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I feel blessed as I got a chance to watch you live in "India Tour Indore Session". Your poem "Khud Se Khud Ki Ladai" has really touched my heart. Thank you Sandeep Sir.
- Shubham Das
Sandeep Ji, I watched your videos recently. I liked your awareness about your surroundings and bringing everything in your experience before sharing with people. I felt you do everything from your heart and that is why it touches others' heart. I feel lucky to found you. Your efforts are incredible to bring awareness in human beings. I am on the same path so I would look to connect with you to get more insight on your experiences. I know who I am but not that strongly want to reach there. Right now finding reason and ways for that. Thanks a lot.
- Charu Jain
Sandeep Sir, I have watched your video on "Overcoming Fear And Anger". It was really wonderful and useful too. Thank you for such an inspirational session. "Aasaan Hai"
- Mandar Vaidya
I have watched your seminar videos and they are truly inspiring. Your videos have changed my thought pattern. You really seem mesmerizing with the way you speak and the way you express your thoughts. As a school student, I am very much inspired by the video of 'Power Of Focus For Students'. Thank you Sandeep Sir for inspiring me. I will keep watching your videos and keep learning new things from your sessions. Thank you so much Sir.
- Riddhi Gandecha
I From Pakistan. I feel from your speech that you are aware about your surroundings and bring everything in your experience before sharing with people. I feel quite fortunate to have found you. Thanks a lot.
- Umeed Awan
Your inspirational videos have changed the way I view my life and now I feel happy all the time. Now I can see the positive side of every situation no matter how much difficult it is. Thank you very much.
- Sohan Sikarwar
Hello Sandeep Sir. I just want to tell you that you have changed my life. I love the way you share your experiences and all. Thank you Sir. God bless you!
- Ravi Chawla
Sandeep Sir, when I first watched the video of 'The Unstoppable', my heart melted right away and immediately brought me to reality. Really, you are the greatest motivational speaker in the whole world. Stay blessed.
- Sourabh Kumar
Sir, I just want to share my experiences with you. I have failed a lot many times in my relationships in life. Earlier I used to give up whenever someone broke my heart. But after watching your videos, I just let it go and move on. Your sessions have helped me to improve and serve the society better. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Gunjan Gupta
Sir, when I was searching for some inspirational quotes, I came across your videos. And there I found my inspiration and started off on a new journey, the journey of my life. I feel so blessed when I watch your videos. Thank you so much.
- Jyoti Jadhav
Hello Sandeep, from the day I watched your seminar video for the first time, I have been watching it daily. Your videos are like inspirational books for me. You are doing a great, innovative and inspiring job, which no one has ever done. I am highly inspired by you and I recommend everyone to watch your videos. Sincere thanks to you.
- Nisha Bhattarai
After watching your videos, my life has changed in a year. I don't have words to thank you but whatever I feel for you, I do it with my whole heart. Now no matter how big a problem is, I make sure that I don't react in any situation. You have taught me how to love my self.
- Chandani Mehta
Sir, after watching your videos, whenever I start doing any work, 'Aasaan Hai' these two words start humming in my heart. Now I can see the image of my dreams turning to reality. Thanks a lot for explaining everything in such a simple manner. You are a true genius Sir.
- Suchitra Sharma
Sandeep Bhai, the things in your seminar which you said is so simple. Your style of speaking, just touches the heart. The problem with people is that they forget the things which are necessary for their lives. I think the main thing is that 'Ki Bas Jagte Raho'. Once again thanks for waking us up.
- Dr. Vimal Makwana
I had been attending many sessions on various topics like time management, happiness, health, values, family and money over last few years. But they could hardly leave an impact on me or maybe on many others who have been attending the same. I am very fond of listening to motivational speeches on YouTube but I could not see you on YouTube for long. My sister asked me to see your Life-Changing Seminar on YouTube. I saw the entire session and my heart was filled with content and I too got some purpose. I could relate myself easily with you as I have also gone through many hardships in my life just like you. Your session had a positive impact on me and I would like to meet you once personally. At the end I would like to give a big thanks to you. May God bless you!
- Rupan Chhabra
Sir you are awesome. No show offs, no fake persona. You are just what you appear to be. I am not a fan of anybody but I have become your fan now. It was a pleasure being a viewer of your videos. I wish to meet you once.
- Smriti Rani
Sandeep Maheshwari is the best motivational speaker I have ever listened to. After achieving success in life he could have sat back and relaxed, but he did not. He is sharing his experiences with everyone that only a few people can do. He is not in the rat race of entrepreneurship. He understands that fame is temporary. The best part of all his seminars is that they are free of cost. Not only he talks about having success, but how not to get attached to it after having achieved it. The ultimate goal of our life is to remain in a state of bliss. This is what I have learnt from Sandeep and I keep learning daily. Aasaan Hai!
- Avinash Nayak
Dear Sandeep ji, I don't know how to express my feelings towards you, especially after watching you for the first time on YouTube two days back. I haven't been able to sleep since two nights, it seems that I am totally in a new world, full of excitement and encouragement! Thanks
- Dr. Kamal Bhardwaj
It was one of the best moments of my life when I first attended your session. I have learned a lot from you. I follow your videos regularly. Thank you Sir for changing my life.
- Surbhi Jain
I watched this seminar on YouTube. It is mind blowing. It is a message of all religious books compiled in short and explained in simple layman’s language using day to day examples of life. Just we have to remember "I can" and “Aasaan Hai”. Thanks a lot Sandeep Ji, for doing these seminars for free for the welfare of society. Hats off to you. God bless you.
- Ashish Vushwakarma
Sandeep Sir, I just want to say that after watching your seminar I started loving you and I am feeling much positive changes in my life. Hats off to you Sir. I truly respect you. Aasaan Hai!
- Aayushi Jain
The day when randomly I played your video on YouTube and watched your 'Illusion to Reality' seminar then I watched 'The Unstoppable' and that particular moment changed me a lot. Really your seminars have left a great impact on me and my life. I have started living in present and try to live each moment of my life fully and try to do my best as its last day of my life.
- Amit Gupta
I appreciate your work and the social cause you have taken. You are working so beautifully and effectively on it. As the seminar was for all but specially your presentation and exposure was in such a way that today youth connected to it immediately. Some gurus and saints are also doing such motivations but due to some bad expressions of their groups, some genuine efforts are ignored/neglected by this generation. Our future India belongs to this generation of youth and guiding them how to achieve their goal and then how they can contribute to society and country is the essence of your seminar.
- Rajesh Aggarwal
Big thanks to Mr.Sandeep for sharing his experiences and guiding people for the betterment of the society. There are rare people like Mr.Sandeep in today's world. I feel great that I got a chance to attend his seminar and learnt many things. Thank you. Keep inspiring people. Wish you all success in your life.
- Ritu Huria
After watching your videos, I have also made my life 'Aasaan' just like you. Thanks a lot.
- Arwa Takiwala
I have watched your video of 'Basic Meditation'. It's a fantastic and scientific way to learn Meditation. I think you are the first modern saint (with Jeans and T-shirt) in India like Ashthavakra. Your goal is clear for life. I have never seen a young spiritual man like you. Hats off to you!
- Harish L Tandel
I am a homemaker and did not attend any such seminar earlier. For me, it was a revelation, what a person can do with his/her life. Sandeep is truly an inspirational leader at such a young age. I wish him all the success in his life. If our politicians could think in this way then our country would definitely progress in all the ways. I love you Sandeep for the good work you are doing for the people of our country!
- Indu Kumar
I came to know about you through a Facebook post of my friend, Mr.Sanjay Kumar Patel. I have seen it many times, even if at that time I was at Anaham, California, U.S.A. on a tour to attend one International conference called MDRT. I was so impressed by the seminar that I told all my staff and friends to see it immediately and inform others. After coming back to India, I am distributing your seminar DVDs to my clients.
- Tapas Kumar Nayak
The day will always be considered as one of the greatest days of my life...and with the changes in beliefs, I had in seminar (ohh no not seminar but get together of friends of all age groups who were strangers before two hours and within two hours linked forever with those two magical words). I emerged to be a changed person with positive outlook... keep up the good work of inspiring & motivating so many people for their better future. Lots of best wishes..thnxxx a lot..
- Pooja Gupta
Dear Sandeep, it is too small a space and inadequate capacity of the communication medium to describe my feelings/thoughts. People may label me insane or crazy but I honestly believe you are an avatar of 'Krishna' in today's context, at least for me. To have mastered the art of living and known the true purpose of life at your age in today's world is unbelievable. It's possible only if there is some divine force/blessing on you. You are my idol. I also, in my own small ways, tried to live life the way you tell us to do. In fact, we have a lot in common (but certainly not the looks and the struggle/success you have had). So I was just crazy to meet you the moment I saw your seminar which I know is not possible. I am sharing the DVD with my friends and trying to implement your views in my life.
- Anil Kumar Dhiman
I don't have words to express my gratitude towards you. You are my role model. After watching your videos, now every moment is a new beginning of life. I promise you that after becoming successful I will be there on that stage sharing with those people who have the hunger to succeed. I want to do something and I will break all the walls to do it. And as you say, 'Yeh bhi hona Aasaan Hai'. All of us love you. Cheers!
- Chinchu
I simply want to thank you for the 'Light of Awareness' shared by you with us and made us look life in a different manner. I was just amazed by your last 'Life-Changing' seminar and 'Illusion to Reality'. I am more happy today and will always be happy from now on wards. I have also implemented some of the techniques mentioned in 'Illusion to Reality'. Although some of the things shared by you was fortunately already there in my behavior earlier like sharing happiness and helping others. A big thanks for such a wonderful life lessons. God bless you.
- Vishal Gupta
Hi Sandeep, it's really remarkable and true effort to aware us about spiritual laws of nature based on your experiences. You deserve a great deal of appreciation and we all are grateful to you for sharing it. True inspiration and practical lessons leads to principles based on moral leadership. Your thoughts on deeds and doer approach is great. Sincerely grateful to you for guiding the youth.
- Mahesh Haridas
Hi Sir, first of all I want to thank you for all you gave us. Your seminars were truly inspirational and has helped me a lot to bring out my true potential. I have learned from my failures and indeed 'Aasaan Hai' really works. Thanks for sharing your views and motivating us.
- Suravi Deb Roy
Sandeep, you have struck the chord of spirituality in me with your videos. Thanks a lot!
- Ravi Vazirani
I really loved your seminar and whatever you said was very inspiring. My life got changed from that moment only. Now I always see positive from the negative. I too believe that everything happens for some good reason and it is for our betterment. I want to fulfill all my dreams and your seminars have given me a ray of hope that I can do it all. I even have a wish to meet you personally. Hope you have a great life ahead and keep helping people. This is how we all will grow and our nation will prosper.
- Bhagabati Rath
Your seminar was amazing. You said simple things in an even simpler way. I loved your enthusiasm, the way you connected with the audience; it was almost as if someone was offering a solution to all their problems. Sandeep, you are an 'Urban Guru’, and if people can follow what you say, there will be many happier people in this world. ... “Aasaan hai”
- Simran Singh
Although I have not attended any of the seminars live till now but I can say that you are one of the most inspiring persons in my life. I regularly listen to your audios and videos. Recently my life took a drastic turn but I took it in a positive manner. Thanks a lot Sandeep Sir.
- Sajjan Sharma
I was at my office and surfing on net for some videos to convert PSD file to HTML. At that time I found a link of the Last Life-Changing Experience by Sandeep Maheshwari. I thought who is he? I have never heard this name before. I downloaded this video and could watch it after two days. I was just surprised to go through it. I am a software engineer, not in good package and working at my home town. I am wiling to establish my own company but I don't have any idea how to do it. Earlier I used to think that it is not easy but after watching the video I got the key of success, Aasaan Hai. Sir, I am thankful to you. I love you so much.
- Shobhit Chandra
It wasn't just a "seminar. It was truly a 'stimulating-interactive-phenomenon'. It feels like I am all geared up to take challenges. Now I can see the optimistic side of the coin. I am not afraid of facing failures. Rather, I have become brave enough to face them with a smile. Now I truly respect whatever God has bestowed upon me and seek more opportunities in life. A positivity is developing within me. And with a whole heart, I want to thank Mr. Sandeep for being such a great mentor. Wish you love and luck.
- Vedita Tawakley
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