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Sandeep Ji, reaily you are a genius, I have attended many seminars but your last Life-Changing seminar video is mind blowing. It inspires me a lot. I pray to God that you must live for 100 years.
- Manas Ranjan Rana
Dear Sir, I do not know much about you. I have just watched a few videos on YouTube. These seminars excited me so much that I could not sleep for the night. These words “if he can do then why can't I” kept me charged for a longer period. You are simply awesome person, who can inspire any one to do what he wants. I wish to meet you and attend your live seminars.
- Sushil K Gaurav
Excellent! 'Aaasan Hai' is a success mantra. Selflessness is better to teach rather than to follow but you have proved it wrong. Hats off to your sharing philosophy. You narrated it in such a simple way that it made people to understand. We ignore very simple things in life, which can make great difference if taken in the right sense. When everyone around us is so self-centered, your seminar makes us believe that there are lots of hope. The highlight of seminar was "success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experience". I will try my level best to spread this message. For me the climax of the seminar was “Sabse Bada Rog, Kya kahenge Log, Tu Khel Apane Dil Ka Khel, Duniya Gayee Lene Tel”. Looking forward to get an opportunity to see you in person, Aasaan Hai boss!
- Rajesh Tayade
Thanks Sandeep, knowingly, unknowingly we used to take help from some kind hearted person. Many a times we hesitate to take some crucial decision in our life and we look for guidance from somebody. Yesterday I received your DVD. And my friend was also in the same situation. I just forwarded your link to him. He also got your DVD within 7 days. We would like to contribute a bit in DVD circulation and distribution.
- Prakash Gurnule
I have a new motivational phrase for myself "Aasaan hai". No matter how big a problem is, your self-confidence and motivation helps you to get out of it. "Aasaan hai" is a key word for self-motivation. I have started using it after attending your seminar. I recommend it to all students so that they can see their lives from a different perspective. Life is so beautiful, and Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari made it so simple to realize it. Thanks a ton Sandeep! Wish you all the very best.
- Rahul Wakhle
It was a wonderful experience to meet Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. I really appreciate his thoughts about life and if I apply only 10% of it then I can be a champion. Now, I will do only what my heart says, not what other says.... and now I must say, "Ab Ye Mere Liye Aasaan Hai" Hats off to Sandeep Maheshwari........
- Jayant Singh
"It is simple to be happy, but it is difficult to be simple", but now being simple is also easy, and to be happy is even easier...Aasaan Hai!!! I have heard a lot of world renowned motivational speakers, audios, videos, books, etc. but I am amazed, truly the simplicity of those two hours spent three days back on YouTube!!! It has an enormous effect, and one could only feel it, but can't explain....Mr.Sandeep & Team are doing out of the world job and I wish him best of success in this divine endeavour....... duniya mein jitni hain problems, us se bhi zyada hain solutions, mujhko bas ye taye karna hai, mujhe solution chahiye ya problems, Aasaan Hai, Aasaan Hai....
- Bharat Bhushan
This was my first seminar and surprisingly it was your last seminar. It is my pleasure that I could attend it. Your energy made the atmosphere so energetic and comfortable. Your talk was very inspirational and motivational. It has given me courage to fight with the difficulties by saying these two magical words "Aasaan hai". Your examples are so simple and relates to our daily life experiences. You rightly said that good experience comes from bad experiences and I loved it.
- Rahul Jha
Attended your last seminar at Thyagraj Stadium and I really loved it. You have changed my thoughts and beliefs. Now I have realized that I was just wasting my time and energy in trifle matters. You taught me the true value of life. I have learned so much from you. My all good wishes to you.
- Naman Khurana
It was truly a life-changing seminar. My mind and heart has literally started thinking in a new direction and I am exploring new dimensions in myself. I want to be an entrepreneur and this seminar has really cleared many dark clouds, which were restricting me to venture in a plan. Hence, hats off to Mr. Sandeep to enlighten our mind and soul, and that too without a penny.
- Vikrant Verma
Many people don't realize what they actually want but they keep on running without any aim. Please continue the good work of inspiring people who really need it. I also feel good in helping others and salute all people like you.
- Laxman Singh Pangti
The seminar was really very nice. Best thing told by you which I will remember throughout my life is everything in life happens for some good reason and nothing is a failure. You are really a very good human being. Thank you!
- Rekha Tiwari
I feel great to see your seminar video and wanna let you know, whatever example and thought you are sharing with the people are the same which my hubby suggests me for better tomorrow. He always does something different from the others and he is passionate about creativity. He also wants to change the thought of our country's peoples. People listen to him, appreciate him but not follow the same in their life. Is country Ka Kya Hoga Kuch Samajh Mein Nahi Aata. When I say him "Tum pagal ho", then he becomes happy and says thanks for calling me a Pagal because Ek Pagal Hi Scientist Hota Hai Aur Kuch Naya Kar Sakta Hai.
- Richa Pal
I felt so glad to watch the seminar video. It is full of motivation which helps a person to see his inner potential to do anything. It also helps to introspect our life to learn from our failures and strive to achieve success in future. I will be following all his principles and would also forward his message to many more people.
- Harsh Kesharwani
Dear Life-Changing Sir, you are great. You are not India's hero but you are world's hero.
- Siddhartha Ghosh
Sandeep, when I got to know about you, I was on the top of my excitement. You won't believe Sandeep, I always wanted to become something like you. After seeing you, I have become motivated a lot. I am adding to that my thought has been got a thrust and it will not stop until go out of this world beyond everything. I really want to meet you Sandeep. You are my friend and I will be yours forever.
- Satyajit Barik
Sandeep Sir, I have watched almost all of your videos. After watching the 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', my life is changing everyday. From my childhood itself, I had a dream. A dream to help all those people who need me. The day I listened to your speech, I got even more motivated to pursue my dream and in fact something bigger than that. This I have promised from myself.
- Biswajit Shastri
Sandeep Sir, I am very inspired by you and now I am conducting my own motivational lectures just because of you. Thank you so much Sir. God bless you Sir.
- Anand Bhavsar
Dear Sir, you are the real icon for all of us. All of your seminars are so energetic and really mind blowing. Keep it up Sir! We all love you a lot.
- Vikky Jaiswal
Sandeep Sir, I congratulate you for the "Last Life-Changing Seminar". I feel very motivated after watching your videos and strive to implement your guidance in my life. And your eyes clearly state that whatever you speak, you speak with all your heart. There are some people who serve the nation selflessly and Sir, you are one of them.
- Yash Thakkar
Dear Sandeep ji, I am really very motivated and inspired by you. Someone said that you are reborn of Swami Vivekananda. It seems so true and I also firmly believe in that. Thanks a lot.
- Bhavin soni
Sandeep brother, you are a great motivator. Your passion is amazing. Keep it till your last breath. Stay blessed!
- Zain Ul Abideen
Don't have any words. No comments. Just want to tell you, hats off to you. Thanks.
- Niral Shah
For me after respected Swami Vivekanand and Narendra Modi, you are the real person, who is doing things for others. You are a successful personality. Sir, Dil Se Salam. Badlegi Ye Duniya. 'Aasaan Hai'
- Nitesh Gour
I came to know about you after watching your Last Life-Changing seminar. It was beyond inspirational teaching and the discussed basic fundas and practical aspects of life were superb. I watched your other YouTube videos also. You have beautifully expressed to take actions and move ahead. Although I knew about ImagesBazaar since I saw it's full page advertisement way back in the year 2008. I liked that picture so much that I pasted it on my wall. Obviously, then I browsed your website but did not bother to know about the man behind this company. Baat Wahi Hai, Hum Ped Dekhte Hain Par Ye Nahi Jaante Ki Ye Wahi Beej Hi To Hai Jo Sirf Bada Ho Gaya Hai. Your idea of sharing is remarkable. You are doing a great work for humanity and for all those who want to be a successful person like you.
- Rinku Sharma
First of all, thank you for giving me a precious opportunity to join the Life-changing Seminar. I have learned something new in this seminar, every dream comes true if you have a strong desire and great passion for the dream......only enjoy the work and say.........”Aasaan Hai”.........I want to join seminar again and again..........Thanks....Ashish
- Ashish Kumar
Pata hai Sir mai ne aap ka seminar ka video kam se kam 50 time dekha hai. Mujhe bahut pasand aaya kyunki is ko sunane ke baad mere life me bahut khuch changes aaya hai. Main ise daily sunta hoon. Main apne life mein improvement dekh raha hoon. Thank you Sir, main apni life me aap se zaroor milunga. You rock, thanks a lot Sir.
- Md. Fahim Iqubal
I saw your life-changing seminar in the YouTube. It is an excellent one. Please translate it into English for the people of South India. You may be aware, India's working population will reach 700 million and out of which 60% of them have to become self employed. I am sure your seminar in different languages/sub titles in DVD will make majority of them to start taking action on their unfulfilled dreams. Your effort in this regard will be a great social contribution to the society. Now I am in US and I will be back to Bangalore, India by 3rd week of November. After getting your DVD, I will show it to our students where I am teaching. You are right, the greatest contribution by us is to share what we know. Thank you once again. God bless you.
- T Somnath
It is 4:49 AM in the morning, just watched your seminar on youtube. You have melted a stone in me. I assure you that it would never become the same stone. I do not know what I am going to do tomorrow but I will do what my heart says. Now the heart is saying that everything is "Aasaan hai".
- Prashant Kumar
All the confusions in my life were solved by this great soul of purity. My life was deeply affected after attending the life-changing seminar of 20th October 2012. By his simple yet true words of wisdom, now I have got the reasons to live and the ways to go.
- Vaibhav Ruhel
There is a very famous saying, "It is very easy to complicate things, and very complicated to make things easy". Sandeep does the latter one very efficiently. The way he lets you think of yourself is so very positive. Kudos to the great man.
- Kapil Vijan
Maine aaj tak bahut chize apply ki ek habit chodne ke liye but success ni ho paya but apka seminar dekh ke wo chiz chod gai jise main last 10 year se chodne ki try kar raha tha thanx sir u r great sir!!!
- Narender Kumar
A splendid experience ...thanks a lot to Sandeep Maheshwari for giving me a lifelong gift of happiness and belief that..... “Sab Aasaan Hai”
- Monica Rawat
Hello Sandeep Sir, I attended your last seminar. When you finished the seminar, it was very emotional but you pumped us so well that I will never forget it in my entire life. I have also started following the good habit of speaking truth. You are a true hero, a sensation, a true inspiration. Thank you so much sir.
- Abhishek Tyagi
'There are no free lunches'...goes the adage, but maybe sometimes there are - this being one of them. Not only was the lunch free but also 'interesting' and 'fun'. A simple definition of SUCCESS given by Sandeep does just that - simplify what we can ask from Life/Nature/God... attend the seminar to know it :-). And asking is also within our rights. What a powerful thought! Attend it yourself. And spread the word around.
- Manish Jain
Dear Sandeep, it was wonderful to hear from you yesterday, felt as if my story was being narrated. I can relate with you very easily in every part of my life. Doing almost every similar thing and going thru very similar experience. I suppose my age is almost the same as yours, 30 years. The cause you are into, is very simple but unique in your own style. Just the difference I find is that you are doing everything in the "aasaan hai" mode. Have analysed and leading my life the very same way from right now.
- Ravinder Kanswal
I felt extremely motivated and charged up. I believe the content of the seminar was very original and inspiring and in a simple language. I could visualize my desire with optimum clarity and I could figure out the emotion behind it too. I was able to understand why Success has been temporary in my life. I have started to have great time in whatever I do by bypassing the "Paralysis of Analysis" and enjoying the good part of life and discarding the bad part. I have also communicated my learning to family, friends & colleagues and hope for great results!
- Neeraj Verma
It was really amazing experience attending the seminar conducted by you. It has reignited the lost fire in my belly. The way you narrated your experience and shared your thoughts, in a simple/layman manner was simply superb and without charging a penny was simply out of the world. I think everyone in the audience agreed with your view point to shed the preconceived notions feeded in our brain and have belief in our self like a child and do what we desire without any fear. Apart from igniting the spirit of doing something what we desire, your simple message to make contribution to the needy one when we become something big will definitely help us all in becoming better human beings and having faith that this world is a beautiful place to live!
- Harmeet Singh Chopra
Hello Sandeep Sir, I have seen all of your seminar and session videos. After watching all your videos, I have increased my intelligence and concentration power. You have changed my life. Now I am always happy in my life in every moment and I am constantly moving towards success.
- Ramhari
Respeted Sir, You are the reason for my success, as I m nothing rytnow but as You told so I m Successful. I wanted to do business other than job, My family was not in my support. I watch your videos and felt confident and promised myself that "Sab Aasan hai", And posted your seminar dvd to my home. watched that seminar video with my family, that changed everything. my father changed his way of thinking and now he is in my support, so i will definitely achieve all my goals in life & share my success with others like you did & help others. & always remember you helped me to do this. Hope to see You somewhere ,Thanking you sincerely . "AASAAN HAI " :)
- Bhanu Soni
I received the autographed Last Life-Changing Experience DVD from Sandeep Maheshwari and I watched this seminar. This Life-Changing seminar is so inspirational for me and my friends because after watching this video everything became "Aasaan". you have done a great job. You have made a profound difference. Thank you for the phenomenal experience which is out of the world. ""Aasaan hai"
- Randhir Kumar
Thank you so much. I received the DVD and watched it along with my whole family. Thanks a lot.
- Sangita Shankar Satpute
I got to know about your video through one of my friends in Iraq. Excellent Sir. I request you to give the seminars out of India also.
- Ganesh Iyer
Dear Sir, I like all your sessions and feel very peaceful Mind after watching them. Thank you!
- Danish
I have watched the famous inspirational video, 'The Secret' and I also watched your Life-Changing seminar. And believe me your seminar was really a life changing event. It taught me that nothing is impossible and just have an internal desire to accept everything. It is a simple idea which changes our life. I salute you.
- Om Bhaj Singh
Since I have watched your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' and 'The Unstoppable', you have become the role model of my life. All of your videos are very inspirational. Thanks a lot.
- Varun Rana
You are sharing the true fact of life having both success and failure of a middle class family. It's my pleasure to watch your Life-Changing seminar. I want to say that every word coming out of your mouth comes like a path, a way, a goal and target. You can change your life and people's life as well. I want to join you as a learner of life and wish to prove myself.
- Bikash Ranjan Barik
Sandeep Sir, thanks for the way you inspired my life. Your each and every word acts as a sharp and brightest ray of light which removes darkness from my mind.
- Swati Ashok Jaiswal
Dear Sir, I loved your simplicity and dedication. This is one of the best speech I ever heard. Today one of my friend gave me your priceless video. After watching your videos whenever I start doing any work automatically these two words, 'Aasaan Hai' comes into my mind. I wish to meet you once Sir. Thank you so much.
- Mohinee Sen
Dear Sir, your seminars have not just changed my thinking but have changed my entire life. I got to know that everything happens in life is for good. My thought has changed and a positive thinking motivates me which says if I desire and try, everything and anything can be done. I have seen your all seminars on YouTube. Thank you very much for sharing your views and ideas.
- Pavan Rajput
Sir, I got to know about you from my friends. Once I was very depressed but when I saw your video on Youtube, my life got changed. I am very thankful to you.
- Sonu Shah
Hello Sandeep Sir. Your Last Life-Changing Seminar was really a life changing one. I learnt a lot of things from your seminars. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Vikas Singh
Dear Sir, I salute you from the bottom of my heart. I am highly inspired by your punch line 'Sabse Bada Rog, Kya Kahenge Log'.
- Raj Kumar
Hi Sandeep, thank you so much for your inspirational messages. These messages really create waves in my heart that say that I can make a change.
- Sahil Jain
I just watched the video of your 'India Tour Hyderabad Session'. It was truly an energetic seminar. Thank you for inspiring me. After watching your videos, I am sure that people will change their perspective about life.
- Saurabh Jha
Hello Sir, it was really amazing. After watching all your videos I personally feel that I can do everything. I feel much more confident and strongly believe that Sab Kuch Aasaan hai.
- Smruti Sagarika Dash
I was having a tough time in my life and after watching this session my life became Aasaan. It has really changed my perception towards life. Sandeep you are doing great things for normal people and I pray to god that your every wish will be fulfilled.
- Aditya Pratap Singh
Hi Sandeep Sir, I watched your 'last Life-Changing' seminar video and 'From Illusion to Reality' as well. Somehow I came across your video by chance. I felt like 'Jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai' and frankly I got a new vigor and energy to live life after watching them. Before watching your videos I had already gone through the video of 'The Secret'(forcefully told to watch by a friend) as well and found both on similar lines. Both changed my life totally. In spite of being one of toppers during my school days I failed in my college and career. I cursed myself, became frustrated, made mistakes. But now I realized that all happened for good and sab kuch Aasaan hai. I found a way to achieve my dreams and I want to donate most of my earnings for the unprivileged after a certain stage. This way I can show gratitude and give back something to society.
- Sameer Syed
Hi Sandeep, you are doing a great job dear. You have opened many doors in my life, which were closed earlier due to my fear. Today I promise you, that one day I will be sitting with you. Your work is the correct way of giving to others. The day is not far away when people will not have any problems. Because now everything is so simple. Thank you so much Sir.
- Yogesh Darji
Till now, I was thinking that God has created me and I am the only character on this planet who does unusual things, but you proved me wrong buddy. I applaud for your work. Seriously, you have changed the concept of my life. Frankly speaking, at some point of views, we are having same thinking. I am not exaggerating at all.
- Pawan Kumar
I was just searching for motivational videos on YouTube and incidentally I got your Life-changing seminar video. I watched the same and felt the importance of self confidence. You have taken tremendous effort to communicate the same. The seminar was awesome. I really liked your point of view, whatever happens in our life is for our good only and it depends on us, how positively we take it. Thank you for your valid contribution through this video. This Sunday, the 2 hours spent to watch this seminar was very useful in my life. I also liked the message that we should share or give whatever we can.
- Prateek Singh Rathore
Just one word to say, what you are doing is awesome! To me 'Aasaan Hai' is like a weapon, which gives me great power. Thanks for bringing my childhood back. Thank you
- Pradeep Dutt
Sir, I attended your 'The Unstoppable' session and it was the first session where I saw you live. It was too good. School me teacher ne padhaya, college me professor ne padhaya par jo aapne padhaya us se puri life badal gayi. Aasaan Hai!
- Ravi Kumar
Hi Sandeep Sir, Namaskar. All my family members have watched the seminar video. It is really unique experience for our family. We will follow all guidance given in your seminar. You have shown excellent example for young and old generation as well. This video will set good path for all in their future. You are doing really good job and social work for betterment of society. Sir, I will circulate your DVDs to all my friends. God bless you!
- Tukaram Kisan Kadam
Dear Sandeep Maheshwari, I have been watching your seminars in YouTube for the last few days. After watching all these videos and your point of views for life, has made me to think, feel and say that I love you. I like your great concept of sharing and wish to meet you. I request you to continue such seminar in different parts of the world so that people will help themselves and enjoy the real happy life. I see within you the true saint quality and it will definitely be true motivational source for life.
- Saroj Kumar
I salute Mr. Maheshwari for his initiative. Today when everyone is running towards money, comfort, and fame, he is investing his time in sharing his experience to change people's lives and ultimately bring some good changes in India. Our best wishes are always with Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. Aasaan Hai!
- Prashant Sharma
I have been listening to many speakers for a long time but the zeal, the current, the excitement, the feel, the contents and most especially the language common to all, you have is really marvelous. I salute you to your mission and I wish God to give you all courage to continue the same with best of your efforts.
- Pankaj Gupta
Your selfless 'sharing' concept keeps you much above the rest. My only request is that please continue this journey and make a permanent bonding with positive people and followers. A lot of negativity is spread all around us but with a stronger dedication we will prove that the truth prevails and it always wins.
- Anant Prakash
Sandeep bhai, direct dil se, hum sab milke duniya badlenge, aur ye duniya bilkul badlegi, koi bukha nahi rahega, na insaan na koi janwar, na koi pakshi. Aasaan hai! Sab jagah bas pyar hi pyar hoga. I am greatly thankful to God that I came to know about one of the greatest successful human beings in my life. Sandeep bhai, love you. And unfortunately I met you after the biggest failure of my life. I can understand and believe now that everything happens for the good. And one day that goodness will be seen in me, which I wanted to give this world from the core of my heart. Ab sach me lagta hai sab Aasaan hai. Ab to dil se jeena hai. And my dearest thanks to my dear friend Vikram Bhaktiyani, who introduced you to me.
- Jeetu Wadhwa
I have seen many phases of life. Good days and bad days. But after watching you, I can surely say that "Haan, Main Successful Hoon'. I will share your thoughts shortly in my college. Thanks for changing my life and many many thanks for making me smile like a baby again. As Anupam Kher said in special 26 movie that "Asli Power Dil Me Hoti Hai'. You proved it truly. A big thanks to you Sir.
- Hiren Parmar
I can simply say that I am so lucky that I attended your seminar. You are changing the life of countless people. Truly speaking I had a very nervous kind of personality but after attending your seminar I have started changing my life.
- Jitendra Sanodiya
Dear Sandeep Maheshwari, I am glad to see the videos of Kasauli trip. It has really inspired me a lot.
- Mohd Abdul Sayeed
It was a great experience to watch the seminar. Thanks Sandeep Jee.
- Pradeep Tiwari
Dear Sandeep Sir, I watched your seminar video and got confidence to become an Army officer. I am also distributing your DVDs by making many copies of the same. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Sagar Shedage
Hey, hats off to you. I started to watch the video at night 01:00 AM and I don't know how the time went on. I was so impressed that I have made aasaan hai as my logo. It is really a miracle for me and gives me all positive results. And yes when I saw the last part of the seminar I was so eager to give you a "Jadu Ki Jhappi". I will meet you once. Aasaan hai!
- Prakash Chug
Thanks a lot Sandeep Sir. I am a B.Tech final year student and I got much inspired by your last Life-Changing seminar. I also watched your other videos on YouTube and all were awesome. I have remembered all your words and I want to become like you. I am very sure for that because Ye Bhi Hona Aasaan Hai.
- Krishna Kumar
Mai 15 saal se network marketing kar raha hun. Fraud/fake company, MLM plan se barbad ho gaya. Jeevan sara narveous ho gaya tha, kuch karne ki iccha nahi thi tabhi ek din mai YouTub pe motivetion ke liye search kar raha tha to khub sare video meele magar Sandeep Maheshwari ka talk suna to hil gaya, sunta gaya sunta gaya. Aaj har din sunta hun, maine Sir ki DVD mangvai aur kai baar video suna to ek month me mujh me changes aane lage, jeevan badalne laga mai kuch karne layak ban gaya hun. Sirf Sir ka DVD sunne se itna fayada hua hai. Aaj aisa din nahi jata ki maine Sir ka video suna na ho. Very very thanks to you for changing my life. Mai bhi maanta hoon ki jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai.
- Gopal Chavan
Dear Sir, After watching your seminar I got confidence to achieve success in my life. I have come to know that nothing is impossible in life. I want to meet you once.
- Manish Gupta
Hello Sir, I watched your seminar on YouTube, downloaded the video and showed it to my students. We are very much impressed by you. It would be great if such seminars can be conducted for the students of class 11th and 12th. Thanks for sending the DVD of your seminar.
- Pankaj Dhamecha
Thanks for changing my perception towards my life. My life is totally changed.
- Rushab Hariya
I have become a fan of Sandeep Maheshwari after watching his last Life-Changing seminar.
- Anukool Patel
Sir, I saw a two minute video of your session in my friends laptop and I got charged up. I then searched for your videos and watched the last Life-Changing seminar. It was really marvelous and really everything has become so aasaan. I am sharing your videos with all my friends and relatives.
- Omendra Kumar Sharma
Amazing to watch your seminar video. After submitting the request for the DVD I got it within a week. That really motivated me to deliver the same like what you do in your company. I am into share market, stocks and equity business. I am here to express and not to impress.
- Sushil A Ajmera
Your seminar made me understand myself. Previously I was always thinking negatively but after watching your seminar I started thinking positively. Thank you so much for your effort and for the genuine teaching about life. The knowledge you shared inspired my studies and made it meaningful.
- Nishant Shishodia
I think it's very essential to have people like you in our society. Keep it up. I don't know about others but I will try to follow your maximum thoughts. Thank you so much.
- Naveen Antil
After watching the Life-Changing experience video I felt that the truth lies within all of us and we all want to be successful. I take the meaning of success in a wider way, it should not be taken as personal success but it must be a social success. We must believe on the concept of sharing and should do so. If we get more than what we need, we must share it with the needy people. I learned a few simple but important things from this seminar, 'always keep smiling, do some social service, learn art of giving to others, give respect to others and flow freely with life without asking much questions.' I think these types of Life-Changing seminars are needed for the modern people because they can learn how to make life so easy and enjoyable. It shows the true direction to all of us. Everything becomes so easy with these two words "Aasaan Hai". Just follow it.
- Anant Deo
Thanks for the best seminar of my life. I really liked it and shared it with many of my students. They too liked it.
- Intzar Ansari
Thank u Sandeep for such an inspiring and wonderful session. Yesterday's session was really very fruitful to boost my feelings and desires. I also feel to do anything... we have to think positive as AASAAN HAI.....
- Kamal Khetrapal
I attended Sandeep's seminar on 9th June, 2012, and could see why he has been so successful. His energy, positive attitude, sense of humor everything he does is infectious...of course in a very positive sense. Before the seminar, I was feeling low since a family member was not well. But by the time, the seminar got over, there was smile on face and I felt a major boost in my self-belief. I will definitely suggest my friends to attend this seminar. Thanks Sandeep. You are really doing a great job through 'Sharing'.
- Sumit Chakrabarti
From the core of my heart, I thank you for the thoughts, the inspiration that you shared with me in the seminar. It's helping me in motivating me to overcome my beliefs and strengthening me to move forward. Let me share one more thing, your inspiration has not only helped me but also to inspire one of my friends who was really demotivated and moving towards negativity. And she has come back to positive with the AASAAN Hai belief. Thank you very much, I will inform you the day I am able to establish my own consultancy services.
- Ratna Ghosh
I liked your video. I too am so passionate like you. Thanks for guiding me and showing me the right path. Just wait and watch. "Aasaan Hai"
- Mukesh Chaudhary
Dear Sandeep, you are an inspiration for the youth of India, I learned one thing after watching your Seminar, that make every situation of your life useful for you and for others too.
- Gaurang Gohil
The very thought of going back to college after completion of my vacation made me sad as I started thinking for my exams and about my poor preparation for that. I was feeling low by just thinking about the tough subjects and the uncertain results thereafter. But your video on YouTube just inspired me and changed my perception towards everything. I was so motivated by seeing your ways of handling difficulties in such simple ways. I felt pity on me for being sad for a trifle thing of not having much time for exams preparation. Now I am energized to prepare well in whatever time I have in my hand. I am going to enjoy everything that I come across. I am sure I will be doing well and achieve success as desired.
- Aakanksha Mishra
It was an awesome experience for me. I've never seen this type of personality in my life. He wants to help a needy person and does not like to see any one suffering for food.
- Anup Gupta
The seminar was awesome and legendary with a legend man Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. He is a great motivator and spreading immense positive energy. . This is really a life-changing Seminar for me. Thanks a lot sir.
- Janmejay Singh
Hi Sandeep, You are doing yeoman service to the young nation. You are inspiring common person. You are creating army of ambitious people ready to take the plunge to start working for their dreams. This is good for society, this is good for nation, and this is good for humankind. Soon you will be known world over for your inspiring Seminars. Cheers! Keep it up. Your devotion in terms of time, money and mind is amazing. You are exceptional, you are precious gem, and you are worth emulating. Your parents, your neighbours, your relatives, your friends must be very proud of you. I am privileged that I attended one of your session. All the best.
- Ajay Garg
I attended this Seminar with my daughter. She was not really ready to come along with me, but it indeed turned out to be a life changing Seminar. She, a person who was ready to walk out before the things had started is now STRONGLY recommending it to all her friends. It was an incredible experience and the four rules of success are so genuine. The way you involved the audience made the seminar even more lively and interesting. It has really inspired my daughter and me. We have the “Aasaan Hai” stickers pasted on our cupboard and they have a very motivating and positive impact. You are doing a great job and indeed motivating people to achieve their goals as you did in your case. Stay Blessed:)
- Paramjeet Aneja
Hi Sandeep! First of all, thank you for your great work in inspiring the youth of India. There are very few people who rise up and stand for those who are facing the same problems which they were facing earlier. You are one of them. Your thoughts really helped me when I needed them the most. I sincerely admire you. When I saw the video of 'The Sound of Silence', it motivated me so much that I now can hear my inner sound easily. Also, my concentration power has increased a lot. Now whatever I do, I do it with honesty and without any expectations. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me!
- Akshay Upadhyay
After watching your sessions, I always get energized. In reality, only after watching your videos, I was able to realize my strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes in life, we get distracted from our path but your sessions bring me back on track. Thank you for all this Sir.
- Swaraj Pandey
After listening to your videos, which absolutely changed my life, here I am sincerely expressing my feelings. I am very thankful to Sandeep who keeps inspiring everybody.
- Shrikrishna Andana Gurav
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