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Thanks for making last Life-Changing Seminar for us. People need to be awakened up by somebody. I shared the video with more than 15 people in my contact. I learned following things from your seminar: 1. Do work which you like from your heart. 2. Put continuous effort. 3. Share knowledge and wealth. 4. Always be ready for new challenges. 5. Always be ready to learn new things. 6. Don't care about what other people say 7. Help people, love life and love others Thank you for sharing all these valuable messages.
- Vijay Sorathiya
Gandhiji rightly said, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.” You have proved it. Congrats!
- Nitesh Gupta
May Allah bless you and just the way he gave you success in this world, he will also give you success hereafter. May Allah have great mercy on you and accept your efforts for bringing a change in this world and help you continue this work in the best possible way. Thanks Umair, Los Angeles, CA
- Umair Arif
Hello Sir, this usually never happens with me but it has been the first time in my life that after watching your "Last Life-Changing seminar" I felt like I am short of words. Hats off to you Sir! It's really a stupendous seminar. It's so surprising that in spite of so many failures, you never stopped. The failures actually failed to interrupt your march to the success and this is what inspires us. Thank you for sharing those key aspects that can make failures stand firmly. This seminar of yours will open great doors of happy march to success for all. Aasaan hai!
- Sheena Girdhar
Hello Sandeep, your Life-Changing seminar was really a life changing one. I learnt many things through this seminar and have decided to share it with all my friends and relatives because the true success lies in sharing.
- Sangramsing Nathusing Kayte
Really Sir you are awesome. I can't believe about these types of Life-Changing seminars.
- Ankit Choudhary
Dear Sandeep Ji, I watched your seminar on my friend's laptop. We started late at night and watched till last second. It is a highly motivational speech and awakes our sleeping talents. It makes us think that nothing is impossible. Everybody has the same number of neurons and it depends upon us that how do we use it. Thank you so much for making my neurons to get up and work.
- Neeraj Sharma
Hello Sandeep Sir, your lectures are really inspiring for every course of generation. I really liked your lectures. I usually tell my friends to see your videos to find the aim of their life. I also want to be like you and I really like your work towards society and mankind. Thanks a lot for your contribution. God bless you with all peace, prosperity and all happiness.
- Bhavik Panchal
Sir, you are the best. You changed my way of thinking. You changed my point of view towards life. And I know that 'Yeh Bhi Aasaan Hai'.
- Rishabh Shukla
I am feeling very lucky to have attended this seminar. Now I can see positive changes in my day to day life & I am looking forward to follow the steps very passionately. Also, it is very easy to say "Aasaan Hai" for your every problem which I have applied in many problems that I have faced after attending the seminar. I have also recommended many of my friends to attend such Life changing seminars. Thanks a lot Sandeep Sir.....
- Aarti Vohra
It was a pleasure attending the seminar today. I had participated in many seminars but this was one of the true lifetime experiences. I had many questions in mind before the seminar but as it continued, I did not know how the time moved so fast. Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari has such a sweet and beautiful voice, which carries you away. I really wish that if my teachers had such voice then surely all students would have been toppers in the class. Unfortunately, as Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari said this was his last seminar, I really wish if there could be more of such kind of seminars or people like him to enlighten us. At last I can surely say that “the journey is long but achieving success is “Aasaan Hai”.
- Nishant Lakhani
I have no words to describe what impact this session has made on me. I too had tears in my eyes at the end part of the seminar. I am so happy to meet a blessed soul, but was also sad to know that this was his last seminar. God bless him.
- Rajeev Mahajan
I attended the mind-blowing seminar held on 20th October 2012 by Sandeep Maheshwari, a young man of just thirty two years. I was astonished to know about the amazing solutions of problems which he faced in his real life. This seminar was based on his personal experiences. I was so much impressed and motivated that I cannot forget him in my entire life. He has taught the way to find the solution of all the problems by implementing the formula of "Aasaan Hai". Above all, He is motivating thousands of people without any personal motive.
- Sajal Kumar Mittal
It was really a nice and wonderful experience of watching your video. I want to be like you...the position, the respect, the quality you have. aasaan hai...sach mein sab aasan hai.
- Prerna Singh
Respected sir, hats of to you and your great work. We are highly impressed and motivated by your thoughts. For me it is a treat to listen to you. Nice to know that still there are people who are so down to earth and think for others. You earn lots of respect. Take care. Keep smiling.
- Suraj Singh Rana
Dear Sir, you are doing a great job. Your efforts will surely make a profound difference. Your name will be there in our hearts and mind. This might be your last seminar but I am sure you will continue giving your contribution to the society in your own ways. But our society needs many more seminars like this. God Bless You. And surely a big thanks from my heart.
- Kamnaa
Mr. Sandeep, I saw your advertisement in newspaper, but due to non availability in Delhi I could not attend the seminar. Coincidentally today at 11 pm of 18th January 2013, I could see your video on your website. It is really awesome, the knowledge you have given is like the voice of my heart. It is amazing, you've changed the way of thinking of thousands of people like me. Thank you Sir.
- Thakur Prasad
Superb! Hats off to you. I am MBA (finance) and an Engineer too but still I could not overcome the fear imposed upon me to start my own venture by leaving my present job. But now I have new mantra to fight it with two words "Aasaan Hai". I will make sure that very soon I would be working on my own project and thus would give something back to society.
- Jinay Gala
Dear Sandeep, I am from Kenya, East Africa, and stumbled on your last Life-Changing seminar video on YouTube by divine coincidence. Thank you for teaching the lesson of sharing, an important life-skill. Thank you for sharing your personal life-lessons as examples for the rest of us. And thank you for putting your seminars online; much appreciated. God bless.
- Premdeep Bahra
I watched your last Life-Changing seminar. It is so fabulous. It just changed my life. Hats off to you. You have become my inspiration and whenever I face any problem I just think of you and my problems gets solved. I promise you that I will fulfill my all dreams.
- Nitin Tanwar
I don't have words to frame his contribution to the motivation he has provided to the people who are surrounded by sorrow. Many even commit suicide due to failure and the pressure to get a job.
- Razia Sultan
Very inspiring and motivational. It sounded quite practical too. Well done!
- H Joshi
You are too good man! You are doing great work for us. It's really very inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Thank you so much by heart. Now every thing is Aasaan Hai.
- Gunjan Vyas
I was searching for a reality show on YouTube and saw a video of Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari named "Sandeep Maheshwari at IIT Kanpur". Saw that partially, just liked it and found it amazing. Initially I thought that Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari would have been an IIT alumnus who might have come there for a speech. After a day, just read out about him and his background. Then I watched the video named "Last Life-Changing Seminar". It is unbelievable. I have great appreciation for you Sir. I hope I will be able to remember some lessons of life shared by you, at least the one regarding sharing. I wish a lot to attend a live seminar. Thanks a lot for enlightening us. God bless you.
- Lalit Munjal
Sir, I want to salute you for this seminar. Aap ki har bat ne mere dil ko touch kar diya. Aaj dunia me agar sabse accha kuch laga to aapka seminar. Success pana baccho ka khel hai. Duniya me success pana hai to ye seminar dekhna bahut jaruri hai. Dunia me kuch bhi mushkil nahi hai. Sab kuch aasaan hai. Many many thanks to you.
- Subhash Chowdhury
It was a great experiences for me to watch your seminar. I am a MBA student and I think now it's time to change my life. One day I will definitely meet you. Although I don't know where and how it would happen but that day I would be really doing something for the humanity. Kyonki Duniya badal sakti hai. Ye bhi Aasaan Hai.
- Sandeep Malik
I attended the 'Illusion to Reality' session. It was an awesome experience of my life. Thank you Sir and God bless you.
- Savitesh Mishra
Sir ji, for the first time in my life I have met such a nice person who is willing to do good for all without even single penny. Aapke sabhi seminars bahut hi inspirational hai aur jo aap kar rahe hain uske liye bahut sari good wishes and aap aise hi lagan se karte rahe. Aap apni DVDs ko logo ke ghar tak pahunchate hai woh bhi bina kisi cost ke. Hats off to you Sir. Aur mai bhi aapki tarah hi marne ke pahle ye kehna chahata hoon ki yaar maza aa gaya, kya zindagi thi. I have become your fan and would like to meet you sometime. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Rajdeep
Hi Sir, I watched your videos and I am really inspired by your speech. The seminar was so simple and so down to earth. The word you said 'Aasaan Hai' is the word I was using since long and it worked for me in releasing tensions during my semester exams. But I didn't realize its power until I saw your videos. Aasaan Hai has the power to motivate anyone and it acts as a catalyst in achieving our respective goals.
- Vivek Jaiswal
Dear Sandeep, thanks for your DVD not because it was free but because it burnt the charcoals inside me which engulfed my thoughts like a rocket engine ready to kiss the sky. I wish you do this in TV channels so that more people get the positive energy rather than the negative thoughts from Saas-Bahu and other masala serials. The story of the drowning child in a river and your mission to save India was ultimate. Definitely we will meet in that bridge to dive into the river. All my charcoals are for you. Jai Hind!
- Dinesh Chandraker
Hi Sandeep Jee, I am 35 years old and never listened to such a positive person in my life. All are so greedy that they want some or other things in return or they will not allow/see you grow. Really great to listen to your thoughts. I being always positive about my life even if something happened bad with me but you have given more fuel to my positive thoughts. I love to meet you in any forthcoming seminar. You are true God's man. Helping others with pure and clear thoughts and no ego at all. Aasaan Hai!
- Surinder Singh
I attended the seminar after seeing Sandeep's video. The one phrase in the video that got my attention was "yeh ladka kuch nahi karega, khandaan ka naam dubo dega". I really wanted to know how this guy, on whom this phrase was applied at one time in his life, changed things to make a turn around. And, it was a life-turning experience to attend the seminar as it made me realise that my calling in life was something different than what I was doing and I should go with full force to achieve it. Thanks Sandeep for an enlightening experience!
- Dr.Vikram Sabharwal
First of all a big thanks for the today's amazing session, I really appreciate your way and feelings for doing these seminars. You have brush up my path to solve my all life problems. In all life scenarios, I have forgotten to follow my heart and I was doing what others wanted from me. However, from now onwards this is my promise to myself that I will listen only to my heart and will fulfil my all unexpressed dreams soon. I also believe in sharing part as well. Again a big thanks Sir.....
- Preeti Datta
Your last two seminars have changed my attitude towards life to a large extent. I have read several self help books, they were very enlightening but I forgot everything within a week. The reason why your ideas got registered in my mind is because you are a successful man and you became successful because of your beliefs. I could also relate to the examples that you quoted because I am also from a middle class family. You have convinced me to believe that I am successful but when I will be successful in the conventional sense of the word, I will most certainly think of you and pray for your well being. Really so grateful to you. May God bless you and have a great life ahead.
- Supriya Prathapan
If there had been some entry fee for this seminar, I would still have attended it. I believe, a worthy person like him who has implemented the same in his own life can only do these types of seminar. Thanks a lot for such an inspirational and enjoyable seminar. I think in the coming future many more people would come ahead to do these kinds of seminars and they will share with open heart. I too will be one among them. The two magical words “Aasaan hai” if applied in our day-to-day life gives lot of energy and confidence to move ahead in our life. My parents and I express our all blessings from our heart.
- Manas Gupta
You have taught us "Aasaan hai, Aasaan hai, Aasaan hai". Sandeep jee, Iska Hum Par Aapka Ehsaan hai, Ehsaan hai, Ehsaan hai. You reminded me of the legends like Warren Buffett, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Narayan Murthy and a few great people like them. They all have given similar messages and changed people's life. Big thanks to you and your team for changing people's life.
- Koushik Kohli
Hi Sir, I came to know about you from a friend of mine who attended your last seminar and I just realized it was something great so I immediately requested for the DVD and finally got to see it. I am very happy now. Hats off to you!
- Komal Daal
There are some things in life which we know and some things in life which we don’t know. But there are some things in life which we don’t know that we don’t know. Sandeep has helped us to realize the third area in our life and the way he has presented is too good. Hats off to Sandeep. Thanks a lot for this and I have already shared this with 100+ people around me.
- Pawan
India really needs the young and dynamic people like you Sandeep. Thanks for your initiation. Go ahead and all the best.
- Shakeel Akhtar
Dear Sandeep Ji, it's too small space and inadequate capacity of the communication medium to describe my feelings/thoughts. People may label me insane or crazy but I honestly believe you are an avatar of 'Krishna' in today's context, at least for me. To have mastered the art of living and known the true purpose of life at your age in today's world is unbelievable. It's possible only if there is some divine force/blessing on you. You are my idol. I also in my own small ways try to live life the way you tell us to do. In fact we have a lot in common (but certainly not the looks and the struggle/success you have had). So I am sharing the DVD with my friends and trying to implement your views in my life.
- Deepak R Rathi
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