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Sandeep Sir, your passion for sharing and changing the life of people is amazing. Your sessions are so mesmerizing and knowledgeable. Earlier, past was my comfort zone and future was my destiny. You taught me that both are completely useless. We must live in the present moment, is the biggest lesson of life for me.
- Dr. Aroon
Your seminars are spectacular. It is certainly amazing to feel transformation in our beliefs and our thought patterns in such a short span of time. Your videos fill my spirit with an aura of positivity. To thank you would be a very small repay, still I just want to convey my gratitude. I will always be grateful to you. Keep spreading your charisma. Stay blessed and lots of good wishes.
- Sonali Priyadarshini
I saw your video "Realistic Positive Thinking" on YouTube. In that one video, I got answers to many of my questions especially the one that how to make a right decision as a student. I got this answer that I should listen to my inner calling or intuition. I would not thank you but, I just want to promise that I will do something to help others no matter what problems I face in my life.
- Shivangi Dharne
Dear Sandeep, you are my source of inspiration. I attended the "India Tour Bengaluru Session". I didn't realize how those three hours passed away like a fraction of second. I feel fortunate to be able to find you. Your seminar is simple but it touches the heart. You put in lot of effort to bring awareness in our lives. It is really a remarkable step to make us aware about life. It was a wonderful experience. Many thanks to you.
- Hussein Shaik
Hi Sandeep! The seminar was really good. It was worth attending. I would like to tell you that I was so engrossed in listening to your seminar that I didn't even realized for a second how it came to an end. Also, my exams are approaching and your 'Aasaan Hai' is proving a great booster to me and I believe that it will continue to do so in future as well. Thank you!
- Tanvi Kapoor
Sir, one of my friends followed your sharing philosophy and shared some of your videos with me. After watching your videos, I felt re-energized with a whole new sense of positivity. I am really feeling like everything is Aasaan Hai!
- Latika Mittal
Sandeep Sir, I am a teacher in a computer center. Before watching your videos, I was very depressed. Your videos have helped me a lot in improving my life. The aim of my life is to be happy and I know that it is very easy to be happy. Aasaan Hai!
- Supriya Das
I was in search of correct wavelength to amplify my efforts. You came in my life as an amplifier and tuned me to a frequency that led to increase in oscillations of my burning desire. My desire then became a purpose. After watching your first video, I was so inspired that I quickly watched rest of the videos one after the other. Now, even after losing so many times in my life, I started it all over again and see I have done it. The way you share your perspective of life has opened many doors to success for me. You are truly a great motivator and an inspiration that wakes up people's minds from sleep. At last I just want to say that you are awesome, just the way you are.
- Lunagaria Denish
I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. 26 times I have been trusted to take the winning shot and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And still today, I am ready for the next game. That's why I am inspired by you.
- Amit Pradhan
Dear Sandeep, I have watched your videos and they are truly inspiring. Your videos have changed my thought patterns. You were very right in saying that 'The day we believe we are successful, we indeed are successful'. May god create many souls like you. Aasaan Hai! Keep it up. God bless you.
- Yogesh Ghuge
Hello Sandeep, I must say you are doing a great job. Making me believe in self is my biggest achievement. My best wishes are with you. Keep making life 'Aasaan' for masses.
- Shilpi Sharma
I first saw you at Dr. Subhash Chandra's show. Then I googled about you and soon realized that you are the one I have been looking for years. Sir you have helped me a lot to find my latent strengths. Whenever I feel depressed, one line comes to my mind i.e. 'Aasaan Hai' and that creates all the difference. Best wishes from my side and keep doing the good work.
- Kunal Kumar Jha
Hello Sandeep Sir. In my life, you are acting as a proof of the quotation that there is always a silver lining even in the darkest place. Truly speaking, you are my hero.
- Ayush Kiledar
Sir I am very thankful to you. It's only because of you that I found the right path and right direction to my goal. My mind got distracted at times. The fear to face problems in life made me depressed and I lost hope for everything. But now I feel that something good is going to happen in future as I am living in the present just because of you. Hats off to you!
- Kanchan Kashyap
Thank you Sir for inspiring us all. When I started preparation for IIT, there were many ups and downs, but whenever I felt that I was losing, I referred to your sessions and they helped me to keep going. Thank you.
- Kalpit Prajapati
I have seen 'The Unstoppable' session. I discovered in myself that more rusty a mind is, the more difficult it is to become stable. It takes time to settle gradually. Therefore, I meditate at least once in a day. Now I feel changes in my attitude and even in my understanding. Its only because of you. It is very nice of you to do such inspirational kind of things. God bless you.
- Parkash Maheshwary
Hello Sir. I have watched your videos and they are truly very inspiring. Your videos have changed my thought patterns. You were very right in saying that 'The day we believe we are successful, we indeed are successful'. May god create many souls like you. Aasaan Hai! Keep it up. God bless you.
- Ashish Maurya
Hello Sandeep Sir, your Life-Changing seminar was really a life changing one. I learnt many things through this seminar and have decided to share it with all my friends and relatives because the true success lies in sharing. After watching this video I have promised that no matter what happens, no matter how many times I fail, I will keep on doing what my heart says, irrespective of what others say or feel because 'Yeh Bhi Aasaan Hai'.
- Lavina Harchandnai
Sandeep, you are really doing an excellent job. When, I was working on a World Class Education project, I was facing many problems. After watching your videos, ninety nine percent of the problems just kicked off. Your seminars were like a helping hand in my project and life. Thank you so much Sandeep.
- Sunil Saini
Ignorant of me not to know about you even a month before and now here I am realizing that I was already on the right track. What I was lacking was a bit of clear vision. And too has been cleared after watching your videos. Thank you a lot.
- Mistu Mukherjee
Sandeep Sir, you have transformed my perception towards life. After watching your sessions, what I observed in myself is that there is now a decrease in attachments. I have not only realized the secret to success but also the power of sharing, compassion and love. Kudos to you! Aasaan Hai!
- Mukesh R Tiwari
Your efforts to inspire people are truly inspiring. You might be ordinary but your dedication is extraordinary.
- Vijay Iyenger
Dear Sandeep Sir, thank you for your lectures. i have never experienced this level of practical spirituality before. You have made understanding of spirituality so easy. Thank you!
- Dr Saurabh Mali
The life I am living today, it's wonderful and it's just because of Sandeep. I have forgotten all the pain of my past. Now work is the focus of my life and nothing else. Thanks man, thanks.
- Mohammad Hasan
Hi Sandeep Sir! First of all, thank you so much for your inspirational words. I have watched almost all your videos. The story of two brothers in 'Most Powerful Motivational Story' and the story of Karoly Takacs told by you are the most inspirational story for me. The day I will meet you will be the most wonderful day of my life. I hope my dream comes true very soon. Thank you!
- Sarang Dhande
Dear Sandeep, today I first saw your video and since then I am continuously watching your videos. Never in my life had I seen this kind of speech, my sincere thanks to you. You are doing a great job by motivating youth for taking right decisions in their life. Thanks a lot. God bless you.
- Rajiv Kumar
It was a pleasure to see the transformation in my beliefs, before and after I attended your enlightening seminars. It was akin to meeting the child in me; waiting to befriend me, to hold my hands to take me on a journey to the state of bliss. Life always seemed to be a marathon, where I was chasing the finish line. The best moment was realizing that every single moment is success and it should be celebrated. I feel fortunate to be associated with a creative mind like yours. Now, small is truly the new big. Kudos for your efforts Sandeep.
- Vaishali Chopra
Sandeep Sir, everybody just gives lecture on what to do but nobody tells how to do it. You explain indirectly how to do something and how to persist in doing it. I attended your "India Tour Patna Session" and I observed that you always experiment on yourself what you say and you learn from the experiences in your life. Hats off to you Sir.
- Jay Raj
I always wanted a person to guide me what is wrong and what is right. And after seeing your videos and after hearing your speeches, I believe that I have found that person who will help me in every action I would undertake. I work with Intelligence now and not with my Mind. Thank you Sir. Your contribution in my life is unforgettable. I will feel blessed if I ever get a chance to attend a live seminar of you.
- Srabani Dutta
I was always a positive thinker and had read so many books on law of attraction and positive thinking. I knew everything but there was something which was lacking. May be my land was fertile but I wasn't ready to sow the seeds but after watching your video my life changed. I started taking actions and responsibility for my life. I always wanted to be an actor and a model but wasn't doing any thing for it. After watching your video I gave several auditions and did few other things which were necessary which I could not do it earlier may be because of the fear of failure. And the result was amazing. I have so many print shoots with me and I am doing the lead in the serial "Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar" on DD national channel. I am so happy as I am living my dream each day.
- Disha Sachdeva
Respected Sandeep Sir, all your sessions are mind blowing. After watching your session videos I have understood the root cause of all our problems. I can now face all the problems and challenges with asmile. I have found myself now. Thank you Sir. Stay blessed. Aasaan Hai!
- Arun Kapila
Thank you Sandeep Sir for coming in our life to motivate us. You are like a blessing to all your followers and for me too. You are a true leader and true motivator. Thank you for all your sessions. I saw a big transformation in my thoughts in a positive way only because of you.
- Krishma Verma
Hello Sir, I have watched all your videos. When I was in my job in a company, I came across and watched your video. Thereafter, a voice in my heart kept saying that I never want to do this job and I want to be the owner of a company. So, I left my job that day and now I am the owner of a company. Thank you so much that you inspired me to do what I really want to do.
- Priyanka Kathiriya
Dear Sandeep, your stories, your messages and all your chosen topics are truly phenomenal. I live in Europe and each day, your seminar videos help me to get back on track.
- Anand Patwardhan
After attending your seminar on 'Courage for Students' and after watching your seminar videos, my perception towards the world has totally changed. The session on 'Real Meaning of Meditation' taught me to think about life in a simple manner. Its only through your sessions that I learned that the ultimate goal of life is to enjoy the present moment because we can't be sure about what's going to happen in the very next moment. In fact, I should say that there is no next moment. Thank you Sir for showing me the correct way to live.
- Vikas Nikalje
Dear Sandeep, just found about you few days back from my cousin. I can say I am already a fan. World is only changed only by teams of few ordinary people. Every one is special. Everyone is unique. Keep it up. Keep inspiring and aspiring!
- Abhishek Sharma
Sandeep, you are really doing an excellent job. When, I was working on a World Class Healthcare project, I was facing many problems. After watching your videos, ninety percent of the problems just kicked off. Your seminars were like a helping hand to my project and life. Thank you so much Sandeep. Stay happy and blessed.
- Dr. Jaya Deshmukh
After watching your videos I have realized that nothing is impossible in life. Everything is easy. You are a true genius. I am very thankful to you Sir. God bless you.
- Jagdeep Singh
Sandeep Sir, I am so inspired by you. I don't know whether God is really there or not but people like you are really so valuable for this world. God bless you Sir.
- Snehal Bari
I had a big dream to become a famous person. I wanted to get more attention and recognition but, I was also concerned about what will others think of me. After watching your video, Now, I have removed all the non-supporting factors from my mind and the magic of life has started to happen. Today, I am the happiest person in the whole world because I am far away from unnecessary chatters. Thank you Sandeep. I love you.
- Vipin Dwivedi
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