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It's unbelievable to see such a video which has given me a lot of hope in my life. I firmly believe that Swami Vivekananda is reborn in our country with the name of Sandeep Maheshwari. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Sandeep Reddy
I watched your almost all videos and also advised others to watch it. I really like your simplicity, originality and motivation level. It shows that it is acquired through personal experiences. You are doing a great job. I am so inspired by your sayings and story. Vaise to main hamesha se hi ek 'positive' and 'I can do' attitude person rahi hu, but now with your views and motivation everything seems to be "Aasaan Hai". Really the way you explain the things is so simple and 'Dil se' it really touches my heart. Great job, India ko aap jaise logon ki zaroorat hai. Keep it up and God bless you!
- Ashima Goyal
Sandeep Bhai, the things in your seminar which you said is so simple. Your style of speaking, just touches the heart. The problem with people is that they forget the things which are necessary for their lives. I think the main thing is that 'Ki Bas Jagte Raho'. Once again thanks for waking us up.
- Dr. Vimal Makwana
Sandeep Sir, I have watched all your earlier videos including 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', 'Illusion to Reality', 'Colorful Interaction' and 'Kasauli Trip'. I also got an opportunity to attend 'The Unstoppable' session which was the biggest and memorable day of my life. My experience could not be explained here in words, but yes it gave me a direction to my life. I am really thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I wish to meet you and dedicate a song in your honor.
- Rakesh Bhardwaj
Sometimes, people around us emphasize so much on a negative thought that we actually start believing them. Sometimes, what we all need is just a positive push. To me, the 20th October seminar was that positive push. It was a re-assertion to what I have always believed in. Great job, keep it up. “Aaasan hai”
- Divya Singh
It was a good and motivational experience to watch this DVD. It starts with the introduction of a middle-class family and goes towards the way to achieve goals. I liked his request to help the needy people on getting success in life. Every one struggles to be successful and in this throat-cut competition they forget that some one helped them in their successful journey and they should also help others in their success. I recommend every people to at least watch it once!
- Dr.Himanshu Gupta
It is really worth listening to his lecture as it is for all common people who want to understand their potential and weakness as they want to progress with confidence in their life. Nowadays even a word of advice is not available for free so it is nice that such a treasure of inspirational talk is at free of cost.
- Prof. P S Venkataramu
I watched your seminar yesterday. My heartiest thanks for such inspirational seminar. Hats off to you. Wonderful job. After going through your seminar everything has become 'Aasaan' for me. Thank you so much Sir. Really proud of you. You are a great man! Keep it up and provide us more inspirational seminars. God bless you! One more thing to say, please come at our place and give us a live seminar. We want to meet you.
- Sneh Joshi
I just can't believe Sir, the kind of work you are doing for the nation! Thank you for sharing your experiences and making us realize the power of "aasaan hai". I promise to share my earnings to the needy.
- Nalin Jain
I came to know about you through a Facebook post of my friend, Mr.Sanjay Kumar Patel. I have seen it many times, even if at that time I was at Anaham, California, U.S.A. on a tour to attend one International conference called MDRT. I was so impressed by the seminar that I told all my staff and friends to see it immediately and inform others. After coming back to India, I am distributing your seminar DVDs to my clients.
- Tapas Kumar Nayak
The day will always be considered as one of the greatest days of my life...and with the changes in beliefs, I had in seminar (ohh no not seminar but get together of friends of all age groups who were strangers before two hours and within two hours linked forever with those two magical words). I emerged to be a changed person with positive outlook... keep up the good work of inspiring & motivating so many people for their better future. Lots of best wishes..thnxxx a lot..
- Pooja Gupta
Till now, I was thinking that God has created me and I am the only character on this planet who does unusual things, but you proved me wrong buddy. I applaud your work and seriously, you have changed the concept of my life. Frankly speaking, at some point of views, we are having mutual thinking. Nothing exaggeration.
- Utkarsh Doshi
Hi Sandeep, I came to know about your 'Last Life- Changing Experience Seminar' through an advertisement in Times of India. At that moment I thought to take a glimpse of it and then resume to normal routine but once my wife and I started watching, we continued it till the end. I believe and follow what you have said in your seminar like your thoughts are just like seeds of trees which will be flourishing and nourishing one day. I have learnt 'Aasaan Hai' from you. And I put it in front of everything which we do to make our life easier. Part of My family stays in Ambala and Pune. I narrated over the phone the whole seminar presented by you in Thyagraj Stadium. I also watched your latest video of IIT Kanpur session. I liked the quote," "Mai Apni Tassali Ke Liye Apne Paise Ko Har Roz Paani Mein Baha Deta Hoon."
- Rahul Jain
Your Seminar was fantastic and real. I had been thinking of starting my own educational institute but always had a fear as would it be a right decision or not. But after watching the video I did hear to my inner voice and would be taking the risk (jo nahi hai) to start immediately. I also promise that I shall help some needy students who need help by giving free education.
- P.N. Suryanarayanan
The presentation was excellent and enjoyable. Big things were explained in a very simple way which gives another perspective of life. Now life seems better and easier to handle. "Aasaan Hai" creates positive energy and trains thoughts in right direction. Great job Mr. Sandeep, people will remember you forever. Thanks and regards
- Rajesh Singh Meena
Thank you Sandeep Maheshwari Sir, "The Unstoppable' session was awesome, and you broke all the limits of motivating us. One thing necessary to lead life is, to be truthful to yourself and to others. You inspired me a lot. Most of the time I always blamed my surroundings, ergonomics and people to be the cause of my failure, not realizing deeply that I myself was stopping me from being successful. It was by your enriched views through which I realized my illusions and I started to overcome nasty image of mine. Certainly I converted myself towards the state of being "UNSTOPPABLE". Thank you, thank you very much. Come again with these types of wonderful motivating seminars.
- Abhishek Kumar
Dear Sir, you have done a great job. You have made a profound difference. Your name will be inscribed in the history. This might be your last seminar but I am sure you will continue giving to the society in your own ways. But our society needs many more seminars like this. I pick up the mantle from here. That is a promise to your divine soul. I see your inner energy come alive. You are really a good man.
- Surya Sharma
Dear Sandeep, I attended your session "From Illusion to Reality", and I honestly feel you are doing tremendous effort to change the lives of people through your motivating seminars and practical thoughts and I request you to keep doing all the rocking work you are doing. I have become your huge fan. Thanks for wonderful experience. Wish you all the best for all your upcoming events and seminars. Thanks a lot.
- Gaurav Bhardwaj
Hello Sir, I just watched your 'The Unstoppable' session. It was fantastic, I've watched all your videos and again like every time I got my booster dose. No words to explain how I am feeling after watching this videos. My favorite lines are "Na jeene ki Lalsa Na Marne Ka Dar...Dil Se Kar Bas" I hope I will do everything to be the unstoppable. Thank you so much for everything you are doing. I wish to be in your next session. I love you Sir. Aasaan hai!
- Dr. Komal Batti
Sir, I watched your 'The Unstoppable session' and it was really awesome. Now I got all my doubts cleared. I now really feel that everything is easy. You have done a wonderful job of changing the views of many people and helped in understanding the true meaning of life. Aasaan hai!
- Sanjana Chatterjee
I am very very happy to attend Sandeep Maheshwari's 'The Unstoppable' session held on 28 September 2013. The way he makes the audience understand the concept of success by short stories was awesome. I really appreciate his efforts to come forward and take initiatives for the well being of others lives in context of their wealth and success. After meeting with Sandeep in the seminar I really feel a positive change in me. My perspective towards life has changed. Sandeep, your seminar is like light in darkness which really encourages me to succeed and take another step ahead towards prosperity. Your seminar is a ray of hope to the people who have lost one. Sandeep ji, thank you so much for the shift, I believe I will always feel exhilarated throughout my lifetime by attending your seminars. Thank you so much.
- Ajay Pratap Singh Rathi
Thank you very much for sharing all your experiences with us. The best thing about you is that you do not keep any secret to yourself rather you share it with all of us. As told by you in one of your sessions that when we become successful we should forget who Sandeep Maheshwari was and to help those who are needy, was the best part. Thank you for all your efforts. It feels great whenever I see you in any of your sessions. I and my companions are eagerly waiting for your session in Kolkata. Thank you
- Yash Jalan
Sir, I am posting my comments on occasion of Teacher’s Day. Because I want to wish you "Happy Teacher’s Day" and also want to thank you for teaching me lessons of happy life. I am highly inspired by the “The last Life-Changing Seminar” and your other videos on YouTube. You have inspired me so much that my angle of looking towards life has been completely changed and now I am following my heart and doing what I always wanted to do in my life. You are the biggest teacher of my life. Thank you so much.
- Deepak Kolhe
I watched your video 'From Illusion to Reality' by Sandeep Maheshwari. It was awesome. It was really a good job done by you. Hats off to you for doing these seminars. Now I know that I will also achieve success in my life. Thank you for the guidance. Always be happy.
- Poonam Vyas
I can simply say that I am so lucky that I attended your seminar. You are changing the lives of countless people. Truly speaking I had a very nervous kind of personality but after attending your seminar I have started changing my life. Earlier I was thinking that life is tough but now I think that every thing is "Aasaan hai". Hats off to you Sandeep.
- Yogesh Rai
Sir, you are too good. I watched Kasauli part 1 & 2 videos and they are awesome. I am also making a target and will fulfill it very soon, because everything is aasaan hai.
- Tarun Mamtani
Hi Sir, I saw your video yesterday night and I am really inspired by your speech. The seminar was so simple and so down to earth. Aap ne jo baat kahi thi seminar me 'Aasaan Hai' ye word hame inspire karti hai. Jab hum tension me hote hai to hum tension free ho jaate hain.
- Dhirendra Kumar
It was my first fasting day and I was surfing on net regarding some epiphany (a divine manifestation) ( a moment of sudden understanding or revelation) and some how my God wanted me to come across the seminar video of Sandeep Maheswari. I could not take away myself till I experienced the last minute of the seminar. Firstly "Aasaan hai" was the word which transformed me and then slowly one after the other many things started getting transformed deep inside me. In the last part of the seminar Sandeep said that he wanted to have the words 'Mazaa Aagaya' on his lips till the last breath of his life. It was so effective and powerful, truly something that choked me instantly. I love you so much. Thank you.
- Manoj Mootha
It is essentially a Life-Changing Seminar. It is because it lives with me. Sandeep is a great orator and a very good human being, where else can we find such a magnanimous person! I instantly, without questioning myself, broke all those beliefs with which I was making my life a living hell. Feel so much better. Thanks a lot.
- Babita Saxena
Hello Sir, I have gone through all your inspirational Life-Changing videos, I must say that your words and your thoughts are now everything for me. It keeps changing my life day by day. I have metamorphosed into a happy person. I will always be very thankful to you that you came into my world because without you it would have been impossible to change the way I was living before. I feel so confident like someone is always walking along with me and cheering me by saying "Aasaan Hai". I wish one day you will be in front me saying the same words to me in person. I will help others with all your videos to change their lives. Its the biggest turning point of my life and now I also wanna become like one who can change lives. I am totally inspired by you. And I know that 'Ye Bhi Aasaan Hai'.
- Komal Batti
The session was awesome and amazing Sir. Hats of to you by heart. You told us the actual meaning of success.
- Raj Mukhida
I was one of those lucky ones who witnessed Sandeep Maheshwari's 'last Life-Changing seminar' in person. And truly it was transformational. I have read many self help books but none of them have left their impact in the way Sandeep Sir's words did because he gave me practical knowledge and invaluable concepts like the power of the word 'Aasaan Hai'. It was all part of his own personal experiences. He taught me the importance of sowing my seeds and taking action but most importantly he taught me to evaluate each and every experience in life and learn important lessons from them. Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences, I will never forget this line. Thank you Sir.
- Nanda Rawat
Dear Sandeep, I had the opportunity to view your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', from the day I saw it I became a great fan of yours. I must have viewed your seminar at least 10 times and must have copied and sent the DVD to at least 100 people. Once you make "Aasaan Hai" your guru mantra nothing is impossible in life, and I have learned this from your seminar. I was willing to join 'The Unstoppable' session in Delhi but unfortunately by the time I came to your website to register I got disappointed to see that all seats were full. I think right time to meet you in person, has not yet come. I am waiting for the next opportunity to come. I have taken your 'NO' as 'Next Opportunity'.
- Shrinivasan
To be very honest, I am inspired after watching the video of your seminar on YouTube. Your sessions are awesome and thank you so much for your motivational lectures. Aasaan Hai!
- Ishika
Hi Sir, I have seen your videos on YouTube. Its really amazing. All your talks are practical and give high motivation toward life and success. Thanks Sir, now I am keen and want to see your live show.
- Kirty Pal
Dear Sir, I am an engineering student and preparing for world's toughest exam (as per data) i.e Indian Engineering Service, but after watching your seminar I can say that ye exam clear karna to bacchon ka khel hai. Thanks a lot for changing my view and changing my life too. Aasaan hai, aasaan hai, aasaan hai!
- Manas Mayank
Hi Sandeep, just as a chance I saw your wonderful seminar video on YouTube. I was browsing through some videos of Steve Jobs & his game changers. I was fascinated about his work so much that I started to think what life is all about and how to reap success. As a case, I have seen your video and it could thoroughly substantiate that. "Aasaan Hai" after the cliche "All is well" and the movie "Lakshya" gives me immense boost to the situations I am facing now. Now its thankfully "Aasaan Hai". There is no need to wish you as you are what you are. Thanks much! Murai Krishna Rallapalli
- Murali Krishna Rallapalli
Dear Sandeep, let me admit that it has been quite a learning experience for me and I have watched this good number of times. What fascinates me is your lucid narration and that too in Hindi. Kudos to you! Whenever I have an opportunity, I keep on sharing this with my other colleagues and friends. Best wishes!
- Sunil Kapoor
Hello Sandeep, your lectures are really inspiring for every course of generation. I really liked your all the lectures. I tell my friends to see your videos to find the aim of their life. I also want to be like you and I really like your works towards society and mankind. Thanks a lot for your contribution. God bless you with all peace, prosperity and all happiness.
- Sawan Sharma
I attended “The Unstoppable” session and I have become unstoppable now. Really a wonderful and once in a life time experience.
- Pawan Kumar Kalra
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