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The Person
Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.
And once discovered, he consistently kept resigning from his comfort zone and to share the secret of his success with the entire world. It is this very urge of helping people and doing something good for the society that inspired him to take the initiative of changing people’s lives in the form of ‘Free Life-Changing Seminars and Sessions’." Know more

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The best part of the seminar is definitely its practicality. The examples given by Sandeep Sir actually takes us to the situation where we feel attached and hence relate ourselves. The more we relate, the better we understand where we stand wrong in our lives and this is the time when we take a step further to change our attitude. The seminar is worth watching and everybody will surely say in the end that, "yes, Aasaan Hai".
- Bhavin Jadav
Sandeep, you are doing a great job buddy. You have opened many doors in my life now, which were closed earlier due to my fear of not facing them. Today I promise you, that one day I will be sitting with you. Your work is the correct way of giving to others. The day is not far away when people will not have any problems. Because now everything is damn simple. Thanks again.
- Ashish Patil
Just watched your last Life-Changing seminar online. Heartiest thanks to You! You are unbelievable. Nothing can be best than what you are doing and it just touched my soul. This is the perfect help for me and to those of us trying to improve our lives and lead meaningful lives. It is heavenly wonderful that the situations you faced did not influence you. Rather you dealt with them amazingly good.
- Urmila
Hi Sandeep ji, I cant stop myself to write my feelings after watching your session on 'Law of Attraction v/s Law of Love'. Just want to say about your last line, the one word is 'Oneness'. Oneness with God or Guru or our higher soul. If there is oneness, there will be bliss and our mind will be free from different forms of thoughts because now God will be the one who will work through us. Thank you once again for this lovely session.
- Pusparag Jauhari
Dear Sandeep, you really changed my life. I am also a very good speaker and I had a lot many speeches but I was not willing to move further. But now just because of you I got a will that yes I can do it. I also love to recommend your last Life-Changing seminar to all people whom I know. I also got motivated to do something which I liked. Now I do not care about others. I wanted your guidelines for become a better speaker. You said in your last Seminar at the end that one person would be there on your place to guide others. I want to be that crazy person. Please help me Sir. Lots of love and God bless you. You are so good and yes a God for me.
- Ankit Tiwari
Hi Sandeep, you are doing a fantastic work. It was a wonderful session. I really liked the job you are doing and your inspiring nature helps all of us to know more about life and success. Many many thanks to you. Looking forward to such programs in future also.
- Archna Choudhary
Your excellency, your job is fantastic. I work for an MLM company and my job is to inspire people. I meet with different motivational speakers around the nation, but never had such an interaction with any of them. I salute you for your job and your thoughts. You are such an unique creation of God and I will surely share it with others.
- Abhitesh Shukla
Dear Sandeep Ji, tons of thanks to you for such enthralling words. ('L' added to 'WORD' makes it 'WORLD') and your words are ruling the 'WORLD'. The words said by you are like the nuclear reaction which are transmitting positive energy to the Indian youth. Thanks to God to create a believer like you to transform India. Saints have said that knowledge is the best mentor(Gyan hi Guru hai) and you are the real example of this universal truth.
- Daljeet Singh
Dear Sir, it was wonderful to see you at Life-Changing seminar. You were talking so casually. You were not talking indifferent but you were indifferent. Thousands of thoughts come in my mind daily, I love to observe different aspects of life but still unable to explore myself totally. I used to think that its difficult. But now I am following the power of Aasaan Hai. And I will do it. Thank you, got crush on you, the way you express and the casual style of yours.
- Neha Goyal
Hats off to you Sandeep. Your commendable words and deeds reinforce my belief that there is still some humanity left in this world. You are a true teacher who is willing to distribute your life's learning selflessly to any discerning student. You remind me of Aamir Khan's character from the movie Three Idiots. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors.
- Nagendra Prasad
Very true, many of us are not successful as our goals and focus are different. We all want to 'Grow' but we put our efforts to 'Earn'. If we accept this truth ki "Paise Ki Keemat Sirf Utni Hai Jitni Gaadi me Petrol Ki Hai" then no one can stop us. Thank you for sharing all your experiences. Your words are energy boosters. "The Unstoppable" session was awesome. Thanks again, Aasaan hai!
- Anand Kumar Jha
Earlier I had a faith that someday God will show his presence to me but after watching your last Life-Changing seminar and listening to all your inspirational thoughts its like, that day has finally come for me and the God is here for helping me in mysterious way. I got so many problems in my life and still fighting but now it all seems like 'Aasaan hai'. There is a positive wave inside me now. Whenever I see you, tears use to come in my eyes and of course its Khusi Ke Aansoo. Everyday I am trying to change my self in your ways and yes I can see the world changing, things are becoming beautiful all around. I was never so happy as I am now and no doubt its all because of you. I promise I will always be there for helpless and needy people. Thank you so much for everything.
- Komal Batti
I attended your seminar for the first time. I had seen some of your videos earlier. Some of the messages conveyed by you really touched my heart and coincided with my believes, vision and meaning of life. So I decided that soon I will attend your live seminar and see you in front of me. The example and its message as given by you in "The Unstoppable" session was really nice and true. This is what I believe and try to live with same thing in mind in my day-to-day life as much possible. This is what we need and this is how we should be. Many thanks for being a medium of such a noble cause. I wish all good for your life and for everyone. Many thanks for sharing such positive energy with us. I will stay in touch with you now by every means. God bless you.
- Ashutosh Kaushik
Dear Sir, I am from Nepal, working as a software engineer. Frankly speaking, your motivational video has changed my life drastically. How many times I have seen your videos, I too don't know myself. It is making my life easy. Hats off to you. God bless you always. In Nepali, "Sajilo Cha"(Aasaan hai). Its easy. I just want to change myself and the world. I want to leave good impression in this world behind me.
- Anoj Kumar Shrestha
Sir, I have attended "The Unstoppable" session and found the title very impressive. I watched almost all your videos. All those are quite motivational and inspiring. I really liked your seminar a lot and trying to implement your message in my life.
- Pooja Arya
Spending a day with Sandeep Maheshwari at "Journey Within" was life changing experience for me and learned a lot from him. Really want to say thank you Sandeep Maheshwari for this amazing journey. Cheers! Aasaan Hai!
- Tejas Dhrangadharia
Hello Sandeep Sir, it was indeed the greatest of my experiences to listen you through YouTube. To be honest, you have changed the concepts of living life. I must say that before listening to this 'last Life-Changing seminar' video I was more of a pessimist but your thoughts have charged me so immensely that I have started finding things very easy (Aasaan) in my life and the fear within me is gone. The greatest achievement for me is that I got full control over my anger. I do not blame my luck anymore for any of the mishaps in my life. You are truly inspiration for people of all age groups. It was a pleasure to hear you. God bless you! Please keep enlightening us with more of your thoughts and experiences. Since, I belong to Jaipur, I would love to see you conducting similar sort of sessions here. Love to meet you someday.
- Nikhil Purohit
Sandeep. What you have done in this seminar is just what my aim, intention and goal is. Whoever I have met, All I have spoken about is "Aasaan Hai". I am spreading this philosophy in schools to children. Talking about belief systems and change. I would like to be with you on this one. Aasaan hai!
- Kavyal Sedani
Dear Sandeep, I have attended many other seminars in my life and all seemed almost same. Before watching your videos I thought the same about your sessions also but you proved me wrong. It was just amazing. It's just two word "Aasaan Hai" which can change any person's entire life if taken seriously. Best lines I've heard is "Sabse bada Rog Kya kahenge Log". Wishing you a good luck for your future journey.
- Sagar Ravindra Deshmukh
Tremendous work is done by you. I went to AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) for some good speeches collection, but your speech and the way you execute the message is totally different from others. I ordered your DVD and sent it to all my siblings and got lots of positive feedback from them. Thanks Sandeep Maheshwari. Keep doing this good work. This made a phenomenal change in my life.
- Yogi Ghorecha
I watched your last Life-Changing seminar. It was awesome. It was really a very good job done by you. Hats off to you for doing these seminars. Now I know that I will also achieve success. Thank you for the guidance. Always be happy.
- Shreya
Dear Sandeep, I am grateful to you for this 'Life-Changing seminars'. I am inspired so much that I have also decided to do something great. I will not divulge anything here. But wait for two months. Some thing great will happen. I am recommending all my friends to see this video. I am viewing your video daily. Well done and keep it up.
- Dinesh
Thank you very much Sir, I downloaded your video from YouTube. I just watched it and tears of happiness are falling down from my eyes, my heartbeat is more than normal. I am just writing my comments and feeling so motivated. I have been a big failure in my life but now I am very sure that I would go a long way. I would love to meet you at least once in my life.
- Pradeep Mishra
Hi Sir, seriously speaking, now after watching your videos whenever I start doing any work automatically these two words, 'Aasaan Hai' comes in my mind. Thank you so much Sir. Even you don't know that bina kisi se mile, jaane aur dekhe aap kitne logo ki life badal chuke hain aur kitno ki badalne wale hain. I have a wish to join you during your upcoming trips and I know that ye bhi aapke liye aasaan hai.
- Aradhana Khare
Dear Sir, incredible, excellent and outstanding! You're energy personified. I am a lecturer by profession. I have watched a few seminars of yours on YouTube. All through I've consciously felt some strong force kindling my inherent dormant strengths to wake up, to manifest themselves in a hundred thousand ways. Now all my thought and deeds are driven by an urge to excel in my pursuits of life as a human being in the prime and then a breadwinner at large. May God bless you. Keep going like this for ever and ever. All the best, Sir.
- R M V Nagraj
Sir, I attended 'The Unstoppable' session and it was too good. Actually the main thing is, how to express the real method to fulfill one's desire that too in a very simple words. I have seen all your videos. You are amazing. Most loved part of the seminar, is the message in the end of the seminar. 'Aasaan hai'. Love you Sir.
- Navendu Sharma
Sir, I just saw your video for the first time on YouTube. The session was "From Illusion to Reality". I loved It. Its too good. You defeated all the problems of life with the simple saying "Aasaan Hai". You inspired me a lot. I am eagerly waiting for the video of 'The Unstoppable' session to be uploaded on YouTube.
- Manu Gupte
I attended the "The Unstoppable" session and it was a great experience for me to be a part of this session. Your words, your thoughts and your views on law of attraction in this session satisfied me at the end. I hope I will get some more sessions like this and I definitely want to be part of it.
- Rohit Bajpai
"The Unstoppable" session was the biggest session of my life. It was wonderful, superb, excellent and great. Thanks to Sandeep Sir for the phenomenal experience. This experience was out of the world. Aasaan Hai!
- Jaykant Mandal
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. These are priceless for me and really teaches me a lot. I knew some of things earlier also but this seminar definitely made my vision more clear. Keep doing the great work.
- Shreya Kumari
It was the first opportunity for me to attend the seminar. One of the best experiences of my life. "The Unstoppable", as the name suggests is Sandeep Sir, there came so many difficulties, so many unwanted delays during the seminar but he was the one who handled the situation without loosing his cool and showed that he is truly UNSTOPPABLE.
- Chandramouli Singh Chouhan
I watched this seminar on YouTube. It is mind blowing. It is a message of all religious books complied in short and explained in simple layman’s language with day to day examples of life. Just we have to decide "I can" and “Aasaan Hai”. Thanks a lot Sandeep jee for doing these seminars for free for the welfare of society. Hats off to you...
- Yogesh Bhasin
Thank you for making me believe that 'Sab Aasaan Hai'. Now I am working on "32 times chewing concept". I will definitely make this illusion a reality soon. Thank you so much for suggestions and direction.
- Inderpreet Kaur
Thank you so much Sir for coming to Ahmadabad. I have watched most of your seminars on YouTube, but today after attending your live session, my life has become so easy and happy. You are Godfather for all of us who needed help for growing up. I am so happy that I had your signature with your hand written 'Do it Now'. Now I want to meet you Sir. I started watching your seminars a few months back and there are so many good changes in my life. Thank you so much Sir. Aasaan Hai!
- Brahmbhatt Dhruv Naren Kumar
Thank you Sir, you gave me a right path which I was searching for last 4 years. Now by changing myself I can change every one who wants to change in a positive manner. Thank you so much Sir.
- Vivek Kumar Yadav
Sandeep, I expected the Seminar to be like any other seminar and expected you to talk like any other motivational speakers. But No!! You are different. You are one of us. You were not trying to prove a point. You actually seemed to want to help everyone understand How beautiful life is and how simple if we let it be simple and achieve great things through that simplicity. Thank you so much and GOD BLESS!!
- Sulakshna Maira
Dear Sir, you have done a great job. You have made a profound difference. Your name will be inscribed in the history. This might be your last seminar but I am sure you will continue giving to the society in your own ways. But our society needs many more seminars like this. I pick up the mantle from here. That is a promise to your divine soul. I see your inner energy come alive. You are really a good man.
- Sadanand Mathpati
Thank you Sandeep for your Q&A session at Mumbai. I attended and also got opportunity to ask a question to you. It was excellent and I enjoyed the same. Thank you for giving a session in Mumbai and I will prove myself on what you have suggested in this session. I will take action today and will surely prove it.
- Jitendra Panchal
It was a pleasure to see the transformation in my beliefs, before and after I attended this enlightening seminar. It was akin to meeting the child in me; waiting to befriend me, to hold my hands to take me on a journey to the state of BLISSFUL HAPPINESS. Life always seemed to be a marathon, where I was chasing the Finish line. The best moment was realising that; every single moment is Success and should be celebrated. I feel fortunate to be associated with a creative mind like yours. SMALL IS TRULY THE NEW BIG; thanks for conveying this insightful message. Looking forward to a more rewarding association in future. Kudos for your efforts!!
- Vaishali Chopra
Dear Sandeep, thank you for your last Life-Changing seminar. I am 58 years old and showed your video to my 80 years old mother who loved you. Since I saw your program I have shown it first to my family, then to whoever I have come across. I live in UK and visited my mother in Pakistan. Last week I was in Lahore to deliver a one week training program on learning Six Sigma and I showed your last Life-Changing seminar there and all the participants became ecstatic.
- Amjad Khan
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