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I would also like to do something like, what Sandeep Sir is doing. It is really appreciable. I strictly believe that there is nobody in this whole world who is a bad person, but it is just a matter of circumstances which control human behavior. Very few people like Sandeep Maheshwari identifies the root cause of failures and success and guides us to apply practical approach towards it. The sharing and the inner satisfaction is of paramount importance. Sir, I will not express my thanks just in words because that is not what you want. But I assure you that someday I will also take your place on some stage. I already do so in my living circle like college, hostel, home etc. Thanks a lot sir!
- Samarth Saxena
Sandeep Maheshwari is truly commendable..I am too small in front of him even to say anything about him but definitely I will say that he is an angel who is here on earth to guide us at any point of life... May god bless him with all happiness and success he wants in life. I would also like to say that one day when I will achieve my success then I will honour him with something very very special.....with lots of love and respect....Ishika
- Ishika Gupta
I would consider today the luckiest day of my life. I was surfing the internet and came across the video of Sandeep Maheshwari. First, I thought it would be just an inspiring video that I came across many a times. I watched it for about five minutes and believe me I found myself watching till the end. Such is the way of his conveying the message that I felt lot of positive vibes. This is the best inspiring video I have ever watched. The openness with which he speaks makes one feel that, this man really wants people to change from his heart. The things, which I believed to be difficult, were actually so “Aasaan”. Many thanks to him...
- Daxesh Tailor
Greatest, powerful, wonderful and miraculous. Great morning Dear Sandeep Sir, nothing is impossible because impossible means I am possible. So everything is possible. You are great Sir, really everything is aasaan hai. I love you and really miss you a lot.
- Vijay Guru
Dear Sandeep Sir, you are doing one of the greatest jobs in the world and that is motivating people. Your examples are very real. You have taught us that everything is very easy. Thanks for motivating us.
- Murli Manohar
Hello Sir. I am an Indian and now I am living in New Zealand. I started listening to your seminars from last two months and I am really thankful to you for all the things you are doing. I started meditation after listening to your meditation session. Its really good. Thank you very much.
- Jujhar Dhaliwal
Firstly, I have to say I that belong to Nepal. No problem and no barrier of nationalities, the main thing is humanity and you have are doing a great work. I would ask you to spread it not only in India but at international level. I will support you and people will help you.
- Ujjal Sitaula
The more you listen the more you gain and the more you share. I developed many qualities after watching his seminars. I want to listen to him more and more and off course I do share what I gain. Hats off to you. Cheers!
- Shantanu Chauhan
Sir, I am speechless, it has really changed something from inside. You are my inspiration now. I along with my husband and my 14 year son watched your DVD of "Last Life-Changing Seminar" and we all couldn't control our emotions at the end. My son salutes you daily for your kind gestures which you are doing for the society. I after watching the video ordered couple of more DVDs for my colleagues in my office and yesterday I organized audio-video presentation cum workshop kind of session for three hours and showed it to all the core members of our company. I wish you could have been here to see the response. Since yesterday you have become the center of attraction of our company. I have then placed request to Mr. Ashok for couple of more DVDs for our branch office. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart
- Seema Motwani
Today I have attended the last life-changing seminar of Sandeep Maheshwari. It was really most important day of my life. It was quite an emotional day which changed my way of thinking. It was just like my rebirth. Thanks Sandeep, We Love You.
- Sarayu Dubey
A deeply felt 'Thank you' for the inspiring seminar and free DVD thereof. Sharing what you have in terms of talents, insights from experiences and resources is the biggest contribution and service that one can possibly do for the fellow human beings. You are walking your talk. It is decipherable from what all you are actually doing (Action alone speaks) at this young age and that is what makes it so easy to get inspired by you. I am going to do my bit to carry forward your message/effort. I will share this DVD with as many people as possible. Already uploaded link on Facebook.
- Snigdha Mohanty
Hats off to you Sir. It was sad to know that it was your last seminar. I am suggesting every individual in my circle to watch your seminar video and they have gradually started listening to you. If you ask about change in my life then I must tell you that I have always been calling myself a 'dumb guy' but now its all changed. I've learned how to be happy. At last, thank you Sir.
- Zakir Hussain
Sir, this might be 20th or 25th time I have opened this post comments page to put my comments but I could not write what I wanted to write. You can understand why. You are such a person who actually knows how to enjoy a life and live the life at its fullest. Whenever I watch your videos I feel something like, what a Khusiyo Ki Duniya. I just forget everything and things look so bright. I always feel very great whenever I watch your videos and I always wish to watch it again and again. Thank you so much for this. I truly respect every word you say. Yes you are not God but you are also not less than that. Mai bhi apni life me kuch aisa kar jaun ki jab akhri saans loon to khushi se kahu ki ye thi life, ab le jao God, jahan bhi le jana hai. And yes claps for me that at last I could write and post my comments. I am so happy. God bless you.
- Vandana
Yes, your inspirational speech has awakened our sleeping soul. We used to read the quote of Swami Vivekanand ji “All the power is within you, you can do anything and everything believe in that: Stand up and express the divinity within you.” You have experienced it. Thank You.
- Kedar Khapare was really gr8 of you that you conducted such a good seminar, it is really appreciating, n you keep your words olso as i have recieved your free cd within a week of ordering ..u r really an adorable mahn!!great success to you! and i will olwayz rem'mber your two letter n go through it --"AASAN HAI":-)
- Priyanka Sharma
Hi Sir jee, tussi great ho, aur rahoge. Boss, my name is Manish and I write as, 'man is h(eart)', but Sir jee this belongs to you and yes what you said many will come on the stage and do what you are doing, well count me one of them. I too believe in what you say and do in your life. You are really a person with all heart, God bless you. I loved every second of your two hour video. Kudos to you and the vision you are carrying forward to every human being on this earth. I salute you not by hand but by heart, aur kabhi koi dilwalla chaheye to please is bande ko yaad karna. Jab mai soch raha tha ki dilwale kam milte hai tab I found a very bade dil wala, and that is you Sir Jee.
- Manish Vora
I am privileged to have seen your "Last-Life Changing Seminar video". The way you openly spoke about your failures and how effectively you converted those failures into stepping stones towards your journey to success is commendable. I am deeply inspired by your thoughts and the extraordinary work you have been doing at such a young age. I am short of words to explain the kind of impact it left upon me. I am really motivated and equally inspired by your mission of sharing and helping people without expecting any monetary benefit in return. I would like to give a grand salute to you and wish you a good luck.
- Milind Natekar
Hi Sandeep, I watched your Life-Changing seminar video with my wife and friends on 31st Dec 2012 and believe me we were spell bound up to end. It was really nice and we have shared it with many more friends. I really like your views on sharing with people and making this world a better place. Thanks for showing us a different angle to see the beauty of life. Kudos to you and your team. Cheers!
- Suresh Kala
Sir the video of ur seminar was the best one i ever seen. right now i am a college student i am confused with my future n career bt nw i m feelng confident aftr seeing the video. thanku a lot for sharing ur journey from faliure to success or giving a great definition of success.
- Shristi Priya
Hi, I am a trainer, so I came with lot of questions in my mind. The way you started with that example of balls not going in the glass since the lid was closed. We too keep our mind closed and not allow the new perception enter our mind. The way you connected with more than eight thousand people was just amazing. We as trainers struggle to connect with even twenty people in audience. The message was simple and straight from heart to heart. Thanks would be not kind word to use for what you are doing. Bravo!
- Yogendra Malik
The last Life-Changing Seminar is so motivational with such practical and real examples. Hats off to you Sandeep. Thanks for sending DVD. It's really inspirational and helps us all who are stuck in their life due to failures. This DVD should be shared in schools. I am distributing it to my friends and relatives.
- Alok Singh
Sandeep Sir, I am paralyzed but still thinking that I am succesful and can become more succesful. You made me believe in myself. Thanks a lot, dil se. 'Aasaan Hai'
- Jalpan
I was just surfing on internet and coincidentally saw this video and that day changed my life forever. I don't have words to express my thanks to Sandeep for changing my life. I personally wish for your success in every aspect. As you said, 'someone will come forward like me one day and will do something like me' that guy will be me. That is one of the goal of my life.
- Saran Soni
First of all I want to say thanks to Mr Sandeep Maheshwari for the life changing seminar. I am very inspired and impressed by the seminar and personality of Mr Sandeep Maheshwari. Now i have realised my calibre and potential and i will plan my future according to myself and now i know that i am awesome that's why now i will not care about anyone else's opinion, and i promise that once i got succeed in my life i will not left anyone die from hunger. THANK YOU Mr Sandeep Maheshwari once again.
- Manu Sharma
I just came across this Video on YouTube and I must say that it has changed my perception. A two hour monologue has never kept me interested, but this was just amazing. Sandeep's USP is not his success but his humility. It would be a great honour to meet him at some point of time. People like him are the need of the hour for today's time.
- Tanveer Sait
I don't know how I reached to your seminar. But I think I was looking for this event only. I also want to do something for society and others and I was thinking it can be done by wearing white or orange clothes but you changed my belief. Thank you. Presently I am working in a multi-national company as an engineer and I don't know in which way I can contribute to others but I will do it in my own way by following your path. Hats off you Sir. I will also say on my death bed that I have lived my life. Thanks a lot.
- Jay Kumar
I am a service man and do a part time job of insurance adviser. Last year I closed only one policy but now after watching your video I am charged and I have closed 5 policies. I have changed my attitude. I trust we can do it, it's easy, "Aasaan Hai". Thank you very very much Sandeep Sir.
- Keraba Vhaktar
I watched your seminar on 1st January and made my resolution that I would start applying this powerful slogan "Aasaan Hai" in my life. I have also started taking actions and not just making plans. Thank you Sir, for your positive vibes given to us.
- Priyanka Chauhan
Let me thank you from my heart for sending me such an incredible asset 'Life-Changing Experience DVD'. I was very touched and moved. The presentation was so simple and I admire Sandeep's honest intentions of changing this world to be a better place. The content was inspiring by saying to follow your intuition and desire. To become a child in learning, never to get disturbed by the failures and ultimately a very emotional request cum commitment asking to help others in needy. Just great and a big applause for truly inspiring millions of people like me!
- Ramya Satyanarayana
I just now watched your seminar. I am very much impressed by the clarity of your thoughts and how easily you put forward everything truly in front of the world. The amazing part was Aasaan Hai. I promise to you and myself that when I will become successful, I'll surely help the needy ones.
- Ayushi Goel
"Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” - Brian Tracy It's so true for you. I am inspired by your spirit of living life. Even I have shared your talks with many of my friends. I have a request. Please organize some photography workshops for the people who wish to learn it as a hobby. You will get many interested people like me.
- Twisha Hathi
I am lucky that I came across with the Life-Changing seminar when I was browsing the internet randomly. After listening this seminar I am aware of my strengths and weakness. Now really whenever I am in a trouble I try to remember the words "Aasaan Hai". I am doing research and sometimes after a long effort I do not get results as I expect and get disappoint but now I do not feel like that. I have attended so many inspirational seminars or lectures but most of them seems theoretical. After looking this seminar I think I do not have to do anything, just listen to heart and be free from our wrong perceptions. This is the exact way to face and solve the challenge. Thanks a lot Sir for your great words. The impact of this seminar will remain in my life forever. Naresh Chandra, Sweden
- Naresh Chandra
Right now I really don't know, what to say and how to say. But I want to tell you that when you were concluding your last Life-Changing seminar, I just burst into tears. And at that time an avalanche of thoughts were going through my mind about all the things I failed and regretted for failing, all the things I never did in fear of failing. But one thing was constantly hitting me that I could have done all these things If I would have heard this man before and then promised myself that now I will do all what I can. And since then a lot of things have happened and life has taken a new turn. The mantra you gave is really true and now I apply 'Aasaan Hai' for everything. I have already shared your video with a lot of my friends and some of them are really helped.
- Akash Raj Singh
Yo Sandeep... dude you are awesome man. I have been trying to start my business and to go back to India. This is my internal feeling but as usual parents are like stay in US and all... Your video just gave me a push to follow my internal voice. Will write to you one day when I have my own business and I really wanna meet you dude. Such an inspiration. Love you bro :)
- Sree Harsha Uddandam
Hello Sandeep Jee, I got your DVD. It's really very fantastic. I shared it with my relatives and friends, all were admired and inspired by this. I am very thankful to you for your precious words. It helps me to smile, being happy and strong. I am waiting for your next session and would always be connected with you through Facebook.
- Ragini Garg
Hi Sandeep, Just three hours back I was not knowing anything about you and coincidentally I watched your Life Changing seminar video on You Tube. It was really so inspiring and I learnt many things from it. Many people are getting inspired by you and I am one among them. I attended many seminars but this was the best. I followed your principle of sharing and I shared your video on facebook with my friends so that every one can learn something out of it. Hearty Thanks to you.
- Parveen Kumar
I came in contact with Sandeep Maheshwari Sir while doing net surfing. His videos motivated me to search for some more, which was like finding a gold mine of motivation. I follow his instructions and show his videos to groups. I also ask people to register on his website. He is an uncommon person in our society. I pray to God to give him long life and give many more Sandeep Maheshwaris to the society. I have posted his photographs on my web page and I wish I could meet him once in my life.
- Manish N Trivedi
Thank you so much. A big Change in my thoughts. It was actually the Life-Changing seminar. You made my day really great. I got so much inspiration from your seminar. Being an engineering student, I totally agree with what you said that engineering students do sins for their college but after attending your seminar I never pay attention to these kind of stuffs and now I am very much sure that I will achieve success very soon because everything is "Aasaan hai".
- Peeyush Kakkar
This Life-Changing seminar is so inspirational for me and my friends because after watching this video everything became "Aasaan". I liked his emotions and qualities and I promise to become a champion just like him.
- Satyam Singh
Dear Sandeep, first of all thanks for providing me the DVD of your Last Life-Changing seminar. I am delighted to inform you that, I had enjoyed your seminar and learned some lessons which will be cent percent beneficial for me in my upcoming life. Secondly, the thing which I noted in your seminar is that you always take your own examples to clarify any point that is impressive. Wish you best of luck and I hope you will always motivate we Mango People. May God Bless You!
- Kunal Kapoor
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