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I feared, I feared anything and everything I used to do. Then I listened to you. And my heart expanded dissolving all the fears and making me fearless!
- Sameen Khan
Hi Sandeep, you are such a beautiful person who understands how to live life with all its emotions and attention both. You are the leader who is leading the youth of India and teaching them to become the master of their own life. You are an instrument of God who is spreading wisdom everywhere. Thank you so much for inspiring all. Keep working like this!
- Poonam Rawat
Hello Sandeep Sir, words are unable to express the greatness and worthiness of some unique personalities and Sir Sandeep Maheshwari, you are the cream of the crop. I adhere your concepts relating to different aspects of our life. While learning and teaching without a mentor, all my skills and beliefs would still miss a charm but after watching you, I got what I was looking for. At the end, I would like to say that I admire you the most and want to meet you as soon as possible in life. Thanks a lot Sir. Please accept my gratitude.
- Gaurav Sharma
Sir you are really a great great man! I don't know anyone in the world except you, who has changed the perception of life in such a way. A big hats off to you Sir. After seeing your seminars and sessions, I am clear about many things in my life. Thank you and love you very much Sir!
- Lakshmi Waghmode
Hello Sandeep Sir! I have seen your all videos on You Tube. I have never ever seen such a energetic, motivator personality like you and now a days I am implementing your thoughts in my life. Thank you so much Sir.
- Ajay Kumar Verma
Thank you Sir ! I would like say thanks a lot for sharing your positivity and bringing positivity in our life. I would love to say that after watching your videos I have became fan of myself. I just love myself in every aspect of life it doesn't matter good or bad experiences with me. One thing I love about your videos is that you represent yourself the way you really are, you don't pretend. Hats off to you Sir.
- Sonali Maharana
Hello Sandeep Sir ! I am biggest fan of you. I am handicapped was so sad about my life and future(job) but after watching your videos I solved my mind questions. Now a days I am feeling so good. You are the best mind changer man and hero of those peoples who have scared about job and happiness. You are the biggest man with biggest ideas. Thank you very much Sir
- Prince Sharma
Sir ! You are really doing a good work. What I like about your sessions is that you not only tell about bringing about a change in our way of thinking but how to make that change & how to connect to it. Thank you
- Sumit Kumar
I am a big fan of you. Seeing you seminars and sessions, I got to know about the basic difference between our 'Mann' and our 'Buddhi'. This understanding changed my life, really. So, I am just fulfilling my dream life now. Love you so much Sir!
- Rishabh Kataria
A big thank you to you. You are the real legend of India.
- Swati Prasad
Thank you so much Sir for all your videos. The content has come from your deep understanding of spirituality, VEDAS. Thank you and God bless you Sir!
- Trupti Deolekar
Greetings Sir! I am from Nepal. Your videos really inspire me. When I was watching your basic meditation section, in that you told to just close your eyes and try to listen your inner sound, in just 1 min without any ear plug I heard it. Now I realize the Truth, Secret, Mystery of life and now 24 hours I hear the inner sound. Thank you very much.
- Simran Paudel
You are truly an awaken person and wonderful Human Being. Sandeep Sir you are an inspiration for not only younger generation but for all age group. God Bless you for doing such a wonderful service to humanity. I also found a new direction of life by watching your videos and also trying to impact the society in a better way. I will not thank you for enlightening us with such golden words of wisdom but in your words will definitely try to help people in distress. And in your words overcoming obstacles in life is also Aasaan Hai !
- Sumit Sengupta
Dear Sandeep ! Suddenly I found yours videos on YouTube. It's an amazing event for me to listen to your videos you shared. Your sessions provide a great encouragement for the creative works by crossing by wrong beliefs. It's great to have you in this world. Your powerful words inspire me a lot. You are helping depressed people. Thank you very much. Keep inspiring ! God Bless You.
- Dr. Arun Kumar Singh
Hello Sandeep Sir! Your sessions relate to everyone's life. They have changed me completely with a lot of confidence and realistic positive thinking like I had never before. Such a beautiful soul you are, you are precious for all. 'Lagta Tha Pehle Mushkil Hain Raaste, Na Koi Mukaam Hai. Jab Se Aap Aaye Hamari Zindagi Mein, Ab Lagta Sab Aasaan Hai!' God bless you.
- Lavisha Mehta
Dear Sandeep Sir! I learnt a lot from you, I have a lot of interest in spiritualism since childhood but I was very confused. I read number of books on spirituality but did not get the answer of my question but when I listen your seminars, I got answers of many questions. Thank you so much
- Shailendra Bhatt
Hello Sandeep Sir ! The best thing happened with me some years ago. It was my board exams and I was feeling very low at that time then one of my teacher told me to watch your videos and then I saw most of your videos, all videos were very motivated and fabulous. Since then I have became your fan. I had never listened my inner voice which was music industry and be a musician, but else I was going towards the money to fulfill my desire. But now I have taken a step to go with my inner voice, devoting time on me to improve myself. Regardless of the money now I started thinking that if I will improve myself in anything then money will definitely follow me. Thanks Sir for your great speeches.
- Akash Garg
Hello Sir, your sessions are a source of motivation and energy. I have experienced a different energy inside me after watching your sessions. Thank you.
- Bhumika Lalwani
While giving my presentations, I would either escape or would mug up my notes and go on stage. This time I decided to adopt your style and speak only that which is 'my' experience. Everyone applauded me after the presentation, it was so smooth. This amazing difference you have brought in my life and many more lives!
- Rashmi
Nothing changed my life as much as your 'How to Control Your Mind' session did. Practising what you spoke about in that video opened a whole new world for me. Thanks for everything!
- Arpit Goyal
Sir my brother told me about you when I was only trying to get out of all my worries to live a peaceful life. Through you I came to know about the Sound of Silence. I now understand what is the true meaning of God. Sound of Silence has opened my doorway to happiness. Whether crowded with people or alone, I can be happy all by myself. And today when I get disturbed by thinking about my past, I just close my eyes, look at all things as a third person and believe me, I literally find solutions to all my problems. Thank you!
- Jahnavi Patel
You are the one who actually takes me out of the deep well of ignorance. You motivate me not to follow people, rather to learn from them.
- Amar Deep Mishra
Thanks a lot Sir ! Your sessions provide a great encouragement for the creative works by crossing by wrong beliefs. It's great to have you in my life.
- Aditi Prakash
I am following you from last two years. I, literally find myself and all my questions vanishing day by day. After experiencing the subtle vibrations of the 'Sound of Silence', as you say I am playing with my life and seeing myself as a third person. It's a very powerful way to get liberated from the rat race of this world. I have also achieved financial success and moving forward in life. I am enjoying my life, not being a paranoid anymore. Thanks a lot for letting me meet myself.
- Mohd Adil Siddiqui
Hello Sandeep Sir, the way you express things, they fit so easily into our lives. I have been really motivated by your videos. Thank you!
- Jahnabee
I just want to say a word 'Thank you' Sir. You are the ideal of my life and you taught me many things that no one can teach me. You bring me out of the world of "khacchars" and made me to think different and deep. Now my life is too easy and I am too happy. I am not blindly following you. I am just understanding and learning. I am your biggest fan. You are doing a great job and I have no words how to appreciate you. The first place is mother place and second place is God's place but now the third place in life is all yours. You are genius and a good comedian also. No words for you Sandeep Sir. Love you.
- Prateek
You are great Sir. You changed my life completely you gave me vision of life. You made me aware, awake of my thoughts my mind. You gave broader vision to life thank you is a very small word but its my gratitude.
- Rashmi Gurunani
I have really inspaired and motivated by your thoughts and way of speaking. My all problems has been resolved after watching your sessions but I wish all over India's people will growth in the world. Thank you Sir
- Umesh Gome
Hello Sir! I am a very big fan of yours. Everyday I saw your video and learnt from that and Sir really your all sessions are natural. We connect that to our day to day life and change ourselves.Thank you Sir.
- Lavita Tuwani
Hello Sir ! I just want to tell you Sir God can't come in front of us for explain us the rules of life that's way god send you in front of us. I am normal humen being Thank you. I have learnt so many thing from your videos. Thank you Sir.
- Hemant Koge
Dear Sir ! Thank you so much to be there for guiding us and I was always think what is the solution of my problems and I always discuss these things indirectly with others but I did not get my solutions but after watching your sessions you make me learn how to solve my problems and confusions. You make us learn how to study the life deal with it's problems. Thank you Sir
- Sumit Kumar Paryani
Sir! I am a great fan of yours. You are my greatest inspiration, I had seen all your famous seminars and videos and I really like the way you think. I feel that the way you think is same the way I feel about certain things. I also think deeply in every aspect of my life and just because of that some of my friends think that I am not like them. I know ,I am a little different from others . I am a teenager student and people thinker. The way I feel and think makes me mad but from your videos now I learned to believe in myself. Thank you for doing this great job. People really need an ideal man like you. Your and my mission is same. I also wanted to create unlimited leaders who can change this world and you have given me the courage to do something.
- Srishti Gupta
Sir ! I have never attended your live session but I have seen all your vedios on You Tube. Whenever I fail in every work then I remember you then I think I have to win in every situation then I boost myself with positive thinking and back to work. Thank you so much
- Ganesh Sankpal
Dear Sir! I really appreciate your efforts to bring positive changes in the lives of people. Personally I watched almost all of your videos on your You Tube official channel. I am a teacher myself and my lectures often contains a touch of ideas I learnt from your lectures. Recently I watched a video titled ‘RapidFire - How to Stay Focused’ where at the end you said not to think about after life rather we should be pragmatic declaring it an imaginary problem. That was so good. Thank you Sir
- Fazal Hakim
Hi Sir! I am a CA Student and few days ago, luckily, I got to watch your session by the name of 'Power of Focus for Students'. At that time, I was going through very tough time of my life. Because of my failure in exams, I was about to quit. But after watching this video, I got inspired instantaneously. It helped me a lot. I worked on myself as you said, and now I am a different person. Now I am a fighter who will never give up. I am now more confident, more focused and more energetic. I studied hard, put my 100% in my studies and as a result, cleared my exams. Thank you Sir for teaching me the real meaning of life.
- Gayatri Phale
Sir ! You are a inspiration for me. Actually I watch your all videos. They are very inspirational. You are amazing sir. Your mind is very fast and clear. Always inspire us sir and I am a big fan of yours.
- Vikram Jamwal
Hello Sir, I have watched all your videos. When I was in my job in a company, I came across and watched your video. Thereafter, a voice in my heart kept saying that I never want to do this job and I want to be the owner of a company. So, I left my job that day and now I am the owner of a company. Thank you so much that you inspired me to do what I really want to do.
- Priyanka Kathiriya
Boom! All my problems disappeared as if they never existed. Feeling as young and energetic as I was in my teens. I can now see Happiness and Sadness both in me joining hands and pushing me forward. Wow! You are amazing. And just words are not enough to express what you are. Keep sharing and I will forward the same SHARING.
- Navin Sainani
Sandeep Sir, you are my full time inspiration. I can't even tell how you changed my perception of this world. After watching your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', I am damn sure that everything happens for some reason and that it is good for us. The work you are doing is truly awesome. Actually you are the person who helps youth to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. A big hats off to you Sir. May God bless you and give you more power to enlighten the path of thousands of young minds like me. Thanks a lot!
- Rahul Sharma
Sandeep Sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I could not find a solution to my problems, you came in my life and it was the start of my life getting aligned again. The biggest message I learnt is that the direction of my journey is actually inwards and not outwards. Sir, I just want to tell you that, I would try my best to thank you in your way sharing your mission, because You, the person who speaks his heart out in the seminars no longer seems a Person to me but a Mission! Heartiest thank you!
- Shivangi Dua
I am a big fan of Sandeep Sir. In my routine every day I saw Sir’s at least one video. Because in my day to day life so many things around me distract my mind. From now on I can feel that one day I win from all these distractions. Aasaan Hai! I share this beautiful experience with everyone. Now I live always in a present moment. I enjoy every second of my life. Thank you so much.
- Pal Singh Padiyar
I Don't know what to write.What all I can say your words are magical which always make aura magical happy, lively charming. One feel so special and blessed after hearing you. God bless you!
- Asma Jain
Sandeep is not an inspirational speaker, neither he is a spiritual healer, nor a follower of any kind of previously recognized schools of thought. He is rather a unique fusion of organic nature of a human being. After listening to his videos, it feels to me that he has waken up in this age with a realization of the toxic fundamental mistakes collective human race has made in the past. Excellent research and perfect solution he has detected from the present age.
- Mohammed Shahid
Hello Sir! A big salute to you. I really got lot of inspiration from you. I can say your magical words brought a drastic change in me and in my attitude towards everything. As I am a school student now I am confident enough your session will help me to build my career in future. Aaasan Hai. Thanks a lot.
- Navaratna Agarwal
Hello Sir ! Your speech is really heart touching and inspiring. It helps us to free from comfort zone and help to work on our dreams. Sir you are doing a great job. And wishing you all the best and God bless you.
- Anson Thankachan
Thank you sir for exploring women in lime light. And today I have watched your recent video 'how to overcome suicidal thoughts'. I personally very attached by each wordings and thought this is the exact video only made for me. Perhaps I will help number of students and I will try to focus on searching out for those unusual doors for success rather than focusing only for routine career doors. Once again Thank you so much
- Miral Ladani
Respected Sir, you really helped me solve many of the problems in my life. Your powerful words inspire me a lot. God has sent you to help depressed people like me. Thank you very much Sir. Keep inspiring!
- Madhu Shukla
From the beginning of the life we learn by seeing and listening. And today, most of us lack in connecting with the process of listening and seeing the reality. We are here to find our purpose and make the best of it. But very often, it seems that we lack in finding such goals and seek to the wrong dimensions. But Sandeep has taught us first to identify, understand and then work with dedicated effort that millions shall follow in the days to come. Continue it and certainly millions more shall be willing to choose you!
- Abijeet Amatya
Dear Sir! I am from Bengal. You are just incredible. I am one of your fan. Your way of thinking is different and Your videos are so inspirational and motivational. That videos has changed my thinking. Thank you so much Sir.
- Rahul Mallick
Sir, I can't express my gratitude to you in words. You are like the God of Inspiration. I wish I get a chance to see you in live someday.
- Salia Parveen
Hello Sir ! You are my idol since I discovered and watched your videos. Whenever I feel low, I remember your sessions and your word 'Aasaan Hai' and I struggle every problems that I suffer. Thank you so much sir, you changed me a lot. You gave me inner strength to fight for the problems. Thank you again Sir.
- Ashok Kumar Sheram
Dear Sir ! I was quite inspired by your videos on positive thinking and I have got great results too. I had challenged myself that if I achieved success after watching your videos. I would write to you, and here I am thanking you from bottom of my heart. May your legacy continue to inspire those who need it. Thank you so much.
- Vatsala
Your videos not only helped me overcome the hard time when I was into depression, but also gave me a new way of seeing life. Now I am able to handle my problems easily. Stress and tension don't bother me anymore. Thank you, you have been the best teacher in my life.
- Debarghya Sue
Hello Sir, first of all, thank you so much for inspiring me. I have watched all your videos on Youtube. After watching your videos, I have reduced my anger. I have found my self. You are not a motivator, you are a life changer for us. Thank you so much for changing my life. Now I have only one wish that I want to meet you one day for thanking you. Aasaan Hai!
- Gopi Mendapara
Sir, after watching your videos I have started thinking of the happiness and good things which I have but which never caught my focus because I was busy watching others. What you are doing in today's scenario is the most needy thing for this world. Once again I would like to thank you for your wonderful work.
- Ashok Verma
Hello Sir, I have watched all your videos. 'The Unstoppable', 'Game of Life', 'Laugh At Yourself', 'Living in Present Moment', 'Illusion to Reality', and I must say you are amazing! You have changed my life. In spite of a critical time going on in my life, I have control on my mind which has become possible only because of you. Whatever I am now, I am very happy and proud of myself. Thank you so much. For me, you are a gift of God and a rockstar!
- Priyanka Bendre
Sir first of all, I want to say thanks to you for helping me to know who am I. After watching your 'Basic Meditation Session' and after questioning myself, I have become quite relaxed and peaceful. And that's the biggest of successes of my life that I can't express in words. Love you Sir.
- Shahrukh Siddiqui
After seeing your videos, I have achieved higher rank of greatness. From an average category student in my class, I have cracked the entrance examination. Later though I failed many times but my attitude has changed. My level of thinking has changed. Aim of my life has changed. Thank you very much Sir.
- Indra Kishore Mahato
Dear Sir, I have no word to describe you. You are amazing. Only I want to say that you make my everyday very easy and by watching your sessions I always feel 'Aasaan Hai'. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Abhishek Jaiswal
I am a fan of Sandeep sir. I watch daily at least one inspirational video of Sandeep Sir. Because there is so much all around to distract my mind mind and I m focused on my mind.
- Aman Kaushik
Dear Sir, people like you make our nation rich in true sense, rich not just in wealth but in minds and virtues too. My whole family watches your videos. You are doing a great job. Wish you all the best in all that you do. Thank you!
- Ishita Gupta
I am not from India but I understand Hindi. Around three months ago, I found your video named 'The Unstoppable' and I am really amused to hear this lecture. I really like the examples you give. They inspire us to think. Thank You!
- Russell Mahmud
Namaste Sandeep Sir! I have always been curious about spirituality and the Truth of Life. I have been watching your videos from the past two years, your 'Life-Changing Seminars', 'India Tour' and recent Spiritual sessions. Your way of motivating the people is simple yet so deep. I can relate so well with whatever you put forth in your speech. Your contemporary way of speaking, your way of conveying the motivational messages make it really easy for us to understand and relate to you. From you, I have learnt to take risks in life, to work fearlessly towards achieving my goals and to enjoy the adventures in life. I have realised that true happiness lies in being connected to the inner child. You are an inspiration for all, a true epitome of simplicity. Warm regards and wishes!
- Camellia Goon
Sir, I want to tell you that your words directly touch the heart. You have inspired me to do something in life. After watching your videos, I get a different feeling. You are super great! Sandeep Maheshwari, the name is enough!
- Vishal Kumar Patel
I have not attended any of your seminars but I get so inspired after watching your videos on Youtube. You are such a great person. Thank you so much. Hoping to meet you soon!
- Shital Satam
Hello Sandeep. I have recently started listening to your sessions on Youtube. They are very enlightening and awakening. It's very interesting to see that someone who is young like us, can talk about spirituality. Its inspiring for youth to follow what you say because you simplify big concepts and make them really easy to understand. I stay in Melbourne, so physically unable to attend any of your sessions unless you make a trip here. But having said that, people around the world are able to learn from your videos. Many thanks for that. I am keen to learn more from your spiritual session videos.
- Tanu Varshney
The minutes of your videos inject a true spirit of realization of 'Who am I?'. Truly speaking, your sessions reach deep, your sound accelerates my inner urge 'to do' something bigger than what I am currently acting to do. Silently and sensually, it has filled me with a true philanthropic zeal call it whatever, the power of thinking, the desire, the courage, whatsoever. The rendezvous between spirituality and humanity culminates my thinking in my lovelorn mind. I don't have much to offer you but have a special word for you on behalf of my inner soul 'Aasaan Hai'.
- Sudip Das Gupta
Dear Sandeep, with your beautiful and life changing words, I have learned so many things through these seminars. And I always share them with all my friends and relatives. 'Basic Meditation Session' and 'The Sound of Silence' sessions are great concepts that help me to focus on my work and always make me happy. Thanks Sandeep for this motivating effort.
- Tejeshwar Jaiswal
Sir, you are a true source of inspiration for us. Your words have given a new dimension to the way I live my life. I consider myself fortunate enough to have known a person like you. I can proudly say that you are an idol for students like me. Keep blessing us with your energy!
- Mohit Agarwal
A great change took place inside me after watching your videos. I started to learn about introspection. I started to analyze myself and I found that it has really helped me a lot in solving my problems.
- Kasturi Upadhyaya
Assalamualaikum Sandeep, I am from Pakistan. Just saw your speeches on 'The Unstoppable', 'Courage', 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' and 'Guaranteed Success' at Youtube. They are absolutely mind blowing. I have no words to thank you for your efforts. I learned from you that power of desire is important for humanity. I have set my desires, one of them is to meet you personally. And yes, you are most welcome on Pakistan Tour!
- Rafay Shaikh
Hi Sandeep! All your videos add tremendous value, especially for youngsters. Honestly you have answered most of the common queries that might arise and have helped general population with an ease of implementation. Also, you have actually shown a direction to me. Thanks again!
- Vidhya Lakshmi
Hi Sandeep! First of all, thank you for your great work in inspiring the youth of India. There are very few people who rise up and stand for those who are facing same problems which they were facing earlier. You are one of them. Your thoughts really helped me when I needed them the most. I sincerely admire you. Keep motivating and be successful in your purpose. Aasaan Hai!
- Akash Verma
Sandeep brother, I have been on a constant hunt to find ways to improve myself. I got to watch some of your videos. Upon watching them, I discovered in you my own self but better and refined. Just like you achieved success so early in your life, I also strive to pave a way to success by shifting focus on my strengths. Thanks to you for your selfless service for India and the world.
- Ashok Kumar Burra
Hello Sandeep Sir! I have seen your all videos on You Tube. I have never ever seen such a energetic, motivator personality like you and now a days I am implementing your thoughts in my life. Thank you so much Sir.
- Anuj Kumar
Respected Sir, you are doing a great work by doing all these sessions and sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. I have been watching your sessions from a long period of time. Lots of love from Barabanki. Keep up the good work!
- Nihal Rastogi
Respected Sir, you are amazing and unbelievable. I am really grateful to you. Whenever I feel low or negative, I start saying 'Aasaan Hai' and immediately my mind starts taking action accordingly. Thank you so much Sir for sharing such life-changing experiences with us. You are truly very inspiring!
- Pratiksha Vinchurkar
Sir ! I have been reading and listening to some or the other motivational stuff since long. I always needed a force, a power to cope up with my weaknesses which although were not in me but had been created by me unknowingly due to my procrastinating nature. I got this force when I attended your 'India Tour Lucknow Session'. I feel really blessed because you speak about the practical things that are really important for my life. You have helped me explore my real self and not the ideal things which merely sound good but never work practically. Thank you so much Sir for your efforts.
- Saumya Shukla
Sir, you are a true source of inspiration for us. Your words have given a new dimension to the way I live my life. I consider myself fortunate to have known a person like you. I can proudly say that you are an idol for students like me. Keep blessing us with your energy!
- Naman Mahajan
Hello Sir. I have watched a lot of your seminars. Your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' is the most amazing inspirational seminar I have ever watched. After watching your seminar videos, I have got right direction in life. Thank you Sir!
- Ashok Bishnoi
Hi Sandeep, I am from Karachi. After watching your videos, I generally use them in my training programs. I really admire your thoughts. Thanks so much.
- Tauseef Ahmad
I always wanted a person to guide me what is wrong and what is right. And after seeing your videos and after hearing your speeches, I believe that I have found that person who will help me in every action I would undertake. I work with Intelligence now and not with my Mind. Thank you Sir. Your contribution in my life is unforgettable. I will feel blessed if I ever get a chance to attend a live seminar of you.
- Srabani Dutta
One day, my father showed me the video of 'India Tour Chandigarh Session' and at that instant, my life got changed. Although deep within, I already knew all these things, but somehow I needed someone who deeply understands these fundamentals of life. And I am fortunate to have Sandeep Maheshwari in my life!
- Ankush Sharma
Hello Sir! Thanks is very short and little word for me to describe the feelings. Really a man who changed the theory of thinking and dreaming. I don't wanna serving a crores of people, I just want to be the reason behind the success of at least one person. And that will be the biggest achievement of my life and then I can call myself that I live my life and enjoy, not just reap my life !! Love you Sndeep sir. May you live long, stay blessed Jai Mata Di.
- Piyush Jatoliya
Hello Sandeep ! I believe you are the Sat-Chit-Ananda who has come here to show the path of liberation while performing all the responsibilities throughout your life. Initially after watching your motivational videos, I literally went mad to achieve something in life. But after watching your videos of spirituality, I realized the ultimate goal of my life and trying to apply all my effort in reaching it. I am practicing meditation and it has helped me to win against the negativeness. To be simple, I am feeling as if I am in the transition period. Day to day activities are appearing like a dream. Sat-Chit-Ananda alone is my guru.
- Darshan
Hello Sandeep Sir! Thank You so much for changing my life. You became me the luckiest person in this world, like you. Thank you so much
- Vidya Vaidya
Sandeep Sir, your passion for sharing and changing the lives of people is amazing. Your sessions are so mesmerizing and knowledgeable. Earlier, past was my comfort zone and future was my destiny. You taught me that both are completely useless. We must live in the present moment. It is the biggest lesson of life for me.
- Niraj Kumar
After watching your videos I have realized that nothing is impossible in life. Everything is easy. You are a true genius. I am very thankful to you Sir. God bless you.
- Jagdeep Singh
Only one thing I want to say is, you made me the Diamond from Coal. You are the only person whom I follow in life. A massive respect to you bhai. I will follow your words till the end of my life. Thank you
- Pankaj Sharma
Hello Sandeep Sir, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You changed my life and my thinking. Now no problem seems bigger than myself. Now a joy is there in living. Even when I feel that I won't be able to do a thing, I ask myself, 'Why' and everything becomes fine. Thank you Sir!
- Vijay Singh
I have been really inspired by your smile because smile is the half solution to all the life's problems. I am sure that you are the greatest leader for the new generation.
- Shabeer Ali
Sandeep I really appreciate your words now I am feeling that I have a changed my vision towards my life after listening your words, I feel lot of work has to be done to change my life. I call you Sandeep because you are too close to my heart and always feel that you are one of my nearer and dearer one. Thanks!
- Tridip Chakraborty
I have been watching Sandeep's videos since a year. He makes life look extremely simple. I am also sharing these life truths with my son, niece and others who will learn the true sense of life through his videos. Thanks Sandeep for motivating the common Indian into believing that life is 'Aasaan Hai'. Thanks!
- Sonali Bokarey
You really changed my perception of life. I realised that we must do what is good for others and not just for ourselves. If we keep others happy, we will automatically become happy. Thank you so much.
- Sagar Kumar Rajput
Sir, you are a true messenger of God. I always follow your lessons of sharing as much as I can. Thank you!
- Anjali Gupta
Dear Sandeep, at first I want to congratulate you for achieving the ultimate goal of life i.e. self realization. Recently I have seen some of your videos on spirituality which are indeed great. The best part is that you provide practical solutions to the problems. I am also amazed to see your love for humanity. Like everybody else, there are issues in my life for which I have been struggling hard for years, but now I understand how easy it is to achieve happiness in life. And everything is indeed Aasaan Hai. Thank you!
- Nobajyoti Kashyap
Respected Sandeep Sir, all your sessions are mind blowing. After watching your session videos I have understood the root cause of all our problems. I can now face all the problems and challenges with a smile. I have found myself now. Thank you Sir. Stay blessed. Aasaan Hai!
- Arun Kapila
I started listening to your videos two months before. I found them really mind blowing. These videos initiate positive vibes in me. I start feeling very happy. You showed me new hope. Thank you so much!
- Sakshi Saini
Sir I am a student. I was really depressed due to declining results. I was feeling like quitting everything but your session videos inspired me and gave me a new ray of hope to start again with my potential. You are a great inspiration. Keep up the good work. Thank you so very much!
- Jhanvi Gupta
Hello Sir, I am writing this post for you but actually I have no words to thank you. My life has changed by your lovely words and sayings. You are the *Star* of my life. Today if I am successful, its just because of your words. Even if its just your laugh, its so cute, you look so sweet when you laugh in your seminars. And one last thing, always be cheerful as you are!
- Sarthak Virmani
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