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Thanks for the best seminar of my life. I really liked it and shared it with many of my students. They too liked it.
- Intzar Ansari
I attended Sandeep's seminar on 9th June, 2012, and could see why he has been so successful. His energy, positive attitude, sense of humor everything he does is infectious...of course in a very positive sense. Before the seminar, I was feeling low since a family member was not well. But by the time, the seminar got over, there was smile on face and I felt a major boost in my self-belief. I will definitely suggest my friends to attend this seminar. Thanks Sandeep. You are really doing a great job through 'Sharing'.
- Sumit Chakrabarti
Thank u Sandeep for such an inspiring and wonderful session. Yesterday's session was really very fruitful to boost my feelings and desires. I also feel to do anything... we have to think positive as AASAAN HAI.....
- Kamal Khetrapal
From the core of my heart, I thank you for the thoughts, the inspiration that you shared with me in the seminar. It's helping me in motivating me to overcome my beliefs and strengthening me to move forward. Let me share one more thing, your inspiration has not only helped me but also to inspire one of my friends who was really demotivated and moving towards negativity. And she has come back to positive with the AASAAN Hai belief. Thank you very much, I will inform you the day I am able to establish my own consultancy services.
- Ratna Ghosh
Dear Sandeep, you are an inspiration for the youth of India, I learned one thing after watching your Seminar, that make every situation of your life useful for you and for others too.
- Gaurang Gohil
I liked your video. I too am so passionate like you. Thanks for guiding me and showing me the right path. Just wait and watch. "Aasaan Hai"
- Mukesh Chaudhary
The very thought of going back to college after completion of my vacation made me sad as I started thinking for my exams and about my poor preparation for that. I was feeling low by just thinking about the tough subjects and the uncertain results thereafter. But your video on YouTube just inspired me and changed my perception towards everything. I was so motivated by seeing your ways of handling difficulties in such simple ways. I felt pity on me for being sad for a trifle thing of not having much time for exams preparation. Now I am energized to prepare well in whatever time I have in my hand. I am going to enjoy everything that I come across. I am sure I will be doing well and achieve success as desired.
- Aakanksha Mishra
It was an awesome experience for me. I've never seen this type of personality in my life. He wants to help a needy person and does not like to see any one suffering for food.
- Anup Gupta
The seminar was awesome and legendary with a legend man Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. He is a great motivator and spreading immense positive energy. . This is really a life-changing Seminar for me. Thanks a lot sir.
- Janmejay Singh
Hi Sandeep, You are doing yeoman service to the young nation. You are inspiring common person. You are creating army of ambitious people ready to take the plunge to start working for their dreams. This is good for society, this is good for nation, and this is good for humankind. Soon you will be known world over for your inspiring Seminars. Cheers! Keep it up. Your devotion in terms of time, money and mind is amazing. You are exceptional, you are precious gem, and you are worth emulating. Your parents, your neighbours, your relatives, your friends must be very proud of you. I am privileged that I attended one of your session. All the best.
- Ajay Garg
I attended this Seminar with my daughter. She was not really ready to come along with me, but it indeed turned out to be a life changing Seminar. She, a person who was ready to walk out before the things had started is now STRONGLY recommending it to all her friends. It was an incredible experience and the four rules of success are so genuine. The way you involved the audience made the seminar even more lively and interesting. It has really inspired my daughter and me. We have the “Aasaan Hai” stickers pasted on our cupboard and they have a very motivating and positive impact. You are doing a great job and indeed motivating people to achieve their goals as you did in your case. Stay Blessed:)
- Paramjeet Aneja
Hi Sandeep! First of all, thank you for your great work in inspiring the youth of India. There are very few people who rise up and stand for those who are facing the same problems which they were facing earlier. You are one of them. Your thoughts really helped me when I needed them the most. I sincerely admire you. When I saw the video of 'The Sound of Silence', it motivated me so much that I now can hear my inner sound easily. Also, my concentration power has increased a lot. Now whatever I do, I do it with honesty and without any expectations. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me!
- Akshay Upadhyay
After watching your sessions, I always get energized. In reality, only after watching your videos, I was able to realize my strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes in life, we get distracted from our path but your sessions bring me back on track. Thank you for all this Sir.
- Swaraj Pandey
After listening to your videos, which absolutely changed my life, here I am sincerely expressing my feelings. I am very thankful to Sandeep who keeps inspiring everybody.
- Shrikrishna Andana Gurav
Hello Sir. The biggest change in my life after watching your videos is less anger and more confidence. Now I know how to tackle my problems with ease.
- Neha Khosla
Hello Sir, I would like to share my thoughts with you apart from just praising you like other people normally do. 'Aasaan Hai' is an easy way through the seemingly difficult consequences in life. I have tried it in many situations and opportunities in life and it has always worked for me. I dream to address people on such delicate issues and make them more aware of the world. When I first watched your session, I was surprised watching someone who could give the answers to my important questions. I see myself in you and feel the energy during your sessions, as it is so energetically projected that its hard not to say,'Aasaan Hai'.
- Akshay Kishor Varma
Sandeep Sir, I really appreciate your work. Keep it up. You have helped me a lot to become a better person. Thank you so much.
- Sonali Khatri
Sandeep Bhai, the things in your seminar which you said is so simple. Your style of speaking, just touches the heart. The problem with people is that they forget the things which are necessary for their lives. I think the main thing is that 'Ki Bas Jagte Raho'. Once again thanks for waking us up.
- Dr. Vimal Makwana
While talking to my friends in college canteen, my friend advised me to watch your Life-Changing seminar Video. As I was really worried and frustrated because of my bad results in the exam. Your two hours seminar gave me confidence and determination to do anything even if there are difficulties and challenges. I even showed this video to my mother and she was equally delighted and told me how lucky I am to get such good life reviews and to have a great human being and Guru like you. Thank you Sandeep Sir, thank you so much for inspiring me. Aasaan Hai!
- Shivi Dhar
Sir, you are really outstanding. My teacher showed me your last Life-Changing seminar video and it was really inspiring. I enjoyed your seminar and learnt a lot. I want to be a photographer but wasn't enough confident about my future success but your life experience has helped me a lot in overcoming my fear. Aasaan Hai!
- Gaurav Anand
Your sessions are really enthusiastic. Although I have not attended any of your sessions but I keep on watching your videos on Youtube. The simplicity with which you deliver your lectures is appreciable. Hats off to you!
- Sandeep Yadav
I have learned so many things from your seminar videos. As you say 'Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences', I have truly experienced this thought in my life.
- Bittu Kumar
Dear Sandeep, I watched your last Life-Changing sminar video on YouTube. I must say that it is very inspirational and it motivated me to a greater extent. Your every little experience of life is some way or the other inspiring every individual. Thanks a lot for helping us to understand who we are and what we can do. Above all I must say that you are a good human being.
- Tapan Dubey
I can just say that Sandeep Sir, you changed my thinking and my life. You have shown me hope at the time when I did not even smile. Thank you so much Sir!
- Amit Kumar Sahu
It was my pleasure attending the Seminar today. It was so wonderful and enlightening. Sincerely, I enjoyed it so much and I literally went on laughing like a child. Your talks reminded me of my childhood days and the number of times I went to see circus. The examples of day-to-day life really connected with me very well without any high-fi fundas. Your talk was really very inspirational, breaking all the conditioning that we are generally surrounded by, since birth. So true.... the moment we start thinking, "Aasaan Hai", things actually become so aasaan. You were so full of energy and made the entire atmosphere in the room so energetic that I am sure there would be absolutely no one in the room who was dull during those 2 hours. Thank you so much!
- Manjusha Singh
It was really a life-changing seminar. Sandeep you have really changed the way I looked at things. I am going to remember your four mantras and follow them. Thanks a lot!
- Sonia Sood
"Jeet Aur Haar Aapki Soch Par Nirbhar Karti Hai, Maan Lo To Haar Hogi Aur Thaan Lo To Jeet Hogi". It was my first seminar and I got beyond my expectations. Such wonderful, simplicity, genuineness and greatness like Sandeep, I have never seen before. You are really unique in the whole world. Being a part of the seminar I feel that it will really change my life.
- Rambabu Singh
Your heart touching video of Life-Changing seminar is really very powerful. I am feeling great after watching it and now everything is Aasaan for me. I really appreciate your great work towards the society. I am sharing your video among my all students and each one is so grateful to you. Thanks a lot Sir. You are a great human being.
- Sharad Maheshwari
Although I missed the live seminar but the DVD sent was equally marvelous. The content and the way the message was conveyed is impeccable. What I liked the most was the way you shared certain examples from your personal life. It would actually be a privilege to be a part of your esteemed entity termed as 'Images Bazaar'. Way to go and keep the momentum on. Kind regards, Abhishek
- Abhishek Saxena
Hello Sir. Two years ago, I was frustrated with my life. I had no clue what I have to do in my life. Then I came across your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar'. It was like a revolution in my life. I started thinking about myself and finally I found the goal of my life. You are a true inspiration for me. Than you Sir.
- Ravinder Pratap Singh Shekhawat
Your sessions always help me discover things. Overall its been a life changing experience for me. You encourage me to do the things which are good for me and for people around me. Change cannot be adopted from outside, its what comes from within when you truly work for it. Thanks for being there Sir. Truly appreciate your work.
- Aditya Mulay
You are superb Sir. Thanks for inspiring us.
- Anwesha Kar
Very very thanks to Sandeep Maheshwari Sir for his wonderful seminar and I am very much inspired by this seminar and thanks for sending DVD totally free of cost. Slowly slowly I have started following you and I think your thoughts are superb.
- Mukesh Sharma
Kudos to Sandeep! We all felt the magic of Aasaan Hai. I salute the initiative taken by him especially at the time when all of us are becoming self-centered and ignoring the interest of other people and he is spreading the message of sharing. Important is to carry this legacy forward and help all who is feeling helpless like all of us might have also felt the same at some point of time in our life. Aasaan Hai! Sandeep
- Sandeep Juneja
Hi Sandeep Sir, I am very glad to listen to your sessions about the true success of life. It was your remarkable struggle that arose up to awake people. All the very best for future. Thanks!
- Divyesh Patel
Dear Sir, you have done best job in your entire life. I have also attended a few seminars by other speakers, but your motivation style is superb. I have uploaded "Aasaan hai" ringtone in my mobile and regularly watch your videos to be motivated all the time. These two magical words, "Aasaan hai" has become very important in my life.
- Sanjeev Kumar
You ignite the fire which doesn't put off. From the deepest of heart, with due respect, I salute you for sharing the real experiences of life. The feeling of your seminar lasts forever. Keep doing the good work for the sake of good. It is a Life Changing seminar, but please don't make it as your Last Seminar. Come on don't let the goodness end. We want more to hear from you. Thank You. God bless you.
- Mateen Azhar
Hi Sandeep, it was really a good life-changing seminar held on 20 October 2012. It really helps in many ways in our day to day life. Everyone is having some problems in their life, but the way you faced problems and solved them so simply is really so amazing. One gets learning from these kind of seminars which boosts up our day to day activities and helps in solving the problems in a very easy manner. Best wishes for any upcoming platforms of this kind.
- Ajay Saini
Sandeep sir, after meeting you, now everything has become “aasaan” in my life. I am an automation engineer, and I can understand the feelings of the fresher engineer. I want to do something for them. I would like to provide free industrial training to the fresher. I have a plan to start fresher talent machine, where only the fresher would be working.
- Abhishek Srivastava
AAsaan hai, aasaan hai, aasaan hai. Sandeep at this age (I guess you are 32-33 yrs) you are giving motivational seminar where people at your father's age are attending besides others. Simply amazing. I must tell people to attend the seminar. May god bless you and you keep on changing the sterile land to fertile. Thanks... Sincerely.
- Prakash Dash
In one line, you have shown me the light in my life. Now everything seems possible. Aasaan Hai. Keep motivating us. Thank you.
- Shibnath Basak
After watching your Life-Changing seminar on YouTube, my thinking and my life has started changing. I don't care about what people will say or think about me when I know I am right. You do not get what you want. You will get what you need. Thank you so much.
- Rohit Patil
I am truly inspired by the last Life-Changing seminar. Earlier I was scared and depressed about my career. But now everything has become simpler. Thanks for waking me up from my sleep. Hats off to you Sir!
- Prasanta Biswas
Hello Sandeep, your video inspired me. Your talk is different and now "Aasaan Hai" always remains in my mind.I have become a fan of yours. Thank you so much Sir.
- Akhil Kittur
Hi Sir, salute to you. Bina kisi se kuch liye, aap ne duniya ko bahut kuch diya. Jeena shikha diya aapne. Really ab to sab kuch Aasaan Hai.
- Rakesh Dudpuri
After attending the Seminar, I'm feeling something positive inside me. Now, I've started saying "AASAAN HAI" whenever I feel impassive. I've got my mentor in u Sandeep Sir. My land is becoming fertile day by day. Waiting eagerly for the next level.......:)
- Tarunn Dahiya
Lots of thanks to you. I can't explain that how much I am benefited by knowing about your experiences in life. It's really great. My way of thinking has totally changed only because of your direction. May God always be with you!
- Chetan Thakkar
Thanks Sir. Your session is really a life-changing experience. Thanks for teaching me the concept of sharing.
- Anjali Panchal
Big thanks to dear Sandeep. I have yet to see a person with such selfless motives. This is my first experience to witness his program and I was very astonished to see the ease with which he conveys his deep messages to public. Every person has his/her dark side but he taught us how not to be bogged down by it and move on in life. I want to see him on the much bigger platform. Love you Sandeep.
- Asim Kumar
Hi Sandeep, I am very glad to say that I got a chance to attend your seminar on 25.08.12. Whatever you said on that day helped me in learning many new things. Your description and delivery style is so convincing and you made us realized that nothing is impossible in this world. That was truly a life-changing day for me! You honestly shared your thoughts... shared your experiences... whatever you had spoken will be implemented by me surely... and now you have become my ideal. I love you Sandeep
- Sachin Nagpal
This was one of The best time for us. I have no words to explain. Your purpose is remarkable. Just want to thank God for sending people like you to our planet.
- Rajeev Singh
I have never attended your seminar, but yes one day I wish to attend such a magnificent speech. I have watched your Life-Changing seminar video and I was touched by the sharing part of it, Ha.. Ha.. Ha. Ha... Ha....because I am such a person who never believed in sharing, but from today it's "Aasaan Hai" for me too and off course from Dil Se. Great, Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. Keep on Inspiring. Cheers!
- Ruchin Kakkad
It was really amazing and you did a wonderful job of enlightening the inner power of self and shared this for people's welfare. I also passed on your DVD to all my friends and relatives and shared the same on my Facebook by recommending them to just watch it and the rest they will do by themselves. God bless you dear. My heartiest wishes for the great success of the upcoming session. I am feeling sorry that I missed it.
- Manindra
I was so impressed by watching your seminar video at very first time on YouTube and then I downloaded it for watching daily. I watch it everyday and get something new to learn. It inspires me a lot. I am also trying to implement the concept of sharing in my life. Everything has become so Aasaan for me. Thanks Sir.
- Uttam Katyayan
Today, you saved a life and earned a new brother. Thanks brother.
- Yati Saxena
I don't have much words to describe about your such a great and inspirational seminar but I can just say that, "Duniya Badalana Aasaan Hai". Thanks Sandeep.
- Ravi Makhija
I am glad that I attended the seminar. It was a great experience to attend the seminar. It was actually a life-changing seminar. I never attended any seminar in my life but for this, I was very excited and I too had tears in my eyes. Hats off to you. We all love you Sir. Thanks!
- Vishal Chauhan
Sandeep Sir, you truly said that this day will be a life-changing day and really it was the wonderful day of my life. Really, Sandeep sir is doing a divine work. (Main Ishwar se prarthna karta hu ki Sandeep sir ka yash, keerti khoob badhe aur sabhi log unke sidhanto pe chalkar auron ko bhi himmat de taki jeevan ke har kshetra me safal ho). Sandeep Sir has tremendous confidence and now my confidence level is also increasing day by day. Now everything seems to be “Aasaan Hai” Thank you so much Sir....
- Hemanth Katiyar
Thank you Sandeep, you have a long way to go in your selfless endeavour to contribute towards society. I attended your last seminar and have booked for another one in the month of October, as I want to attend it with my family. I salute to you! You are manifesting God's will!
- Adeep Arora
It is a goal-setting seminar for those who don't have any goal (confused) or who needs some direction for achieving it. Thus it is indeed a Life-Changing seminar.
- Sudipto Banerjee
The seminar was an enhancement for me, because I had always practiced doing what my heart used to say but sometimes we have set backs, which needs to be over looked so that we can move forward. Although I was having this kind of thought in me but after attending this seminar, it has enriched and growing up faster and I believe, I would be more accurate in achieving what I want in my life.
- Nisha Agarwal
I was waiting to start any business for last three years but I was only thinking and was not having courage to start. But after watching your Life-Changing seminar I started it and it's going great. I am living my dream now. I think if I would not have watched your video I might not have started my business. Thank you so much. Keep motivating others and change their lives. I am totally agreed now Aab Kuch asaaan hai.
- Ankush Arora
It has actually changed something from inside. Your words at the end "Badlegi Ye Duniya, Is Duniya Ka Badlna Bhi Aasaan Hai" has certainly raised hopes that, yes it is possible. I am with you in this noble cause and hereby committing to myself that "I should feed one man daily whosoever in need may be". We got goose bumps at the end. Thanks for being such an inspiration!
- Nikunj Parmar
Really amazing seminar and want to meet Sandeep Sir.
- Richa Maheshwari
I heard about you about two years ago when I needed inspiration the most. I have watched almost all of your videos on Youtube. Sandeep, you are doing a great job. Thanks a lot and all the very best for your future.
- Deepak Chandra Pant
You will not believe I was thinking of suicide due to my failures. But your words saved me. Now I want to live my life with full energy. I am from a middle class family and belong to a remote village in Odisha. I was cheated by a fraud company, then joined multi level marketing for earning money, but could not achieve my target and was out of that work also. I also tried to clear bank and other competitive exams, but did not get any success there also. Now I am going to use your mantra of “Aasaan hai”. You are really doing a great job. I did not know about you but your YouTube video inspired me to attend your seminar. Thanks for igniting my desire! God bless you sir. Thank you so much.
- Santosh Rout
I watched the two hour Life-Changing seminar video for three times. My tomorrow will be different. I do believe. Thanks Sandeep. It is so easy!
- Kingshuk Roy
God Bless you, Sandeep Maheshwari..You changed my life..
- Niharika Patwa
Good to see the Life-Changing seminar delivered by Mr. Sandeep on YouTube. It's all about our belief which we have to break and turn to a new life which will make our life happy.
- Ram T
Very inspirational seminar ever watched, straight from the heart, I think people with misconception about life and the fear of failures should see this video for ultimate boost in their life. I believe every one should break the barriers and the hurdles they were thinking till now about their life.
- Sriram
I watched your seminar video. Your voice is so powerful, it has a direct impact on the brain and heart. You are such an amazing person in the entire world. After watching your seminar DVD, my confidence level has gone up. "Sahi Me Sab Kuch Aasaan Ho Gaya Hai" I liked the statement that mind sirf picture imagine karta hai, and it really works. You are rocking. Hats off to you. My life is really changing and I am also sharing your DVD with many people. Thank you you Sir. Best of Luck.
- Ketan Patil
I am really impressed by Sandeep Sir and the position he achieved at this age. It is definitely motivating people to be confident in life. The examples given in this seminar are so realistic and brings positiveness in our life. One more important point which I observed that Sandeep Sir was so enthusiastic during the complete two hours. I have learned lots of thing from this seminar. Thanking you.
- Yogesh Shimpi
Dear Sandeep Sir, I watch almost every session of you on Youtube. Every session is unique and it helps me to improve my way of thinking and to boost my confidence level. One thing which I have learned from your sessions is that 'Nothing is Impossible in this world'. Now I always remain positive and never get upset even in any critical situation of my life. Thank you so much Sir!
- Rahul Singh
It was a very fruitful day for me as I received many things from the seminar. I came to know about my strengths and weaknesses. I also learned the way to find out the root cause of the weakness and then transform it into strength. Now I am totally focused to become a C.A. Thank you Sandeep Sir for being so kind towards us.
- Shreesh Bhardwaj
I have attended so many trainings and seminars of many trainers and leaders but I have never seen such a control over stage and connection with the audience. All credit goes to Sandeep and his team for a such a wonderful show. Audience really co-relate with everything that comes out of Sandeep's mouth as he speaks so gracefully and simplicity is the key of his presentation. I am really impressed by the way he is giving back to society. Hats off to you.
- Sanju Thomas
This was the very first seminar of my life and I am so happy to attend it. I must say that it was the best day of my life. I was so excited to attend this right from the day when I watched this video on YouTube, while searching for some motivational videos. Now I feel that Sab Kuch "Aasaan Hai”! Ab Tou Rukna bas Mushkil hai, Bas JOSH+HOSH ke saath aaage badhna hai.....
- Kishor Chandra Behra
Sir, it was the first time when I attended your seminar. You've really inspired me. Now I can say with full belief that I'll achieve my ambition in life because everything is aasaan hai. Sir I was not having confidence in me. But now you gave me confidence and that's why I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. And today I promise you that after achieving my goal in life I will also share my experiences with other people who will need me. Hats off to you Sir.
- Bijay Das
Dear Sandeep Sir, my life has changed after watching your seminar video and I would definately get success in my work. Thank you for giving this inspiring seminar. And the word "Aasaan hai" has changed my life. Thank you very much Sir.
- Rushil Prajapati
I have become your big fan after watching your videos and realizing that you actually do what you preach, which is frankly quite rare. I admit that I haven't changed suddenly but I have started "sharing" all that I can. Right now my contributions are little less than scraps but I know that when I will actually have something to own, I will definitely share it. You look much better in photos than in video which proves you are a good photographer.
- Divisha Jain
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. These are priceless for me and really teaches me a lot. I knew some of the things earlier also but this seminar definitely made my vision more clear. Keep doing the great work.
- Ankit Tyagi
Sandeep Sir, I have watched almost all your seminars. I was very much inspired by your life examples. All the videos are truly very nice.
- Kapil Dev Garg
Hi Sir, I watched your last Life-Changing seminar video some days before. It was one of the best experience in my life and it had a great impact on my way towards success. I also shared this video with as many friends as I can. I am now a new joinee in a multinational IT company and in a new city too. There are lots of challenges here. But I am utilizing the success mantra given by you "Asaaan Hai" and its helping me a lot. I am damn sure that I will reach my destiny easily. Thanks a lot for your efforts Sir. Ye Duniya Ab Badlegi. Jogeswar, your die hard fan.
- Jogeswar Nanda
Hi Sandeep, we showed your seminar video in our organisation on big screen. The word Aasaan Hai has helped me a lot and I can't explain what happened in my mind and my heart it has made my life so easy. Thanks once again Sandeep. Best of luck and you are doing a great job dude.
- Amit Patle
Sir, you are amazing. Your video has changed my life. The day when I watched your video was one of the best days of my life. Please accept my sincere thanks for all that you are doing for this humanity. I wish your video must reach to every corner of the country. I am also sharing your videos with many people by giving them a copy of your seminar DVD. Thank you so much sir!
- Shailav Sharma
It gives me immense pleasure to think that in today's world we have a great person like you, who thinks for the people and not for the self. The humanity is still alive and prospering. I have become more confident after attending your seminar. I have started using and sharing these two magical words in my life"Aasaan hai".
- Seema
Thanks Sandeep for showing me the path of Success. “Aasaan Hai”..The seminar, as promised by you has been one of the most important days of my life. Very simple language that can be understood by anyone..Now, every time I face a problem in my personal and professional life, I just sing “Aasaan Hai”....Sandeep, I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for doing this great service to the society..One thing I would like to share with you is that after reaching home on that day I shared all the happenings of the seminar with my family members and all are keen to attend and follow “Aasaan Hai" way of attitude.. Thanks a lot again....Look forward to meet you...
- Kishor Satyawali
Wow! that's great, wonderful and nice. Sandeep Maheshwari is my inspiration. I like your personality and attitude. I learned many things from your Life-Changing seminar.
- Naitik
I don't have words to express my feelings. I am grateful to receive your DVD. This type of presentation is only possible by a person who had undergone with such storms of difficulties in his life and can understand others problems. I salute you. It was the moment my blood seized as I was pulled out from the pool of my negative approach in my life. You strengthened my thoughts and made me change my attitude.
- Brijesh Kumar
Thanks for sending the seminar DVD. It has changed my life. This DVD is one of my asset sent by God. If we change, the world will change.
- Sujit Kumar Betal
Hi Sandeep, I feel my shadow in you. A person who has failed many a times but stood stronger every time. A person who can put people on fire with his words. I am also on my journey towards success. I regard myself as "One Man Army" who can do anything. Today I promise the entire world that one day I will also tell my story to the world like what you did. Aasaan Hai.
- Aijaz Ahmed
Sir, before watching your seminar I always thought that I can not do anything as I was weak in studies but it was a wonderful moment for me to watch your seminar as I have changed a lot after watching it. I have decided to become a rich and successful person and Inshaallah I will be so very soon. I will wait for your new videos. Thanks Sir.
- Nabi Bakhsh Baloch
Sir, I am a B.Tech.(CS) final year student. When I started watching your Life-Changing Seminar on YouTube, initially I thought that it would be a boring speech like many other speakers do. But I could understand about your mission only after watching it completely. Hats off to you. Really you are doing a great contribution for the society. I request you to continue delivering such types of great inspirational speeches. I have many things in my mind but I have no words to explain it. Thank you so much Sir.
- Ram Jeevan
Dear Sandeep, I too was a failure throughout my life. But after watching your seminars at YouTube I got the path and true mission of my life. Though I will not be able to meet you, but you will always remain my true teacher as Dronacharya was for Eklavya. You will always be in my heart where I can meet you all the time. Thanks for showing me the right path and changing my life forever.
- PS Bisht
The way you explain concepts makes them very easy to understand. There are many small things in life that make big difference if observed seriously. Your seminars make us believe that there is hope in the world. I love the message 'Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences' from 'Last Life-Changing Seminar'. Aasaan Hai!
- Avinash Kadam
Hi Sandeep, greetings and respect to you, in order to be more competitive in this global job market we really have forgotten to live our life and we are struggling to just exist. I am really thankful to you for making me and many others to believe that despite of all the challenges living a beautiful life is Aasaan Hai. Thanks a billion brother.
- Yogesh Sonar
First of all thanks a lot Sandeep Sir, I am a B.Tech 1st year student and I watched your seminar videos on YouTube. It was truly a wonderful experience for me to see such kind of awesome, inspiring, motivational and encouraging video. You are a super ideal of mine. Again thanks a lot Sir.
- Alpana Poddar
I saw the "Life-Changing seminar" on you tube and it was a really marvelous. An amazing experience of life. The things are simple and valuable for the way of thinking. It can change the life. You are a very good motivator. I am really impressed by you. In my life many people motivated me but it remained momentary and life became as usual. But your words are giving me much strength. When I am facing any trouble, any pressure, burden then your words 'you can do it' are helping me. I am getting positive energy. I am repeating the words 'Aasaan Hai, I can do it' and the things are going easy.
- Anshu Joshi
Dear Mr.Sandeep, It was an amazing seminar. I can just say it was a great day for me and if I could not have attended it, then it must have been a great loss in my life. However, I could not take my daughter along-with me as she is just thirteen years old. Please carry on with the good job and you are the only person who can wake up the sleeping people. Being an Indian I am proud of you and your respectable parents who taught you such great values. You are just not only a normal human being, but you are a God for me. "Dhanya Hai Wo Mata-Pita Jinhone Sandeep Ko Janam Diya, Dhanya Hai Wo Bahan Jise Sandeep Jaisa Bhai Mila or Dhanya Hai Wo Patni Jise Sandeep Jaisa Pati Mila." My husband and I want to meet you, just to touch your feet.
- Anu Bala
Hi Sandeep, I attended your seminar on 22nd September and found it very informative. When my friends asked me about what I learnt in the seminar then I shared the main points as: If you have, more than you need then simply share it with those who need it most. And whatever happens, it happens for some good reason. Thank you so much. God bless you.
- Piyush Gupta
Dil se judi har cheez bahut pyari hoti hai. Har koi dil se aasaani se judta bhi nahi hai. Sandeep Sir aap mere dil se jude 4-5 member me se ek ho. Kaash ye duniya aap ke naksh-e-kadam pe chale to koi bhi roti ke bina bhukha na mare. Bhagwan aapko 1000 saal umar de. I love you.
- Ritesh Srivastava
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