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First of all I would like to thank Sandeep Sir for such a great seminar. This seminar has totally changed me and has given me a start-up to think in a right direction to get success in every field of life. I also love to share my views and whatever I have learned from students of my age group.
- Rajesh Aggarwal
When a drop of water is there in a lake, there is no identity of that drop, but if it is on a leaf of lotus, it shines like a pearl. Be at the best place where you can shine.
- Shaikh Mohsin
You are like a friend to me who has taught me how to overcome the fear of losing. Earlier, I was a winner but due to various distractions, my fate just got reversed. My parents and everybody else criticized me. I love to listen to you. The line "Main Khelega" from your "Illusion To Reality" made me capable to leave my comfort zone and focus on my work.
- Utkarsh Keshari
To be very frank, I had not heard about Sandeep at all and while browsing on YouTube I happen to see your video on 'Three days that changed my life' and I must accept that it not only motivated me but also inspired me. As on today i.e on 14th July 2013, I am only one day old fan of yours but I am going to be a big fan of yours since you are the person who connects with people so easily and you are also one among us. Thanks for doing what you are doing. If I would have been in India (Delhi) then I must have been a part of your seminars.
- Shikha Sharma
I watched the seminar video and liked your statement that you saw a person earning 2.5 lacs a month and then you thought that if he can do then why can't you. I am a handicapped person and I was thinking that I will not be able to drive cycle or scooter but after seeing people like me who are able to drive cycle or scooter, I also decided and tried to drive and now I am able to drive cycle and scooter. Your seminar was awesome and it helped me a lot.
- Ramesh
Posting this comment in just within two minutes after watching that fabulous Life-Changing seminar. These two hours were enough to change my life. I have already made commitments to myself to achieve success. Going to get it done soon. The last part of video was the best thing anyone has ever requested. I will surely implement it. Thanks Sandeep, the Life-Changing hero!
- Jatin Magnani
I attended the last Life-Changing seminar in Delhi and was was really encouraged by him. I followed him as much as possible and I also motivated my friends and relatives. I tell them the value of time and guide them how can a person change his failure into his success. That's what I learnt in the seminar. I followed it in my life and I really got confidence, happiness and success.
- Mohit Thakur
Sir, I regard you as one of the most amazing person I have ever seen. All my life I have been a person who never believed in himself but after watching your seminar video I developed a sense of confidence that yes I can do something. I started believing in myself. Aasaan Hai, Sab Kuch Aasaan Hai.
- Kushal Vanjani
Really thanks to Sandeep Maheshwari. Today, I saw the last Life-Changing seminar video. It was really most important day of my life. We learn from this video that to change the way of thinking it is important to have self introspection and not to complain about others, like what others think about us. I recommend people that if you are not successful and want to achieve success then please see the last Life-Changing seminar of Sandeep Sir. What others think about you is not important, what you think about yourself means everything.
- Kishan Vadaliya
One of my friend gave me your seminar video in South Africa. It is really superb. I watched it and applied it in my life. It really works and now I can say Aasaan Hai because the problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.
- Noor Petkar
Sandeep, you are my idol now. Wait and watch the miracles I do in my life. I will be at the same place where you are. It might take some time may be a few years but I will never forget this. To double your joy please share it with everyone.
- Garvit Patel
Nothing is possible without action. You came in our life with such a good message of Aasaan hai. You are really a youth leader, a messenger, a motivational Guru and God for us. "Aasaan Hai"
- M Z Haque
This Life Changing-Seminar is really life changing. Thanks for your valuable word which is not just inspiring to just a few persons but to the whole country. At the time of watching this seminar on You Tube I was thinking that you are conducting this seminar for me only, because everything was based on practical things. I was also facing same kind problems which you discussed. You said during this "Sapne Dekho, Take Actions and Ander Ki Aawaz Suno" these are amazing words. I like it. Thank You Sir.
- Rahul Goyal
I was so glad that I could make it to the seminar on 20th October, 2012, especially after knowing that it was the last seminar and believe me it was so worth. Sir, it was truly an awesome experience. I was actually amazed by your positivity and your perseverance. After attending your event, now whenever I am in a difficult situation, I try to watch it. The last words of your seminar were so touching. Hats off to you and your team for this fabulous seminar.
- Praveen Singh
I attended the last life-changing seminar and I have to say that it was mind blowing. Every word and every belief was just a thrust to both mind and heart. It was an awesome experience of my life. He separated success and failure so easily and gave us a clear image of the reasons of our failures. The seminar gave me the power to believe in my potential. Now I really feel that everything is "Aasaan Hai".
- Gyan Prakash
I attended the seminar on 20th October 2012. Although it was shocking to know that it was your last life-changing seminar. This free seminar gave me so much, which was not possible to get after paying so much amount. I wonder why a guy would work, devote his time and money for the people he does not even know. Before the seminar, I was frustrated as I was not getting a job, but the mind set just got changed after attending the seminar. My tension has gone off. I have spent many sleepless nights thinking about job and job. But now my attitude is changed and I am so positive to get the job of my choice. Now I have learned to laugh.
- Gautam Gahalot
It was my birthday on 20th October and I decided to celebrate it by attending your Life-changing seminar. We are really so fortunate to have a person like you in our country. It was a great seminar. You are really a blessed person. We all love you.
- Amit Mittal
Dear Sir, I am an unemployed commercial pilot for last two years. I did every necessary things like appearing in exams and undergoing flight tests to become a pilot but unfortunately I am still unemployed. But after watching your Last Life-Changing seminar video, I can proudly say to myself "Mere Liye Ek Airline Pilot Banana Aaasan Hai". Regards, Capt. Akshay Sharma.
- Akshay Sharma
I attended the 20th October Life-Changing seminar of Sandeep Maheshwari. I salute him for his great work. It was just awesome and mind-changing seminar. It cannot be expressed in words. He is truly a genuine person and a good soul. He is one among the very few great persons in the world. God bless him!
- Himanshu Dhar Kala
First of all thanks a lot for providing me a free DVD. Sharing concept was the best part of the seminar. It came directly from your heart and not from your brain. My heartiest thanks for such thought provoking seminar.
- Saurabh Arora
Thanks a lot Sandeep Sir, it was an awesome seminar. Your voice really touched the core of my heart. Your concept of image formation by human brain and lack of direct connection between progress and adverse circumstances was really superb. You were absolutely right, "Aaj Ka Din Aapki Zindagi Ke Sabse Bade Dino Me Se Ek Hone Wala Hai." May God help you in achieving your goal of "no hunger in this world."
- Dhruv Patel
Aaj ka seminar attend karne ke baad mera land really FERTILE ho gaya.......aur auditorium se bahar nikalte hi.......bas mind me ek hi cheez chal rahi AASAAN HAI...AASAAN HAI...aur mai sab kuch kar sakti hu.....thank you so much sir.....wahan kuch bi naya nahii bataya par sirf wahi baaten batayi jo shayad hamare mann ke andar kisi kone mein dab chuki thi......I am really feeling good.......Yipeeee!!!
- Anubha Shakya
It was actually the life-changing seminar. You made my day really great. I got so much inspiration from your seminar. Being an engineering student I totally agree with what you said that engineering students do sins for their college but after attending your seminar I never pay attention to these kind of stuffs and now I am very much sure that I will achieve success very soon because everything is "Aasaan hai".
- Priyanka Mahur
Hi sir, my name is Amar Goud and I am from Bangalore. You do not know how much you have changed my life, there was a time when I used to cry and curse my life. I was questioning my existence and considered my life a total waste. At times, I thought of ending my life due to many failures in my life. However, one day I was simply browsing for inspirational videos on YouTube, and incidentally I saw your Life-Changing Seminar link, clicked it and watched it for two hours. It was really a Life-Changing seminar for me. It inspired me a lot and I got a new life. After that, I conducted a seminar at my college through your DVD where around 40 to 50 students attended it. They too liked it and felt inspired. I attended your seminar of 8th September in Delhi and got a very big lesson. I promise you that one day I will make your dream come true. I do not have the words to thank you, but I am very sure that one day I would do something big to complement you. Thanks....
- Amar Goud
Hi, I am a Software developer. Your seminar has motivated me a lot and added extra energy to do things. I have shared your message with all my near and dear ones. I also ordered the DVD for my brother in India and told him to share it with his friends too. Great thinking. I am thankful to you.
- Atul Kumar Patel
Hi Sandeep Bro, I will be really happy if I ever get an opportunity to meet you. Your work is inspiring millions of people across the globe. I did not hear about you just five days before but you just changed my thoughts. Two things make you different from others speaker and that is your down to earth approach and an emotional bonding which you make with the audience. Keep smiling and aasaan hai.
- Nadeem Ahmad
Magic Man. Great salute to you. You have done the favor to me and specially to my family by doing this seminar in Hindi language. You have the capability to make the change in others. This is the gift of God. I have decided to become another Sandeep Maheshwari. I know everyone can't do it. This is not Aasaan Hai but I will do it because I have carefully listened to Sandeep Bhai. I would like to see you live. Whenever I will get opportunity, I would definitely meet you. Thank you so much from my all family members for uploading this video. We heartily respect and love you.
- Prashant Patwari
Hi Sandeep, its mind blowing, inspirational, extremely good very practical and really motivated. 'Aasaan Hai' is really a successful mantra.
- Ghanshyam Singh
It was an excellent seminar. Very practical and very real. In real life, successful people also face the same scenario like unsuccessful people, but they do not bother for failure and keep continue their efforts which leads them to success. I pray more success to Sandeep. He is such a person who is ready to share his success with others.
- Vinod Kumar
Hello Sir, it was an awesome feeling, while watching your seminar video. I received your free DVD and I showed it to all my family members. I am also trying to share this DVD with the maximum number of people. I too believe "Ek Din Ye Duniya Badlegi Aur Jis Din Aisa Hoga, it will be the greatest miracle". Thanks a lot Sir.
- Vrishav Churiwal
Thanks for sending DVD of the Last Life-Changing seminar. Yadi mai PM hota to aapki DVD picture hall me free me jarur chalwa deta jis se logo ko ye sabak mil sake ki ek aadmi puri India badlane ka hausala rakhta hai, to hum log bhi bahut kuchh kar sakte hai. Mai aapko apni taraf se pranam karta hu aur thanks bhi kahta hoon, because aap jo kahte hain wahi karte bhi hain. Jaise ki aapne kahne ke anusaar sabhi ko free me DVD bheji hai.
- Bayash Kushwaha
I started my own business on 12 June 2012 and till date I am struggling but whenever I feel demotivated I just listen to your seminar and I get motivated. Thanks Sandeep, Aasaan Hai.
- Suhas Phadnis
That was an awesome experience. It was truly a Life-Changing seminar for me. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Aparna Bhardwaj
I started to watch this seminar with a thought that it's just another seminar on "Positivity" but with all my surprise I really found it Life-Changing. The main lesson I learned that we all are indulging ourselves in the parameters of society so much but in fact we are not attached with ourselves. We all have a dream but we don't keep it inside, we do nothing to make it real and at last we end up with something else. Sandeep has given me a simple term to think on a right direction to fulfill my all plans and that is Aasaan Hai. Thanks a lot and keep spreading the spirit.
- Chintan Dave
You are the one who changed my life. I am speechless. I have no words to describe you. I would like to say that you are the one who turned all my illusions to reality. Really aasaan hai!
- Utkarsh Srivastava
Really Sir, aasaan hai, aasaan hai, bas hamare andar self confidence hona chayie ki jo bhi hum kar rahe hai wo sahi hai. I listen anthem song many times and it gives me extra power. Ek aisi power jo mera saara dar dur kar deti hai. I love your lines, "success comes from experiences and experiences comes from bad experiences". Thanks
- Rajat Varshney
I received the autographed 'Last Life-Changing experience' DVD from Sandeep Maheshwari. I really loved it. Thank you for sharing your priceless experiences with us. After your seminar I developed the attitude of 'Aasaan Hai' for everything. I am doing my work with full confidence and with a right approach and with full dedication. Really Sir you rock! I was also a part of your last program 'Illusion to reality', I will just say it was totally mind blowing. From that seminar I learned that everything is possible. Because what I believe what a man has done, a man can do. Again thanks Sir for everything.
- Ganesh Kumar
We are the creator of our life. Ups and downs are the part of life but we can do anything if we really want to do.
- Deepti Chahar
What a vibrant speech! This is the first time I have seen someone giving us free inspiration without personal benefits. I applied some topics to my life and its really working. I salute you Sir. I am also a photographer and you have really made all photographers proud.
- Mois Khan
Hi Sir, I am very happy to see your video and it was really a touching and inspirational video. God bless you and if you need any kind of help, I will be there for you and for anyone who think that I can help them financially or psychologically, because I also believe in Sharing.
- Sameer Kumar Thakur
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