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Deeply touched with your talks... after that I have observed many changes in my thinking and behavior... you are such a clean heart guy, I must appreciate your dedication towards the society... I promise you that I will share it those who need it most... thank you for coming like an IDEAL in my life...
- Dr.Deepankar Dass
You are an inspiration and really have come to make this world a better place. So successful, yet so down to earth. Your simplicity, genuineness, humbleness and your thoughts makes it a remarkable experience. You have changed the way to see life and its definition. People may want big money, success, fame or appreciation. But you have changed the meaning of Life from WHAT CAN I GET to WHAT CAN I GIVE, from Me to We. What a compassionate heart! Wish you loads of success, joy and happiness ahead.
- Pragya Khurana
14th March 2013, really a Life-Changing day for me. Sir your words are magical. I was really confused in my life and I was not sure about anything what I actually wanted to do. But everything changed after listening to your words "Aasaan Hai". I love the way and the spirit through which you handle your life. I don't find appropriate words to thank you. You are a real hero. I would now put all my force not only to be successful person, but to live with same enthusiasm and joy and make my life more simpler and happier. And I know I can definitely do it. Because Ye Bhi Hona Aasaan Hai. God bless you. cheers!
- Priyanka Saluja
Sir, mai apni pahli book aapse hi motivate hokar likh raha hun "End with begining". Mai chahta hu aap meri university aaye aur ek motivational speech de aur mera confidence level badhaye aur tabhi mai apni book publish karane ki koi pahal karunga.
- Amaresh Mishra
Hi Sir, your thought is very enthusiastic. The way of your expression and presentation is so effective that even a dead person might become alive after listening to your video. Its really Life-Changing. I am specially impressed by your last line of video where you asked something from us and that was really heart touching. If such type of personality is in India then we can proudly say 'Mera Bharat Mahan.'
- Kangresh Kumar
Hi Sandeep, I am a a big fan of yours and I love the way you address the public in such a motivated way. I was in search of a job from last ten months but I didn't loose my hope and determination towards it and lastly I got it. The credit goes to you. Thanks for showing us the right path of success and ways to achieve it. Thanks once again Sir.
- Pallav Kumar
This is one of the best motivational lecture that I have ever seen in my life. I used to be one of the weakest student in class 8th. One day I asked a maths question to the topper of my class. He neglected me and made me realize that I was the weakest student in my class. At that time I decided that I will also work hard so that one day I can also compete with him. Then in the beginning of class 9th I worked hard in maths and all other subject too. Time kept passing and one day I realized that math has become my favorite subject and I was the third topper in maths. As per me the theory of success would go like this: Starting point > Attempting to do a work > result> Good or Bad. For Positive people: Good result > motivate to do work in new method Bad result > Converted into experience> With the help of this they get motivated.
- Badrinath Dey
Dear Sir, I watched your last Life-Changing seminar on YouTube. It's really amazing and I am thankful to you for motivating us.
- Bandan Chandra
I saw your video and I am feeling more positive than my past days. I have left my bad habits by applying the slogan, "Aassan Hai". Thanks for sending me this awesome DVD. Special thanks to Sandeep Sir.
- Kapil Chawla
Dear Sandeep Sir, thank you so much to you and your team for sending me your Last Life-Changing seminar DVD. I wish I would have attended the live seminar and enjoyed the moments with thousands of people availing that opportunity. Aapne wahi baaten batayi jo hume pata thi, par use accept karna easy nahi tha, but your examples were mind blowing. Hats off to you. Cheeje aksar hamare aas paas hoti hain, par shayad hum use samajh nahi paate, aur yahan wahan khojte rah jaate hain. Jab bhi kisi cheej ko karne me nervousness feel hoti hain to ek hi cheej kahta hu khud se, "Aasaan hai Chandan". Anyway take care and all the best.
- Chandan Singh Panwar
At just the age of 32 years, you have really achieved a lot. A big example for all, that despite not having degree from IIT/IIM, you can do it if you do not fear from failures and want to do big in this precious life. I like that you follow your passion, belief and have much confidence in yourself. Mind Blowing.
- Prashant Sahni
Dear Sandeep, it has been an eye opener when I came across this Life-Changing seminar while surfing internet. I also learnt from that it does not matter if you were successful in past but if you are not doing any thing in present, then you are a failure. I today solemnly take an oath to listen to my inner voice, and it is 'Aasaan Hai'. I have started afresh learning from all my past experiences. Thanks a lot for putting back the life-force in me. God bless you.
- Babita Jain
Sir, You are a great man and doing really great job by sharing your Life-Changing experiences. It's not because you want to gain by sharing rather you wanted to benefit people like us with the perspective to change our lives. Just recently I have watched your Last Life-Changing seminar video. Thanks a lot Sir for sharing so many things with us. I am looking forward to meet such a Godly man some day in my life. Take care.
- Daljit Singh
I have received your DVD. It is awesome. You are such an inspirational man. This Life-Changing seminar is so inspirational for me after watching this video everything became "Aasaan". I liked his emotions and qualities and I promise to become a champion just like him. The best thing I liked about your seminar is the sharing part. Thank you so much!
- Najeeb Akhtar
I am really excited to attend the interactive Q&A session by Sandeep Maheshwari. I learnt a lot of things from his Life-Changing experience shared by him.
- Nandan Kumar
I have watched the seminar of yours and I am very much inspired by you. I am a teacher and I arrange your seminars in my school. I really feel that there is nothing impossible in our life. I am very thankful to you Sir. I respect you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.
- Vipul Baldha
I received your Life Changing Experience DVD at my address free of cost. I really appreciate that your every word speaks the truth of life. We always depend on others decision. Believe on yourself and then take decisions. We always blame our luck and make the things complicated. I am feeling very energetic now. Now I focus on what I can do, and think why I can't do those things which others can. Now I am making promises to myself that I can do, I can do, I can do. Heartily thanks to your experience which is going to change my life from today onwards. I would also share your message with everyone.
- Pushpender Singh Panwar
Dear Sandeep Sir you have done a great job. I just watched it on YouTube. The words Aasaan Hai, Achha Dekho, Achha Bolo, Achha Suno are awesome. Salute to you Sir. God bless you.
- Nazeer Husain
One of my friend gave this video to me, I was amazed after seeing this video because just after this video I started getting answers of my problems, the funny thing is that answers are so simple, workable. Now I am regularly doing my exercise/yoga. My mind is ready to accept all bad lucks because after that I am able to see the opportunities in it. Thank you very much for this great work (making this video) and making my life so simple. I have also started sharing this Video with all friends & relatives.
- Alok Garg
It was a great experience to watch the video of Life-Changing seminar. It has changed my views and helped me in changing my life in positive way. My all thanks to the legend Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari for all the good things he is doing.
- Prerna Pandey
I want to attend your seminar and so would like to know about the next one.
- Vasudha Kamath
Dear Sandeep Maheshwari, I hope I could meet you but then I thought why always a meeting is important for giving thanks to a person who actually wants to spread happiness amongst all. This is what I want to promise to you that I will share to them who need it and I am doing my bit by sharing the experiences. As a great man said "every new idea must have opposition" and that motivates me more. When I came to know that someone is actually opposing me means I am walking on right path. Thanks for making me realize that I can do and I promise I will do. I will love to meet you once in my life. Let's believe and lets do it. As you say "Aasaan Hai", so nothing is impossible. Thanks Mr.Sandeep Maheshwari.
- Kishan Prajapati
I heard many times that the word 'Impossible' says ' I M Possible' but I did not understand the logic behind it. Now after watching your seminar video the logic and the path of success is very clear. "Aasaan Hai". Thanks a lot Sir.
- Kishan Keshwani
Today is one of the best day of my life. It will really change my life in the coming future. I feel to be reborn with new beliefs, hopes, ideas, desire and emotions. One word for Sandeep, he is an 'awesome' person.
- Shubham Singh
When I was watching his last "Life-Changing Seminar" video, I was getting electrified from inside. His talks touched my brain and heart too. He is so stupendous and not like other boring speakers. The kind of aura and energy he has, is miraculous. After listening to him now everything seems to be 'easy' in my life.
- Sandeep Kashyap
I love positive thinking and motivational speech. I have listened to many positive and business oriented speeches from YouTube and coincidentally I found one hour speech of Mr. Sandeep Maheswari. It was the best speech I have ever heard. I filled up the Free DVD request form on the website and got it delivered very shortly. Best part is that the DVD is free of cost and there is no shipping charges also. His all seminars are also totally free. I am really impressed by the way he is motivating next generation of youth. I love the dialouge, Kahana Aasan Hai, Karna Bhi Aasaan Hai. Good work done Mr. Sandeep, Keep it up and I have till now shared your seminar DVD to more than 50 people and putting regulatory updates on my social media. Your well wisher, CA Ramesh Darji, Ahmedabad
- Ramesh Darji
At the time when I was a second year student, I was very notorious. Then my brother told me about you and I started watching your videos and got some idea about my life. Now I am concentrating only on the goals of my life. Thank you Sandeep Sir.
- Ananta Mohanty
Hi, first of all a big thanks to you for such a motivational seminar provided through DVD and that too free of cost by simply putting up a request on the internet. The more I watch this DVD the more I feel like watching it again and again. I am sharing it with as many people as possible. The words "Accha Dekho, Accha Suno, Accha Karo" have touched my heart. The lines "Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences" also teaches us that we need to learn from each bad experience and stand up once again in life. I also learned many more things worth knowing and sharing. People who deeply understand these things only realize their worth. Thanks a lot once again. We all love you and respect you from the bottom of our heart. Thanks.
- Sushil Jogekar
Dear Sir, I came across your video on YouTube and started watching it. It was like unfolding layers of negative thoughts from my mind and filling it with positive energy. I can't express how I got benefited after watching the videos of your seminars. You are really doing an amazing work and I am so thankful to you Sir for what I learned from your speeches.
- Iqbal Bashir
When I requested for the DVD I just thought, hoga yaar kuch is DVD me, chalo free ka hai mangwa lete hain. But guys when I watched it, I had a wonderful experience. I am lucky to have Mr.Sandeep's seminar DVD. I have shared the video with two of my friends and they also liked it a lot. In reality if we realize that everything is aasaan hai then the problem vanishes. Hum koshish hi nahi karte hain aur ulta kehte hain mushkil hai.
- Obaidullah Khan
Some of your best lines which I keep in my mind daily. 1. Sabse Bada Rog Kya Kahage Log 2. Jab Mai Mushkilo Se Dara To Mai Mara to Nahi Par Jee Bhi Na Saka 3. Risk Naam Ki Koi Cheez Nahi Hoti Hai 4. Acchha Bolo, Acchha Suno, Acchha Dekho 5. Jo Aap Maan Lete Hai Wo Aap Ban Jate Hai 6. Na Bhagna Hai, Na Rukna Hai, Bas Chalte Rehena Hai 7. Paise Ki Jarurat Utni Hoti Hai Jitni Petrol Ki Car Mai Hoti Hai, Na Kam Na Jyada 8. Zindagi Me Kabhi Bhi Kuch Karna Hai Na to Sach Bol Do 9. Aasaan Hai
- Jignesh
The word 'Aasaan Hai' gives a miraculous power that provides the energy to do what one wants to do in his life. I have really become a fan of yours. Thanks for being like this for us.
- Ashish Kant Raw
Just last night I was searching for some motivational videos on YouTube and to my good luck I found last life-changing seminar video. I started watching it and finished it at 12:30 am. Amazing video, I can’t say its the turning point of my life but it is definitely additional point of my life. I liked the words like 'Sab aasaan hain' and 'jo hota hain who acchhe ke liye hota hain'. He is not a selfish person as he is giving everything free of cost including the DVDs also. From today onwards I will also start sharing as told in the seminar. I am a businessman and business means challenge and taking risks but from the seminar I learnt there is no risk and sab aasaan hain, just listen to your inner voice. His age is only 32 yrs but his success is amazing. Thanks to Sandeep Maheshwari for his seminar and my good luck to watch this video.
- Somnath Shinde
Dear Sir, your seminar is really a "Life-Changing seminar" in which one thing is very important that is, "Jo Hota Hai Acche ke liye hota hain" after hearing this sentence I recollect my past and I find that seriously mere sath jo bhi buri cheez hui hain uske piche kuch acchha tha. Thanks Sandeep Sir for helping me to realize that how successful I am and what I want to do in my life. Thanks for being a part of my life.
- Nisha Laxminarayanji Sarda
Hats off to you, for you simplicity, reality, motivation, helping nature and sharing attitude. Really your way of doing the things & looking at life will help others to prosper in their life. Thanks for having a simple living and high thinking nature.
- Suhas G Padmalkar
Hello Sandeep, this is Zarin Ahmed Choudhury, from Silchar, Aasam. Just four months back I was not knowing anything about you. But the day I saw your video, I think it was the best day of my life. The best thing that I like in you is the way you share everything. And I am very lucky that I could attend your Interactive Q&A session in Delhi with one of my close friend. And that day, it was his birthday. You made his birthday a grand one. We both can not forget that moment in our entire life. Thanks again for motivating and showing the actual taste of life. Aasaan Hai!
- Zarin Choudhary
I liked your seminar so much. This is the first seminar I heard in Hindi and the best part is that the language is so simple that anybody can understand it easily. The truth which we were missing in our life is also expressed so lucidly. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.
- Seema Nahria
I received the DVD and watched your video with my brothers. It was just amazing creation. Thank you so much. "Aasaan Hai"
- Ambar Khandelwal
I attended the seminar on 30.06.2012 and would like to thank you for such a session, at no cost! These seminars can motivate a person to think in positive direction, especially for those who do not wish to spend their time in reading motivational books and attending paid seminars. I learnt that sharing helps to succeed further. I too would like to implement the same in my life as far as possible. Since you are already successful, so I wish you good health and love. I would like to work with you in this great mission, and seek your further guidance.
- Sunil Gupta
I have attended your seminar on 9th of June in Delhi. That was really one of the best day of my life. There were lot of questions in my mind but You answered every question without even asking to you. You are just like a Doctor where patient go with his decease & You not only take care of your patient but also put your 100% efforts to kill the disease from its root. There are very few people who make place in heart very soon. You are one of them. Will be in touch with you always. Hats off to you!
- Abhishek Sharma
I am a student. I liked the seminar very much. I am lucky that I could attend it. My mind, body and soul is totally ready to fight any obstacles of life. Thanks Sir.
- Sarita Bharti
The seminar was just superb for me as I was a type of girl who always used to be tensed and scared. Now everything has changed. I can do anything which I want to do because “Ab Sab Aasaan hai.” I want to tell one thing that I am having my project presentation on Tuesday and I was very scared about its preparation and execution. I was thinking about people and their comments as I had a fear of public speaking. Now I am very confident that my presentation would be the best as I am energized through this seminar. Now I am happy and tension-free just because of the talks of Sandeep Maheshwari. I am very grateful and thankful to him for conducting such seminars. Ab Succeed Hona Aasaan ho gaya Hai & Khush Rehna Aasaan Ho Gaya hai. Thank you Sandeep Sir. I would love to attend the seminar again and again....
- Shikha Verma
It was a very positive seminar. It reinforced our beliefs, as we (my wife and I) are already walking on this path. It made our resolve stronger. I would add that it was a day well spent. We felt so charged and energized. What is truly commendable is your effort to reach out to so many people for their benefit. The approach is simple and yet so effective. Kudos and keep up the good work! We have noticed the change in ourselves and so we would like to recommend it to all to come and attend this seminar. I would myself like to repeat attending this seminar.
- Pankaj Bhai
It was a great experience to attend 20th October seminar. It was actually a life-changing seminar. Being a CA final year student I would say that specially the students must know this way of living and leading life because it makes your problems so little and easy to resolve. When sir cried at the end of the seminar, I too had tears in my eyes. I would request sir to at least conduct one more seminar. Initially I was totally depressed in my life but your seminar totally changed my life. I humbly request you to continue the seminars please.
- Vijay Singh
Dear Sir, thank you so much for your great endeavor. I have learned so much in your one-day seminar, which I could not learn during my whole life. I am feeling so much improvement in my life that I cannot explain it in words. I used to be a shy person who was so hesitant to meet people but after the seminar, I am getting much energy and feeling so happy to meet people. “Aasaan hai” has really helped me a lot. I would like to write a Sher for you, “Ek Dua Mangte Hain Bhagwan Se, Chahte Hain Aapki Khushi Poore Imaan Se, Sab Hasraten Puri Ho Aapki, Aur Aap Muskurayen Dilo Jaan Se”. God bless you.
- Deepak Rai
To start with, I would say this seminar taught me different parameters of success and means to achieve it is to follow a simple principle, “Aasaan hai". This word has definitely loosened the complexities of my thoughts towards achieving my goal. I have made a list of simple things, which we are bestowed with, and it makes our daily life so easy. To start with, when I see a eunuch travelling in metro in groups, but they do not sit when seat is available because of the fear of being mocked by people, I thank god for giving me my sexual identity. Being a doctor when I walk early morning in the hospital ward in different departments I look at myself and say thanks to God for keeping me away from such atrocities. There is an endless list to it. Thanks Sandeep Sir.
- Dr. Priyam Singh
I had a lovely time at the seminar. Sandeep, you deserve a big one, not only for what all you have achieved but because of your noble gesture of being true, pure and simply sharing your wealth with others without expecting any monetary returns. It feels good to know that still there are such generous people around us.
- Mohan Siddharth
The entire session was so simple and full of fun and energy. I understood the true meaning of success. I also liked the story of Akbar and Birbal and have started following the principle of "Jo Hota Hai Woh Achhe Ke Liye Hota Hai". The teaching of taking baby steps and the concept of sharing really touched my heart. My best wishes to Sandeep for changing my life.
- Rakesh Jain
No words can describe Sandeep, Just a Salute to him. I was so lucky to attend the last seminar. I can say that even if it cannot change your life, it will definitely change the way we see our life. In a true sense, he is a lovely person and a great leader. We wish to have more and more Sandeep Maheshwari in our life.
- C.A. Amit Kumar
Excellent, for last few days I was watching my own video for self development and practicing meditation for self discovery and improvement. As per the 'law of attraction' I got your video, and started watching it. Initially I thought it might be connected with network marketing. When I saw people clapping in full enthusiasm, I thought it must have been manipulated but I was totally wrong. The more I watched it the more I realized that it was so simple and effective. I am really so thankful to you. Very Very Thanks.
- Shankar Sanap
Highly inspirational and motivational! Hats off to you. It's truly Life-Changing experience. India does need many of such selfless devoted successful young men. Only India has this potential and not only our country but the whole world will change forever.
- Anil Sahasrabudhe
Sandeep Sir, I don't have sufficient words to thank you. I have heard that a second is enough to change the life and literally you brought me the morning of my life. Thank you so much Sir.
- Dharmendra Thakur
Sir, first of all thank you so much for what you are doing. Watching your sessions makes me feel full of energy and joy, especially your spiritual sessions. I have started sound meditation and it has brought a lot of changes in my life. Now I feel love for everyone. I have just started thinking differently towards life. Thank you Sandeep Sir.
- Chetan Singh
You are really doing a good job, because motivating our youth and also showing them the right way is one of the biggest challenges. Hats off to you. You are a real hero .
- Manohar Sharma
Watched your sensational seminar and it directly touched my soul. You are an angel on this earth in true sense, who can motivate the common man and inspire them to bring their dreams into reality. The part that I like most in the seminar is your sharing concept. I sincerely pray to God to make you more successful in bringing that change in humanity. Thank you!
- Aniruddha Chitre
Sir, whenever I get upset or feel discouraged I watch your video. You are such a big source of power for me that your inspiring speech always makes me feel energetic and powerful so thank you Sir for everything.
- Nachiket Pande
Hats off to you Sandeep Sir. I am privileged to witness your mind blowing seminar. Many many thanks for your contribution to our society. Really you are great Sir. I pray to God for your long life and I love you so much.
- Ratan Kumar Sahu
Sandeep Sir, I have watched the video of 'Miracles'. This is really very good. Thank you so much Sir.
- Rahul Kadole
Sir, I watched your videos and my life got changed by it. I translated it in Kannada language and gave a speech in my college. Everybody liked it and felt that their life will also get changed. You are my Guru Sir.
- Mahesh
I really feel so energetic and inspired after attending 'The Unstoppable' session. The main and bizarre fact about you is that you understand the real concept of how to live life and share it with us. I really didn't find a person like you. Because of you I could solve the biggest problem of my life i.e not expecting more from people as it was creating many problems. I have seen you doing for people without any expectations. I realized that having expectation is the root cause of being unhappy person. Aasaan hai!
- Ravindra Singh
I have shared each and every video of yours. You have inspired me to the peaks of craziness and mankind to help every individual. Thank you!
- Tejaswani
Dear Sandeep Sir, I have seen many failures in my life and also have been hurt many a times. I just lost hope in my life and even stopped laughing but your seminar video helped me a lot to regain my confidence. I feel so happy and energetic to watch your videos again and again. I will definitely pursue my desires and dreams. I like you so much and will definitely meet you one day. Thanks
- Ratnakar Sahoo
Hi Sandeep Sir, you are really awesome, unbelievable and simply fantastic. I watched your few videos online, one of them was 'Law of Attraction Vs Law of Love' which helped me a lot to understand the importance as well as the objective of my life. Your Life-Changing seminars are also very interesting, practical and realistic. You are doing a great job. Thank you very much Sir.
- Bibhu Prasad Sahu
Dear Sandeep, I am an ex Air Force Officer and after a decade became an advocate in Delhi high court. Chanced to see your seminars and saw all of them. I have a son who is of the same age as you are. My daughter also saw your videos in Abroad. I could see God sitting on your head when you were addressing the audience. Even I have not given up and want to give valuable services to the society. I promise to carry your massage forward. Your efforts have not gone in vain. You are a torch bearer to society. May your light show the path to everyone and help the world to rise more and more.
- Nandakinra
You might not believe but I am also on the same condition as you were 10 years back. Its really difficult to live like this, every day I loose hope that even my situation can be improved someday but your experiences really help me a lot. You seems to be a way God has chosen to support me, listening you gives me a great peace of mind, your words work as a healer on my pain. Thank you!
- Atulya
The seminar has changed my perspective towards life. I always had a dream but had some doubt about it. But one thing that I learned is belief and power of sharing. I also watched the Life-Changing trip videos and it reaffirmed the power of 'Believe in our dreams'. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Pragyan
I think you are the person who has changed my life. Thanks a lot for the funda "Aasaan hai". I feel that you are a real human being and the most successful person according to me. Hats off to you!
- Priti Singh
Dear Sandeep, I am having 15 years of experience for organizing/attending the motivational programs and seminars. On attending your speech at Thyagraj stadium, I really felt that your seminar was one of the greatest seminars I had attended. Your simplicity, openness & expressing yourself from down to earth attitude, were the main attractions for me out of other qualities. I will really like to see you in person as well as try to attend more and more programs of you in future. The big motivator, you are really doing excellent work, I wish you best of luck for the same. 'Mera Aapko Dil Se Salam'.
- Kapil Gupta
Awesome! I am a person who has achieved many things in my life, yet I am always confused and lack confidence. Day before yesterday somehow I saw your video on YouTube. That's it, till now I have watched almost all your videos, went through your book, your web site, your blog and everything. As I explore more, I get more and more. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with others. Thanks again
- Roopal Bafna
Dear Sandeep Sir, first of all thank you for sending me the DVD of your last Life-Changing seminar. It was mind blowing. You have done great job. May God give you a lot of success. Thanks once again.
- Vishal K Bagul
Hello Sandip Sir, I am really surprised that I got your last Life-changing seminar DVD within 3 days, that too in a rural area. It was very awesome experience for me. Very much exciting and interesting.
- Nayan Kadam
Hello Sir, I am Rohit, pursuing B/Tech in Mechanical Engineering from KIIT University Bhubaneswar. Its been three months when I saw your last Life-Changing seminar and from that day my life is totally changed. Now it has become easy for me to face any problem in life. I have started my own company. I have read so many books of Shiv Khera, Robin Sharma, The secret of Rhonda Byrne, but your seminar was totally unique. Now everything has become Aasaan.
- Rohit Singhal
I am feeling excited after watching your Life- Changing seminar. The urge of becoming an IAS officer is increased after listening to your words "Aasaan hai". I want to meet you. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Mukseh Waghmare
Life is too simple, we should not make it complicated. Amazing and really inspiring seminar. Aasaan hai!
- Hiren Kagrana
I have gone through your seminar and it inspires me to target my goal and makes it very easy. Aasaan Hai!
- Harbir Singh
Sir, I am a student of class 9th and I think its a great video which can change everybody's life very easily. Thank you Sir.
- Anuj Yadav
I came to know about you through my college teacher. I love to do this type of work what you are doing for the nation. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us and I know that one day I will get my aim just because of these two words "Aasaan Hai". I like you so much and will definitely meet you one day. Love you Sir.
- Rahul Pandey
Haan main karunga jo aap nahi kar sake, main puri immandari se kaam karta rahunga, chahe koi mere saath rahe na rahe. Mujhe lag raha tha ki main bewkoof hun jo logo ke bare main sochta hun par aap to mujhe se bhi jyada ho. Har koi to bewkoofi bhi nahi kar sakta. Main ladooga har haal main ladooga, sayad hum kabhi mile na, lekin aisa lagta hai ki mujhse jyada sayad koi aapko na samajh paye. Ye dard bhi bahoot achha lagta hai. Koi nahi aaj akela hun kal aur honge. Arbo logo main ek to mujhe milega jo mujhe samajh sakega. Kash ye mere sath karne wale logo ko bhi samajh me aa jaye. Main bhi nahi chata ki mera ek bhi employee mujhe chod kar jaye. Aaj aankho me ansoo jarur hai lekin dil se bahoot bada bojh jaroor utar gaya.
- Mohit Singh Rajawat
Hi Sandeep, I feel very happy to watch your videos. Thank you very much for giving us such awesome seminars which are so good and true. God bless you. Once again thank you very much. Aasaan Hai!
- Ashish Sethi
Life now seems much easier with the mantra "Kamyab hona to bachchon ka khel hai." Really that was touching, we always try to become a big and responsible person in our society by being a matured person but that's not the way to reach that goal, we have to be 'Bachcha'(stupid,always ready to learn, simple minded and fearless) that worked for me brother. Thanks a lot.
- Kamal Mitra
It was the Life-Changing moment for me today. I am deeply moved when you said "if nothing has changed then nothing will change". I was running low for few days but now it is fine. I liked your simplistic flow of thoughts and in the actual world they are so real. I pledge when I will have plenty of what I want, I will definitely share with others who don't have.
- Saibal Chakraborty
I am a research scientist in Dabur research foundation but I am not interested in doing job. Because my area of interest is business which helps others, specially poor people. So, after watching this seminar my confidence level and my decision making power has increased much. Now every month I distribute food to poor people and very shortly I am going to open a school for the children from poor families.
- Girish Shishodia
Sir you are mind-blowing. You are a great personality. Aasaan Hai!
- Bharti Kumari
Hello Sandeep Sir, I had no life before coming in your contact. I was almost dead from within. I had everything but I was very much frustrated because of some of my bad decisions that I had taken in my past. But Now I am living my life to its full extent. I am enjoying it and helping others to enjoy it as well. I just wish to be the way you are and one day I will also be an inspiring catalyst like you. I need your blessings and I like the magical words 'Aasaan hai'.
- Chetan Babu
Hi Sandeep, I will say a hearty congratulation for your present success. Your journey is quite inspiring to all. I am glad that I was a part of your last seminar. Thanks for such a generous effort of making people realize who 'they are' and what 'they can become'. Cheers!
- Priya Kaur
I am really motivated to your Life-Changing seminar. I will not explain you about the changes in my personality after listening your seminar. I will only say thank you so much.
- Poonam Gupta
I have watched your programme on YouTube. It's amazing and full of positivity and very inspirational. Thanks Sandeep Sir, the way you expressed simple philosophy of life in very simple words and examples just makes life so easy. Law of sharing is something which everyone should learn and follow. I am more charged now to fulfill my desires which will surely lead towards ultimate goal of my life. Aasaan hai!
- Manjeet Kumar
First of all many many thanks. I heard about you from one of my friend. He had requested to attend The Life-Changing seminar but unfortunately I could not attend. Then watched your videos on YouTube and was much impressed by it. I requested for the DVD, received it and watched the video along with my whole family members. Recently I successfully attended your seminar at ISCKON. Enjoyed a lot and re-energized my positive energy. Aasaan Hai. Thanks a lot Sir.
- Dipak Kumar
It has been just a few months when I started listening to Sandeep Maheshwari on YouTube. But ever since I stared watching it, I could not stop myself to get over him and his video. Change is required in everyone's life but Sandeep Maheshwari made me to realize about how to choose the change we look for. He has just not changed my life from outside but he has changed it completely from inside and that was what I was looking for many years. I don't make deals for the money. I've got enough, much more than I'll ever need. I do it because that gives me happiness and this one simple thing has brought lot many changes in everything I do at my workplace and I have learned it from sandeep Maheshwari. Thanks a lot and stay tuned so that people can dance on your words. Cheers!
- Kailash Bhandari
Dear Sandeep Maheshwari, I have seen your last Life-Changing seminar. Really your parents should feel proud of you. Our entire family members watched your video together and got inspired by you. The last part where you spoke that 'jab aap ke pass us se zyada ho jitna aap ko zaroorat hai to kisi bhooke ki thodi si madad karna'. These words really left a great impact on us. When a needy person approached me I shared lunch with him and got lots of satisfaction.
- Mohd Abdul Sayeed
Sir, first of all I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to join the live session 'From Illusion to Reality'. Sir, you have made my life smooth in every aspect.
- Pradeep Kushawaha
Sir, I attended your session 'From Illusion to Reality'. It was so helpful to be implied in many situations and challenges of life. You have shown us the power of aasaan hai. Really your each and every session is very inspirational. When I put 'aasaan hai' in Google it results your song and I am very sure that very soon 'aasaan hai' will be in dictionary for success and ye hona bhi aasaan hai. Really thanks a lot Sir.
- Karan Pujara
Thank you Sir, for igniting the fire in us. I have changed the way I used to look at this world. Now everything is easy and I can experience it. Thanks for inspiring me and very soon, I will also be inspiring others.
- Tarunendu Singh
Dear Sir, hello! It was a gr8....gr8 session. So lively and full of energy. I can still feel those energetic vibes. Everything with stories and examples were so amazingly described that any person with mental blocks can find himself at that particular state and try to come out of it. Will pray for your good health and spirit towards your work. You are doing a great job. God bless you and lots of love to you. Thank you so much Sir.
- Nishant Lila
It's really a Life-Changing experience. We are really thankful to you for your precious words and wisdom. It helps a lot in sorting various problems in my personal and professional life. Thank you very much.
- Vinaya More
Badal jati hai rahe, lagana bas ek lambi udaan hai. Na darna tum kabhi mushkilo se, jeetna kitna Aasaan hai.
- Purnendra Shrivastava
Hi Sir, many many thanks to you. Really you are one of the greatest person in our country. If we want something without doing anything then we are nothing. I will do it 100%. Have a nice day Sir.
- Kamraj Eknathrao Chalak
I like the way Sandeep has enlightened people and reminded each one of us that true light lies within us. His message of Aasaan hai, listening to one's inner voice, never give up attitude and sharing our riches with poor shows a proper path of loving and living. If we follow such good principles I am sure our planet will become a heaven very soon.
- Mini
Hi Sandeep Sir, I came to know about you through my school. I like your life history. I want to be a person like you. My parents want me to become an engineer but I want to be a singer and I promise I will become a singer. My aim is to meet you once and I also want to work with you once, before I die.
- Saket Jalan
It was not only the great seminar but also the best seminar I have ever seen in my lifetime. Power of sharing, is the biggest power Sandeep has. People always hide the reason of their success, but Sandeep shares. I have also started sharing, which I never did earlier. Sandeep sir, thanks for changing my life and my perception towards everything.
- Vinod Rohit
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