivery and content was so effective because it was believable. You spoke from your heart and your endeavor to touch so many lives is exceptional!
- Mandeep Merwah
No words to say, just a big thanks to Mr. Maheshwari. I attended your 20th October Seminar and felt that you should continue doing it. We need you sir, and if possible I would like to thank you personally. Once again thanks for your support.
- Vipul Shokeen
Sir, I believe you are spiritual person in the true sense. You have given us your pure love without any conditions. My cheeks were covered in tears at the end of the seminar and I was the one who chased you till your car and gifted you a book written by me "Management Ideas Through Spirituality". I took your autograph and did handshake with you. Sir, you are such a down to earth person. I salute you for your efforts and assure you that one day I will give my Guru Dakshina to you. "Kabhi Bhi Kisi Ko Bhukha Nahi Rehne Dunga, Jaha Tak Meri Takat Hogi Laga Doonga". I will make it a movement. You inspired me to do this. I will continue your work sir. I love you sir for your selfless service. You are a magician. Hats off to you. God bless you. A big thank you. "Aasaan Hai".
- Akash Singh
Looks like a genuine attempt by Mr.Sandeep to wake up the audience, shaking them up to make efforts to realise their dreams. He speaks in very simple words which touches your heart before your mind and that makes the show click. I sincerely congratulate and thank him from the bottom of my heart for such an inspirational workshop. Yes, it is not just a seminar but a complete workshop which incites the participants to recall their past experiences, and kindle a flame treading them to a path unless they succeed.
- Akhil Saxena
Hi Sir, I have watched your video on 'Last Life-Changing Seminar'. It is really wonderful and useful too. Thank you for such an inspirational session.
- Dibyajyoti Satyaprakash Palata
Dear Sir, I am proud of you. Yadi sabhi log aapki tarah sochen lage to sach much koi duniya me bhuka nahi rahega. Mai aapki video daily dekhta hoon aur mujhe kaam karne me energy milti hai. Thank you so much Sir.
- Ramesh Pawar
Hi Sandeep, attended your seminar long time back. Learned few fantastic things. You had suggested to take baby steps but life has turned something differently and a long leap was taken i.e. I resigned from my job and started own professional career. The people who initially assured me to help just backed off. The thrust that 'I can do' just kept me going. I never felt depressed due to availability of all good people around me. Started new journey of life and now taking baby steps towards success. It might take some time but I am very sure of getting success. Thanks Sandeep for helping to follow the path of success. Wish you all the best. Will definitely meet again.
- Prakash
Just watched your Life-Changing seminar on my mobile. I was already adopting many things what you said about in the seminar but still it cleared some concepts and is a big help. I know you don't take praises or critics but wanna say that you are doing awesome job, keep it up and God bless you. I am gonna check out more videos soon. I also keep motivating people around me and I love to speak on stage, though fear is there, but I love that adrenaline too.
- Krishna Jha
You are a true human being, serving people, serving India with no personal gains and profits. Now I would love to let you know how your Last Life-Changing seminar changed my life. I have been searching job for more than six months after completing my MBA from a reputed university but I got frustrated to find the low salary package and thought this is the end but when I saw your struggle, experience and a lot of efforts to stand on with the people for the people, just come up with my situation and compared the same. It was really very inspiring and my mind got changed I thought anyhow I just have to start my career and stay happy with that. Within two weeks I got an offer to work and I joined that. Now I have started my journey and am so happy. All credit goes to you, thank you so much.
- Sateesh
You made my day! While listening to your background, I felt, as if you were narrating my story and believe me, I have actually gone through this whole process in my career and I am already following many of the steps as described by you. By attending your seminar I now truly feel that I am on a right track and will now be focused on more of the sharing part.
- Lalit Manocha
Thanks for teaching me "AASAAN HAI". I am a 2nd year student and this "aasaan hai" is really helping me as my exams are approaching!! :) It was a great experience sitting there and listening to what you had to say and share. And as it is said 'the sooner the better'... so I say I am fortunate that I got to attend your seminar at this stage of my life when I have to make a career... It is helping me control my land from becoming completely 'INFERTILE'. And being a student, I could very well relate to the "beliefs" that you broke!! I have started enjoying my work.. i.e. my studies:) Thank you so much!! You are doing a great job of spreading awareness that too free of cost.... Keep counting the blessings!! :):)
- Ishita Aggarwal
The best thing about your seminar was that you started the session as an ordinary presentation in simple hinglish style but gradually the combination of the desire to succeed and positive emotions/intentions added a spell of magic, and by the end of the session the audience were all ears and all hearts to the speech. The unique thing about this seminar is that it's far away from the worldly marketing gimmicks and profit motive and is serving humanity/mankind at large. Sandeep, you seem to be uniting the positive forces within us and building a pool of positive feelings that have the power to ward off all evil and help us attain our worldly success too. I am sure someday you will be instrumental in building up a pool of motivated, successful and noble men & women!
- Isar Ahmed
Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari is a genius person. He knows well about the human psychology and understands the need of the students. He is doing a great work for the society. He is a visionary and a superman. If I were the President, I would have given him a Bharat Ratna in social service.
- Nitin Kumar
20th October 2012 was the most memorable day of my life. It was a feeling like Sandeep Sir was giving the precious gems to me. I just grasped his words, sense of humor and life changing tips. My good wishes for his future. I will always remember the last emotional moments of the seminar. Love you Sir!
- Sartaj Ahmad
When I came to know about Mr. Sandeep through newspaper, I thought him to be an ordinary person but later after watching his seminar videos on YouTube, I realized that he has a gift of gab and then I could not wait to attend his live seminar. I really liked his speech and the way he delivered it was simply superb. He is doing a great job. I am so inspired to serve people selflessly. My sincere thanks to you and your wonderful team.
- Shakeel Saifi
It is my dream to help people to rise to their true potential. I am also sharing this message of success and happiness with the people around me. I am looking forward to work as a volunteer in the upcoming seminar of 20th October 2012.
- Himani Rawal
Your words are really tremendous value addition for this nation's youths, old and all. I genuinely want this video should be reverberated throughout every corner of this nation and this country will change. Thanks a lot for this great selfless service. You are a genuine patriot.
- R Sarangi
Sir till the time I didn't listen you, I was thinking that getting success is very difficult but now after watching your all videos, my life is changed. Hats off to you Sir. You are doing brilliant and wonderful thing. God bless you and sab kuch aasaan hai.
- Abhinav Singh
This is one experience that I will cherish for a long long time. Your seminar has inspired me to stay motivated and remain positive to attain my goals. Lastly, I strongly recommend attending your seminars to everyone who really want to achieve greater heights in their respective careers. A big thank you again for the great seminar!
- Manish Singh
You have a Great Heart. You inspire and truly make one believe in the goodness we all possess, that keep lying under the dust of day to day struggles, self-doubt and short term results. Self Belief will make it all. I shared it with my wife and daughters, and all of them appreciated and learnt from it. "Everything in life teaches us a new lesson. Everyone we meet and everything we encounter in some or the other ways teaches us something. They all are a part of the learning experience we call 'Life'. Never forget to acknowledge the lesson, especially when things don't go your way. If you don't get a job that you wanted or a relationship doesn't work, it only means something better is out there waiting. And the lesson you just learned is the first step towards it." Author Unknown
- Arvind Pandey
I watched the video initially on YouTube and was really inspired a lot. Same time I booked one DVD for my younger brother at my home town address. Thanks for that service. I always discuss about Sandeep Sir and his seminars with my colleagues and friends.
- Nitin Jain
The turning into lively leaves just came up with the motivator Sandeep Sir. Though unfortunately I was not able to attend his seminar but the good thing is that I watched this in DVD. Superb! That's what I can say. I have no words to explain. He has boosted my confidence up to such a level that now I can say "Aasaan Hai".
- Rahul Joshi
Hey Sandeep, I really salute you. It was an awesome day for me when I watched your seminar. This is the best inspirational video I have ever watched. The openness with which you speak makes one feel that you really want people to change from inside. The things, which I believed to be difficult, were actually so “Aasaan”. Many thanks to you.
- Sourabh Khanna
Hi, I don't know how to start with. The seminar I attended on 20th October was my very first seminar. It was truly amazing. Mr. Sandeep is a real hero. He alone changed the mind set of so many people.
- Swati Sharma
In my journey of becoming a CA, two persons inspired me the most and they are Sachin Tendulkar and Sandeep Maheshwari. I heartily thank you for helping me stand up after I failed. Your seminars also helped me a lot in my career building process. I again thank you for such a noble task of enlightening the youth in the way of success and happiness. Salute to your thoughts, skills and your concern for the society. And yes, thanks for holding session in western India and a gentle request for holding more and more. See you at Ahmadabad. Aasaan Hai!
- CA Jitesh A Shah
Sir I am very inspired by watching your seminars. I have linked myself to many of your messages which are given by you through your seminars. Thank you Sir!
- Gaurav Singh
I have gone through some of your videos and whenever I get confused or do not get the way to come out of any problem I watch your videos and somehow I get the solution to my problems. Although I don't get convinced very easily but messages conveyed by you really touches my heart and gives a new and better direction to my believe, vision and meaning of life and I am totally convinced. Surprisingly I have seen your videos many times even more than any of my favorite movies. Thank you!
- Akhilesh Upadhyay
You are doing a fabulous job in today's life. I watch all your YouTube videos regularly. I am working on one of the project of my own and your videos have increased my patience level and it motivate me to carry on with that. Sincere thanks for the initiative taken by you. I promise you that once I will achieve my dreams I will also help others as your Sharing Principle says. India is Changing! All the best for your life and mission.
- Animesh Kumar
I like the new face of Delhi. To me you represent the youthful, dependable, trustworthy, suave, intelligent, unselfish and motivated Delhite, who is so different from the image, people normally have of us. Thank you for doing this amazing work for the benefit of all. After quitting my job and planning to do something creative, I have been doing a lot of training, studying, reading and travelling, etc for quite some time, but somehow never really got started to actually doing it. Your simple yet solid words-'aasaan hai' has somehow given the required push to kick-start my venture(s). I know I can do it. A Big thanks for being there ...
- Sutapa Chowdhury
Sandeep Sir, when I see your motivation videos, I feel a great positive energy spreading all over from your voice and that strikes directly in my heart. Thank you for motivating all the world and for thinking for others. Thank you for showing me the right direction.
- Ramesh Chandra Fulara
Dear Sandeep, with your beautiful and life changing words, I have learned so many things through your seminars 'The Ultimate Purpose of Life' and 'Most Motivational Success Story' sessions are great concepts that help me to focus on my work and always make me happy. Thanks Sandeep for this motivating effort.
- Abdullah Mithani
Dear Sandeep, I respect your great selfless efforts to motivate the common people, who are, in reality, scared of living their lives. I felt lot of positive changes in my life after your 20th October life-changing seminar. Please keep it up. Thanks a lot!
- Manash Pratim Sarmah
Extraordinary, I have learnt so much that I don't have any words to explain about the changes that took place in me. Thank you very much.
- Jagadeswar Reddy C
Your seminar was really mind blowing. I have never seen such a thing in my whole life. I am feeling so much lucky that I got to know about you. It is literally Life-Changing. God bless you Sir. I got your DVDs. 'Aasaan Hai, Aasaan Hai, Aasaan Hai'
- Shiva Panchal
When I started watching this video I thought it is about some ordinary person's talk. But he showed his greatness at the last. Really inspiring video. I distributed it to many of my friends. Good going Sandeep!
- Vinay
The seminar was marvelous, informative, mind blowing and motivating for a positive change. The sharing concept really thrilled me. I have passed on your video to many of my friends and relatives. And they also appreciated and learned a lot from it. Many thanks for your invaluable efforts in making and distributing it free of cost.
- Vinod Kumar Saxena
This video is just amazing. It has changed my life. It was outstanding and brilliant. We find very few people like you.
- Dhruv Malik
Thanks Sir I received your DVD. Is Abhiyan Me Mai Aapke Kisi Kaam Aa Saku To Mujhe Zaroor Aadesh Kijiyega. Regard's Sandeep Talwar, Mira Road, Mumbai
- Sandeep Talwar
I have just received your inspirational DVD. It's superb and it really motivates all the people to whom I show the video. I also take steps with great attitude to grasp more success. Thanking you a lot. Pleased to be a part of your Life-Changing seminar.
- Sachin Datey
It was simply the best experience of my life. I am feeling much more focused and energized. Sir, you are an inspiration for millions of youth. You are a mentor who is guiding us in every aspect of our life. Thank you sir for everything you have shared with us. You have shown us the way to success and made this world a better place to live in. Wish you loads and loads of success, happiness and a great life ahead.
- Alok Kumar
Dear Sandeep, I felt so nice after meeting you. I was just thinking if I could have met you before. Hats off to your thought of “sharing”, which I never did in my life and that is why I am stuck up at the same position for last fifteen years. The principle of focusing at a particular task is also so fruitful. I have read many motivational books and watched many motivational videos on YouTube but did not find anyone like you. It is really a life-changing seminar and it is totally free!
- Mahesh M C
After attending the seminar, I realized that success is not only about getting money in life, but it is about getting inner satisfaction. It can only be achieved by helping people without having any expectation from them.
- Sandeep Singh
Hi Sir, people like you are the backbone of the society, country and the world too. You are blessed by Lord to move ahead in life. You are doing great work. I salute to you sir for what you are doing selflessly for the benefit of everyone. I am sure, in coming months, I will be in position to say that I am successful, and that is just because of attending your seminar. After the seminar, my confidence will never die anymore to do what I believe in and achieve what I dream for because now for me, it is really “Aasaan hai”
- Nisha Kumari
I got the privilege to attend Mr.Maheshwari's seminar on 15th September 2012 in Delhi. I was amazed to see such a young person revealing the bare facts of life and solving them like a "child's play". He was lecturing as if he has all the control over my mind and literally every word of him was related either to my problems or to their solutions. Hats off to this wonderful man, I am coming for 29th September’s session as well.
- Karunanidhi Bhargav
I am a doctor working in a government hospital in Delhi. I love my job of saving lives. This was the first seminar I ever attended in my life. I think I became an enlightened person after attending your session. I was facing lot of problems in my work and in my life but now; everything has become so easy “Aasaan Hai”. These two words have changed my perspective of dealing with difficulties. Thank you, Sandeep for changing my life.
- Dr.Debashish Mukherjee
Sir your sessions are very simple but extra ordinarily motivational. Thank you Sir!
- Pradeep Kumar Garg
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