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I just came across this Video on YouTube and I must say that it has changed my perception. A two hour monologue has never kept me interested, but this was just amazing. Sandeep's USP is not his success but his humility. It would be a great honour to meet him at some point of time. People like him are the need of the hour for today's time.
- Tanveer Sait
I was just surfing on internet and coincidentally saw this video and that day changed my life forever. I don't have words to express my thanks to Sandeep for changing my life. I personally wish for your success in every aspect. As you said, 'someone will come forward like me one day and will do something like me' that guy will be me. That is one of the goal of my life.
- Saran Soni
Sir, I am speechless, it has really changed something from inside. You are my inspiration now. I along with my husband and my 14 year son watched your DVD of "Last Life-Changing Seminar" and we all couldn't control our emotions at the end. My son salutes you daily for your kind gestures which you are doing for the society. I after watching the video ordered couple of more DVDs for my colleagues in my office and yesterday I organized audio-video presentation cum workshop kind of session for three hours and showed it to all the core members of our company. I wish you could have been here to see the response. Since yesterday you have become the center of attraction of our company. I have then placed request to Mr. Ashok for couple of more DVDs for our branch office. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart
- Seema Motwani
Sir the video of ur seminar was the best one i ever seen. right now i am a college student i am confused with my future n career bt nw i m feelng confident aftr seeing the video. thanku a lot for sharing ur journey from faliure to success or giving a great definition of success.
- Shristi Priya
Right now I really don't know, what to say and how to say. But I want to tell you that when you were concluding your last Life-Changing seminar, I just burst into tears. And at that time an avalanche of thoughts were going through my mind about all the things I failed and regretted for failing, all the things I never did in fear of failing. But one thing was constantly hitting me that I could have done all these things If I would have heard this man before and then promised myself that now I will do all what I can. And since then a lot of things have happened and life has taken a new turn. The mantra you gave is really true and now I apply 'Aasaan Hai' for everything. I have already shared your video with a lot of my friends and some of them are really helped.
- Akash Raj Singh
Yo Sandeep... dude you are awesome man. I have been trying to start my business and to go back to India. This is my internal feeling but as usual parents are like stay in US and all... Your video just gave me a push to follow my internal voice. Will write to you one day when I have my own business and I really wanna meet you dude. Such an inspiration. Love you bro :)
- Sree Harsha Uddandam
I don't know how I reached to your seminar. But I think I was looking for this event only. I also want to do something for society and others and I was thinking it can be done by wearing white or orange clothes but you changed my belief. Thank you. Presently I am working in a multi-national company as an engineer and I don't know in which way I can contribute to others but I will do it in my own way by following your path. Hats off you Sir. I will also say on my death bed that I have lived my life. Thanks a lot.
- Jay Kumar
I watched your seminar on 1st January and made my resolution that I would start applying this powerful slogan "Aasaan Hai" in my life. I have also started taking actions and not just making plans. Thank you Sir, for your positive vibes given to us.
- Priyanka Chauhan
Let me thank you from my heart for sending me such an incredible asset 'Life-Changing Experience DVD'. I was very touched and moved. The presentation was so simple and I admire Sandeep's honest intentions of changing this world to be a better place. The content was inspiring by saying to follow your intuition and desire. To become a child in learning, never to get disturbed by the failures and ultimately a very emotional request cum commitment asking to help others in needy. Just great and a big applause for truly inspiring millions of people like me!
- Ramya Satyanarayana
I am a service man and do a part time job of insurance adviser. Last year I closed only one policy but now after watching your video I am charged and I have closed 5 policies. I have changed my attitude. I trust we can do it, it's easy, "Aasaan Hai". Thank you very very much Sandeep Sir.
- Keraba Vhaktar
I am lucky that I came across with the Life-Changing seminar when I was browsing the internet randomly. After listening this seminar I am aware of my strengths and weakness. Now really whenever I am in a trouble I try to remember the words "Aasaan Hai". I am doing research and sometimes after a long effort I do not get results as I expect and get disappoint but now I do not feel like that. I have attended so many inspirational seminars or lectures but most of them seems theoretical. After looking this seminar I think I do not have to do anything, just listen to heart and be free from our wrong perceptions. This is the exact way to face and solve the challenge. Thanks a lot Sir for your great words. The impact of this seminar will remain in my life forever. Naresh Chandra, Sweden
- Naresh Chandra
I just now watched your seminar. I am very much impressed by the clarity of your thoughts and how easily you put forward everything truly in front of the world. The amazing part was Aasaan Hai. I promise to you and myself that when I will become successful, I'll surely help the needy ones.
- Ayushi Goel
"Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” - Brian Tracy It's so true for you. I am inspired by your spirit of living life. Even I have shared your talks with many of my friends. I have a request. Please organize some photography workshops for the people who wish to learn it as a hobby. You will get many interested people like me.
- Twisha Hathi
Dear Sandeep, first of all thanks for providing me the DVD of your Last Life-Changing seminar. I am delighted to inform you that, I had enjoyed your seminar and learned some lessons which will be cent percent beneficial for me in my upcoming life. Secondly, the thing which I noted in your seminar is that you always take your own examples to clarify any point that is impressive. Wish you best of luck and I hope you will always motivate we Mango People. May God Bless You!
- Kunal Kapoor
This Life-Changing seminar is so inspirational for me and my friends because after watching this video everything became "Aasaan". I liked his emotions and qualities and I promise to become a champion just like him.
- Satyam Singh
Hello Sandeep Jee, I got your DVD. It's really very fantastic. I shared it with my relatives and friends, all were admired and inspired by this. I am very thankful to you for your precious words. It helps me to smile, being happy and strong. I am waiting for your next session and would always be connected with you through Facebook.
- Ragini Garg
Hi Sandeep, Just three hours back I was not knowing anything about you and coincidentally I watched your Life Changing seminar video on You Tube. It was really so inspiring and I learnt many things from it. Many people are getting inspired by you and I am one among them. I attended many seminars but this was the best. I followed your principle of sharing and I shared your video on facebook with my friends so that every one can learn something out of it. Hearty Thanks to you.
- Parveen Kumar
I came in contact with Sandeep Maheshwari Sir while doing net surfing. His videos motivated me to search for some more, which was like finding a gold mine of motivation. I follow his instructions and show his videos to groups. I also ask people to register on his website. He is an uncommon person in our society. I pray to God to give him long life and give many more Sandeep Maheshwaris to the society. I have posted his photographs on my web page and I wish I could meet him once in my life.
- Manish N Trivedi
Thank you so much. A big Change in my thoughts. It was actually the Life-Changing seminar. You made my day really great. I got so much inspiration from your seminar. Being an engineering student, I totally agree with what you said that engineering students do sins for their college but after attending your seminar I never pay attention to these kind of stuffs and now I am very much sure that I will achieve success very soon because everything is "Aasaan hai".
- Peeyush Kakkar
I am truly inspired by your Life-Changing seminars. Whatever you have said is very true and has made me look at life from a different perspective altogether. Thanks a lot for that. Positive Sochne Se Hi Positive Ho Sakta Hai, Ye Cheez Maine Aap Se Seekha Hai and I know this will help me to become a very successful person one day.
- Srijan Mukherjee
Really awesome. Still such type of thinking is alive in this cruel world, it is great to see. Awesome just can't express my feelings in words. Thanks for the DVD.
- Hemanta Nandi
It was really the best day of my life. Even I have attended your previous seminars but yesterday at your Last Seminar I felt that your soul was totally there. Your soul got connected with us so powerfully that even I got tears in my eyes when you were crying on the stage. I really wanted to give you a hug. You are a great human being. But I am not feeling good by thinking that it was your last seminar. Please sir, do not do this as I want many people to attend your seminars. God Bless you sir, and you will live a long life as you have to inspire many more people. I am feeling blessed that I have attended your last seminar live. Thank you God.
- Priyanka Bhatnagar
I liked the saying "Sabse Bada Rog Kya Kahenge Log". I am so lucky that I could attend the seminar on 20th October 2012. It was such an awesome and wonderful experience in my life. Hats off to Sandeep Sir. I have never attended such an excellent seminar in my life. Whatever he spoke I shared it with everyone. Everything is easy and everything is possible. "Aasaan Hai". I am very thankful to you. Wish you good health and happiness.
- Ashima Khetrapal
Dear Sandeep, I watched your previous seminar videos and still could not attend this Last Life-Changing Seminar. But after watching its video on YouTube, my respect for you have increased many fold. You are doing such a noble and inspirational thing for people. I have started looking at life with different angle. I am promising you that very soon you will find lots of Sandeep around you. Hats off to you. Special thanks to Himanshu for sharing this seminar link to me.
- Kamal Kishore
What a great experience it was! Sandeep, can't thank you enough. You've transformed my outlook to a more positively focused one. I'm so glad that I was a part of this seminar. This is one experience that I will cherish for a long long time. Your seminar has inspired me to stay motivated and remain positive to attain my goals. Lastly, I strongly recommend attending your Seminars to everyone who really want to achieve greater heights in their respective careers. A big thank you again for the great seminar!
- Gaurav Saxena
Thank you Sandeep Jee, I received your DVD and it is wonderful. One thing is 100% sure that whenever we start searching anything with full believe and passion then the entire universe helps us to achieve it. Thank you so much for helping me. One day I will meet you and this is my dream.
- D.K. Bhatnagar
Hello Sandeep Sir, thanks for inspiring me. I watched your seminar on YouTube. I am pursuing MCA. There was a lack of confidence in me to speak before audience in my college. But after attending your seminar I sang a song on the stage without any fear during my farewell from the college. So Sir I have no words to express. I can say, God bless you.
- Sarbjeet Kaur
You are too good Sir Ji. Bas ab to yahi kehta hai mann, 'Ye Bhi Aasaan Hai'. Thank you Sir for changing our mind set and our way of thinking.
- Pooja Jain
I watched your last Life-Changing Seminar on YouTube and I was pretty impressed by it. This video changed my perception about my life.
- Devendra Kunwar
Dear Sandeep, I really love your seminars and your sayings very inspiring. My life got changed the moment I watched your seminar for the very first time. Your seminars have helped me a lot to bring out my true potential and learn from my failures. I love you Sandeep.
- Shridhar Marale
Sandeep Sir, honestly speaking you are the most energetic and motivating person I have ever seen who has influenced my thinking and life as well. After watching your so valuable and inspirational videos there is no fear or tension in my mind to listen to my heart. I can feel that I am changing a lot and increasing in my field. Thanks a lot Sir. May more people get the way to change there life through you.
- Deepti Rekha Sahoo
After watching this Life-Changing Seminar by Sandeep Maheshwari I just can't stop myself from sharing this. It's just speechless, truly inspirational. It's a motivation to all those including me, who think life is full of struggle, sorrow and there is no space for happiness. The only thing we all have to do is to have believe in our dreams and remember this mantra sab Aasaan Hai.
- Rohit Manhas
The seminar of 'Illusion to Reality' was awesome. The whole seminar made me feel like something positive vibrations coming out till the end. The seminar made me think what to focus and how to focus on the thing. Thank you Sandeep jee for conducting it.
- Lokesh Wadhwa
Hello Sir, I am Archana Dubey from Indore. You are awesome Sir and thank you so much ab sach me lagta hai Zindgi bahut aasaan hai. And sach me mind me se mushkilo ke beej ko hata kar success ka beej bona hai. Maine apne sabhi friends ko bhi bataya hai. Life me ek bar jarur aapse milna chahungi. Thank you Sir.
- Archana Dubey
I was just searching for motivational videos on YouTube and incidentally I got your Life-changing seminar video. I watched the same and felt the importance of self confidence. You have taken tremendous effort to communicate the same. The seminar was awesome. I really liked whatever happens in our life is for our goodness only and it depends how positively we take it. Thank you for your valid contribution through this video. I felt this Sunday, the 2 hours spent to see the seminar was very useful in my life. I also liked the message that we should share or give whatever we can.
- Joshimon MJ
Good Morning Sir, I watched your seminar on YouTube and I am very much inspired. I want that every body must watch it. Yesterday I received the DVD of your seminar "Aasaan Hai" and I will burn and distribute it to others. Thank you very much and May God bless you!
- Hitesh Kumar
I have attended the 20th October seminar of yours and I am very much inspired by you. I really feel that there is nothing impossible in our life. "Kuch Karne Ka Jazba Hona Chaaiye, Dil Se" then every thing is possible. I am very thankful to you Sir. I respect you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much!
- Surbhi Chauhan
Literally speaking, I really feel lucky that I came to know about this seminar and it is my huge pleasure that I attended it. If every person of the world joins the hands to attend such kind of motivating and inspirational seminar, the thinking and views of the people would be on top level. Sandeep Maheshwari is simply doing an awesome job of sharing his motivating thoughts to improve other's life. He is truly an angel sent on earth. Earlier I had a life but from today, I will live my life. Thanking you...
- Gunjan Kochar
Hi Sir, your speech is outstanding. I am really inspired a lot. I could not see it live but watched its video. I like you too much and I want you to come to our city for such speeches. God bless you. In my life also lot of crust and turf have come but after listening to your speech I have become confident to face failure and lead a successful life.
- Nilesh Vangujar
Sandeep Sir, loads of thanks to you. We, the human beings are God, but you really manifested that God minded attitude through your sharing of knowledge, experience and intentions. Thanks for sending me your DVD. You have changed the life of many people. You are real human being. God bless you Sir.
- Asha
Hi Sandeep, I came to know about your seminar through 27th February Hindustan times advertisement. I saw it same day. Its really amazing and very very inspiring too. I like your thoughts and attitude towards life and society. God bless you.
- Shweta Sheth
Really, he is a very great man. After watching his seminar video, everything is looking Aasaan. I would also do something like him. I think we don't have words to say something about him. Hats off to you Sir, and thanks for such kind of initiative. As some people want to do so many things in their life and they just need a push in the form of motivation. And you are giving the same push to the needy people. Thanks again and again.
- Naveen Jawla
I am a class 12th commerce student and I always used to mug up all the things but after watching your seminar I fully changed my character of mugging up and started learning by understanding. This seminar has fully changed my personality and I take part in various debates and many speeches without any hesitation. Thank you Sir for your great guidance.
- Parth Kankotiya
This was the best seminar I ever watched in my entire life. Sir, I am paralyzed but still think that I am successful and I can be more successful. 'Aasaan Hai'
- Anand Agarwal
I could'nt attend the seminar but got the DVD of your seminar. And it became my life changing experience. The motivational speech and encouraging attitude was just superb. You are an inspiration to the youth of today. Hats off to you Sir.
- Krutika Borkar
Truly inspiring speech. Though I am not so good in understanding Hindi, I still managed to watch the seminar completely. I liked one of your philosophies, "If you have more than you need, simply share it with those who need it the most." I will follow it till the end of my life. I am also very crazy from inside but never displayed my craziness. Now onwards I will try to implement my crazy ideas. Who knows, one day, I might become your friend and we will be sitting beside and talking to each other.
- Venkatesh Pampana
Dear Sandeep, As I had mentioned earlier that I have started my business after watching your seminar (this is a fast food outlet named 'Baked Buns' please check it at facebook/bakedbuns). To tell you more we have successfully completed two months and my graph has started taking an upward turn. Moreover I am focusing on my own satisfaction first. "Aur Apni Tassali Ke Liye, Paisa Pani Mein Baha Dena Bhi Zaroori Lagne Laga Hai." I am following baby step and moving ahead step by step. I am loving it. Thanks to you. God bless you.
- Manish Mittal
Awesome Sir. Till today I have attended and watched many motivational seminars and that too of world famous motivational speakers. But yours was truly outstanding. It gave me a bond of attachment with you. Your seminar was truly inspiring and practical with such simple and magical life tricks. Keep it up Sir. May God bless you!
- Shrikrishna Kachave
Thanks a lot Sir. You inspired us deeply. Your seminars are very very inspiring. It was like a true discovery of myself and my potential. I came across your YouTube video while net surfing and watched your IIT, Kanpur session speech. Thanks a lot Sir. You are a true motivator. And the best part of your seminar is the practicality through which you show the real picture of life. Once again thanks a lot Sir.
- Deepanshu Srivastava
Our whole family got inspired. The video is now very popular among my students. I felt very much energetic instantly and some of the concepts made permanent space in my mind. It is the most demanded video at present in Kota, Rajasthan. More and more person are getting inspired and are changing their lives. Thank you very much. God bless you!
- Vivek Taparia
I feel very lucky to watch your videos. I am working as an Assistant Professor in a college of Odisha. I feel this video should be watched by every person in India to change their mind. I will do whatever needed to show these videos to others. You are really a successful person.
- Ajitav Acharya
I felt delighted after watching your seminar. Really it was an enthusiastic moment for me after hearing the words from your mouth. I rarely attend seminars but thought to watch yours once and now my mind has completely been diverted on the positive side of the word "seminar". I am looking forward to have great seminars by you in future and will definitely support your campaign of sending the seminar DVD at every doorsteps. This is appreciable on your part. Long live. Keep up the good spirit and thanks again for such inspirational seminar.
- Paras Rawat
I along with my family enjoyed watching DVD of your seminar wherein messages were delivered in simple free flowing manner using analogies and own life experiences. Though all of us have been hearing and listening to inspirational messages through various sources i.e spirituality, books, speakers and seminars. We tend to forget these very soon in the run of the life influenced by five vices namely greed, anger, lust, ego and attachments. Therefore to have a lasting change, we need to constantly keep reminding ourselves that we are pure and powerful soul and listen to our internal voice. Thanks Sandeep, for encouraging and motivating people to listen to their internal voice and think beyond their short term limited gain for self and family. Let us all pledge to be Good human beings first.
- Parmod Batra
I loved your seminar. It is totally life changing experience. I really liked one line which always pulled me back in my life, Zindagi Ka sabse Bada Rog Kya Kahenge Log. You have awaken the child within me.
- Dr. Chandan Jha
Dear Sir, I must say, you are a very practical man. I have attended many inspirational seminars before, but what makes you a different speaker is that you speak out of your personal experiences in life while others read out a few paragraphs of some leading motivational books. Keep up the good work. God bless you!
- Saarthi Bhatia
I ordered the seminar DVD from but after watching it, I came to know that it is a precious gem. You are now an inspiration to all young Indians. Hats off to you. I didn't even read what was written on but since it was free, I just ordered for it. I believe in luck and I found myself lucky that your DVD made its own way to reach my home. Your words will bring a change in my life for sure. Thank You so much Sir.
- Prachi Kalra
I am fortunate enough to listen to Sandeep Maheshwari. As a teacher I could become his follower. Worth enough to be introduced to every graduate student. There will be a tremendous impact on the life of an under-graduate student. I am planning to popularize his video and the slogan of "Aasaan Hai" among the students.
- B. Kanaka Chary
Thank you Sir for such an inspiring seminar. I got to know about this when I was searching something for my study purpose. Though I don't have a good net connection but still I could order for the DVD and today itself it is delivered and I was so excited to watch it. I started watching it and just got lost into it. Thanks a lot again. You have just put the reality of our life in a magical way. And I am going to implement this magical word "Aasaan Hai" in my life. And at last I would like to take a commitment that whenever I would have more than what I need then I will share it with those who need it the most.
- Rakhi Mahanta
I was lucky enough to be part of the last Life-Changing seminar of Sandeep Sir. It was fabulous to listen to Mr. Sandeep. The last moments of seminar were so emotional that I got tears in my eyes. I hope such seminar should be continued for the benefit of people. I got a free DVD of that seminar. Thanks a lot Mr. Maheshwari to create such thoughts. Aasaan hai!
- Ghrwar Chand Bhintal
I can simply say that I am so much lucky that I watched your seminar. Truly speaking I had a very nervous kind of personality but after watching your seminar my life is changed. I was earlier believing that it was my bad luck but now I believe that everything is good. I was thinking that life is tough but now I am thinking that every thing is "Aasaan hai". I have shared fifty copies of your DVDs. Sandeep Sir, I want to meet you. Hats off to you Sir.
- Vishal Raviya
Sandeep, you are simply great. I can't find any great word for you because all are not enough and not valuable in front of your personality and specially for this program. Love you Dil Se.
- Shailesh Davra
I watched your last Life-Changing Seminar on YouTube and I was pretty impressed by it. This video changed my perception about my life and career. Great job done by Sandeep.
- Shekhar
I am a 42 year old LIC Officer living in Mumbai. I am also associated with a spiritual organization known as "Happy thoughts". My sister Pooja passed on to me your seminar recording. It was amazing to see you leading a life which actually our guru preaches. You have impersonal goals, unconditional love, positive attitude, moreover your honesty touches the heart. Please let me know if I can be of any help. It would be my pleasure.
- Sanjay Dayal
Sir, today just viewed your video on YouTube and I am shocked to know that how the life is so simple. Why we make it so complicated? "Aakhir Har Ek Naye Daur Ki Shuruaat Ek Chote Se Soch Se Hoti Hai."
- Alpesh Gupta
I am a big fan of yours Sandeep Sir. Now in my life I have learnt that I am successful. Thank you for changing our lives.
- Ishita Pandey
This was my first ever experience of a seminar where I enjoyed rather than cursing the speaker. I learned so much and laughed so madly. It is Sandeep Maheshwari's genuineness and honesty that appealed to me the most. Never seen anything like this before. It seems every one of us has the same story, we just need to get our inner voice stronger and then everything is Aasaan Hai.
- Mohit Sharma
Today only I watched the last Life-Changing Seminar by Sandeep Maheshwari. I was just surfing the net on my mobile phone and I came across the Life-Changing seminar video and I started watching it. It became so true that whatever is happening, it is definitely for some good purpose. Its really inspiring. The word 'not possible' should be replaced with the word 'Possible' in our mind set. It is so effective and it changes the life. It works in the pattern of the law of attraction.
- Anurag Gupta
I watched your DVD along with my wife, son and parents. All of us kept glued to our seats and did not move for a single second, till you made our eyes wet which I noticed even in my 17 year son's and my parents eyes too. My parents asked me to convey their blessings to you. Its great to feel my 'Ander Ki Aawaj'. I never heard it till I came across your DVD. You broke many of my myths and explained the real meaning of success. It is really a Bacchon ka khel. I was just moving around the positive thoughts and beliefs. The best part which I learnt from the seminar and which was stopping me from doing anything was "Sabse Bada Rog, Kya Kahenge Log" and a few apprehension of failure. But now I have come out of it, Kyunki Ye Bhi Hona Aasaan Hai.
- Dutt Anand Nayak
Dear Sir, I saw your Last Life-Changing Seminar on YouTube. I have nothing to say any more. My eyes are full of tears and I got a power that everything can happen in world. Sir your Last word "Wah Kya Zindegi Hai" was so touchy and amazing. I am really proud of you!!!
- Sanjib Samantaray
After attending your seminar, I felt that I was so fortunate that I could attend it as one of my friend booked the seat and he only told me about you. Initially I was thinking that you must be someone who will be boasting about yourself as many other speakers do. Therefore, I was not in a mood to come for the seminar but since I was very free so just thought of attending it for a time pass. But after coming here I never knew how this two hors passed so speedily. I too am a college dropout like you but I could not achieve success like you. Now I am very sure that I will be achieving the success very soon. I am so confident and energetic that I would achieve whatever I dream of...Thank you so much..
- Avinash Tomar
This is the first seminar, which I have ever attended in my life. I am feeling a spark from inside which is awakening my soul. I want to attend this seminar again and again which will convert this spark into a fire. I am so fortunate to get an opportunity to listen to Sandeep Maheshwari Sir because God also want me to succeed, and success is incomplete without helping the persons in need......
- Deepak Sharma
I just watched Sandeep Maheshwari's Last Life-Changing Seminar video on You Tube. The great inspiration with great thoughts. I wish him good luck for keeping things so simple with such positive mind. The good thing is that he is sharing everything, the great thoughts, wealth, glory, joy and success secrets. Wishing you all the very best in your life!
- Ajay Sadyal
It was an amazing experience attending this grand seminar. It has already started changing my life in small proportions. Hats off to you Sir. I feel so fortunate that I could attend your last seminar. Nowadays everything seems to be so 'Aasaan' that there is no space for fear. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart!
- Nivedita Ganguly
I watched your seminar on youtube. It was recommended to me by the same channel, as I recently watched The Secret, the famous inspirational video. But believe me your seminar was a life changing event. It taught me the following things: 1. Live your dream, it is really possible to get it. 2. We should not have any regret while leaving this world as what we could not do help others or did not do what we always wanted to do. You made the 'TREE' analogy so well. I am a consultant and trainer and believe me; I am going to give this URL to every one to watch. I am waiting for your English version as some of my trainees are not good in Hindi and they prefer English language. Wonderful job, keep it up, we all are with you on this path. I promise, I will do my best to help the needy people, because on the last day, I want to smile, exactly like you said.
- Praveen
I am very happy to attend the last life-changing seminar. Each and every word which came from your mouth was the thought of a common man. I will never forget your thoughts and would definitely help the needy people till the last breath of my life. The seminar opened my eyes and my mind too. You are a great person and I have learned your slogan "Aasaan hai". Everything in life is Aasaan Hai. Hats off to You. You are rocking!
- Amit Tiwari
After watching your videos I realized that I am only the barrier of my success. And now I am going to achieve lots of success as my mind has been ignited. Thanks a lot.
- Mubeen Ibn Aleem
I am not 'afraid of facing failures' but rather 'brave enough to face the failures'. It has become so easy to kick out the word "not" from whatever I say. Now I truly respect whatever God has bestowed upon me and seek more opportunities in life.
- Adarsh Wats
Sir, I am really very lucky that I could attend your session 'From Illusion to Reality'. Earlier I had a nature to start a thing and then give it up before completion. Now I am very clear that why I was always giving up. Now I am very clear about my goals and I am putting all my efforts to focus at the same goal. Thanks Sir.
- Lijeesh Krishna
Hello Sir, your seminars are too inspiring. I have attended your last Life-Changing seminar and the session of 'Illusion to reality'. Both are awesome. I have also watched all your videos on YouTube.
- Sahil Tanda
It was a stunning speech! I have become your fan. I have listened to many other speakers but no one were so brilliant like you. A very great thanks to you Sandeep Sir for such an inspirational, true and energetic speech. I salute you Sir. Thank you so much.
- Mukul Kumar
I feel very much motivated after watching your seminar video. Now I don't feel hesitated in doing anything what is right in my views. And this is only because of you. There are very less people who are able to analyze life in so deeper way and you are one of them.
- Shivangi Gupta
Hello Sir, last night I came across your video and truly speaking my perception has changed towards life. Since childhood I believed that I am good for nothing but the moment I went through your life experiences I started believing "Jo Hota Hai Acche Ke Liye Hota Hai". Miracles did happen in my life. It is you who appealed to me the most. Now I can surely move towards my goal without any fear because these two words are echoing in my ears i.e "Aasaan Hai". Hats off to you Sir for doing such a wonderful job.
- Priyanka Singh
I watched your seminar video. It was awesome.
- Sonal Bhule
You are really a very inspiring person, now I have the "Guru Mantra" and I know that everything happens for the good so I can succeed in life easily. Willing to keep this streak for a long time and attend the next upcoming seminar.
- Ishant
Hi Sandeep, life has become very aasaan. I had wonderful experience in the seminar. I believe that if we all implement the thoughts and experience as shared by you then everything will become so easy to achieve in life.
- Manoj Kumar
Sandeep, you are doing a great job. You have opened many doors for my life now. I understood that how we can enjoy our life and we can do any work in life. Sir I promise you that one day I will also do a great work in my life. The day is not far away when people will not have any problems. Because now everything is very simple. Thank you once again.
- Hukam Singh Rajpurohit
Well Sandeep I guess I am fortunate to hear you from Pakistan, thanks to social media which helped me to approach you. My brother shared your page and it helped me a lot to get necessary inspiration for my entrepreneurial venture. InshaALLAH very soon I am going to launch it and within two years I will be successful in it. Regarding your last life changing seminar, I must say it was really a thought provoking one with simple philosophy about every aspect of life.Your words "Sb se bada rog, kya kahenge log" and "Aasaan hai formula" are really very helpful in every walk of life. Finally I am going to take a leap of faith and inshaALLAH I am sure that I'll hit huge success within these two years. Thank you so much once again Sandeep for coming in front and guiding us.
- Talha Khurshid Siddiqui
I have not yet achieved my success. I was totally frustrated in my MCA life. I was confused regarding what to do and what not to do. But after watching your seminar video my thoughts got totally changed. Now I am listening to that 'Laskhya' song everyday and every moment. Thank you Sandeep bhaiya. After getting my success, I will do something for the youths and for my country.
- Debendra Dhinda
It’s really amazing. I have never seen any thing like this before. I am very much inspired by your thoughts, speech and presentation. Today I watched your video and I experienced a wonderful and mind blowing feeling after it. I have seen many failures in my life. Thank you very much Sir for this valuable speech. These are the highly important lines for all human beings, and it is very useful for today‘s youth generation.
- Nandini Prava
Sir, recently watched your 'Last Life-Changing seminar' and 'A Colorful Interaction' video. The motto of both the seminar as per my perception is "To develop our self which leads towards the development of our country" and "to follow our passion" wherever it may lead us at least it will initiate to keep ourselves happy. I respect you and whatever steps you have been taking. Hats off for motivating every citizen of India. From my behalf I request you to continue giving seminars in almost every parts of India so that, one day every citizen can understand their responsibilities and duty towards their nation.
- Avinash Yadav
Hello Sandeep Maheshwari Sir, I am inspired by your Life-Changing seminar on YouTube. And thank you very much for sending me your seminar DVD. I shared your videos with my students. I am a computer faculty in a reputed school in Surat. It has really changed my life. Thanks for being with us and for helping us to change our life.
- Nilesh Mistry
Hello Sandeep Sir, I would just say that you have changed my life forever. Till last year I had been doing things for making others happy. I didn't do anything for self happiness. And dusro ko khush karne ke chakkar mein I used to be sad. But now I have started doing things for my happiness and guess what, people all around me have started becoming happy by it. I have also started believing in the 'Law of Sharing' and it really works. Thanks a lot Sir and God bless you.
- Krishnajin Bhattacharjee
I was so stunned and even inspired after seeing your seminar video arranged by my company. I liked the way you carried your life and handled your failures. I have decided that I will treat my problems and failures in the same manner and would also share accordingly. You are really great and simply awesome brother.
- Rishabh Kaushik
"Last Life-Changing Seminar" was just tremendous and truly motivational seminar. A person who has been facing failure throughout the time can be a winner after watching this seminar. I am sure whoever will watch this video will find himself with full of self confidence and positive thinking. It was the best motivational video I have ever seen in my life. Sandeep Maheshwari is just an amazing speaker and an inspirational person too because it was a kind of shock when I got to know that he conducts seminars for free. This man truly wants to develop confidence in people in true spirit. And he is doing it by providing free DVDs and by conducting seminars too. Hats off to this man!
- Rajkumar Ghiya
Sir I attended your recent seminar 'Illusion to Reality'. The seminar was really good and the practical example of Karely was just amazing.
- Parag Bhatia
After watching your seminar on YouTube, I just want to say 'Aasaan Hai'. Everything is possible. Thanks Sandeep ji and God bless you. I will say just one word for this seminar, it is matchless.
- Suresh Kumar
Sir, I had lost all my hopes for the exams. So I was surfing for some motivational videos. I got your videos and it was a total brainwash. Earlier I was thinking that are only 15 days left for my exams but now I am thinking that altogether there are 15 days and 16 nights available for the preparation. One whole month is enough to prove the world. All credit goes to you Sir. Thanks a lot.
- Shikha Singh
Sir, I am a final year MCA student. I am not from a big city. I have watched many of your YouTube videos. All are very motivational for me. I am interested to work with you on your idea to help Indian villages. There was a point in my life when I lost my self confidence, but now I am getting it all back. I have started believing in myself. I have full confidence now that I can achieve all my goals in my carrier. I am looking forward for guidance to revolutionize the villages of India.
- Saurabh Kumar Pandey
As per my understanding I received the following message from 'The Unstoppable' session. 1. Listen to your heart and focus on the work which you like to do without getting affected by the outside comments. 2. Don't totally rely upon "Law of attraction". You have to do your karma/work. 3. There is no tomorrow, think-decide-act today, with full efforts and belief in yourself.
- Shashi Dubey
This year I could not clear my IAS prelims exam and was bit nervous. But watching your "Illusion to reality" seminar not only changed my perception but even led me to a more higher purpose. Now I will not only clear IAS but will also create a record. All your seminars are awesome and thought provoking. Thanks for taking up this divine mission. All the best.
- Janmjay Thakker
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