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Hi Sir! You are a great person. You have changed yourself by experiencing every taste of life. Your life reflects it. You are the real winner of inner as well as outer world. And you are continuously winning many hearts by your kind and sharing nature. You inspired millions and I am lucky that I am one of them. You inspired me a lot to do great in inner as well as outer world. Out of those all Meditation is the greatest thing. I already used to meditate but you gave me an acceleration to take it up to a great extent. And now everything is growing with happiness and peacefulness and I am also sharing it to others like you on my level. Thank you so much sir to affect my life by sharing your experiences. Aasaan Hai.
- Suyash Kumar Pandey
Hello Sandeep Sir! I Can't express in words how much your videos have helped me in past three, four months. I live in USA and amount of stress is far more then home country. To be at ace and achieve your goal being under so much stress is not an easy task. Your videos are truly motivational and is been working as medicine. Now when ever I am stressed and upset I listen to your videos and would recommend others to do the same. As you say 'I cannot solve your problems, only YOU can' is true. Thanks for explaining so much with so ease. Love from me.
- Nasmin Jiwani
Hi Sir! I am from Gorakhpur(UP). You are such a true inspiration for me. When I was very alone and nothing had. I started watching your videos and then my problems started solving. Your thoughts and ideas and way of expressing was very good and motivated. I love you and respects you a lot. I have done something that no one could done before in my family and also they didn't had any expectation that I will do it but this is happened and this miracle happened because of you. Thank you so much.
- Sachin Rana
Though I am not an Indian I have been watching Sandeep's inspirational and motivational talks. I have learnt a lot and changed my self drastically. We need people like Sandeep to bring positivity in this world. Sandeep is doing a great job teaching and mentoring lots of Indians. I want him to spread his wings to the neighboring countries like Maldives and motivate us with his inspirational talks.
- Aminath Gulfisham
My few words can not explain my feelings what I feel when I see your sessions. You are doing wonderful job Sandeep Sir. I want to do something like you. I also have the same passion as you have. Sometimes I use your examples to motivate someone and the reaction of the listener is always priceless for me. I am damn sure you are the greatest leader for the new generation. Hats off to your work Sir. Keep going and best of luck for your Great Journey. You are always an Idol for me. Thank you Sir.
- Ramesh Dhairya
Thank you very much Sir for guiding me towards my passion, before watching your videos I just use to think over lots of stuff but was not able to stick on one. as I completed my graduation I was not able to understand what to do next. After watching your videos I felt that I should go on with my teaching field because, when I used to see my friends opting for doctor, engineer, lawyer etc. I use feel low as some people use to tell that what are you doing teaching field is for housewives. Do you want to become a housewife which was to degrade me but now I am damn clear about it that I want to serve and help the students, I have lots of plans to work on. I have hurdles to fulfill it but I know I can do it anyway. Thank you very much.
- Ashwini Shah
Sir few years before I was in Ranchi and watching the Dr. Subhash Chandra show. They invited you in their session when I listened you first time, after that I have seen so many videos of yours full night. I got the energy of doing something big in my life. Then I decided to leave the job and doing my own business as early as possible. I begin to think in the same direction. One day I have got an opportunity to start business and finally I started my business. I can not explain in words what you are for me. I am motivated just because of you. Thanks you so much for this. You are the real hero of my life.
- Sahdev Kumar
Hello Sandeep Sir! First of all I have to tell you that I am a huge fan of yours. Sir I am studying in class 9th. Before listening to your sessions there was no confidence in me but after hearing your sessions I felt a big change in me. Now I am always be confident and talk confidently to everyone. I also encourage people by talking like you to them. And I always feel my work like an adventure. I am very thankful to you and I hope I can make myself a life changer in people's life like you.
- Deepika Verma
Respected Sandeep Sir! I always watch your each session. It inspire me a lot. I have seen so many difficulties in life and also going through some difficult things, whenever I felt to boost my self I saw your sessions on YouTube. It gave me boost towards doing that work. Keep motivating us and I am one of your big fan. I think you are born survivor. I feel immense pleasure watching your each session. Big salute to great personality.
- Rahul Yadav
Sandeep Sir! what you is doing is beyond words that one can express. I was listening your spiritual videos since many years. There is lot of ups and downs. My father business had great losses. It was hard time for my education, work place, marriage. After my marriage I came to know that my husband business came to losses and that too after two months of my marriage and it had wrapped up. I am NRI and settling in life, I came across your videos when I was alone and wanted to grow in spiritual path. I don't have words to explain where in life I have reached. I aspire to open my restaurant here and then wanna spread the spiritual knowledge. I just want to do what you are doing. My Gratitude to you. You are a selfless man.
- Teena Jindal
Hi Sandeep Sir! Hope you are well. It is very difficult to express your contributions for the young generation by using of few words. It is no doubt that GOD has sent you in the form of infinite heroes in our country. I always follow your words as it gives me enormous amount of happiness, confidence. You are really attached with all goodness. I always follow your footprints. Now I can clearly make out that getting success is definitely not a big deal if anybody wants it from bottom of their heart. Thank you Sir for all your inspirations. May God give you enormous power to spread the secret message all over the world. Many Thanks again Sir.
- Abhishek Banerjee
Dear Sir! You have no idea what you are. Whatever the problem is pick any of your session then you feel all the problem are vanished because you are full of positivity. At some point of my life I was badly stuck. I did not have any way. I felt that I don’t know I would come out from this trauma or not. But all thanks to you and YouTube where I watched your video for the first time. Your sessions changed me. I just need to apply what you are trying to tell us and life is full of happiness despite so many problems. It is sufficient to connect you. You are savior for many people. You are just amazing person and I love your dressing style. But at the end I just want to thank you for spreading happiness in world. You are doing great.
- Payal Gupta
Dear Sir! Your sessions had given me the strength to fight the inner me. It showed me the way to clear the wall 'my self'. Now I am very happy to share you that you had a great impact on me, where I am today. Today I am pursuing my passion and its yours sessions that gave me strength to fight every odds. Now with help of your insights i am able to spread your lights to the one who needs. Thank you so much for the novel work you are doing.
- Sunkuru Sachin Kumar
Hello Sandeep Sir! I started watching your videos when I was totally confused what to do. I was doing job but it was not giving me satisfaction of work and was no growth in it. So I wanted to do business. After watching your videos, it makes a lot of positive changes in my thinking. Now I am at least thinking and started planning what to do for my dream business. I am also short tempered so now trying to act after thinking. I will definitely control my anger in coming days, now it's 'Aasaan Hai'. I got so much positive attitude after watching your videos. Thanks a lot sir.
- Ashwini Vaibhav Parvate
Hello Sir! I am a national level rifle shooter, whenever I loose my confidence I watch your videos and go back to do my practice again. Your first video which I saw was about the shooter name Károly Takács which inspired me a lot. I follow you everywhere. Your videos have made a lot changes in my thinking. Whenever I feel down I watch your videos which always lift up my confidence and I truly believe in you.
- Udit Chaudhary
Hi Sandeep Sir! I used to think that I was an ordinary girl. But I experienced something great in me always. At some point in life I was totally lost. I was not interested in anything and hit the depression. I always believe that God has some plans. Thank God I am still Alive! I am grateful for this and its amazing. Because I was recommended by one of my colleague to watch your session because he liked it. I watched and within two days I watched your all the videos. Gradually it helped me get out of depression and of course your spiritual sessions helped me to realize who I am. At the end of the day I end up realizing that I am taking responsibility of my own. This life is incredible and much interesting. At least I am sure that I am living my life no matter what. I am still 'UNSTOPPABLE'. Thank You.
- Vibha Jain
Dear Sandeep! Few months ago I did not want to leave my life. I used to pray to god I do not need further life for me. But when I listened your sessions, I understand and starts following you. Day by day my understanding become more deep to understand myself. Now I really enjoying my life. I am happy with my self. I am also a banker so, I am leading my team with full of motivation. Thank you so much to change my life completely.
- Amir Hussain
Sandeep Sir! You are a role model for all the people out there. I admire you a lot. The way you depict your thoughts are incredible and heart touching. Also, you are so chilled out and the coolest person I have ever come across. I feel so blessed that I got to know about you. Your sayings are applaudable. May you be blessed immensely with contentment, bliss and everything you desire for. God bless you always. You have transformed lives of millions. Keep it on Sir. Loads of love and respect to you.
- Mehak Kapoor
Hi Sandeep Sir! Thanks for giving me such clarity to live life. I have seen more than two hundred videos of yours and implemented many of them. Sir I was follower before seeing you, now I am leader and taking many decisions this year which was unbelievable. Thanks for being my mentor. Sir there were many questions inside my mind regarding self actualization, but after watching your Spiritual videos about 'Ashtavakra gita' all queries are solved. I cant express all things which are happening with me, but now I am happy and seeking to be better. Thanks for being one of the most important part of my life.
- Rupesh Sah
Sir! I want to say that your thoughts and seminars have changed my life completely. It helped me to come out from a bad situation. I always wanted to do something qualitative with my life but could not do due to many reasons but after watching your sessions I got that one reason what I should become and why I should do that work. Now I am 12th and going to apply for NIFT and will become a Fashion Entrepreneur one day. I just want to say that whatever I will become the credit will go to myself, you and my father. He was the person who forced me to see your videos on the bad stage of my life. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to give me a new direction or show me the path. Thank you.
- Pragati Bagri
Hello Sir. I am from Bangladesh. I am much blessed to receive such priceless knowledge from you. I have watched many of your videos on awareness and I must say that my awareness level has risen. Previously I could not recognize my thoughts or emotions. But now I can recognize the flow of my thoughts and even control them to some extent. I am also able to connect with nature and experience peace within. So Thanks a lot Sir.
- Anuj Saraogi
Namaste Sandeep Sir! Thank you so much for being a part of my life. You realized me how satisfied and successful I am. I learnt where to pause, where to react, how to feel completeness and fulfilled, how to speak English fluently. You helped me to stay happy and be good all time. You have pushed me to follow the fuel of life is Knowledge. I have reduced arguments, its hurts and causes mood off. But not now. The less I say for you is as low. I love your friendly nature to all. I like your way to explain. I am trying to spread your thoughts to make their life successful & happy. I like your smile, I like your look. Thank you so much for changing me and Thank you for everything. Live long life. God bless You Sir.
- Mittal Patel
Hi Sir! I am from Varanasi (UP). You are such a true inspiration for me. When I was very alone and nothing had. I started watching your videos and then my problems started solving. Your thoughts and ideas and way of expressing was very good and motivated. I love you and respects you a lot. I have done something that no one could done before in my family and also they didn't had any expectation that I will do it but this is happened and this miracle happened because of you. Thank you so much.
- Mazid Ali
Hello Sandeep Ji! I am a big follower of all your inspirational videos and books. I had been in a state of depression for years and it’s your motivational speeches and videos which gave me the strength to stand up. I still struggled sometime and whenever felt sad I get back to you and like a guiding light I get my path and move ahead. Thanks a lot, like me hundreds and thousands are there whom you have helped unknowingly. Keep spreading your understanding of life with more people who actually need your help.
- Rillika Sarkar
Hello Sir! I am watching your video from past few years. When I feel tensed in my life I always watch your video, it change my mind and it gives me solution also. I suggest also my friend to watch your video if any trouble in life. Your videos have changed my life completely. Now I am passing your thought to student, persons who is surrounding me. Thanks a lot Sir. It's great to being with us. I am also want to part of your work to change the world's thinking.
- Ravi Kumar Gupta
Thank you so much Sandeep Sir. You are no less than a God's angel in my life. I have seen lots of videos of yours. Each and every video inspires me. I was able to gain strength to fight against the odd of my life. I am still struggling to accept the realities of my life but your videos gives me strength whenever I feel depressed, alone and forgotten. I don't know if you will ever read my comment. But I have tears in my eyes writing this note of Thanks. I just want you to Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Sapna Simi
Hello Sir! I think only you know the way to inspire someone logically. You are the person who can make all of us feel about the reality of world. I saw many other's motivational videos and even read books based on imagination which I didn't like except one video. I thought, 'who's this man', Then I got to know about you who are successful person after many failures. When I saw your 'Last Life Changing Seminar' on YouTube few months ago then I liked that so much and saw videos till the end. During last scene of the video, I was so emotional and I have also decided when I got my job, I will also share who need most actually. Thanks.
- Shrishyam Sharma
Thank You Sir for helping me to change my life. Few years ago I used to be a different person from now and it has only happened because of you. Sir I don't have words to express my feelings towards you. Because somewhere or the other you have guided me throughout the life like a mentor. Thanks a lot for making me the person I am today. I have watched your all sessions and really sir it has the power to bring positivity and happiness in someone's life.
- Chandan Soni
Dear Great Soul! I have learnt a lot from you. Whenever I watch your videos I feel like 'yes I am on the right path' because I am just like you and you certified that, yes Ankita you are doing correct and you are undoubtedly a greatest person on this earth. Thank you so much Sir.
- Ankita Kesarwani
Sir! You are the life. You are the best. Nobody can be like you. You don't even have an idea of what your videos mean to us. It gives a new hope to start all over again, to fight better and to the live the life we are truly meant for. I love you Sir. May God give you all the happiness of life. Bless you Sir.
- Twinkle Chhabra
Dear Sandeep Sir! Thank you so much for give me right direction to see the world. Your videos helped me a lot to think the right way. I have infinite commendable words to tell about you Which I can't say. Only thank you is not enough for this. So May God bless you with all the happiness and healthy life.
- Salil Kumar Jain
Thank you very much Sandeep Sir! You are the one who has changed my life, changed my mind. According to my point of view you are the world’s greatest man, I think all must be agree with this, those who are watching your videos and learning something. Thank you for coming in our world. This is the time we can change the world. Thank you once again for all your sessions.
- Arghya Bhattacharya
Hello Sandeep Sir! I would like to share how your words have inspired me to chase my dream. I am a Telecom Engineer, working from last few years, had completed my B-tech. In starting phase all was good slowly I lost my interest from my daily work. From the beginning I wanted to become a researcher and wanted to do something for my country from technology point of view. So suddenly a thought or spark came from inside that this is the right time to chase your dream. Now I am preparing for it. I resigned from my company so that I can dedicatedly give my 100% on my studies. So that I can achieve what I have dreamt of. Thank you Sir for showing the way.
- Swati Kumari
Hello Sandeep Sir! I read Bhagavad Gita but never got what it really wants to say but your analysis of Ashtavakra Geeta has taught me the real meaning of life and it transformed every aspect of my life towards professional or personal. I don't have enough words to Thank You. You are the real Guru who dispels the darkness. May God bless you always. Love You Sir.
- Jeetendra Singh Rajput
Hello Sandeep Sir! I am your big fan and I loved your all videos you are a great person. Your videos are inspirations to me. Whenever I feel bad, lonely and feel negative then I start watching your videos then I feel good after watching your videos. Whenever I want do something and people told me you can’t do this then I thought your thing first I have to try then I will decide I can do or not. Thank you so much Sir. You are good person. Hat's off to you. You are so amazing.
- Kanchan Badola
Thanks a lot Master! Based on my seven year spiritual experience, I can say that you are truly a true ascetic. You have understood the depth of yoga and spirituality and made it easy for everyone. You are really great master.
- Madan Vishvakarma
Hello Sandeep Sir! I Live in Pune, I am working here and I am 22 years old. I am big fan of yours. Whenever I depressed or feel like unhappy I always used to watch your videos. After listening your sweetest voice and precious words, I feel my life complete. Any kind of negative thought not even enter in my mind. You are like a power booster for me, which I never forget to take. This is very great thing which you do Sir to give a path to people lives. Keep continue it Sir. Its my pleasure to write about you. Thanks a lot.
- Rashmi Junghare
Namashkar Sandeep Ji! I did not remember when did I watch your first video but I do remember the first video I have seen was 'The Most Amazing Real-Life Story' which was sent be my uncle to me on whatsapp. After watching that video, a thought came to my mind 'If you can present well in front of huge audience, why can't I'. I have searched your name on Google, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, etc. gathered everything about you. I was inspired by myself but similarly like other people by watching your videos I got more inspired. When I have seen your 'Last Life Changing Seminar' as you presented a message of you life similarly I will present definitely my life seminar. I don't know when will I present but I will present definitely. Jai Shri Mahakaal.
- Anjani Kumar Vyas
Hello Sir! First of all Thank you so much Sir for your motivational seminars. Few years ago my friend shown me your motivational video that was almost of five mins but from that I really inspired a lot. When I was preparing for CA IPCC exam. I was really depressed because of that was not able do preparation for the exams properly because of some personal problems. Then I thought about your words and I start preparing as much as time I got, I studied without thinking about the result. And this helped me in clearing my exams in first attempt itself. It became possible because of your motivating words and your words act like a medicine to me. Thank you so much Sir for improving the life of so many peoples and motivating them to work hard. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Raghav Agrawal
Hello Sir! I always admire and impressed with all the people who dare to think out of the box, who dare to challenge conventional thinking. I watched many of your sessions. After watching your sessions, I feel that though nothing was new still perhaps there was dust on my mind which has gone after watching your sessions. Watching your video is like maintenance plus polishing of mind or intellectual properties. You are doing excellent job and inspiration for the people. Salute to you Sandeep Sir. One funny thing I want to share is I was like you only, I believed always in 'Aasaan Hai', but my boss don't like this, he says everything is not easy but everything is feasible with proper effort in good direction. Now I say Aasaan Hai in my heart and feasible h to my boss. Huge respect to you.
- Geetanjali Sharma
Hello Sandeep Sir! I want to tell you a huge impact of your videos on me when I was struggling to get treatment for tuberculosis. I was suffering from drug resistant tuberculosis, and I was totally depressed and frustrated because I was in class 11 and I was preparing for IIT- JEE MAINS but then this thing happened and I was hospitalized and doctor told me that it usually takes about 3-4 years for this disease to fully cure it then, I came to know about you on You Tube and started watching your videos and sessions and then I realised that my inner potential lies within me and inner motivation will take me long way and so I decided to end this and was cured in almost 2 years and I also completed my 12 boards and cleared IIT-JEE for which I was also inspired from your student videos.
- Sourav Kumar
Hello Sandeep Sir! Since I have come to know about you, I have become Huge fan of you. I listen your inspirational sessions all the time even I am home and share the knowledge with my co-workers and friend in Canada.
- Achala Mishra
Hello Sandeep Sir! I always watch your videos. It inspired me a lot. Thanks Sir for teaching us and taking us to a realistic world. I have become practical by watching your videos. I like the way you speak and share experiences. I like you Sir. Thank you so much Sir.
- Harsh Patel
Hello Sir! You are an awesome Person. I am one of your fan and I really like your way of inspiring peoples. Your videos has changed my life completely and I really feel a new person in me without any negative thoughts. You are doing a great job so keep it up and inspire us like you are doing. Thank you so much for these amazing things. God bless you Sir.
- Priya Mishra
Hi Sandeep Sir! Your sessions had been amazingly helpful for me. It has channelized my energy which had been in the Brownian movement since last fifteen years. You touched the deeper concepts of life in such a simple way that it never fails to impact our mind. Thank you so much for helping me and many others who want to be helped. Helping people to have life and that too in a Aasaan way. Thank you so much.
- Abha Gautam
Sandeep Sir is like a hope for me. He has come into my life when I had lost every hope in my life. I was so bored and angry on me and everyone. Now I can communicate with everyone with a smile. No more anger less frustration and so many hope for the future. Sandeep Sir has made it possible. Thanks you Sir. You are my inspiration. Now I have only one big desire to do something for him as Gurudkshina because he deserves it.
- Shehejin Bristy
Hello Sir! May God bless you. I just want to thank you on behalf of each and every soul of this Universe. I am noting but same as them and you, after watching your some sessions I can feel that we want the same what you want. I also keep doing same after knowing the truth of life, and I will continue till my last breath in this earth. Thank you so much for helping God and each & everything in this universe. ‘This universe will Change’. I pray for everything & for only one thing I can leave my body with the satisfaction of every soul is on the way of their destination. Thank You so much. May God Bless you.
- Tanveer Hossain Mullick
Hello Sir! thank you so much. Your sessions helped me a lot to connect with my problems and get a solution to it in a right direction. There always were certain confusion in deeper things in the level of thought like what is right thing and what is wrong, and certain other things like the feeling of restlessness and many more. Although I haven't got answers or a clear understanding to a lot of questions but the concepts in your video could certainly made me to reach there a lot more near it. Thank you so much.
- Swetapadma Majhi
Hi Sir! Your motivated thought has changed my life. I wanted to do something different ever. But I used to afraid what others will say. But I killed my fear. Now I have opened my office and going to start a work for Civil Engineering. I will grow by the blessings of your. I have seen all of your Seminars. All are so good. Thank you so much Sandeep Sir.
- Sonal Kumar Yadav
Hi Sandeep! I am really Thankful to you for providing us path towards our real goal of life and clarity on spirituality. It really helped me to clear some conditioning. I am student of truth and more happy than previous life. I feel that I am daily improving. Thanks a lot brother to be a guide for me. My wishes and prayers are always for your best. Keep doing good work and showing light to us.
- Amit Khurana
I am listening your videos from very long time. There are lots of vibrations in your words. You saved my father's life he was on ventilator and now he is with us. It's long story making it short. I haven't faced such situation alone where in emergency you are signing paper because no second option was there doctors put him on ventilator now he is with us. For two months on regular basis I listened your audios on mobile in hospital. Thank you is small word. Words are less. I don't know what to say. God and doctors were there no doubt. Your presence was also there. Only motivation was your videos which I listened non stopped in hospital.
- Suman Kamra
Sir! The most lovely thing about sessions are that your words are realistic and practical. It has helped me in coping stress in KOTA, since I missed my mother badly during the first month, your sessions had actually become my only lifeline during those tough day. Words would be less for your admiration's Sir. You are doing such a selfless deed in this materialistic world. You truly have a different conception about this world I guess. Thank you Sir for everything you gave me, be with us every time. Love you Sir!
- Shivam Shubham
Hi Sandeep! Hope you are doing great! I am really happy & inspired to see your videos. I really wanted to meet you once in a life. I must say in this age very rare I can see confidence as you have. You are so perfect for everybody as a inspiration of today's youngsters. I was facing problems in my life and there was lack of confidence. I was used to say that this is not possible. When I have started your videos now I can say . Yes everything is possible in life whatever we want. Thank you so much.
- Anita Anny
Hello Sandeep Sir! Thank you Sir for every single thing that you are doing to make this world better. You explained everything in very simple way for anyone to understand easily. I also found a new direction of life by watching your videos and also trying to impact the society in a better way. Thank you very much for your efforts to enlighten us. Be well.
- Sandip Mukherjee
Sir! I want to say only one thing that you saved my life. I was in depression but by watching your videos I have changed my life. Thanks
- Pallavi Acharya
Frankly speaking, you are not my Motivation, you are my 'INSPIRATION' and I am glad that I found the inner inspiration because of you. My story is also a bit similar just like you Sir. I am an Anchor, Model, Dancer, Content Writer, Personality Development Trainer and a Working Professional. Recently I was wondering about myself that what the perfect path for me to work on is. Later on I Realized seeing and understanding you that don't listen to mind about what he says, tell the brain that you wanted to do these things and he will automatically do that for you. I have learnt a lot from you Sir and I always want to learn from you because I am a Students and I always want to be a student because I want to learn something from each and every moment of my life. Thank you so much Sir.
- Anurag Sarkar
I was an individual similar to the one who you inspire to become. But since last 8-9 years, I started to become something else & peak of it, I was unhappy & lost. But I believed that God has given me this low to make me realize that I have to stop taking it further. I was struggling within myself to overcome. Step by step I was doing many things & some time before I found your inspirational videos on YouTube. I must say that I am regaining myself and becoming the person which I was 8-9 years ago. Now, I want to tell what my problem was. I had started dwelling on others, others opinions. I was doing my best but expecting positive from others. If somebody would say anything negative against me, I was not able to concentrate. Your videos have given me myself back. Thanks a lot & God bless.
- Purnima Sharma
Hello Sandeep Sir! I have seen all your videos. I was at my lowest point of life and was not getting any way to come out then someone suggested me to watch your videos, unwillingly I opened your videos because already I have seen so much motivational stuff, but your way of presenting toughness of life in very simple way win me. And I changed my idea to feel defeated by destiny now I am a successful person who is living his live on his terms. I just want to see you and express my gratitude to my real Guru who drag me out from the darkness. Tones of respect and love from my side.
- Zuber Khan
Hello Sir! This is Pratigya, I am clinical psychologist. I saw your video sometime before. You are an inspiration for all of us. I am much inspired from your videos and I will give same suggestions to our patients and clients. who is suffering from mental problems relationship problems and career related issues also. now I have much contents for counselling. Thank you so much Sir again.
- Pratigya Kasera
Hello Sandeep Sir ! I am watching your video's from past few months and all are very interesting. I love your approach to life and your thoughts as well. You are a true leader of masses and I am definitely sure that you will change the thought process of every citizen of India in near future. Thanks a lot
- Himanshu Gupta
Hi Sandeep Bhai! Its a big thanks and salute to you for your such big efforts in making many Lives come alive. Have seen many motivational and inspirational speakers but you are so more practical and with deep understanding of real life concepts. Touched it by your words. Changed drastically the way of perceiving situations and helps a lot to make world a better living place. Thanks a lot. Stay Blessed. I am spreading many more friends your videos so that they become happy and more free minded with right thinking abilities. Wish one day to meet you surely. Once again Thanks.
- Shahidhusain Tinwala
Hi Sandeep Sir! I am a big fan of yours. I watch your videos often and enjoy your sessions. I repeatedly listen to your videos whenever I come any unpleasant situation and I feel charged up listening to you. I promise you that I will try and give own 100% in my life to get success. Thanks a lot Sir for your support
- Aparna Saurabh
Sandeep Sir! I just want to Thank you for giving me a new life, and enrich those people who are connected with me. I can smell the changes of my surroundings in a positive way. Thank you so much Sir.
- Mithun Dutta
Hello Sandeep Sir! First of all very Thanks to you for your motivational videos. I am so much impressed by you. I am at the age of above 40 and I have experienced many ups and downs in my life and faced the situation as possible with me at best of my effort. Sometimes your words makes me feel that these words are mine words. I enjoy your all your videos very much. I agree that the facing problem grow up our mindset and we become more confident. Very Thanks to you as that type of speeches really works and affects to our youth or person of any age.
- Madhu k Sahu
Hello Sir! I am from Andaman and Nicobar island. From class 8th I was facing lot of problem in my life. I was a negative thinker. I always used to think that 'mere se kuch nahi hoga', but after watching your 'Last Life Changing Seminar' those words have changed my life forever to 'Aasaan Hai'. Thanks a lot sir for always motivating student like us and your every video always motivate us. Thank you so much Sir and you know what, you are live example of living GOD. Thanks a lot Sir and always keep motivating us. Jai Hind.
- B.Bijish
Thank You Sir. I am a student and preparing for my NEET exams. Due to some bad memories and experiences I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. I used to be the topper earlier in 10th and all the classes but in PU I felt like I am gone and can’t be at the top again. I was totally depressed but by watching your videos I have got that courage to face all the consequences and due to that I feel I am back again and will definitely do it. God Bless You Sir.
- Vaishnavi Para
Hello Sir! I have subscribed your You Tube channel and I am watching your video almost per day. I start my day with your video than go for other work. So my life totally changed from your videos. Thank you so much Sir for giving these type of motivation. Thanks
- Mithu Kumar Gupta
Hi Sandeep Sir! I from Pakistan and I love you. I have watched number of your videos on You Tube. I started watching them at a time in my life when I was going through a number of internal struggles and was trying to make sense of this wonderful life. Your messages, delivered in simple and down-to-earth style. It leave a lasting impression. For sharing your thoughts with us, much Thanks to you.
- Mohammad Aamir Ali
Hello Sir! I had seen your all normal videos to spirituality video. And trust me I am able to relate all of your videos. The way you describe Human being in Ashtavakra Gita is speechless and Now 'Khush Rehana Seeko' is also very good. You taught me about Understanding of reality. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and now I am one of the best student of your.
- Aayushi Joshi
I was a kind of sensitive guy which if once pin-pointed by someone used to cry and stop doing to what am l taunted, so most of the time l began to give to my phone and always fond of surfing throughout , then through linkage l got attached to your session of ‘what is real learning’ then l naturally got addicted to your motive of ‘Aasaan Hai’. Now l have changed myself from that day such that l am a cherished and very friendly and now still if someone pin-points me or taunts me or trying to stops me l just don't give a answer about that and remember your saying and develop and attitude in myself that yes if l am doing right people will try to stop you from doing so and then l ignore and keep going on. Thank You so much Sir to change me from what l was to what l am May Allah fulfill your wishes.
- Hatim Kaizar Udaipurwala
Dear Sandeep! You are indeed doing a great job by guiding so many people specially the youth. Just saw one of your videos where you were giving example of deep love. Intense love and mentioned that Taj Mahal is a remarkable example of it, being built by Shah Jahan for his wife. God bless you. Keep up the good work.
- Suprin Ahluwalia
Dear Sir! I am big fan of you. I have no words to explain about you. I am just speechless. For me and for most of us you are a life changer. After having your seminars and videos. We feel proud and motivated. Thanks for doing such a great job. I wish you live thousands of years my blessings is always with you. Thanks
- Abhimanyu Singh
Sir! I am short of words! Respect for your soul and thoughts. A big thanks for coming out and guiding us. Keep doing so.
- Neeru Dhir
Hello Sir! I was very weak at studies. But always dreamt of becoming a doctor. Slowly I improved. Then when I passed my 12th boards exam scored 67%. I couldn't clear my entrance. So I dropped a year for my preparation and still couldn't clear it. I was very much depressed after that. Your videos helped me a lot to think the right way. To get motivated towards my goal, and after two years of consistent hard work. I cleared NEET 2017 and I am about to get admission for MBBS course in one of the top colleges of my State. So after a few years when I'll become a doctor I'll try to do something of great impact for the society. Thank you Sandeep Bhai. May God bless you with all the happiness and healthy life.
- Reyaz Hussain
Sir! You have changed and touched my life in a way nobody has ever did it. Few years back I was under tremendous depression, an incident changed my life for worst and nothing seemed like working for me. I was surfing on YouTube looking out for something that would help me fight with that state and then I came across your video a life changing seminar by you, I was so lost that I kept watching following your videos and gradually life started getting better. Day night and especially when I was low I started repeating and watching them. I started loving my life because I started loving you. My love and admiration became addictive. And I am really happy with this addiction. You changed my life. I am proud to me your follower and I love you and I owe my life to you.
- Bijal Shah
Hi Sir! I am from Bangladesh. I was so upset about my education. I failed twice in higher secondary. I lost my hope, breath & myself. After watching your videos I decided to change myself. Now, I am walking on my way which is instructed by you. I have taken admission in Engineering College & my class performance is increasing day by day. Now, I know I am limitless, I am infinity, I can do anything what I want to do. Thanks a lot sir! God bless you!
- Younus Ali
Hello Sir! I have never seen a positive person like you. When I see you, I feel so positive and get energetic to do anything for the world with perfection. Whenever I feel something negative, I watch your videos. Thanks a lot for all such videos which provide a beautiful lesson to live the life with happiness. Thanks for being God in such generation where no one cares for a strangers. Thanks
- Sanjeet Sah
Sir ! I am a student and have been watching your videos from sometime. Your motivational speeches have helped me a lot to decrease my negativity. I can connect to your speeches, and can apply them in my daily life too. I salute you Sir. Thank you Sir
- Madhurima Basu
Thank you a lot Sir for being such a hero in my life. After watching your videos I have started enjoying my life in positive way. I turned to a great path after having you and your thoughts in my mind. Keep motivating the World.
- Jagannath Majhi
Hello Sandeep Sir! I don't know my words are reaching you in reality or not. But I m really thankful to you and want to thank you that you are the person with an idea of creating unlimited leaders in India not only through trendy career options but through one's own choice and way. I also want to do the same. but I am just waiting for that moment when I actually get realistic idea of succeeding in my life. Your sessions are helping me to a great extent but I think you can understand it well that I want that perfect moment when someone truly understand me and provide me the realistic way of getting success. This society is fond of all trendy competitions and all. No-one is thinking in one's own way. I want to live my life in my own way, to the fullest. It’s a proud for our India to have a great citizen like you.
- Hritika Verma
After Swami Vivekananda, I found you one of the most influential person in my life. Your words are just like the fire which run into the veins of the body.
- Shubham Vishal
Hello Sandeep Sir! My few words can't explain my feelings what I feel when I see your sessions. You are amazing and unbelievable person. You have changed my life. Your two words 'Aasaan Hai' it's completely magical. I have become a strong person. Thank you so much
- Nilesh Suthar
You are truly Amazing! I love your Ashtavakra talks because of the sheer common sense practical discussion to a very difficult book. I am a professor and You Tube is my only resource for spiritual discussion. May you be blessed even more as you bless others!
- Meena Bej
Your work is remarkable and your potential gives other people a reason to live happy and move forward in their lives. I thank you for your tremendous work. I can also relate your thoughts and repeatedly doing for others and expecting none this emotion has made a direct connection with the creator of Universe which is not less than a miracle. This nation needs more people like you to get its all dirt clean and to follow their correct path. Love & Wishes to you.
- Prashant Banswal
Hi Sandeep Sir! I watch your videos often and enjoy your sessions. I repeatedly listen to your videos whenever I come across any unpleasant situations and I feel charged up listening to you. I am looking forward to listen to you more and apply the knowledge I have gained from your sessions practically in my life, though I have applied few and have seen positive changes in my attitude. I would like to apply them all. I just want to say that you are truly an awesome person. You explained things to people in a clear and simple way and I find every video of yours fascinating and inspiring. I thank you a lot for sharing your wisdom with us and for helping us live our lives in a better way. Thank you
- Soundarya Karra
Dear Sir! Believe me I can't express my feelings in words. Every word is small for you. I am watching your seminars and implementing it on my life and share all this to others. You are the real teacher, guide to built the real life. After Swami Vivekananda I found you. After watching your 'Self Reflection' motivational season I have changed myself and also try to help to others.
- Hemanta Hens
May Allah always Bless you! You have ability to guide the people. It's helped me in my job and for those decisions which I want to take. You are so insightful, what is luck. is your good efforts.
- Rehma Wahab
I have watched all of your sessions, in which all had beginning with zero and ending with infinite sense. Where I find out to myself that overall am not exist with life, life exist with me in form of enormous part of energy, which is part of regulated by power full sun. Need to dispersed part of enormous energy on the earth form of scene. I learned way to disperse to own self after watched out your session. Nature Guru Thank you
- Kumar Chandan
Hello Sandeep Sir ! I always watch your videos. It inspired me a lot. Thanks Sir for teaching us and taking us to a realistic world. I have become practical by watching your videos. I like the way you speak and share experiences. Hope to see you soon.
- Tina Nicholas
Hello Sir! It's been a years that I watch everyday at least one of your video and this has made all the difference in my life. Your words always fill me up with immense positivism and optimism. The way you put up things so simply is so outstanding that you make even the most complex problems so simple and with very intriguing logic. I have always been a great fan of you. Thank you so much.
- Subash Chandra Pokharel
Super Boss! You are a fantastic guy and my life currently working on your path but the difference is the goal, I want to be a politician and definitely a big NO to elections. Brother all the best and I want your wishes too.
- Aditya Agrawal
Sir ! You are an inspiration for me. We are fortunate that our generation has you. I have learned a lot from you and still learning. I love your concept of balancing life, sharing and in contribution in this world. I also want to make my life balanced, happy and a life in true sense. A worthy life.
- Renu Bisht
Hello Sir! You are a spectacular magician. I was a good imaginative person but after your inspirations I made a link between my imagination and reality and applying to my life and field. So now you are responsible for another successful physicist and person.
- Dhaval Shukla
Hello Sandeep Sir! I was really depressed before I attended your session. The live session experience was great. I will cherish that moment throughout my life. The way I am looking at things is really different now. Sir that day I found the real happiness. You taught us the motive of living and what actually happiness is. Sir you are full of positive vibes. And that day I also got those positive vibes. You are doing a tremendous job Sir. Thank you so much sir. Thank you. Now I really feel 'Aasaan Hai'. Keep motivating us.
- Priyanka Bajaj
Hello Sandeep Sir! First of all love you from Dil se. If I look few months back I was heart broke, depressed and had no reason to live, but after watching your videos make me realize that I am not different from you or any other great man, I just have to focus on what I love to do and now after daily thinking and watching your ideas truly changed myself. Now I can see in anyone eyes and say that I am living my life to the fullest and achieving my dreams and not by my hard work or struggle but by fun. I also share your ideas to my reach.You are the top one for me on You Tube and only you have showed me the true worth of myself. Now I can say 'Aasaan Hai'. Love you Sir.
- Akash Grover
Hello Sir ! You been a great person and my ideal, What you are doing is so marketable. You helped us solving such sort of questions which our mind always used to keep thinking. You said ‘If you fight no one can stop you to achieve what you want’ this line is so amazing. Really proud of you for this. Thank you so much
- Gunjan Anand
Dear Sandeep ji ! I have learnt a lot from your videos, I have watched your basic meditation session on You Tube and started Meditation and experience inner voice which has changed my life. I am practicing meditation since last 12 years. Lot of experience happened in this period but Inner voice meditation experience is totally different. Now I do not need ear plug to hear the voice, the voice is present everywhere. This voice is very precious to me now. The voice has changed my thinking pattern, changed my perception to see the world. I have watched your many videos on You Tube.
- Prashant Dutt
Hi Sandeep Sir! You are such a beautiful Person. I do watch you seminar's video. You changed my way of thinking completely and it's working on my daily Life. Thank you So much.
- Bibha Sharma
My few words can not explain my feelings what I feel when I see your sessions. You are doing wonderful job Sandeep Sir. I want to do something like you. I also have the same passion as you have. Sometimes I use your examples to motivate someone and the reaction of the listener is always priceless for me. I am damn sure you are the greatest leader for the new generation. Hats off to your work Sir. Keep Going and best of luck for your Great Journey. You are always an Idol for me. Thank you
- Yogesh Kumar
Hi! You have very in depth knowledge about life and day to day situation, one of my friend almost told me same things that you are giving your best to the people. It's really helpful and genuine.
- Rehma Wahab
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