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Warm regards Sandeep! I always believed that I have potential for doing everything I feel like doing. I knew that I have to think positive and change myself to enjoy this beautiful world. But was always confused, didn't know how to do that because theories have to be implemented practically for success. You are the one who has defined those theories in such a way that everyone can understand. I have watched all of your videos. Each video gives me more happiness, joy and peace. Good job friend.
- Abhijit Sabhapandit
I saw your video "Realistic Positive Thinking" on YouTube. In that one video, I got answers to many of my questions especially the one that how to make a right decision as a student. I got this answer that I should listen to my inner calling or intuition. I would not thank you but, I just want to promise that I will do something to help others no matter what problems I face in my life.
- Shivangi Dharne
I want to become your xerox copy in Bangladesh. Excellent character you are! Heartiest thanks to you!
- Rahul Brohma
Assalam-o-Alaikum Sir, a friend of mine suggested me to see your video on 'Károly Takács'. I found it inspiring and it also led me to search about you even more. Then I saw your sessions. All of them were truly helping and inspiring. I learned from you that nothing is difficult but 'Aasaan Hai'. May Allah bless you!
- Hira Rana
Sandeep Sir, I am a teacher in a computer center. Before watching your videos, I was very depressed. Your videos have helped me a lot in improving my life. The aim of my life is to be happy and I know that it is very easy to be happy. Aasaan Hai!
- Supriya Das
Whenever I need inspiration, the only name I remember is 'Sandeep Maheshwari'. Love your words and the way you speak.
- Lokesh
It was a great experience to attend the "India Tour Hyderabad Session" of Sandeep. I had never experienced such an energetic audience before. I think this session will change the thought process and everybody will be able to reach beyond destiny.
- Hemant Gokulashtami
Earlier I was really depressed with my life. After watching your videos, I was searching ways to contact you, to talk to you about my problems. And then, I came across a page on your website where it is written that only I myself can solve my problems. And I got my answer. Thank you so much Sir! It seems amazing.
- Jyoti Tiwary
The day I attended the live session on 'Courage for Students' was one of the best days of my life. Every session of you has done unbelievable changes within me. Thank you Sir.
- Nilesh Dhangar.
Dear Sandeep Sir, some time ago, I was not aware of you and your motivational programmes. Like me every person is in search of a Motivational Guru who spreads the light of awareness and who motivates to believe in yourself. Today, we have no personal Guru but you have answers to our endless questions. I am feeling very happy and grateful. You are sharing your precious views and experiences through your sessions. Thanks a lot for giving us a confident feeling in us as in a Sandeep Maheshwari speaking within us.
- Dharmendra Jangid
Hi Sandeep! I clearly remember the day when I first saw your session. It was like 'Yes! I can transform my life too!'. After seeing all of your sessions, I have accepted that a 'Problem' is just a thought that is created by our mind. And not just this term, I realized that every term is a thought which is in mind. Now I can feel the power to transform my life. Even my friends and family noticed this power of peace in me. I know that 'Thanks', this word is not enough to thank you but sincerely I really thank you your efforts. You are the only one Sandeep. God Bless!
- Raza Haider
Sir, how to change my life from negative to positive, this part of your 'India Tour Chandigarh Session' answered many of my questions. Excellent Sandeep Sir. Really I am very much thankful to you.
- Snigdha Behera
He is a window. My spiritual journey started with him. It happened one night, when a video popped on my laptop screen, named 'The Unstoppable by Sandeep Maheshwari'. I ended up watching the entire video and since then, my entire life has taken a 180 degree turn with a new me in terms of body, mind, energy and emotions. Thank you Sandeep for your great work!
- Harsh Singh
Well, my life has totally changed from the day when I first saw your inspirational video. I have no words to express my thanks to you. There is so much to learn from you, about success, failure, sharing and fearlessness. Thank you so much Sir.
- Anupam Sharma
Sandeep Bhai, after watching your spiritual sessions, I feel that you are BrahmGyani like King Janaka in the Ashtavakra Gita. You are on the path of Pravriti Marg unlike mystic yogis who leave their homes in search of the Ultimate. Your words connect directly to the soul. I am watching your session as a routine ritual every evening for a few minutes. Thanks brother, I am really lucky to have you in my life.
- Ramya Ranjan Choudhury
Sandeep, the "India Tour Jaipur Session" was mind blowing and mind opening. Your seminars always give positive energy and charge us to face the difficulties in our life. It is really a great job done by you. Love you Sandeep.
- Rajesh Jain
Respected Sir, I have totally changed after listening to your speech. Your speech has such a power that can motivate any person. On seeing you, it proves that God really exists. Keep motivating all of us. Thank you!
- Asjad
It was a wonderful experience and it was really a delight to listen to Sandeep. I feel really blessed that I got this opportunity to be a part of his last life-changing seminar. At times words do not really have the strength to convey what lies within us. It was an awakening session for me and I really wish all the best to Sandeep for his future endeavors. I sincerely thank him for enlightening all of us with his beautiful thoughts. Cheers!
- Sakshi Mohan
I have watched your seminar videos and they are truly inspiring. Your videos have changed my thought pattern. You really seem mesmerizing with the way you speak and the way you express your thoughts. As a school student, I am very much inspired by the video of 'Power Of Focus For Students'. Thank you Sandeep Sir for inspiring me. I will keep watching your videos and keep learning new things from your sessions. Thank you so much Sir.
- Riddhi Gandecha
I am very thankful to you for guiding me on each and every step on the path of my life. After watching your videos, my life has changed completely. Thank you so much Sir.
- Swapnali Rajopadhye
Sandeep Sir, I have watched your video on "Overcoming Fear And Anger". It was really wonderful and useful too. Thank you for such an inspirational session. "Aasaan Hai"
- Mandar Vaidya
Sir, your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar' changed my entire life. Around three years back, I joined a new organisation. There I had to face critical and complex tasks. It was a new kind of programming that I had to use there. At that time, one of my Chinese seniors was teaching me the programming. I found it difficult to understand it the way he explained me. I did not like him as a teacher. Then I watched the video of your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar'. After watching it, I realized that, that Chinese senior have two eyes and one nose just like me. Therefore, if he can then why can't I. I started and kept saying 'Aasaan Hai' to myself. I not only understood the subject, experts from other countries also approached me for programming solutions. My respect to you Sir.
- Akbar Mulani
By the magic of all his inspirational videos, he changed billions of lives. Sincerely I am thankful to Sandeep. Words fall short to express my feelings. Each of his videos is like a pearl. Once again thanks a lot to Sandeep for his great spirit.
- Shrikrishna Andana Gurav
I would like to say that you have got something about you that enthralls people. Once while browsing casually, I don't know what made me click the video which captioned '3 Days That Changed My Life'. And honestly, I was completely blown away. I sincerely thank God that I came across that video because it has changed my life for sure. I must say you have inspired me to the core not only because you give some mind-boggling speeches, but because any other person of your stature would have been busy thinking about all the ways in which he can expand his business more and more. But you instead chose to inspire people, and inspire more and more. Hats off dude! You are a true inspiration!
- Ayush Sharma
You are doing a nice work by inspiring people through your Youtube videos. Sometimes, it feels that your soul is talking to the people when you speak about life and spirituality. Keep on doing this wonderful work. May God bless you.
- Yash Shah
I have seen 'The Unstoppable' session. I discovered in myself that more rusty a mind is, the more difficult it is to become stable. It takes time to settle gradually. Therefore, I meditate at least once in a day. Now I feel changes in my attitude and even in my understanding. Its only because of you. It is very nice of you to do such inspirational kind of things. God bless you.
- Parkash Maheshwary
Hi Sandeep! The seminar was really good. It was worth attending. I would like to tell you that I was so engrossed in listening to your seminar that I didn't even realized for a second how it came to an end. Also, my exams are approaching and your 'Aasaan Hai' is proving a great booster to me and I believe that it will continue to do so in future as well. Thank you!
- Tanvi Kapoor
Sir, when I was searching for some inspirational quotes, I came across your videos. And there I found my inspiration and started off on a new journey, the journey of my life. I feel so blessed when I watch your videos. Thank you so much.
- Jyoti Jadhav
Hello Sandeep, I must say you are doing a great job. Making me believe in self is my biggest achievement. My best wishes are with you. Keep making life 'Aasaan' for masses.
- Shilpi Sharma
Sandeep Sir, you are the inspiration of India. After watching your seminars, I have found my strengths and courage in me. I have also found the child in me. Now I have good control over my anger. Earlier life was just passing by, now I am living it. It's all because of you. Thank you very much Sir. Any person whomsoever I meet, whether a child, a young or an old, I share your ideas and thoughts with them. Aasaan Hai!
- Manthan N. Upadhyay
I have seen almost all your videos. I have discovered it for myself that now, at this stage I can say 'Aasaan Hai' brother. Thank you so much.
- Kalyani Sharma
Sir, I have watched almost all your videos and I sincerely try to implement them in my life. I always eagerly wait for more of your videos.
- Akanksha Satpathy
You are the inspiration of my life. I have been listening to you since years now. And, you helped me whenever I needed it. Keep sharing what you learn. Aasaan Hai!
- Gaurav Pant
Dear Sandeep, you are my source of inspiration. I attended the "India Tour Bengaluru Session". I didn't realize how those three hours passed away like a fraction of second. I feel fortunate to be able to find you. Your seminar is simple but it touches the heart. You put in lot of effort to bring awareness in our lives. It is really a remarkable step to make us aware about life. It was a wonderful experience. Many thanks to you.
- Hussein Shaik
The moment I saw your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', it really changed my thought process. Now I really feel happy and never get depressed because 'Jo Hota Hai Ache Ke Liye Hi Hota Hai'. It was also rightly said that the moment we get to know our inner calling and we start working on it in small steps then the success is guaranteed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They are going to inspire me throughout my life. 'Aasaan Hai'
- Hitesh Tiwari
Hello Sandeep. You are doing a great job, undoubtedly. You have cleared a lot of confusions from my mind. You actually helped me discover what meditation in real sense is. Now there is simply no struggle meditating. Your authenticity is crystal clear. For the first time I have seen someone who is doing this purely out of love and humanitarian welfare. I simply melt away when your energy transcends into me through your Youtube videos. I tried my best to express it in words but I know this feeling is above and beyond. Thank you for everything. Stay blessed!
- Jay Shah
Ignorant of me not to know about you even a month before and now here I am realizing that I was already on the right track. What I was lacking was a bit of clear vision. And too has been cleared after watching your videos. Thank you a lot.
- Mistu Mukherjee
Sandeep Sir, my heartfelt thanks to you. I was going through a tough situation in my life. Then one day, while browsing on Youtube, I came across your seminar video. After watching your seminar, I literally felt like you have been sent by God to solve my problems, problems which have been created by my own mind. Thank you so much Sir.
- Shailaja
Your efforts to inspire people are truly inspiring. You might be ordinary but your dedication is extraordinary.
- Vijay Iyenger
Hello Sandeep, from the day I watched your seminar video for the first time, I have been watching it daily. Your videos are like inspirational books for me. You are doing a great, innovative and inspiring job, which no one has ever done. I am highly inspired by you and I recommend everyone to watch your videos. Sincere thanks to you.
- Nisha Bhattarai
Sandeep Sir, after watching your 'Basic Meditation Session', I started meditation classes in my school and will spread it in other schools also. Thank you so much Sir for all your inspiration.
- Manjeet Omprakash Yadav
Sandeep Sir, it was a pleasure to see you live in "India Tour Hyderabad Session". You are a great inspiration. For me, you are a messenger of god who not only lives his dreams but also lives for others and has great concern for people and society. There is a lot to learn from you. You are a great personality with a combination of spiritual and modern outlook. I love you Sandeep Sir.
- Swetha Kulkarni
Greetings to Sandeep. It's been a phenomenal experience watching your work. It's undoubtedly a spiritual-connect. What a beautiful take on life! God bless. Hearing your videos gives a unique feel and inner joy. Your words of wisdom tune-in with my self-written thoughts. We are fortunate enough to have a shining spiritual star among us. Keep it going!
- Rashi Gupta
I can write a whole thesis on your greatness. But if I were to describe you in a single line, it would be 'You are awesome Sandeep Sir'.
- Naman Bansal
Assalam-u-alaikum Sandeep. I am from Karachi. Sir you are really superb and a very cute person. When I listened to you for the first time, I was shocked how good you are. Everything about you including your style is nice. All of your seminar videos are very inspirational and so helpful that makes life beautiful, happy and easy. So, thanks a lot! May Allah always bless you!
- Muhammad Usman Ali
Although born and bought up in humble background, I could reach out to the top because of love, blessings and prayers of my family. However, as time passed, the world hit me. Numerous experiences made me negative. But Sandeep's easy and effective ways made me respond and not just react to situations. Thank you so much.
- Rahul Patteri
After watching your videos, my life has changed in a year. I don't have words to thank you but whatever I feel for you, I do it with my whole heart. Now no matter how big a problem is, I make sure that I don't react in any situation. You have taught me how to love my self.
- Chandani Mehta
Dear Sandeep, your ideas and imagination from the very depth of a human being are so surreal that they are beyond my imagination. I started listening to your YouTube videos few months ago and now I can see within my mind as to how powerful it is. Thank you for inspiring me and to the those who needed you. Aasaan Hai!
- Sourav Batabyal
I From Pakistan. I feel from your speech that you are aware about your surroundings and bring everything in your experience before sharing with people. I feel quite fortunate to have found you. Thanks a lot.
- Umeed Awan
Hello Sir. I am left speechless by the way you express your views about life. I always get motivated whenever I see you and listen to you. My heart tells me to follow your principles and I am trying to apply them too. Thank you so much for giving your time to motivate us.
- Sushil Pulojwar
Hey, I am from Pakistan. I am really impressed with the vision of Sandeep. He is a great speaker, a big source of motivation. He is doing a lot for the society. I am a big fan of him.
- Asad Ali Awan
Sir, after watching your videos, whenever I start doing any work, 'Aasaan Hai' these two words start humming in my heart. Now I can see the image of my dreams turning to reality. Thanks a lot for explaining everything in such a simple manner. You are a true genius Sir.
- Suchitra Sharma
Sir, I would consider that day as the luckiest day of my life when all of a sudden, I stumbled upon your video on Youtube. From that day, I started watching your session videos regularly and believe me, I can feel a real change in me. Since my childhood, I have always been into simple living and positive thinking. But gradually, life started becoming complicated and very slowly I changed to a different person. It was when your thoughts gained entry into my heart that I found that little child back in me. Keep uploading your seminars and keep showing us the right direction. Thank you so much!
- Amit Bhardwaj
Sandeep Sir, you have transformed my perception towards life. After watching your sessions, what I observed in myself is that there is now a decrease in attachments. I have not only realized the secret to success but also the power of sharing, compassion and love. Kudos to you! Aasaan Hai!
- Mukesh R Tiwari
The life I am living today, it's wonderful and it's just because of Sandeep. I have forgotten all the pain of my past. Now work is the focus of my life and nothing else. Thanks man, thanks.
- Mohammad Hasan
Your sessions and videos are really inspirational especially for the young generation. You have made them believe that 'Sab Aasaan Hai'. Keep it up!
- Dharmesh Gandhi
I am really impressed by the way you interact with people. The things which actually seem difficult become easy when we start looking at its positive side. You are really a true motivator. Thank you.
- Biswaranjan Mishra
Dear Sandeep, many thanks for helping those who want to know themselves, through your seminar videos. I am from Pakistan and with the help of your sessions, I am trying to know about myself and my mission on Earth. You explain each and every thing very nicely. Thank you so much.
- Amir Yaqub
Thank you Sandeep Sir for coming in our life to motivate us. You are like a blessing to all your followers and for me too. You are a true leader and true motivator. Thank you for all your sessions. I saw a big transformation in my thoughts in a positive way only because of you.
- Krishma Verma
Hello Sir. I am left speechless by the way you express your views about life. I always get motivated whenever I see you and listen to you. My heart tells me to follow your principles and I am trying to apply it too. Thank you so much for giving your time to motivate us.
- Rohit Sharma
Sandeep Sir you are doing a great work. Your inspiration has changed my life. It seems that everything is easy. Whenever I feel like quitting, I listen to your videos and again get motivated to work. Keep doing these seminars. Thank you.
- Aman Soni
Sandeep Sir, you are the motivational God of India.
- Sanjay Singh Rathore
Sandeep Sir, I am very thankful to you because of your great work of motivating India. I also want to do something like you for India. But first I will do something in my life and then for our country. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Keep it up Sir!
- Rohan Deshmuka
I was always a positive thinker and had read so many books on law of attraction and positive thinking. I knew everything but there was something which was lacking. May be my land was fertile but I wasn't ready to sow the seeds but after watching your video my life changed. I started taking actions and responsibility for my life. I always wanted to be an actor and a model but wasn't doing any thing for it. After watching your video I gave several auditions and did few other things which were necessary which I could not do it earlier may be because of the fear of failure. And the result was amazing. I have so many print shoots with me and I am doing the lead in the serial "Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar" on DD national channel. I am so happy as I am living my dream each day.
- Disha Sachdeva
Dear Sandeep sir I have watched your videos and they are truly inspiring. I am very thankful to you for guiding me on each and every step on the path of my life. After watching your videos, my life has changed. Thank you so much Sir.
- Guru Govind Mahesh
One day I would like to meet you and hug you to say thanks to you. You have changed many lives including mine and hope that you will continue to do so in future.
- Ayaz Manjee
After watching your videos I have realized that nothing is impossible in life. Everything is easy. You are a true genius. I am very thankful to you Sir. God bless you.
- Niraj Kumar
Hi Sandeep Sir! First of all, thank you so much for your inspirational words. I have watched almost all your videos. The story of two brothers in 'Most Powerful Motivational Story' and the story of Karoly Takacs told by you are the most inspirational story for me. The day I will meet you will be the most wonderful day of my life. I hope my dream comes true very soon. Thank you!
- Sarang Dhande
I first saw you at Dr. Subhash Chandra's show. Then I googled about you and soon realized that you are the one I have been looking for years. Sir you have helped me a lot to find my latent strengths. Whenever I feel depressed, one line comes to my mind i.e. 'Aasaan Hai' and that creates all the difference. Best wishes from my side and keep doing the good work.
- Kunal Kumar Jha
Sir, I have learned from you that 'Do not ever let somebody tell you that you can't do it. You gotta dream. You gotta protect it. When people can't do something themselves, they will tell you, you can't do it. You want something, go get it!' Thank you for such an amazing inspiration.
- Rahul Kumar
Sandeep Sir, I am so inspired by you. I don't know whether God is really there or not but people like you are really so valuable for this world. God bless you Sir.
- Snehal Bari
Sandeep, I knew the power of meditation earlier also but my clarity became stronger after watching the video of 'The Sound Of Silence'.
- Mukesh Zal
Mr. Sandeep, when I saw your first video 'Last Life-Changing Seminar', I was just speechless. It's superb. I appreciate your efforts for upliftment of society especially for the young generation. I wish you all the best in life and promise that together we will take India ahead.
- Jayashree Agrawal
Namaste Sandeep Sir, my way of thinking has totally changed because of your direction and suggestion, especially after watching your 'Last Life-Changing Seminar'. Thank you so much Sir.
- Rahul Shukla
Sir you are awesome. No show offs, no fake persona. You are just what you appear to be. I am not a fan of anybody but I have become your fan now. It was a pleasure being a viewer of your videos. I wish to meet you once.
- Smriti Rani
I was introduced to you through a friend of mine. After that I started reading and learning about you and your passion about sharing. Thank you for all that you are sharing. In today's modern world, it seems that we have got someone who speaks his heart and helps us to find our own self. Thank you for inspiring me.
- Vandana Saini
Sandeep Sir, everybody just gives lecture on what to do but nobody tells how to do it. You explain indirectly how to do something and how to persist in doing it. I attended your "India Tour Patna Session" and I observed that you always experiment on yourself what you say and you learn from the experiences in your life. Hats off to you Sir.
- Jay Raj
Dear Sandeep, I have been watching your inspirational sessions from last one year. I am a 45-year old engineer working at a leading position in a MNC. From my early childhood itself, I used to take interest in meditation and in listening to spiritual discourses. But, this is only after listening to your sessions that I am now realizing the true meaning of things with clarity. A big thanks to you for 'Khud Se Khud Ki Pehchan Karaane Ke Liye'.
- Narendra Singh Tomar
Sandeep Sir, your passion for sharing and changing the life of people is amazing. Your sessions are so mesmerizing and knowledgeable. Earlier, past was my comfort zone and future was my destiny. You taught me that both are completely useless. We must live in the present moment, is the biggest lesson of life for me.
- Dr. Aroon
'The Unstoppable' session was the biggest session of my life. It was wonderful, superb, excellent and great. Thanks to Sandeep Sir for the phenomenal experience. This experience was out of the world.
- Rekha Machindra Borde
Your seminars are spectacular. It is certainly amazing to feel transformation in our beliefs and our thought patterns in such a short span of time. Your videos fill my spirit with an aura of positivity. To thank you would be a very small repay, still I just want to convey my gratitude. I will always be grateful to you. Keep spreading your charisma. Stay blessed and lots of good wishes.
- Sonali Priyadarshini
Hi Sandeep Sir, I really appreciate you for what you are doing. Your videos have inspired me. After watching your videos, I could got a lot within me. Thanks for initiating me into positive thinking and mind control. I have now become stronger. Thank you so much!
- Prabhakar
I appreciate your work and the social cause you have taken. You are working so beautifully and effectively on it. As the seminar was for all but specially your presentation and exposure was in such a way that today youth connected to it immediately. Some gurus and saints are also doing such motivations but due to some bad expressions of their groups, some genuine efforts are ignored/neglected by this generation. Our future India belongs to this generation of youth and guiding them how to achieve their goal and then how they can contribute to society and country is the essence of your seminar.
- Rajesh Aggarwal
It was one of the best moments of my life when I first attended your session. I have learned a lot from you. I follow your videos regularly. Thank you Sir for changing my life.
- Surbhi Jain
Hello Sandeep Sir, I feel very light after watching your videos especially when I am in tension. I watch 'The Best of India Tour' video again and again to boost myself and my team. I want to give a special thanks to you for your spiritual videos.
- Ravi Kumar
Big thanks to Mr.Sandeep for sharing his experiences and guiding people for the betterment of the society. There are rare people like Mr.Sandeep in today's world. I feel great that I got a chance to attend his seminar and learnt many things. Thank you. Keep inspiring people. Wish you all success in your life.
- Ritu Huria
Sandeep Sir, thanks for changing my perception towards life. I am working in the media field for last ten years but never got any inspiration but my life changed after watching your sessions on Youtube. I have become positive in my life and more aware about my inner soul. I have also started jogging daily to keep my body fit. Keep motivating all and surely the world will change one day!
- Jayanand Wagh
After watching your videos, I have also made my life 'Aasaan' just like you. Thanks a lot.
- Arwa Takiwala
Hello Sandeep brother. I attended your live session in Pune. It was a life changing session. I learned a lot of things regarding life like how to handle challenges, how to face failures and self actualization of the aim in life. Thank you very much Sandeep and best of luck.
- Mahesh Mutreja
Dear Sandeep Sir, your seminars helped me in a great spiritual experience. I heard the sound of a drop of water within me and experienced an abundance of energy. Thank you Sir!
- Annu Kumari
Hello Sandeep. It was a great experience for me to see your video. It was highly impressive. Within a time span of 45 minutes, I realized that I have been carrying with myself a spring of hard core knowledge on life and a thinking matured enough to encounter all the uphill challenges that stand in my way.
- Prashant Kumar Das
Hello Sir, I am a student of NIT Durgapur. You have changed my life. When we were asked to watch your seminar video by our teacher in our school I initially thought that it will be definitely boring but after watching your video I understood every thing is Aasaan Hai in life. Hats off to you Sir! Thanks a lot for your guidance. We are really so inspired by you.
- Rahul Kumar
Sir, I want to thank you for being the best teacher of my life. People cry when they are hurt, sometimes even when they are happy they cry, but today I cried after having listened to you for no particular reason. There was this feeling, for which I have no words to express. Thank you Sir for teaching me something that has inspired me to keep on learning for the rest of my life.
- Anvit Gadkar
Thank you Sandeep Sir for your inspiration. I am really grateful to you. Thank you very much.
- Pallabi Behera
Dear Sandeep ji, I don't know how to express my feelings towards you, especially after watching you for the first time on YouTube two days back. I haven't been able to sleep since two nights, it seems that I am totally in a new world, full of excitement and encouragement! Thanks
- Dr. Kamal Bhardwaj
How would I express the feeling of companionship I gained while viewing the videos of Sandeep Maheshwari. They give me so much power, strength, motivation, faith and pull me out of my loneliness. None of his videos can be considered less or more than the others. Each and every session of Sandeep is a precious gem. Nobody can explain life as beautifully and simply as Sandeep does. Videos of the sessions of Sandeep are like nectar for this world and I am so happy that I am blessed to be associated with such a great human. If I get a chance to attend any live session of Sandeep, I will be very grateful to god who created amazing people like Sandeep Maheshwari.
- Suhas Bhaganaga
Sandeep Sir, you are my ideal. I am very thankful to God that he has endowed the world with such a great personality. You are like the light of inspiration and positivity. I got to know my self only because of you. I have got solution to every problem and learned to live independently without any expectations. Now, I give my best to every task I do and in return it gives me immense happiness and satisfaction. Thank you for sharing your seminars on YouTube. I am also applying these things in my daily life. I want to be a success and I know I can do it because 'Sab Aasaan Hai'.
- Rupali Shinde
I had been attending many sessions on various topics like time management, happiness, health, values, family and money over last few years. But they could hardly leave an impact on me or maybe on many others who have been attending the same. I am very fond of listening to motivational speeches on YouTube but I could not see you on YouTube for long. My sister asked me to see your Life-Changing Seminar on YouTube. I saw the entire session and my heart was filled with content and I too got some purpose. I could relate myself easily with you as I have also gone through many hardships in my life just like you. Your session had a positive impact on me and I would like to meet you once personally. At the end I would like to give a big thanks to you. May God bless you!
- Rupan Chhabra
I just watched the Life-Changing seminar video. I really learned a lesson for my entire life that if you really want to do something, just don't bother about what other people will say. I adopted your "Aasaan hai" mantra in my life today. I am feeling happy enough that I got a great opportunity to watch you. Thanks a lot for motivating us towards our moral duties of sharing. Thank you so much.
- Anshika Shukla
I am a homemaker and did not attend any such seminar earlier. For me, it was a revelation, what a person can do with his/her life. Sandeep is truly an inspirational leader at such a young age. I wish him all the success in his life. If our politicians could think in this way then our country would definitely progress in all the ways. I love you Sandeep for the good work you are doing for the people of our country!
- Indu Kumar
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