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Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. These are priceless for me and really taught me a lot. Earlier also I knew some of the things but this seminar definitely made my vision more clear. Keep doing the great work.
- Nanda Rawat
I watched your video on YouTube, I realized that our responsibilities is to help every one and let them know them about leading a happy and enjoyable life. I want to become like you and I want every human to become like you. Thank you Sir. God bless you for the great work you are doing. I want to be a part of your revolution.
- Puneesh Chopra
Thank you Sandeep Sir for 'The Unstoppable" session. This was my first seminar of yours which I attended. It was an amazing experience and I can feel positive changes in me. Now I have decided to become Unstoppable. No one can stop me. Thank you Sir for reminding me about my strength. Now every thing is Aasaan Hai.
- Anuj Kumar Verma
Sir, I attended your seminars and I am out of words to express about you. I just waana say that you are Arjuna of this century. God bless you.
- Abhishek Nagpal
Hats off to you. May God bless you. Whatever you spoke, it came directly from your heart and it will touch millions of people worldwide. This world would surely be amazing if we all make a commitment like you of inspiring and helping people selflessly without expecting anything in return from them. The act of sharing, following our own dreams and implementing "Aasaan Hai" in our life is really so wonderful for leading a beautiful life. You are not alone, we all are with you and we will surely change the world. We would start bringing changes in our-self by keeping our childhood alive in us and then the whole world will be changed automatically. We will surely make efforts towards your dream, "Ek Din Aisa aayega, Jab Duniya Mein Koi Bhuka Nahi Soyega". A grand salute to you!
- Devika Tandon
Dear Sir, thanks for your contribution towards society. It rarely happens that somebody does it for interest of the public. Your seminar DVD has awakened me. I also distributed it to all my near and dear ones. I too believe in the concept, "If you give anything good or bad to others, that comes back to you". Best of luck and all the success ahead for your future plans.
- Sanjay Babar
What an entry Sir jee, you came in my life when I was asking questions to God and I felt that God came to me with my answers as Sandeep Maheshwari. I am really thankful to you for my answers and also for energizing me which I never felt before. Now I feel like I got wings to fly as high as possible. Love you Sir.
- Kishan
Dear Sir, I have done MCA and I belong to a small town called Rairakhol, Odisha. Since beginning I wanted to open a college where at least 100 poor students could get free engineering education who are not able to study due to lack of money. I know I have to go a long way. But I am going to do it. I need your love and blessings. Thank you so much. Assaan Hai.
- Pradeep Satpathy
I was feeling depressed and was searching for motivational videos on YouTube. I found Sandeep Maheshwari's last Life-Changing seminar video. I watched it twice and was inspired to live an easy and perfect life. You are one of the most motivational person I have ever seen. I have shared your seminar videos with my friends, family and other people who actually need you. Honestly speaking, your speech has worked as a miracle in my life. If I ever get the chance to meet you I would think that I am the luckiest person on the earth. Thank you Sandeep, thank you so much for this seminar. This is truly Life-Changing seminar. Thanks
- Sagar Solanki
Sir, you are nothing but everything. I will not say thanks to you but one day my thanks will reach to you when I will stand like you and hear my soul cheering the world. I don't want my thanks to be just an alphabets of six letters but something what I really mean. Regards
- Jashanpreet Singh Pahwa
Thanks a ton for sending me the Life-Changing Seminar DVD. I agree with each and every word what Mr. Sandeep said in the Seminar. I am very much inspired by his speech. I shared his video with many people. I have become a great fan of Sandeep Maheshwari and find him similar to real Life Rancho of the film Three Idiots. I pray to God for long life of Mr.Sandeep as he is an extra ordinary person. He is like a Divine Messenger of God. He is spreading a very good message and if we all follow his thoughts our country will be the best place on the earth to live in, even better than the heaven. Mr. Sandeep is doing the work which should be followed by the youth of our country. All I say is just keep the good work going and all the best for your future.
- Ujjwala Ravindra Gole
When I was searching for some motivational videos on YouTube I came across your videos specially your last seminar which strongly encouraged me to live life more positively. Actually I love music, and after watching your videos I have decided to leave my job at Dubai and UAE forever. Now I am going to fulfill my dream of singing. Thanks brother and pray for me so that I can do something for people. Thanks to YouTube due to which I found your videos.
- Ram Prasad Mallik
The seminar has been a truly a 'Life-Changing' one. It was exceptionally inspirational, extremely motivational and cultivating creative vision with very practical, honest and true-life examples. Seminar presentation was simple and the language and expressions understandable even by a layman. But for the intellectual, it gives enough food for thought to keep his grey cells preoccupied for months. I would love to attend your live seminar again and again, but alas! You have decided otherwise. And can't believe it even now, priceless words of wisdom without charging even a single penny. Hats off to you, Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. Raman Chopra M.Tech. (I.I.T.-Bombay) Dy. General Manager, Air India.
- Raman Chopra
Great video, in fact I am going to make many copies of it for distributing among my friends and relatives, who have stuck up in their life due to some past failures. Really motivating and true experience of life. Hats of to you Sandeep Sir.
- Arvind Mandhyan
I instantly got connected to your video after watching it for very first time. I ordered it for my home and watched it again with my whole family. It was the best gift for me and for giving it to others. You are today's Vivekanand and I too want to contribute in this awakening journey. Please let me know about it.
- Pooja Gautam
I have seen your last seminar on DVD sent by you free of cost. I am really thankful to you. It was really a wonderful presentation by you and the contents of the seminar were excellent and really worth to hear and follow in life. I was already following most of them in my life but it motivated me to remain on my selected path and motivate others. I have asked others also to contact you and see the DVD. All the best to you. Lt.Col.Harish Nagpal
- Lt.. Col. Harish Nagpal
First of all thanks a lot for providing me a free DVD. It's really a Life-Changing experience. I watched it with my whole family and everybody loved it. Impressed a lot with Sandeep Sir's energy, confidence, and the style of his delivery. I was thinking to join my family business, but after this seminar, I just decided to do what I like, what I love to do, even when people ask me to do it for free. Thanks Sir. Wow, no words. It's an amazing feeling after watching your seminar. I burnt twelve copies for my friends. And most of them said that, this was the first good thing which I did.
- Anurag Jain
It is amazing how perception empowers us in the worst situations. Self belief, positive attitude and a constant inner push can help us overcome our worst nightmares with ease. I look at Sandeep with great respect for awakening many of us - the sleep walkers - I hope I can speak from heart with as much ease as you do. When are we listening more from you.
- Harry Singh
“You can talk with someone for years, everyday and still, it won't mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart. You feel like you have known the person forever. Connections are made with heart, not the tongue.” This is none other than Sandeep.
- Avinash Kumar
I was one of those lucky ones who witnessed Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari's Last Life-Changing Seminar in person. And truly it was transformational. I have read many self help books but none of them have left their impact in the way Sandeep Sir's words did because he gave the practical knowledge and invaluable concepts like the power of the word 'Aasaan Hai'. It was all part of his own personal experiences. He taught me the importance of sowing my seeds and taking action but most importantly he taught me to evaluate each and every experience in life and learn important lessons from them. Success come from experience and experience comes from bad experiences, I will never forget this line. Thank you Sir.
- Shikhar Saxena
Truly inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Hats off to you Sir. I am glad I could see your DVD and it has changed my perception about life. It has helped me to come out of cocoon and breathe out in free air and be a child all over again. It has not only changed me but my family as well. Everybody in my family now says, "Aasaan Hai". Thank you once again.
- Neha Shukla
Initially I saw this seminar on YouTube while searching some video on inspiration. After viewing it for few minutes I couldn't stop myself to complete it. It is amazing to see that a boy of our age from our society has touched such new heights within a very short span of time. He is also willing to share everything including dreams and thoughts to this society. In our journey we use to see/listen inspirational speeches from lot of people but very few people implement it on themselves and share with everybody with no cost. In my opinion this is the real social work (so called CSR in corporates). Recently I received the DVD also and referred it to all my friends and relatives. I think maximum people can get benefit from such great views and thoughts. "Aasaan Hai"
- Mukesh Kumar Hasani
Sandeep Sir, you are a great person. Your words are priceless and the way you are delivering your speeches is amazing. I think you have achieved the state called 'Sthit Pragya'. Your speeches have changed a thousand lives. You are great Sir. Hats off to you for great work!
- Shivam Prakasham
Hi, first of all a big thanks to you for such a motivational seminar provided through DVD and that too free of cost by simply putting up a request on the internet. The more I watch this DVD the more I feel like watching it again and again. I am sharing it with as many people as possible. The words "Accha dekho, Accha suno, Acha karo" have touched my heart. The lines "Success comes from experiences and experiences comes from bad experiences" also teaches us that you need to learn from each bad experience and stand up once again in life. I also learned many more things worth knowing and sharing. People who deeply understand these things only realize their worth. Thanks a lot once again. We all love you and respect you from the bottom of our heart. Thanks
- Teja Chokshi
Hi Sandeep, playing your seminar video was a great success in our programme organised by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Kankurgachi Kolkata on Swami Vivekanand's 150th birth celebration for the welfare of mankind in the form of the project 'Hriday Parbartan' conducted on 10th February 2013 at Presidency jail (Correctional Home-Male), Alipore Kolkata. It was to implement his ideas and views for the betterment of all. My special thanks to Sri M.K. Bhattarcharya I.G.SOUTH-W.B, Sri B.D.Sharma D.I.G. BSF, Sri Ranvir Kumar I.G. Correctional Home Services for allowing such activities at the Jail Premises.
- Vikas Kasliwal
I am in complete awe after watching this video. Lots of things come to my mind about changing the world and it makes us believe that "Utopia" can exist. However in rush of emotions I do not want to make a hasty promise that I will do that or this, but definitely there is a vision and experience, which when matures will yield only blossoms to me and those around me. Thanks for being so true and so real.
- Apoorva Mishra
Hello Sir, I am a medical student, fortunately I saw your last life-Changing experience video today. I felt it was the essence of life and the thing of sharing which you stressed was the most appealing thing to me. India is really proud to have a son like you. I am very happy that you are visiting to our place i.e Aurangabad on 16th March 2013 and I am looking forward to meet you. May God bless you and you keep continuing this good work.
- Dr. Karan Indra Ostwal
I don't know I think that was the last day of my life and my career. I had lost all my confidence and I was in trouble. And one day I was searching for motivational videos on Internet and I got Sandeep Sir's last Life-Changing seminar video. After watching that I got new life. And Now I am working as Business and Facility Manager in a company. I am learning. I have watched all your videos and now I want to attend your live seminars. Really Sir you are giving life to people and I am here to write this. I am really thankful to you for giving me a successful life. Aasaan Hai!
- Peeyush Rajput
Dear Sir, first of all hats off to you for giving such a wonderful gift of motivation to the society. I was just surfing on net yesterday and incidentally saw your seminar video. It actually took away all my demotivating thoughts and refilled much positive energy in me. Now I am ready to stand up again for achieving my inner desire. Just as said by you, "Gir Gaya to Kya Hua, Girta wahi hai jo chalta Hai, Bas itna sa karna Hai ki Uthkar fir Se Chalna Hai." Sir you are a rock star for me and you will be my inspiration from now onwards.
- Daksh Gupta
It has actually changed something from inside. But sad to know that you will not be doing more seminars. But surely we will be connected. Your words at the end "Badlegi Ye Duniya, Is Duniya Ka Badlna Bhi Aasaan Hai" has certainly raised hopes that, yes it is possible. I am with you in this noble cause and hereby committing to myself that "I should feed one man daily whosoever in need may be". We got goose bumps at the end. Thanks for being such an inspiration!
- Nitin Rawat
I would also like to do something like, what Sandeep Sir is doing. It is really appreciable. I strictly believe that there is nobody in this whole world who is a bad person, but it is just a matter of circumstances which control human behavior. Very few people like Sandeep Maheshwari identifies the root cause of failures and success and guides us to apply practical approach towards it. The sharing and the inner satisfaction is of paramount importance. Sir, I will not express my thanks just in words because that is not what you want. But I assure you that someday I will also take your place on some stage. I already do so in my living circle like college, hostel, home etc. Thanks a lot sir!
- Samarth Saxena
I would consider today the luckiest day of my life. I was surfing the internet and came across the video of Sandeep Maheshwari. First, I thought it would be just an inspiring video that I came across many a times. I watched it for about five minutes and believe me I found myself watching till the end. Such is the way of his conveying the message that I felt lot of positive vibes. This is the best inspiring video I have ever watched. The openness with which he speaks makes one feel that, this man really wants people to change from his heart. The things, which I believed to be difficult, were actually so “Aasaan”. Many thanks to him...
- Daxesh Tailor
Sandeep Maheshwari is truly commendable..I am too small in front of him even to say anything about him but definitely I will say that he is an angel who is here on earth to guide us at any point of life... May god bless him with all happiness and success he wants in life. I would also like to say that one day when I will achieve my success then I will honour him with something very very special.....with lots of love and respect....Ishika
- Ishika Gupta
Greatest, powerful, wonderful and miraculous. Great morning Dear Sandeep Sir, nothing is impossible because impossible means I am possible. So everything is possible. You are great Sir, really everything is aasaan hai. I love you and really miss you a lot.
- Vijay Guru
Dear Sandeep Sir, you are doing one of the greatest jobs in the world and that is motivating people. Your examples are very real. You have taught us that everything is very easy. Thanks for motivating us.
- Murli Manohar
Hello Sir. I am an Indian and now I am living in New Zealand. I started listening to your seminars from last two months and I am really thankful to you for all the things you are doing. I started meditation after listening to your meditation session. Its really good. Thank you very much.
- Jujhar Dhaliwal
Firstly, I have to say I that belong to Nepal. No problem and no barrier of nationalities, the main thing is humanity and you have are doing a great work. I would ask you to spread it not only in India but at international level. I will support you and people will help you.
- Ujjal Sitaula
The more you listen the more you gain and the more you share. I developed many qualities after watching his seminars. I want to listen to him more and more and off course I do share what I gain. Hats off to you. Cheers!
- Shantanu Chauhan
Today I have attended the last life-changing seminar of Sandeep Maheshwari. It was really most important day of my life. It was quite an emotional day which changed my way of thinking. It was just like my rebirth. Thanks Sandeep, We Love You.
- Sarayu Dubey
Sir, this might be 20th or 25th time I have opened this post comments page to put my comments but I could not write what I wanted to write. You can understand why. You are such a person who actually knows how to enjoy a life and live the life at its fullest. Whenever I watch your videos I feel something like, what a Khusiyo Ki Duniya. I just forget everything and things look so bright. I always feel very great whenever I watch your videos and I always wish to watch it again and again. Thank you so much for this. I truly respect every word you say. Yes you are not God but you are also not less than that. Mai bhi apni life me kuch aisa kar jaun ki jab akhri saans loon to khushi se kahu ki ye thi life, ab le jao God, jahan bhi le jana hai. And yes claps for me that at last I could write and post my comments. I am so happy. God bless you.
- Vandana
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